No Huddle – Wild Card Weekend Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle with NFL and Jets thoughts after wild-card weekend

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The Jets missed out on the sixth seed but let’s try and make ourselves feel better. Would they have been able to take down the Bengals the way San Diego did? The last time the Jets went there Marvin Jones looked like Calvin Johnson. Then again some might argue that by week 17, Geno Smith, Dee Milliner and others who struggled mightily during that Cincy debacle were better prepared for a meaningful battle.

That’s the beauty of the playoffs. You can get a do over. A chance to redeem, or go on a unexpected run. Anything can happen. Just get in. In fact the Bolts have a little 2009 Jets in them. Sneaking in under bizarre circumstances. Going to Cincinnati and stealing a wildcard matchup. Look out Denver. A confident and dangerous team with nothing to lose is headed your way.

It’s the little things that make the difference between 8-8 and 9-7 and in the case of the Chargers, who leaped over the Jets, Steelers, Dolphins and Ravens, a divisional round appearance. Which brings us to the first play in our no huddle this week. The quarterback. Had the Jets been able to save one game this season, maybe they would have been playing yesterday.

If You Go Geno, No Mistakes This Time At QB2:

We like Matt Simms. The kid is tough. Fearless physically. However if the Jets plan to build around Geno Smith this offseason, there has to be a more viable option right next to him at QB2. Michael Vick, who like him or not, can still make plays with his legs, is one option. I like Josh McCown better.

In fact if I’m Chicago, I’m not so sure that I would have dumped so much more cash into Jay Cutler. When McCown was under center the Bears offense was humming.  Alshon Jeffrey looked unstoppable. Let’s grab this guy. This way a Geno swoon won’t have to be as long next time around. This way 8-8 can become 9-7 or 9-7 can become 10-6. After all, once you’re in the tourney all bets are off. Next season has to be about winning, not development. If the relief pitcher can save a game or a season, then let him.

Cromartie’s Release? Probable. The Real Question Is Will He Return

Expect Antonio Cromartie to be released. The reasons are both physical and financial. The impending move according to ESPN “is scheduled to count $15 million against the 2014 salary cap. Both he and ESPN New York expect Gang Green to sever ties before a $5 million roster bonus is due in March. Cromartie will turn 30 in April, may need hip surgery, and is coming off a horrific season. He hopes to re-sign with New York after testing the waters.”

Cro loves it’s here and wants to return, but he understandably should test the market. It will be his last chance at a nice contract. I wonder what the going price for him will be. When healthy and focused, he’s a very good player and with the ball in his hands, a difference maker. When he’s not 100 percent healthy or focused, he can be a liability.

At the right price I’d like to see him return, but don’t you have a feeling that the end of 2013 was what Milliner needed confidence wise to become the best Jet corner somewhere along the way in 2014? If the Jets believe that, they may not reach at all financially to re obtain Cro but being inflexible in this situation might be a mistake. Envisioning Milliner as CB1 soon is reasonable but also a gamble. I’d insure it by overpaying a tad for Cromartie, after the release.

Some Guys Have All the Luck

Some guys have all the pain. Sorry that I had to resort to a 1980’s Rod Stewart lyric folks, but didn’t it feel that way as Andrew Luck turned a three interception day into some 450 yard, multi TD comeback insanity on Saturday? The Colts went from Peyton Manning to this kid. The Jets in the meantime went from Mark Sanchez to Geno Smith with a little Greg McElroy mixed in.  No offense Geno we know you’re a rookie in need of more time and skill position guys but having an all time great followed by a guy who could become one, sets a franchise up for a quarter of a decade? It’s not fair.

Do You Do this Too?

I like to play a game when the Jets are out of the running. It goes like this. I will tell everyone I’m watching the playoffs with, even talk to myself when I watch alone, that so and so “was a Jet” the minute that an ex-Jet is part of a play. Adding in a little factoid or two at times as well.

“Laron Landry. he hit so hard for us last year.” Or “Mike DeVito. Loved his lunch pail mentality even though our defensive line is great now.” Of course we all probably had one for Brad Smith. Mine was “Yea that night in Giants Stadium against Cincinnati to clinch. He was awesome. I’ll never forget how cold it was either.”

I’ll even go further and share personal feelings on ex Jet rivals who are now on playoff teams. “Oh god Fasano. Hate that guy. He killed the Jets when he was on Miami.” I do this for the same reason that you do it. It’s because we are all psychotic, and when you bleed green and white, it’s always about the Jets. Even when a game has absolutely nothing on earth to do with them.

Quick Playoff Hits

– Speaking of Smith, watching him play on Saturday night as an Eagle vs the Saints I also couldn’t stop thinking about when he was a legitimate weapon out of the Wildcat and on special teams as a Jet. He hasn’t had an impact in the NFL since. Not even close. He’s arguably cut-able now.

– Chris Ivory runs like Eddie Lacy. Can Ivory be durable enough for 16 games though? Lacy couldn’t. When the Jets add more weapons, Ivory will have even more room to work but I really want to add another RB into the mix. Mike Goodson will be back but will his speed be the same? If so that might do the trick, but let’s try and grab at worst, a sleeper in the late rounds. Why not. Look at what happened to the Chiefs on Saturday.

– Would it bother you if the Patriots made it to the MetLife Super Bowl? It would bother the daylights out of me. After 15 or so years of Foxboro torture I won’t be able to stomach Bill Belichick, the guy who “resigned as HC of the Jets” coming back here to play for another ring. Let’s go Indy. Stay hot. Please. Nip this in the bud right now.