Initial Reaction – …And Another Jets Season Heads Down The Drain

Initial reaction to the New York Jets no show 23-3 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Another season heads down the drain…

Since week 14 of the 2011 regular season, the New York Jets record under Rex Ryan is 11-20. They have lost 14 of their 31 games by 13 points or more. They’ve sprinkled in a few nice wins but generally they average out to not being a competitive team every other week, in a league filled with parity. Today, for the third straight game after their bye week, the Jets were completely blown off the field, as the Miami Dolphins rolled over them 23-3. Ryan isn’t solely at fault for the team’s problems but we have probably reached the point where it is time to move on.

After this season, Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie are all going to be released to free up approximately 25 million dollars of cap space. The three players are remnants of the Mike Tannenbaum/Rex era that nearly reached pay dirt twice but fell just short, only to see their window snapped shut in recent years. There are other remnants of this era currently hurting the Jets, like trading up for Stephen Hill, sticking with Jeff Cumberland and a perpetual ignorance of the safety and outside linebacker position but Rex is part of the problem, it is time for a new voice…and new direction leading this team.

He’s been given half a decade here and it is unfair he never had a quarterback who could protect the football to support him. Yet, Rex fosters an environment that isn’t conducive to the development of a quarterback or the creation of a consistently component offense. The defense has been good…even great at times, but not lately. The Jets are great at stuffing the run, in a league that is no longer emphasizing the running game. They are putrid in pass defense and at consistently getting after the quarterback, which is much more important in today’s NFL.

Today’s game saw the Jets pushed around the entire first half. They were fortunate not to fall behind because of a missed field goal, an underthrown 4th down pass and a flukey interception. There was a little under two minutes left in the half and the Jets had a third and long from their own 4 yard line. Miami was out of timeouts. Considering the offensive struggles and the type of game it was shaping up to be, the Jets should have ran the ball, bled another 50-60 seconds off the clock and likely headed into the half at 0-0-. Instead they threw an incompletion on either a miscommunication between Geno Smith and David Nelson or just another poor pass from Smith. The Dolphins used the extra time from the incompletion to drive down and kick a field goal.

The Jets then came out throwing again with 30 seconds left, when Smith was intercepted, directly leading to another 3 Miami points. Smith’s turnover was the appropriate nail in the coffin for his day under center. It was more than fair to turn the game over to Matt Simms at halftime, in attempt to jump start the offense. Unfortunately, it didn’t. As we’ve been saying here, the problems on the Jets offense go well beyond the quarterback position.

Simms went 3 and out. Fumbled a handoff. Got 3 points from a drive on Chris Ivory’s back and then did nothing the rest of the game, outside of racking up some yards when the score was 23-3 with under 5 minutes to go. He finished 9/18 for 79 yards with a fumble and interception, while being sacked three times…numbers that look very Geno Smith-esque from the past month.

This a broken offense, anchored by a crumbling offensive line and a wide receiver/tight end group devoid of playmaking ability. It needs to be completely rebuilt before any quarterback can be expected to have any type of success in it. The Jets can spend their first round pick on any big name college quarterback you can think of and he won’t do anything if he is on his back every other play and throwing to Jeff Cumberland and Stephen Hill.

Defensively, Rex embarrassed himself by letting Antonio Cromartie play today. Cromartie has been awful all season and today was further hindered by an injury, looking about 40% of his 2012 self. There is no logical reason that Darrin Walls shouldn’t play 100% of the snaps the rest of the season. The same goes for Antonio Allen at safety over Ed Reed. Allen was putting together a strong sophomore season and has now been relegated to the bench for a player who won’t be here next season. Dee Milliner’s hellacious rookie campaign continued. Considering he is a top ten pick, you need to keep throwing him out there and hope there is eventually some type of progress.

The Jets tackled poorly. They didn’t get enough sacks and pressure against a poor offensive line. They couldn’t get off the field on third down. They couldn’t cover the tight end. We’ve seen this movie before. 11-20 in the last 31 games, with 14 of the games being losses by 13 or more points.

It is time for a new approach.

I should also point out that I was lucky enough to experience this game from the Coach’s Club seats, courtesy of MetLife Central. It was the first Jets game I went to where tailgating was not necessary because the spread of food available to people who attend in that section is truly unbelievable. I was also able to sit directly behind the Jets bench, which provided the following observations

1. Despite some complaints about Santonio Holmes actions on the sideline, he spent the entire game in the quarterback huddle and talking up Geno Smith in the second half after he was benched.

2. Mark Sanchez and David Garrard were attached at the hip to both Smith and Matt Simms throughout the game, breaking down still images and offering words of encouragement.

3. Dee Milliner was very emotional after being pulled by Rex Ryan. The rookie seemed shocked by the move which is surprising considering his on field struggles.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Joe you suck

    Joe it is bs that you even attempt to compare simms to Geno after this week, give the guy first team reps for a week before you make the comparison, Jesus have some journalistic integrity.

  • David

    Here is what I don’t understand– How did this team put up 30 against Atlanta, 27 against Buffalo (at home), 30 vs New England, and 26 vs New Orleans and win ALL of them with the same offense that we have seen the past 3 weeks put up 14, 3, and 3? Are Buffalo, Baltimore, and Miami really that much better?

    Heck, even teams like Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Oakland seem to have some semblance of offense.

  • Hillel

    I’m more excited about the off-season then the rest of this football season.

  • GaryG

    @David, what happened is the past three games, teams studied our tapes, and whatever offense we had is being taken away, and with the cast of characters we have, we can’t adjust. Won’t matter who the QB is at this point. Wait til next year.

  • mikeM

    Joe you are getting boring with your rants. How is Brian Winters doing that you could not wait to start. BTW he is killing this O Line.

  • subzero2401

    I’ve maintained all along that Rex should be retained, and I’ve never wavered….until today. Generally, I disagree with the approach some franchises (such as Jacksonville)take where there’s a brand new head coach with a brand new philosophy every couple of years. I’ve also wondered who could the Jets bring in to coach the team that would actually represent an upgrade? But I think today was it for me. There’s a disturbing pattern that’s developed here, and I no longer see any other way out of it. I thought Marty Mornhinwheg could be the answer. I also thought next year would be the year after the Jets had a chance to go out and reload on offense. But it’s now clear to me that offense will never be a priority under this regime, and in a league where offense is the ONLY way to win, that is a gigantic problem.

  • MattZ

    I call this the Tanny hangover. He was always trading away picks to move up and get players in the draft that weren’t very good. The draft is at best 50/50 chance of getting a good player. Model should be – get as many picks as possible and increase the odds. If you need a WR, draft 3 and one will workout. Also, this helps build a roster with depth and where you can develope young players with talent before just throwing them in and expecting them to be all pros as rookies. As far as Rex, I stll like him but if the Jets play the rest of the season like they played today, it is time to move on. This was a big game and they played flat. That falls on the coaches. 4 more very important games that will have a huge impact on what the Jets look like in 2014.

