No Huddle – Divisional Weekend Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets and NFL after Divisional Weekend

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Broadway Johnny?

If Johnny “Football” Manziel is there at 1#8 for the Jets on draft day a few months from now, should the Jets reset the foundation on offense again and grab him? ESPN NY’s Rich Cimini thinks so. The polarizing Jets beat writer wrote a piece for ESPN last week with the view that Gang Green should “recreate the postgame scene from the season finale in Miami, where the team celebrated Rex Ryan’s announced return with a spontaneous burst of loud and crazy.” This story is an easy cheap attention grabber, but will also come up often around here from now until draft day. So here’s a brief thought on the matter.

Who knows if the current Jet players would, but the diehards who attend the draft Radio City would certainly provide the “loud and crazy” if one of college football’s most popular players of all time is taken. The place would be rocking. It’s the kind of move that can undoubtedly shake the room. Hype and noise aside, the issue in the very least, cannot be about the fans. It has to be about whether the kid is the ultimate answer.

Geno Smith finished strong in 2013 but struggled often enough over the entire season to leave the door wide open to viable veteran competition. Or perhaps the possibility of the Jets being able to justify going QB in the early rounds. Sixteen games under Smith’s belt though, should only make his decision making stronger next season. Especially if enough quality offensive pieces are added around him.

I wonder if John Idzik truly believes in the upside of Smith after what he saw this past year. Because if deep down the second year GM likes Manziel better than Geno, and is given the position of grabbing and inserting Johnny Football from day one, he would have to do it while accepting that he may jeopardize an entire team’s potential for the good of one players development again. Provided that he is even allowed to. Which brings us to Woody Johnson.

In the case of Manziel we have to factor in the business end of the equation. He certainly would bring some back page excitement. The Jets just this year began to turn away from the whole spotlight grabbing approach but are not that far removed from the media swarm they had attracted for years. Does Woody miss it?  Would Johnson grow an itchy trigger finger imagining those Manziel jerseys flying off the rack the way he did when the Tim Tebow signing was becoming a reality?

If Manziel is still on the board when the Jets go on the clock, please let it only be about a football decision. Johnson has to know by now that this team has no more time to waste by thinking otherwise. Doesn’t he? The key to this offseason has to be first and foremost about building an offense with real weapons surrounding any QB1.

I like Manziel. He is fun and he is a winner but the Jets need some better receivers and a more dynamic tight end otherwise it doesn’t matter who starts behind center. Can the Jets achieve both by grabbing Manziel and playmakers to help him? Probably not. Therefore I just don’t see how they could go QB early at this point. On the other hand these are the New York Jets. Where historically speaking, sound logic does not always enter into the equation.

In any case who knows at this point if the Jets even like Johnny Football or believe in Geno. It is too early to tell, no matter what anyone in Florham Park has said or is saying. Talk is cheap. The moves made from now until May 10th will tell the real tale. Assume nothing. You will be better off trust me.

It’s Very Possible That..,

Two ex Jet head coaches will meet in the New York Super Bowl three weeks from now. Wonderful. Pete Carroll was the HC for one season back in the forgettable early 90’s and Bill Belichick was head honcho for ten seconds in 2000. Before stepping down, grabbing all the Jet assistants to go with him, and drafting Tom Brady. Happy Monday to you all too.

There is no challenge to me that Belichick can’t overcome. No situation he can’t adapt to. Lose Welker? Make Edelman and Amendola combine to replace him. Lose Aaron Hernandez? No problem and no the media won’t make training camp into a circus over it either. Lose Gronk a few times well, whatever. Get by with some rookie receivers for a while. Now LeGarrette Blount is going Corey Dillon on us all. God help us all.

The Seahawks are the fastest defense I’ve ever seen. Russell Wilson is dynamic and Beast mode is Beast mode. I have this feeling they will win a close one against San Fran next week. Now granted, it’s a bit early to delve too deeply into a Patriots Seahawks title fight, but if and when it does occur, I just don’t see Carroll outdoing Belichick in February with all the money on the line.

It’s quite premature of a nightmare yes, but why lie about it. The fear for many Jet diehards when it comes to the Pats at Met Life in February has already set in. Tom Brady celebrating with the Lombardi Trophy on the Jets home turf of all places. Sounds like a sic fi/horror movie to many Gang Green loyalists  Only Peyton Manning, whose Kryptonite of course is New England, can save us all now. Gulp.

By The Way

Did you all see the Colts Trent Richardson run on Saturday night? The guy is so indecisive. He cuts and looks for space before the line of scrimmage way too often, Chris Ivory is a much better version of this type of power back with agility.

Ivory was a great pickup by Idzik and the Jets this year and if he can be healthy for an entire season, would again be a nice backfield piece to build around. With Bilal Powell being the steady and Mike Goodson or someone else being the speed option. Richardson looks like a 5-10 carry guy at best right now. What happened to him? I remember he had some good days in Cleveland in 2012.

Quick Hits

– Wes Welker wore a special helmet in Sundays Broncos Chargers game. Sooner or later a design will be created that better insures the head safety of all the players. With the amount of money equipment companies could make, I am beyond shocked it hasn’t happened already.

– It was weird watching the Saints great TE Jimmy Graham have one of those mediocre Jets tight end games out in Seattle, where you say out loud to yourself in the third quarter “is he playing today?”

– Danny Woodhead is a damn good little football player. Talk about an undersized guy with heart who has maxed out his potential. The more I watch him the more I like him.

