Morning Cup of Coffee: Championship Week

Connor Rogers brings you the championship weekend edition of his cup of coffee.

The NFL received its wish for championship weekend. The key match up will be Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady in the AFC championship game, with two youngsters Collin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson facing off in the NFC championship game. There have been no flukes so far, as the final four teams were truly the best all season long in the NFL. On another note, Jets fans look forward to an extremely exciting offseason ahead. Let’s check out the latest story lines.

Welcome Back

The Jets have inked both back up quarterback Matt Simms and reserve outside linebacker Jermaine Cunningham to one year deals for next season. Simms showed promise in the preseason as a reserve quarterback, but will most likely not be in the competition to start next season.

Cunningham on the other hand is an intriguing player. The former Patriot was let go due to a crowded group of edge rushers in New England. We have seen Rex get the most out of former disappointments such as Cunningham. He certainly has more raw talent than Aaron Maybin, and Rex turned him into a speedy edge rusher for a season. He is a guy to keep an eye on in camp next season.

The Blueprint

Seattle is one win away from a Super Bowl appearance at Metlife stadium. As Jets fans watch them this weekend, take note of their teams layout. General manager John Idzik would be wise to steal this layout from his old franchise and implement it in New York.

Russell Wilson has had a ton of success but is also asked to do very little. They have a bruising running back in Marshawn Lynch that takes on a big workload. Their receiving core often takes advantage of teams stacking the box to contain Lynch. If Idzik can build a power offense behind a strong defense, something we have seen under Rex Ryan, the Jets could be looking at a playoff appearance next season.

The Patriot Cashing In?

LeGarrette Blount has picked a hell of a time to run wild. The bruising runner will be a free agent this offseason and may earn a nice contract for himself if he keeps up his postseason success. As Blount continues to churn off big runs and find his way into the end zone, the potential suitors continue to grow.

A buyer must beware though. Blount is certainly a talented player, but he has been inconsistent his entire career. How ironic is it that he has gone on a tear these past two games? Well, very ironic because he has faced two of the worst run defenses in the league in Buffalo and Indianapolis.

Do not get me wrong, I feel Blount is a very talented running back. The only problem is, the NFL has seen many talented running backs come and go. Only the great ones find consistency.

  • KAsh

    Why are the writers at TOJ all of a sudden so hung up on blueprints?

    I learned from my grandfather that the first step after drawing up a blueprint is to level the building site. This holds doubly true when you take the blueprint from somewhere else. The analogy you want to use is of an architectural style or concept that can be applied to a new situation without needing to upend the old.

  • Joe Caporoso


  • Cole Patterson

    Blueprint Month at TOJ. Look for our piece on how to build an NFL Stadium later this week.

  • KAsh

    Model it on CenturyLink field.

  • Lidman

    If Seattle doesn’t win the Super Bowl this year, let’s see how their ‘blueprint’ looks next year, after they’ll likely have to extend both Sherman and E Thomas. Sure, it’s possible both 1st team All-Pros could play out the final year of their contracts, however, history shows us that’s not likely.
    If you look at the top contracts, at their positions, they are likely looking at somewhere in the $22mm APY, with guarantees in the $40-$45mm range. I am not a ‘capologist’ so I refer to the ‘Over The Cap’ website, and that shows them having 45 players under contract, for 2014. Sure, they have a number of players they can cut/restructure (, but a number of these guys are instrumental to what they do. If they can’t get these guys to play for less, it’s not hard to imagine them not being as good, especially on the D Line, as they were this year, IMO.

    Let’s hope Idzik creates his own blueprint: have a high hit ratio on early draft picks enabling him to maintain cap maneuverablity/roster flexibility.