  • KAsh

    There is no reason to lose hope now. This is a league of parity in all senses: the Jets are currently a very bad team that was overcoached. Its inexperience and lack of talent are now coming back to haunt us.

    Right now, we have an elite starting d-line in a 3-4 and two good middle linebackers. Before the start of the season, we thought Rex would rewrite the rules of football by generating a pass rush up the middle, and then this would be a defense like the one that won the Giants a couple of Super Bowls. Twelve games later, we know better.

    We have no speed rush off the edge. Coples was injured and needed a lot of time to get completely healthy, but he is much more similar to a power rusher than a speed rusher. We lost our only speed rusher when Barnes went down, and our pass rush has had few bright spots since. An interior pass rush needs time to wear down the o-line and time to get to the quarterback. If a quarterback throws quick passes, the pass rush cannot get there in time and his linemen do not get stressed as much during the course of the game. But a speed rush coming off the edge is dangerous at any point in the game and requires the pass protection to always be on its toes. The problem is the Jets have no speed rush.

    Teams that featured their running backs and tight ends heavily in their game plan have not fared very well against the Jets. The teams throwing to their wide receivers have been a different story. The entire cornerback depth chart must be rebuilt. Milliner stays because he is on his rookie contract. After that, the team must scrutinize who is worth keeping for the next season or two, with the plan of replacing every corner on this roster. There are no corners worth keeping on the roster right now.

    Wide receiver, tight end, running back are not needs. Needing to completely rehaul the position goes beyond calling something a “need.” There is no depth and no worthy starters. Even the best receiver, Kerley, would be a fourth receiver on any other team.

    The offensive line and the safeties have shown some flashes, and you hope those develop into something more. Right now, depth is needed at both positions anyway.

    Is Rex the right coach for this? He is a good coach, and no one has been better at developing defensive players. That said, no one has developed into anything worthy on the offensive side of the ball under his tenure. Also, he needs to win now to justify keeping his job, but this roster is so full of holes that it will take at least two-three years to rebuild. On the one hand, no one is better at eking out wins from a lousy roster and prolonging hope in a season. On the other hand, he is likely to sabotage development in order to increase his chances of winning. He has a penchant for starting veteran players over developmental ones. Rex might be like Sanchez: in many ways he makes sense to keep around, but it might just be too late for him. He needs to show some results in this year or the next (or for Idzik and Woody to show a lot of faith in his abilities in the offseason), but in reality he needed those results this year.

  • BPP

    Week 14 of 2011 also corresponds to the start of nearly 2 years of historically bad QBing. Hardly a coincidence.

    Rex has shown an uncanny ability to gameplan and beat the best QBs in the league despite personnel issues. With the rules skewed to the passing game this is a rare and invaluable skillset. The man deserves the chance to have a merely average offense to show what he can do.

    Idzik seems to have learned to need to acquire QBs from his Seattle days. Geno at 39 was an inspired gamble. I have faith that he’ll move on and keep trying. I don’t think anybody in Seattle right now is complaining about sending pick 40 to SD for Charlie Whitehurst.

  • John C

    Good write up Joe. I’m a Simms rooter, but thought as did you, that the game, and giving Simms a shot, were educational, in showing that, at this point in time, it is a total offensive dysfunction on the Jets, and not Geno alone. I still think Simms would do as well as Geno, in any situation, and would like to see him get a start, but we need so much.

    At some point, as far back as camp, there was discussion about Rex’s future – I felt then, that the record would be less important than how they got there – and this is what I meant. I know Rex has been saddled, but, to many negatives haven’t changed, and Rex may have to pay the price.

    I wonder if the Jets might give Rex one more year, maybe with a Matt Schaub at QB. I know he’s not much, but he’s a serviceable starting vet, that would probably come cheap. The most disappointing thing after watching today’s game, was the realization that we seem to need more things after this year, than we seemed to need after last year, and that’s scary.

  • Fred The Hammer

    Can we please get Ed Reed off the field!! Bring back Antonio Allen… now!!!

  • Jim G

    Yet once again, the unfounded “Simms hate” shows itself in another one of Joe’s pieces. It is readily apparent that no QB could flourish with this current roster, but everyone who watched the game saw that Simms entered the game and did more in one series than Geno had done in an entire half. This was coming in cold, without the benefit of having any reps with the first offense in practice all week. He at least recognized pressure, and moved in the pocket, and made some throws that Geno hasn’t made in weeks. he made the reads and got rid of the ball quickly when he could. Nobody is saying that Simms is the “answer” at QB for the Jets, but to totally dismiss that he is as good, if not better than Geno Smith is just plain irresponsible, biased, journalism. Just because you want Simms to be worse than Geno, does not make it so. Geno Smith has shown nothing to prove that he can be a franchise QB, and neither has Matt Simms. If Idzik is the GM that I think he is, he will take another crack at a QB in the upcoming draft.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I’ll continue to say this. There is no Simms hate. There does seem to be a contingent of fans who have too high of expectations for Simms.

    The reality is he entered the game, went 3 and out, then fumbled on his next drive, which equals no immediate change to offense. He took 3 sacks. In one half, he had two turnovers (and had another easy INT dropped in the end-zome), made a single impressive throw (the 18 yarder to Nelson on the FG drive). The bulk of his 89 yards passing came down 23-3 with less than 5 minutes left. No notable change to O.

    Simms has a nice arm and has worked hard to get himself into a #2 role, which he has long term potential for.

    I’ve never said Geno has proved to be a franchise QB. He has had his moments (let’s not act like the first 8 weeks never happened) but was ultimately put into a difficult situation as a clear project 2nd round QB. No Holmes. No Kerley. Awful play at TE and sinking play on OL are harshly catching up to him as he is nowhere near ready to elevate the play of those around him.

    As of now, the Jets will likely be scouring the FA/Trade/Draft market for other QB options next year. Geno is going to be back but in a position where he will be competing with 1 or 2 other QBs all summer for the job.

  • Angel


    Simms has all the same excuses you make for Geno.

    If you can’t see the difference in the QB play between Geno and Simms in that game, then you really are blinded by “hate” or whatever you want to call it. You know too much about football to make any other excuses.

    To put it simply: Geno was trying not to lose the game and Simms was playing to win the game.

    Geno took sacks, threw the ball away, was wildly inaccurate, and made bad reads.

    Simms took sacks, gave some receivers a chance to make a play on the ball [and got burned], showed decent accuracy, and made some good reads [including hitting Nelson in the hands on a sure scoring drive, such a rare event that Nelson dropped the ball due to shock.]