Don’t get angry folks. I’m not saying if the Jets kept him they would have made it to the promised land in the years he was elsewhere. I’m just complimenting a kid that we all saw grind his way into the league. Fighting for every opportunity he got. It’s just nice to see. A football life. His is one of the good stories.

  • Lidman

    -The only way Idzik should, IMO, take a 1st round QB is if he thinks the guy is better than Geno, already. Otherwise, he’s simply stunting the growth of this team.

    -The term ‘viable veteran competition’ is an oxymoron. Of all the current guys out there that might be free, only Vick has ever started a playoff game. The rest of the guys are back ups for a reason: the couldn’t consistently cut it as starters.

    -Belechick is a great coach. In fact, I’d argue this season his Patriots are more like his Superbowl winners than the offensive powerhouses he’s had the past 6-7yrs. As far as there not being ‘challenges he can’t overcome’, how about the challenge of twice have the better team, in the Superbowl, and twice not coming away with the ‘W’? Second, while the running game has become their prominent offensive weapon, late this season, having Brady, as a decoy/threat, makes stacking the box against generally perceived pedestrian RBs works in their favor. He’s a great coach, but he’s far from perfect. He’s dropped 2 home p/o games to Baltimore, and 1 to NY, in the past 5 yrs too.

    -I don’t think we can be too quick to judge Richardson. No doubt, he looks bad now. However, just look at Knowshown Moreno this year, or Blount’s recent performance as proof that RBs can sometimes just take a few years. Other examples are Lynch, in Buffalo and Ricky Williams, in NO. Some guys just take a bit longer.

    -One thing I think Belechick does as well as anyone: keep guys who play well, no matter where they came from. One reason Woodhead didn’t stick with the NYJ was because the team wouldn’t cut ties with J McKnight, who was a 4th round draft pick, while Woodhead was an UFA. When teams allow ego to stand in the way of decision making, it can be costly.

  • Drew

    Manziel probably will be there at #18 because he is not very good. His accuracy is very inconsistent. A lot of his ‘highlights’ involve him scrambling around with tons of time (partially because of Jake Mathews) and throwing up a prayer that his guy comes down with (Mike Evans regarded as a top 3 WR in the draft). I would be interested if you guys did a player breakdown on him.

    Bortles and Teddy are both safe picks at QB but even taking one of them means we essentially used a 2013 2nd and a 2014 1st on our QB.

    Overall, I am not stressing about the draft stories ESPN is going to try an sell this off-season. Our current management is drafting on value so I am not expecting any head scratchers on draft day.

  • Big Al

    Manziel watching Kapernick too much, a little cocky for my taste, but who knows, could be perfect for Rex!, one thing i know for sure,, this draft and next will be the building blocks for the Jets for next 10 years, they cant screw it up..I cant help but think if we had any type of receivers to throw too, Geno would have had one more win, and got into the playoffs as a rookie, he played with a ton of confidence at the end of year and looked VERY good at times, his QB rating was in top 5 of league in last 4 games , I say he deserves another shot and bring in a veteran Backup..he is a strong athletic running QB with a good arm, so the potential is there, a good WR/TE tandem could prove the difference next year,

  • NY Expat

    It would be nice to read whether you think Manziel is a better QB than Smith. This article in RotoWorld was pretty helpful:

    Looks like Bridgewater is clearly the best, followed by Bortles and Manziel (who had similarly good numbers in the pocket, BTW), with Carr as the one to avoid.

    From everything I’ve read, Manziel is the real deal in terms of actual ability, not any of this “he’s a winner” crap. If he’s at 18, don’t even think twice about pulling the trigger. I’d even consider trading up to 12 or so to get him or Bortles (don’t know other team’s needs, might not be possible)

  • KAsh

    I don’t like Bortles. He “became” a top-5 prospect the week after Mariota declared was going back to Oregon because of a lackluster end to his season. Till then, Bortles wad always viewed as a second-round pick, which by pure coincidence is the draft grade he got earlier this month. Metzenberger tore his ACL, Murray lost all his starting receivers, McCarron is always looked down upon, and Mariota and Hundley decided to return to school because of their poor play. All of a sudden, Bortles rockets up draft boards not due to anything he did that week.

    The same does hold true for Manziel, but even though he was outplaying Mariota and Hundley in every which way, he was considered a mid-first-round pick because people looked at him like a scrambler and compared him to Vick and Tebow, and because of the drama that surrounded him. Mariota goes back to school (and Hundley, who was always the third QB, retreats into the background) and everyone suddenly sees talent where everyone earlier saw a distraction. Johnny’s still the third QB in most drafts because people still consider him Vick-lite (calling him “a winner” and muttering “like Tebow” under their breath), but Bortles was not in the top 50 on most big boards as late as November.

    Here is a top 100 board that was compiled on Nov 22:

    Manziel is at #43, between players like Ebron (#36) and Robinson (#48). Bortles did not make the cut.

    Ultimately, I think none of the QBs this year are plug-and-play guys. Bridgewater is the closest to being pro-ready, but even he falls short. If one of them drops, you have to go by where you think they will be in several years, and then not be afraid to sit them if they are not ready.

  • Charles

    I really hope Lee is there at 18 and we take him. All this talk about Manziel is moot as far as I’m concerned. There are too many QB needy teams for him to fall all the way to 18. He won’t even make it out of the top five.