No Huddle – Super Bowl Prep Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the NFL and New York Jets heading into the Super Bowl

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Hey Who Won The Pro Bowl?

Why lie and pretend. I was watching Pink swing around on a trapeze during the Grammy’s instead. She looked pretty damn athletic doing it too. More agile than our current tight end depth chart if I might add.

The Pro Bowl is dangerous. We heard that Jarius Byrd and LeSean McCoy had some some minor injuries last night. What if they were major ones? The game is a ticking time bomb. Too many players have too many weeks off and besides, playing not to get hurt is a recipe for disaster. It’s only a matter of time before a star goes down in a big way. It scares me.

The NFL should just do an awards show for the Pro a bowl instead. Hey, maybe invite the Grammy roster to perform. Robin Thicke and Chicago. Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons. Taylor Swift. Have the All Pros sing with them. Or try to. Anything but keeping this game from continuing Mr Goodell…

Pete and Elway

Now that the Seahawks and Broncos are officially in town here are two quick thoughts on Pete Carroll and John Elway:

I loved Carroll when he was the a Jets defensive coordinator. The Jets D played fast and confidently under him. I remember being thrilled that Bruce Coslet was gone in favor of Carroll who was so much more energetic and positive. It was bizarre when he got canned after one season and the Jets took off in a mad dash for Rick Kotite. Jet fans have all kept an eye on Carroll since then and I have a feeling many who remember his time here feel the same way. He was a fun young coach in 1994 who was going to find his way as an NFL HC.

Elway? Forget all of the comebacks he came to be known for. Especially the Drive in Cleveland. The 1998 AFC championship is the one that still haunts many of us around here.
The Bill Parcells Jets were great that year. Vinny Testaverde was on fire. Curtis Martin was in his prime. Keyshawn. Chrebet. Bill Belichick’s defense. Elway led the Broncos back and took away arguably the best chance that many of us had to witness a Jets Super Bowl. It still hurts and has me leaning towards rooting for the Seahwaks. Let’s see how media week goes. Maybe I can be swayed somehow.

Virgin Apologizes To Geno: Anyone Else?

Remember all of the twitter madness moments after Geno Smith was kicked off a flight from LA to Fort Lauderdale? Well Virgin has apologized to Smith for the “misunderstanding” surrounding Geno refusing to take of off his headphones and has welcomed him back as a passenger. We live in a world where rush to judgement and reporting too fast is part of the game now. The sad part is that “troublesome” labels are given to people like Smith from these premature reports that are not always so easy to take back. It’s too bad that we all can’t let some actions play out before even going there in the first place.

Quick Hits

– I hope it snows during the Super Bowl.

– The NFL better not get rid of the extra point. If the league wants to add more potential for its failure then let position players kick it. Back in the old days only players who were active on offense or defense could kick. That’s why no field goals were guarantees.

– Thinking about the Seahawks speed on defense and the Broncos prolific offense makes it feel like the Jets have a long, long way to go. Not to the playoffs. To the top of the class.

– Free Agency officially begins on March 11th for those who were wondering. Those first few days are always such an exciting time. I can’t wait to see who the Jets target and go after in that initial week. Let’s just not overpay for Eric Decker. PLEASE. Even though the Jets desperately need receiving help, he’s a solid WR2, nothing more.

– Speaking of the Jets I miss them. It feels like months since they’ve played now.

– Justin Bieber is headed down the wrong path. Just an offseason observation.

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