    Simms wasn’t the savior and didn’t make himself a legend… AND ISN’T THAT A SAD THING? I would think a Jets fan would actually root for the QB [whoever it is] to play well. I never liked Geno but I WANTED HIM TO SUCCEED. I didn’t think he would, but I would have been more than happy to be proved wrong. Throughout the whole season I’ve criticized his play but I always gave him the benefit of the doubt and stayed hopeful.

    You don’t see me gloating over Geno’s failed season, do you? That would be pretty low… lower than someone gloating over Simms’ failure to pull off a miracle victory.

  • John C

    I thought Joe was fair for the most part, in his assessment of the game, the O, and the QBs. I do wish Simms did a bit better at avoiding the rush, and I do think he had at least 3 “nice” passes (not 1). As I said before, it is good that they gave Simms another opportunity, but he didn’t do anything to blow anybody away. A buddy watching with me (not a Simms rooter or detractor), did think Simms looked slightly better than Geno, but even I (a Simms rooter) would agree that it was almost impossible to see a difference in yesterdays game. I do think both were handcuffed by some weak play calling, and shoddy line play. MM should have left Ivory in to run it from the 5 (3 times), when the Jets got a goal-to-go situation, rather than inserting Powell. Simms was also hurt by drops (as Geno has been recently). If it were me, I would give Simms a start at home against the Raiders, but I could envision Rex giving Geno another opportunity, because Simms didn’t really do anything “exceptional”. I was glad to see that at least Rex made the move. We’ll see what happens next week at QB.

  • Joe Barra

    I don’t even know where to go from here. I thought this year was the rebuilding year. I don’t see the Jets being good next year. Every position on offense needs to be upgraded (except Austin Howard who has been oddly solid). I joked with my brother that David Nelson is the only healthy guy who can catch…..and then he had a DEVASTATING drop. If Rex Ryan was really the greatest defensive coach 4evar Copels would have more than two sacks. I feel like Wilkerson would be this good no matter what system and what coach. Rex really isn’t bringing a lot to the table at this point. Just End The Season.

  • Nikolas

    I am a Rex supporter but I think he is solely responsible for the 3 humiliating looses after a buy.
    3 humiliating looses to teams with below average record, after you beat the Saints and the Patriots it is simply unacceptable.
    This team is not playing hard all the times and seems that goes to games with bravado but unprepared.

  • Josh

    Just curious but does anyone know if Schlauderaff can play? Feel like he’s been on the team forever and I can’t say I’ve ever seen him on the field lol

  • The New York Jets is where QB’s go to die.
    75% of the time they can’t get a decent one and the 25% of the time they do they screw him up. By bye Rex and Idzik has already blown a 1st rounder on Milliner and a 2d rounder on Geno. Way to Go Idz

  • Angel

    I ripped Idzik on the draft — specifically the Millner and Geno picks. In my eyes, he redeemed himself in FA.

    Now, because hindsight is 20/20, I feel like my first instinct was correct. We should have gotten a top RT and LG [like the Mangold and D’Brick picks] and with Sheldon Richardson being picked where he was…


    Jets would be 7-5 easily right now.

  • Johnny

    these rants about firing coaches and benching QBs are uncalled for. the answer for the jets is simple: Upgrade your offensive skill positions so we have some players who can actually make a play. The end.

    oh, and the defense was not horrible yesterday. they kept us in the game despite the fact that we could do absolutely nothing on offense. they were on the field for 3 qtrs of the game!

  • Lidman

    I believe I said this earlier: who are you replacing Ryan with? If it’s Cowher, or Gruden, I guess you can argue those are worthwhile, if it’s some hot assistant, sorry, but I’ll pass because nearly all those guys fail.

    Idzik drafted Geno, Idzik traded away Revis. Idzik, is reported to have called down, during the Giant game, to have Sanchez inserted in the game. The second Santonio Holmes had his best career day, in terms of yards, against the Bills, he should have been on the phone with Detroit trying to peddle him.

    At 5-4, many were saying Rex should be extended. He had a better reg season record than Tom Coughlin. I get these have been 3 tough losses, but in none of these games was coaching the reason for the loss.

    Four weeks ago, you’d have thought Schiano was a definite goner and Philbin was likely headed for the door. At 3-3, Ron Rivera had to beat the Giants to keep his job, for the next week.

    Judging Rex on these 3 games is, in my mind, foolish. Let’s get to the end of the season first.

  • Coach

    Joe, Wow! The natives are restless. I would consider circling the block a few times before you enter your home. Personally, I hope they keep Old Rexy forever! It’s too much fun watching him suffer on the sideline. Much of what you say is true and I curious as to why “your readers” would treat you so harshly considering your insight. He’s a bad “Head” coach and always has been. This is not a surprise. It takes a lot more than designing an occasional effective defensive game plan to being a consistently successful head coach. As I said looking forward to having him here in New York for a long time!

  • mike

    to say that Rex Ryan has always been a bad head coach is absurd, as his record is better than many othe HCs around the league and that’s with all the horrendous qb play he’s had to overcome. yes, his team has struggled lately, and he needs to figure out how to cut down on the turnovers, but I honestly think that any other coach has this roster at 2-10 right now. who else is going to beat the patriots with this batch of players?
    joe c, a month ago you said he had already earned his extension and now you want him fired. let’s all calm down and be rational: this team was never going anywhere, we’re still scuttling the wreckage from the previous gm, and Rex has this team in the hunt for a playoff spot when we all know the roster is a bunch of placeholders just hanging on until real pieces are put in place.
    Rex should stay. Without him, espn having us at 32nd in the league would have made sense.

  • Lidman

    Coach, who is a good coach? To me it’s a guy who has a plan and good players. The NYJ problem is simply they don’t have enough good players, and they don’t have a good player at the most important position, in all of sports. So, you can play the change the HC/GM game as much as you’d like, to consistently win, you need a QB.

    Just look at KC. Sure, Reid came in and inheirted some talent. He brought in Alex Smith and he’s won, but does anyone see that team winning everything? People get so swayed by 2-3 game stretches in football. The Jacksonville Jags are 3-1, in their last 4, is Gus Bradley a great coach now?

    People always laud the Giants and Steelers for their consistency and methods. The Jets haven’t had a guy, under Center, capable of winning a Superbowl since Ryan’s gotten here. Since drafting Sanchez, 5th, in ’09, how many QBs could the NYJ have had that fits this description? Maybe Stafford, but they’d have had to get Detroit to trade that #1 overall pick, in ’09. Sam Bradford is ‘the best’ QB from the ’10 draft. In ’11, they had a low pick, so Newton wasn’t available to them, and are we sure he’s a bonafide winner? Locker, Gabbert, Ponder, Dalton, Kaepernick…who’s the ‘lock’ in this draft? In 2012, it looks like Luck has the goods, but is RGIII a sure fire thing now? Tannehill? I think it’s safe to say, the NYJ missed on Russel Wilson, just like everyone else. Foles is on nice streak and Cousins has some people who think he could be good. So, they take Smith this year, who was rated as top 3 QB prospect. Maybe he develops and maybe he doesn’t..but most of that is on Geno, coaching can only get you so much.

