No Huddle – Championship Weekend Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on Championship Weekend and the New York Jets off-season

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The Super Bowl is on its way to Met Life stadium and the NYC area and football fans can’t ask for anything better. The great Peyton Manning whose offense has been tops in the NFL really for two years running now, runs head first into the fastest defense at times, we have all ever seen. Peyton is the cool calculated one. Arguably the greatest ever. Both a student of the game and it’s teacher. Seattle has a disregard for classic decorum. They thrash about on D, scramble their QB around until there is a play to be made, and unleash Beast Mode. Forcing an opponent to finally relent. Old school takes on new school in a place where the elements may even finally play a role. It’s fabulous.

Whoever thinks the NFL is on some sort of popularity decline due to its recent safety issues with the concussion stuff hasn’t been watching. The league is on fire. Now the 2013 season culminates with the game for all the marbles that many predicted and hoped for. In the Big Apple. The NFL has done it again.

Richard Sherman In NYC?  “Can’t Wait”

How about this guy. Richard Sherman’s post game rant with Fox reporter Erin Andrews should be viral by about now. It was raw, it was real and even if it was about him ‘being the best corner’ I don’t blame him. The Super Bowl was riding on one play. Hand to hand combat.

Andrews stuck a mic in his face moments after Sherman batted away a chance for Michael Crabtree to be a hero. Minutes later it was pandemonium on the field. The 12th man was roaring.

There was little to no time for any player collect one self. Let alone a notorious talker who was in a little mini fight all day with a heated rival in Crabtree. Who was also jawing and gesturing. A “King of the mountain” game taking place on that one sideline.

When it comes to interviews seconds after games of huge importance, many to their credit can handle it and turn the PC switch on seamlessly. I don’t hold it against the ones who can’t.

I enjoyed the honesty. It was refreshing. A window into the real emotion Sherman was playing those final minutes with. In fact maybe his proclamations, as ferocious as they came across, should be a lesson to those who aren’t in the kill or be killed mindset in crunch time. Not everyone who saw it appreciated it and I understand why, but it’s spontaneity seemed to fit this contest of such anger fueled emotion between two fierce rivals.

I immediately thought of Bart Scott’s “Can’t Wait” speech as Sherman started yapping. Scott’s Sal Pal moment back in New England in 2010 was unforgettable for Scott’s summary of how a team that has each other’s back can never be counted out. How “anybody can be beat.”

Sherman’s display was more of a clue about the psyche behind the one on one matchup. The Instagram Selfie if you will. Both Sherman and Scott now go down as having provided straight emotion for the fan. No filter. Each beautiful in their own unique way.

Enough With The Murky QB Depth Chart

Matt Simms signed a one year deal last week but what does that mean at this point in the upcoming 2014 season? Maybe we should ask Drew Stanton about backup deals in February. Mike Tannenbaum’s irritating admission days ago that the Tebow signing was a huge mistake should be the bigger reminder though, that the Jets QB situation is again unsettled from top to bottom as we head towards a new campaign.

Geno Smth hasn’t been anointed starter. Mark Sanchez is on his way out the door but a viable veteran backup better replace him. Otherwise Sanchez will become the only viable vet left on the market. Are we assuming that a Johnny Manziel slipping to 18 doesn’t change this situation once again either?

The amusement park ride has been been three years running now. This QB merry go round needs to finally stop. Clarity is in order.

Although a training camp battle between a Smith and some vet may prolong this another eight months too. One day…

Way To Go Dunbar

Most Jets assistants will be back next year. RB coach Anthony Lynn. and DC Dennis Thurman being among those who re signed last week.  A special congrats goes out to D line coach Karl Dunbar for his new one year deal after coaching up the young Jets unit. Sirs Wilkerson, Richardson and Coples should dominate next year. If Kenrick Ellis emerges, with Snacks Harrison staying consistent inside, this will be the leagues best group up front. Hands down.

Geno and Winslow 

Last Friday as gossip sites reported that Geno Smith was being escorted off of a plane, Kellen Winslow was in some Target Parking lot “changing clothes and looking for a Boston Market” if you know what I mean.

Stories move way too fast nowadays. Any ding dong with a cell phone camera can offer a narrative. Players just have to be ultra careful.

In Geno’s case, he’d be better off staying as quiet from now until the draft as possible. His place on the pecking order is not etched in stone here yet. No more incidents please Geno. Don’t give any person or blog a reason to create headlines.

Winslow? He’s piling up too many shall we say “self inflicted” wounds now. I don’t expect him back. Maybe the Jets should cut ties with him now, so when his name comes up in the news it’s as a football player not a Jet.

Congrats Pete

Pete Carroll was an excellent DC for Bruce Coslet’s Jets. He was in position to compete for the AFC East crown as HC until the Marino Spike play sent those 1994 Jets reeling. Carroll was too young and inexperienced to rally the troops as top general then but he surely is now.

Carroll has come a long way in twenty years. His loose style that includes cranking music at practice, playing basketball and such, has developed from USC to Seattle into a bonding greater than just being player friendly, His athletes are tremendous. His concepts work. He is 60 minutes away now.  Congrats coach.

Quick Hits

– The new Rex Ryan extension is fair. Ryan deserves another year or two of security after 2014 but nothing more yet.

– Did Wes Welker intentionally take out Aqiq Talib? Bill Belichick thinks so. In doing so Demaryius Thomas was left free to roam as Denver punched their ticket.

How many teams have tried to take Welker out of games during his career? It’s an unfortunate part of the sport that guys try and knock other guys out as a strategy but whether it’s done subtlety or Saints bounty style, it still happens now and will always exist in some form.

– How bout when Seahawks player Jeremy Lane colliding with a 49er in street clothes on the sideline. You were thinking Sal Alosi, weren’t you?

  • KAsh

    How do you link Scott’s “Can’t Wait” speech with what Sherman said last night? Scott talked about overcoming the one-sided public perception and the biased media chatter about his team not being good and not having a chance to win against the team they just played. Sherman was the hero of the moment after he just made the play of the game and got his entire team a ticket to the Super Bowl, and he made a choking sign right after the play, then tore down the opposing receiver in his interview for no apparent reason. It was thuggish, and as a glance into the real Richard Sherman, it tells us that in the moment, he thinks only about himself. Scott’s “Can’t Wait” was embraced by the team and became the team’s advertisement for the next week. You think the Seahawks will give more air time to Sherman’s speech or try to quietly sweep it under the rug?

    You can compare Sherman to Muhammad Ali, but most people forget that Ali was disliked for his trash talk when he was a rising boxer and for the first few years he was champion. In the public’s eye, Ali had to back his claim up with years of indisputable evidence. And his “I’m the greatest” speech was celebratory. In that moment, he did not feel a need to call out Liston or anybody else.

    Sherman may be right that he is the best cornerback, but he is also spiteful, and that is how he is going to be thought of for at least the next two weeks. Unless something happens that reverses his image, his shot at Crabtree, kicking a guy when he is down, will stick with Sherman. Calling out a guy he just beat might be part of Sherman’s legacy.

  • The Jet Report

    Each post game was real. Not condoning trash talk but they each gave us a window into what’s really
    Going on down on the field. Kicking a guy when he’s down? I don’t know. Crabtree would’ve celebrated in his own special way too.

  • Mark Phelan

    Forget trash talk – How about Denver’s OL? My God they were great! New England’s DL was sent sprawling and when they got close Manning just took 2 steps into a pocket!