    So, Chuck Pagano has a decent chance of going to go down as a very good coach because he was lucky enough to inherit a team, that was 2-14, and picked up a ‘once in a generation QB’.

    Sure the NYJ can fire Ryan and even point out some of the shortcomings, that have occurred during his tenure, as the reasons. Bottom line, no coach is going to consistently win here until they have a QB, who is capable of winning games, on his own.

    Say what you want about Rex, but he’s found ways to win games, with teams, not many would have been able to. I say that confidently because he’s above .500, and most HCs don’t last 2yrs, let alone 5yrs, in this league.

  • Joe Caporoso

    To answer a few things…

    1) I’m not judging Rex on 3 games. I’m judging him on the past 31 games (11-20 with 14 losses by 13 points or more)

    2) I said this about Rex’s future during the Jets bye week:

    “I’m generally a pro-Rex guy but I need to see more than 8-8 and getting blown out every other week to guarantee his return. There is a lack of offensive and secondary talent on this roster, I get that but if you are good enough to beat New England, Atlanta on the road and Buffalo you are good enough to avoid a 40 point loss to Cincinnati, a 25 point loss to Tennessee and a 13 point home loss to a putrid Pittsburgh team. The Jets were out-coached and not prepared in those games, particularly the recent Bengals rout. Rex must show that he can win back to back games at some point and avoid no-show blowouts the rest of the season. Beyond that, if he can get 2 out of 3 wins or even better, all 3 wins in the remaining AFC East games, it would go a long way to cementing a return. It is hard to justify firing a coach who goes 5-1 in his division.”

    I also predicted before the season that he would be fired: (#24)

    To be fair, I mentioned an extension after the NE upset, however considering the 4 brutal blowouts they suffered since then, is it not fair to have my opinion changed?

    3) Angel:

    – You can check my TL from yesterday. I said they should put in Simms at halftime and that I thought he could give them a shot to win. I never root against players on this team. I have no “hate” for Simms. I do think you have “hate” for Geno, since this entire season has been you coming on here and railing against him, and only him, after every loss (and being conspicuously quiet after his stronger games).

    Nelson dropped a pass right between the 8 and the 6 last week from Geno and did the same for Simms, so that part of your comment made no sense. As PFF pointed out today ( Simms was 0/7 with a INT when faced with pressure AKA there was no tangible difference between Geno and him. I didn’t gloat in this article about Simms playing poorly, at all. I get you are a Sanchez guy and always have been, yet ironically you stood up for Sanchez last year when he was playing at a level equal to what Geno did this year, as a 4th year vet. So i believe you are the one showing bias towards players you like or dislike.

    For the final time, I don’t “hate” anybody on the team. I was called a “Stephen Hill hater” earlier in the year relentlessly here and now that he has 1 catch for 2 yards in his past 5 games, I haven’t heard much criticism about being unsure of him as a WR. I’ve been called a Kyle Wilson hater, Shonn Green hater, Joe McKnight hater, Vlad Ducasse hater and on and on on. I get it, when you put your opinions out there, you will be criticized but I hate nobody on this team and root for them all to play well when they are on the field in a Jets uniform.

    I’ve criticized Geno plenty on this site, I just don’t think Matt Simms is the answer. The Jets problems on O go well beyond the QB.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Final thing – Rex is 100% at blame for benching Antonio Allen and misusing Ed Reed in too large of a role and playing an injured/ineffective Antonio Cromartie, along with making Santonio Holmes active, only to see him play 2 plays.

  • Lidman

    Agreed on the Reed point. I get the ‘Cro point, but if the doc says he’s healthy enough to play, he’s going to play. I mean the guy was returning kicks yesterday. He’s just not that great a CB, I don’t care what the stats say from last year, when nobody had to throw on the Jets to win. I think I actually said it, on this site, Cro’s skill set is more suited for FS. He’s got great ball skills, and enough range to cover the field.

    The blowouts don’t say much to me. If you offense simply can’t score, eventually the defense is going to crack. The rules are set up for offense to succeed. Plus in every blowout, much of the scoring is turnover related.

    I will reiterate, why Idzik didn’t try and trade a healthy Holmes immediately after the Buffalo game is beyond me. Holmes only remained here because his contract had ‘off set language’ in it. No team was going to pay him more than the 7.5mm NY was, so why uproot your life? Meanwhile, Carolina, SF, Detroit and even GB were in need of an experienced WR. Nobody would could have predicted he’d have gotten hurt the next week, but it was also very likely he wouldn’t be kept for 2014.

    I’m not saying firing Ryan is wrong, I’m just not sure it’s right either. If we look at the team’s abysmal 11-20 record, you point to, don’t you also have to consider the ‘go for it’ tact the team took when he got here? A tact, that the owner was on board for, in an effort to sell PSLs. Look at what’s happening to Atlanta and Houston now. If you decide to ‘go for it’, there are consequences on the back end of it. If the NYJ somehow go 3-1 this month (not likely, but I wouldn’t have though Jax would have gone 3-1, in their past 4 either), you’d have to say, that even as they had little to play for, they continued to play hard for the guy. In your call to fire him, you simply say ‘maye a new voice is needed’. What ‘voice’ is out there, that gets more out of this team, in your opinion?

  • mark

    Who is more deserving to be fired? Falcon’s coach, jets coach, or TB coach?

  • Lidman

    Schiano…I think firing Smith with the injuries they inherited, along with the rough cap situation, would be tough too. Even at 3-9, he’s 59-33 since he got there in ’08. Before this year, his worst season was 9-7, but hey Lovie got fired….

  • Drew

    This is the most intelligent statement in this thread:

    Rex has shown an uncanny ability to gameplan and beat the best QBs in the league despite personnel issues. With the rules skewed to the passing game this is a rare and invaluable skillset. The man deserves the chance to have a merely average offense to show what he can do.

    We can’t clean house every year guys. From a skills position standpoint, this is the least talented offense taking the field in the NFL. Why do we blame that on the head coach? Is he not ‘inspiring’ Greg Salas and David Nelson enough that its preventing them from getting open?

    I’m not blaming Rex, I’m not blaming Marty and I’m not blaming Idzik. This team has a rookie QB and no talent around him in a rebuilding year.

    If we waste our draft picks on QB’s we won’t be adding talent at WR/OL. Let’s let the rookie develop and not fire the coaching staff because he’s struggling.

  • Joe Caporoso

    You make some fair points but this isn’t a every year turnover, he’s had half a decade here. Jets were veteran team in 2011 who were 8-5 and were blown out by PHI and NYG and then melted down in Miami to end season.

    I highly recommend everybody go pick up this book: – Provides tremendous inside look at Rex and team heading into 2011 and you can see where some of his problems begin.

  • Boomer

    If this offense was somewhat decent we wouldn’t keep going back to the defense, only can do so much without points being scored. And I can see cutting Holmes and Sanchez but not Cro heathy Cro can still be productive maybe try redoing his deal

  • KAsh


    I know you like trading players, but why would you trade Holmes after week three in Buffalo? He was turning out to be Geno’s most reliable receiver and one of the only serious weapons on the roster. On a team without any other proven talent or experience at wide receiver, isn’t Holmes worth more than what we were paying him? How do you develop any QB if you trade away all his good receivers? Wasn’t this one of the issues with Sanchez, i.e. a constant carousel for his top receiving options? How do you evaluate Geno without Holmes there to beat some corners and catch the ball?

    Holmes is getting old, and his contract is too pricey, but I think he will actually be a big loss if Geno wants a chance to start next year. Then again, I am banking on the Jets getting a veteran QB in free agency, so cut Holmes and use the money towards financing that vet.

    As for Cromartie, I really did not like his game on Sunday. To me, he was playing scared, so scared of getting beat that he could not stop Wallace at all. I think he has really degraded as a corner quickly. I do not know if he can be on the field in any capacity next year.


    Interesting question. I would actually say Rex deserves to go the most of those three. Injuries have really done in Mike Smith’s offense. Of course, he is responsible for that shitshow of a defense or for hiring his defensive coordinator, so I could see him getting the ax. Greg Schiano is being saved by Mike Glennon. If TB finishes the year strong and Glennon continues to perform well, I think Schiano sticks around because you do not fire the head coach right after he strikes gold at QB with a third-round draft pick, who might be offensive rookie of the year when all is said and done. Rex is in his fifth year as HC, and he has very little to show in his last three years. He might have the defensive rookie of the year, but he has no ties at QB and has no fingerprints on the offensive side of the ball. But I actually think that other coaches (Kubiak, Leslie Frazier, Shanahan, Munchak, and Philbin) are all more likely to go than Rex.

  • John C

    I think this quote from Matt Simms, is probably why he’s easy to like – but even for us Simms rooters, an honest assessment of his performance:

    Simms said half-jokingly of his second-half performance against the Dolphins, “I did enough to solidify that I’m still the two, so at least I didn’t play myself out of my job.”

    Such honesty (and humor).

  • BPP

    Read the book Joe; it is incredible.

    Sure, Rex was not perfect in his decision-making that season but it seemed to me that all of the problems he encountered stemmed from Sanchez’s incompetence.

  • paul

    SOJ, there is a reason this has become the mantra of this organization.

  • Lidman

    Why would I trade Santonio Holmes? First, he has been a very good player in this league, but he’s not an All-Pro. Second, in his 3+yrs here, what’s he done to prove he’s capable of being a ‘difference maker’ moving forward? Third, since he’s been here his public persona suggests he’s not a good guy, or a good teammate. Sure, I could be 100% wrong on this, but there aren’t many reports on how he’s leading by example. On the other hand, there is more than the Miami incident to illustrate he’s been a negative for Sanchez, so why should they trust him with another young QB. Fourth, he’s 30, didn’t work with Geno all offseason, and most of TC, due to injury. He’s only played in 5 games this year, so how can you call him a ‘serious weapon’?

    Idzik has never publicly come out and said: “This is a rebuild”. However, all the moves he made last off-season: cutting high priced vets, trading away Revis because he didn’t think he would be affordable moving forward, using all his draft picks and picking up cheap FA options, on short deals, all point to a rebuild. If Santonio Holmes is not part of a rebuild, I think trading him simply would have made sense.

    Joe, will read the book, and maybe it was addressed, but it was the moves Tanny/Rex initially made, upon his arrival in ’09, which lead to the 2011 situation:
    -Signed Bart Scott to a $48mm deal
    -traded at 5th, in ’09 and 4th in ’10 for Lito Sheppard
    -traded a bunch of bit players and their ’10 3rd and 5th round pick for Braylon Edwards..then let Edwards walk, to overpay Holmes.
    In that ’09 draft their 3rd rounder went to GB, for Favre, their 5th rounder to Philly for Sheppard, and then their 2nd rounder, to swap 1st rounders with Cleveland to get Sanchez. They did have an extra 3rd rounder, from Wash, for Pete Kendall. They packaged that with their 4th, and 7th, for Detroit’s 3rd rounder and got Shonn Green. They did also get Slauson in round 6.

    In ’10, they kept the train running acquiring LT, via FA..Cro, for what wound up being a 2nd rounder…they also moved Kerry Rhodes (and have had S problems since).

    Again, if you give up draft picks and get ‘cap creative’ to sign aging players, you’re dooming yourself. Fast forward to today, this is why I shutter when I hear they will have 20-25mm in cap space this year…paying FAs rarely works in the NFL…had they traded Holmes, they’d have another draft pick who might turn out to be a player.

  • Angel


    I take back the “Simms hate” comment. I won’t bring it up again. But, it’s not fair to say I’ve been quiet when Geno played well, because I went out of my way to point out that he did play well and single handedly won us a game [Falcons]. After criticizing Geno I always said I hoped he played better and that he should remain the starter — with a quick hook.

    WHICH, by the way, is what I said about Sanchez last year. I said he should remain the starter and be benched as soon as he threw one pick. I do think Sanchez can play and get better, but even I admit he would also be playing terrible behind this O-line and throwing to… who? Our WRs suck. I like David Nelson [who actually attacks the ball] but the rest of them can’t get open.

    I think this team is a lot sadder than most people realize, and the reason they are not 0-12 is because of Rex.

  • Great write-up Joe. You have the best insight on the Jets. I will good to you 1st for news and Jets opinions. Manish Mehta and Rich Cimini got nothing on you.

    I am a Geno Smith fan and supporter. I don’t see Matt Simms as an NFL qb. I also think if he wasn’t a Jet he wouldn’t be in the NFL even as a back up. Matt Simms had a hard time seeing the field at the college level at Tennessee and Louisville. The ceilings for these 2 players are extremely different. Geno Smith has a lot of upside. I’ve seen it in Atlanta, and at home vs the Pats and Saints. Why Is he struggling? Some of it is Geno’s fault. Some blame could be handed to Marty and his play calling. The receivers are a below average group. The offensive line is playing very poorly as well. Lots of blame to go around. In my opinion, there is no comparison of the 2 players. When Simms takes the field I root for him like any other player/qb on this team. Even Matt Simms knows his limitations. He’s just happy to be in this league and be a back-up. No other team in this league would be content with Matt Simms as their back-up. Geno feels that he is the qb for this team. I feel so strongly about this that I’m shocked that there is as much debate on this as there is. I think too many people are rooting for the name “Simms” the underdog, and the local kid. Chris Simms was a better qb than Matt and he wasn’t any good either. Rex Ryan has been around football his entire life. He feels Geno Smith gives the Jets the best chance to win and believes in him. I agree with Rex on this one. Rex didn’t want to see Tebow take the field when tons of fans were screaming for Tebow. Where’s Tebow now? Cut Sanchez, save some money. Get rid of Matt Simms and add some other quarterbacks either veterans or in the draft to compete with Geno. Joe, you da man!

  • KAsh


    How can I call Holmes a serious weapon? Consider: Holmes has the third most receiving yards on this team with 326, trailing Hill with 342 yards and Kerley with 347. But he did that on less than half as many catches and he has been Geno’s go-to receiver whenever he was on the field. Without Holmes this year, where would we be?


    Matt Simms is better than Geno at this point in time. The equation is simple: Geno has all the bad quarterbacking habits and no good quarterbacking skills to rely on. He loses to third-stringers in this league because he cannot play the game. Simms did more than him on Sunday without the benefits of a week of practice with the first string offense. That tells you a lot about where Geno is.

  • mike

    simms played terribly on sunday, had two turnovers, the first of which came when the game was still very winnable, and also basically threw an interception that was dropped in the endzone.
    geno is awful right now, but starting simms still isn’t an option. he shouldn’t even be in the nfl. in his first real action not in garbage time, he showed us all why he simply isn’t an option. when he came in at halftime, the game was within reach, but not for long.

  • Lidman


    How do you call Holmes a ‘serious weapon’? First off, he’s only suited up for 7 games this year, and that includes last week where he played 3 snaps. His injuries, since last September have limited his practice time, so sure Geno looks to him, but I’ll be a lot fo that is Holmes ‘barking’ at him. Second, you tell me he has 326 receiving yards. Great, 154 of them came in 1 game, on 5 catches. In his 6 other games, he has 8 for 172. Great YPC, but you’d hope he’d have a bigger impact. It may be injuries, Geno or a combination, but calling him a ‘serious weapon’ is wrong. In fact, in 39 games, as NYJ, he’s got 123 rec, for 1998 yds and 16 TDs…or an average Calvin Johnson season..’serious weapon’?

  • mike

    also, the only scoring drive he “led” was just a heavy dose of chris ivory.
    the kid is all downside. there is no “it”, there’s talent and a lack thereof. inspirational sports stories where the guy everyone counted out turns out to be the only one who had the answer, those stories are for children.
    rudy was put in at the end of a meaningless game. simms taking snaps will notify you that the game has become meaningless.

  • Lidman 8 seasons, he’s only caught more than 55 balls in 1 season, and that was 79, in ’09…very good season, for him, but only good for a tie for 16th in the league.

    That said, a contending team may have taken a flyer on him because he has won a Superbowl and proven himself to be a solid NFL WR.

  • Lidman

    And while I’m at it…the NYJ are 2-5 in games where Holmes plays this year…so, without him, they are 3-2…which is better than 2-5, right?

  • John C

    Simms played as well, or a little better than Geno, that’s not saying much I know, but for anyone to discount his potential, based on one-half of football, and then support Geno, who has had 11 games to “shine”, and failed, is just not being logical. Geno is simply proving what many scouts (paid by NFL teams) thought of him.

    Also, without knowing what was supposed to happen on the Powell fumble, I’d be hard pressed to call that a turnover for Simms. It was a good handoff, that wasn’t secured by the RB – of course Simms would not come out and say that Powell was supposed to get a handoff if that was the case, so we’ll never know.

  • BubbaGump

    I love how so many people talk about Geno’s “ceiling”. What does his “ceiling” matter at this point in the season when he’s stuck on his “floor”, playing putridly without any improvement in any facet of his game this entire season?

  • KAsh

    Man, Geno supporters are sad, vindictive people. They are like the bullying victims that have lost all joy in life and feel the need to make others miserable. There must be little sunshine in your life.

    You always focus on tearing down Simms and never on lifting up Geno. Fumbles and interceptions? No “it” factor? Should not be in the NFL? These are not pro-Geno arguments; they have been said of Geno, not just once and not just by several individuals.

    Meanwhile, you missed that Geno was named the starter for next week the day after he completed four passes for 29 yards and threw one interception on ten pass attempts. With a little Florham-ology, we can deduce that Idzik was probably not the one who pulled for Geno (he seems to have stayed away from coaching decisions and his actions have been to strengthen the roster and the team) so Geno has either Rex, who likes what he sees in Geno’s preparation, or Marty, who thinks he can get better use out of Geno with the current personnel.


    Holmes worth on this team is not reflected in his stats, whixh are abysmal for the entire offense. Whenever he has been on the field, he has been the #1 receiver and the #1 passing threat. He lets Hill assume his natural at this point #2 receiver duties. And Kerley is then free to find openings over the middle. Furhermore, he is the one of our only receivers that can adjust to throws, work back to the QB, and make acrobatic catches in mid-air. On this team, he is a legitimate #1. On another team, as you suggested, he might have trouble cracking into the top three mid-season. So why would you trade away your number one receiver in return for the equivalent of a backup?

  • My opinion. This Isn’t about Simms vs Geno Smith. Geno Smith is the only option. Will Geno Smith be a solid nfl qb? We don’t know. What have I seen from Geno so far that gives us some hope? How about the 1 minute drive on Mon night football on the road to set up the game winning fg with the world watching? What about the comeback win vs the Pats? Or the victory vs Saints? I fully agree he has regressed. Like many rookie qb’s do. I wish we had Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson too. Lets be fair, Geno Is struggling big time. So is the o-line. So is their receivers. Holmes doesn’t want to play. Nobody is saying Holmes Isn’t talented, but what good is talent when your not on the field? His passion and desire is definitely questionable. There is a good reason why Steelers traded a super bowl mvp for a 5th round pick. Talent and a disguntingly huge contract is why he’s still a Jet. For now. I lost all respect for our then “captain” when he took himself out of the game and sat by himself on the bench with his “c” on his jersey. Sanchez drives his team down the field for a td and the team is celebrating, Holmes ass was on the bench.
    Kerley is injured. Not having him hurts big time. Hill is massively underachieving. Salas we just scooped up off the Eagles practice squad. David Nelson was let go by the Bills and Browns and has major dropsies. Poor receivers and poor o-line play. The ceiling that’s being referred to is simple. Geno Smith was either the top rated or #2 rated qb on just about everyones board. 1 qb was taken in the 1st round. The fact that he fell out of the 1st and was a low 2nd doesn’t mean he doesn’t have upside. Favre, Brees, Kaepernick, and Dalton fell out of the 1st round and went in round 2. I’m not sure if Geno is going to be a great qb. It is too early to tell. I do think Matt Simms will be on any nfl roster in a year or 2. Just like Tim Tebow. Asking the rook to carry this offense is a lot to ask for. Stop hating on Geno. Rex “believes in him”. So do I. Go Jets!

  • Lidman


    If your #1 WR, who is not likely to be kept after this season, and, in your words, “On another team, as you suggested, he might have trouble cracking into the top three mid-season” (I disagree on that btw), I think you’ve answered your own question.

    Second, give me one ‘acrobatic catch’ the guy has made this year? In fact, I’d argue the opposite. In week 2, deep in NE territory, Holmes could have come back to his QB, giving him an easier throw, intead he moved away from him, which allowed the DB to come under and tip the ball in the air:

    In both the Buffalo and Baltimore losses, he dropped catchable balls, both which would have been first downs. I don’t know him. I’m not in the locker room, but the guy simply looks disinterested. What’s funny, is he’ll probably wind up on NE or NO next year, with a QB he can’t bully, and will put up good numbers. The guy can run routes and it was his ‘hands’ that always got peoples attention. What he’s shown, to me, in his time here is he’s not a ‘pro’, he took the money, and would perform in good times, but he’s not a guy you want young guys around because he’s a quitter.

  • BubbaGump

    Lidman, had the Jets traded Holmes, this season would be even more pathetic than it’s turning out to be… at least with him on the field, other receivers have a slightly better chance to get open.

    That’s really the primary benefit of having Holmes at this point, as can be see in the last few games when he’s been injured. No Holmes, not even a threat of a passing attack, Hill disappears and there’s barely anyone left to catch the ball…

    Regardless, this is all hypotheticals… odds are Holmes will be either cut or restructured to make a LOT less money next year to keep a veteran on the team to draw coverage. I’m not even sure any other teams would bother trying to pick him up at this point, he’s like Derrick Mason when signed by the Jets, washed up and mostly useless.

  • Lidman

    BubbaGump…the NYJ are 2-5 in the games he’s played, and are 3-2 in the games he’s missed. So, I won’t sit here and say they are a much better team without him, but I don’t think anyone can say they are much better with him either. I just don’t get that logic? What game has he singlehandedly won for them? I would also point out the 2 biggest wins of the year, for the NYJ, came against New England and New Orleans, with Holmes on the sidelines. He was also on the sidlines for Geno’s most complete game: the MNF game at Atlanta where he threw 3 TDs, and lead the team to a winning FG, completing 2 crucial, over the middle throws, to none other than S Hill.

    Look, I’m not saying not trading him, after the 1st Buffalo game, was a ‘franchise altering’ miss. I get it, at that point you’re trying to win some games and take some chances. However, when I look at some of the decisions made, since Idzik took over, I see decisions that point to being better next year and beyond: cutting Pouha and Bart Scott, trading Revis, draft Geno, starting Geno, continually playing Brian Winters, who is not playing a position he played in college, and isn’t ready to play in the NFL at G or T, not making sure there was a proven NFL QB on the roster before the season started and drafting both a CB and DT, in round 1, when there were other more glaring needs; this has nothing to do with how good or bad either guy has played, but more an organizational philosophy to draft ‘the best player available’.

    All of those moves, to me, are moves setting you up for the future, not for this year. So, why not carry that over into the season? I think after the Buffalo game, Holmes looked as good as he was ever going to this year. Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but that was the best statistical game he’d ever had, in his career. There would have been a market for him, and the NYJ had to know he still wasn’t at full health. If you read this book, it’s obvious the guy is not a team guy, so why not get something for him and get a conditional pick, which fits with your new organizational philosopy?

  • KAsh


    You are misreading all of those moves. Cutting Pouha and Bart Scott was obvious: washed-up veterans with humongously overblown contracts, who were meant to be cut after the season whatever the case. Drafting a CB, DT, and QB with the first three picks was a BPA approach for a roster that lacked both depth and talent. The only sense of any of the draft picks being for the future is that all draft picks are for the future because most rookies cannot play a full-time role in their rookie year. There was a proven QB on the roster in Sanchez. Winters playing has more to do with Ducasse being awful and there is no reason to suspect that Idzik was even involved in that decision. Revis had to be traded: he is the locker room cancer that you falsely ascribe to Holmes, who has not played well in his original role all season. All of those moves were pretty obvious in the context of cutting dead weight and adding youth and talent.

    I make no illusions: Holmes will most likely not be on the team next year. But he has been the only receiver that passed the eye test on this roster. You cite the Jets 2-5 record when he was on the active roster, but three of those losses were in the last three weeks, during which Geno completed a total of 21 passes on 55 attempts. His other two losses were against Tennessee, where Geno was so enamored with him that he threw to him when he was hip-to-hip with Verner, and against NE, where he was the leading receiver in a rainstorm and his one mistake was not being able to reel in a pass near the endzone which was thrown behind him and then intercepted. Other than that, he completed aerial catches at the sideline, where he high-pointed the ball and was then able to drag both feet on the ground before going out of bounds. He got open on crossing routes and was able to gain massive yards after the catch. When he is gone, we will need to bring in a very good FA to make up for Holmes’s absense.

  • Lidman

    I’m not misreading any moves. All the moves he made, pre-draft, may have been obvious, but they were all moves that were made to give young players, in this case Harrison and Davis, the opporunity to play. Similarly, he allowed Landry to walk, signing his brother at a cheap rate, but giving Allen the chance for more p/t. You know what other move was obvious: cutting Mark Sanchez after drafting Geno, but he didn’t do that? Sanchez was the obvious starter after the 1H v NYG, but Idzik had him put in a meaningless game. Why would he want that? When Sanchez got hurt (I’m not suggesting Idzik wanted this), it left the NYJ without a QB, on the roster, who had EVER started an NFL game. Hence, I come to the conclusion that Idzik wanted Geno to start and was telling us, without saying it,: “I get it, they’ll be growing pains with Geno, but this is the way we are going”. On the Winters/Ducasse switch: I agree on why the switch was made, but Winters has given up 9 sacks, he’s been awful. I mean he could get Geno seriously hurt, no? I thought this new regime was about ‘competition’? Again, they stick with Winters because Ducasse is the past and Winters is the future. On Revis, please..please show me one article, one tweet, one radio report, just one credible report that says ‘Revis was a locker room cancer.’ As for his play, he’s a top 10 NFL CB, this year, and he’s come back from ACL surgery. He’d be far and away the best CB on this roster. And for the last time: HE DIDN’T HAVE TO BE TRADED…know the facts. I’ve always said this, about you Kash, you don’t like Revis because he is a greedy athlete. I fully agree. He wants his money, and I get why he does. However, unlike Holmes, when this guy gets paid, he delivers and never throws teammates under the bus. Idzik chose to trade him. Finally, I haven’t read , but Joe C has and tweeted out ‘issues between Holmes and OL were very legit throughout the entire season’. Now, this doesn’t mean he was a cancer, but to me OL is ‘plural’, meaning multiple guys had issues with Holmes. Holmes is about Holmes. Remember, my whole arugment about trading him was based on the NYJ planning for the future. What about Holmes’ past, or present, performance suggests they’d want him here for the future?

    You talk about Holmes like he’s an All-Pro? “Eye Test”, what does that even mean? Yes, I do cite the 2-5 record. Yes, I do acknowledge 3 these losses were in the past 3 games. What is your point? Holmes takes no blame for losing these games? Has Holmes done anything, in any of those games, to help this team win? He’s had 3 catches for 83 yards, on 12 targets, the past 3 games. Josh Gordon is getting open with a new QB every week, so it can’t all be on Geno. You cite the Tennessee game, and Verner’s INT. I agree it was great coverage and probably shouldn’t have been thrown. Here is a question: why did Verner come up with it and not Holmes? NFL QBs make throws into coverage every week and give their guy ‘a chance to make a play’. Same thing in the NE game, Holmes didn’t make a play there, someone else did. Both of those balls had no business being thrown, but in both cases Holmes was there and neither came up with a catch, nor prevented the INT. Finally, if you’re going to argue with me, don’t guess, check your facts. Against NE, he had 3 catches for 51 yards, and while one went for 27, how you get he “got open on crossing routes and was able to gain massive yards after the catch”, from that production, is befuddling. Oh, and Stephen Hill led the Jets in receiving that game with 4 catches for 86yds. I point to the biggest moment of that game, IMO, they were down 3, and in nearly sure-fire FG range, and he didn’t make a play, for his QB or team.

    I get your a passionate Jet fan. I admit that I don’t like Holmes. I simply don’t get your arguments which are all based on conjecture. You talk about ‘making up for Holmes’ absence’, like we’ll be losing an All-Pro WR. The NYJ have been a bad team in the majority of the games he’s played this year. They’ve been a mediocre team in the games he hasn’t played. They could be just as bad without him, and he hasn’t shown anything to suggest he dramatically improves this team. I don’t think you can really argue that statement, but I know you will, so I’m finished on this…you’ve exhausted me.

  • KAsh

    Lidman, you make solid sense most of the time, but once in a while, your arguments border on the childish, backed by an irrational fascination with some aspect of the game. This time, it is your penchant for trades, the benefits of which you greatly overestimate and the costs of which you greatly discount.

    You do not cut Pouha to play Harrison. You cut Pouha because Pouha is making millions, but can no longer play. Similarly, you do not start Winters because he is the future; you start Winters because the alternative, Vlad Ducasse, cannot even figure out what to do on a stunt and stands and stares as 300-lb linemen drill your QB. Similarly, you trade Revis because Revis is never going to sign a contract extention and you are better served with a talented DT and a talented rookie corner that will be on the team next year than an aging corner coming off major injury that will leave the team as soon as he can.

    Revis would have played, but he would not be back to full strength. You can rewatch the Dolphins-Bucs game to see Wallace beat Revis deep multiple times, once running free with your great corner a full ten yards behind him; the only reason the Dolphins lost that game was because Wallace cannot catch the ball and Tannehill missed him by a mile. I do not like that Revis was never into bargaining and has always chosen money over just about everything else, but the plain truth is that he would not have solved the team’s problems this year. Revis has been good at covering short routes and quick passes, but he no longer has his island and would always need safety help, which this team could not provide him anyway.

    Idzik had Sanchez sent in against the Giants knowing he would injure his shoulder for the year? Did Kennedy’s second shooter tell you that? (You also have a nefarious opinion of Idzik. Is it because he traded Revis?) Sanchez was sent in as the worst and only option. Geno threw three interceptions against the Giants, and proved that he could not start. It was discussed previously that if Geno had an awful game against the Giants, Sanchez would start the season, but he would not have seen any action since week two of the preseason and be totally cold. So after Geno’s three quarter implosion in the “serious” preseason game, Sanchez was given the last quarter so that he would not be completely out of it week one. This was also the same reason that Sanchez was placed on short-term IR, in the hope that he would be back and starting.

    Now, on to Holmes. Holmes was problematic in 2011, but he and Sanchez mended their relationship over the offseason and Holmes was putting together his best season yet prior to his injury in 2012. Everyone who has met him or talked to him since has spoken about an upstanding guy that supports his teammates and leads the wide receiver group, how everyone looks up to him, and how he has become one of the leaders in the locker room and supports for the QB.

    You can look at the five games without Holmes: an offense that never got it together against Pittsburgh, that got completely blown out in Cincinnati (the defense was awful, but when one team scores and the other never does, you cannot even hope to catch up), then two games against the Patriots and the Saints in which the Jets went to the dropped to pass game almost exclusively on third and long, and one game against Atlanta, a defense that is rated in the bottom five in every statistical category this year. Besides Atlanta, which, again, is one of the worst defenses in the NFL this year, none of those four games showed Geno in a great light (The best was against NE, where I called Geno a game manager. I like game managers. I consider Brady to be one.) Have the Jets won more games without Holmes? Yes. Would they have won with him there? I say yes, and they would have been greater wins, and they may not have lost against the Steelers.

    As for plays in games, we have a QB that has made some pretty bad decisions and has struggled with accuracy. On the Verner interception, the throw was completely to Verner, hitting him on his back shoulder and taking Holmes out of the play. On the interception against NE, the throw was behind him as he was running full speed across the formation. He got one hand on the ball, but his momentum was taking him out of the play regardless of what he did. Wide receivers are not meant to play cornerback, so badly thrown balls are more likely to be intercepted than broken up by the receiver.

    I really wonder how you see this season without Holmes. Who would be starting? Hill on one side, outmatched by the best corners on every team. Kerley (?) opposite him, playing out of his natural slot position. Gates and pray that he never gets injured? Nelson and Salas were signed in Holmes absense in week 6, so they cannot be part of the plan. Holmes for a future draft pick? You have a bad receiver group to begin with and you would only make it worse. Then, not only the season goes down the drain after week three, but also your QB gets completely exposed without a full receiver corps, then your running backs get exposed with nine-man boxes on every play, and your line gets exposed with all-out blitzes because you have no one to pass to. Finally, your defense gets exposed because no matter how good it is, it cannot outscore any opposing offense. Without Holmes, this quickly becomes close to another lost season.