No Huddle – Say Goodnight Miami Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets season finale victory

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Those unpredictable New York Jets. They sure work in mysterious ways don’t they? Gang Green picked yesterday in sunny Miami to put it all togethe. Adding a flare for the dramatic regarding their famous coach when none was even called for. How is it that we were all kept on the edge of our seats for weeks as Rex Ryan, who told us he was a dead man walking fourteen days ago, lived to see another day? Informed of the news in private by Woody Johnson before his team went out and did to the hated Dolphins what has been done to the Jets enough times for a diehard to rejoice yesterday in returning of the favor.

“Frankly, we owed them one” Ryan said after the game. Echoing the feelings of a fan base he has always been able to connect with. A trait that is one of his most endearing qualities. Ryan will keep his job for a team that shows it plays hard for him. By opting to retain Ryan, the Jets have surprise surprise, chosen the path of a true attempt at long term stability. Finally.

Welcome Back Rex , Now Stay Out Of The Way Let The Offense Grow

Now he’s no Bill Walsh when it comes to offense, that’s for damn sure. He’s also put many eggs in the baskets of young inexperienced quarterbacks over five years. Let’s not forget who envisioned Shonn Greene as a bell cow back last year or loved the Stephen Hill draft pick in 2012 too…while Alshon Jeffrey still sat on the board. This is all why Sexy Rexy has to, and will allow GM John Idzik and OC Marty Mornhinweg the freedom to build that side of the ball up this offseason. Keeping his own personnel views of the O to a minimum. It’s the only way that this arrangement will work beyond 2014.

Draft a top flight wide receiver and a tight end who can stretch the field, some offensive linemen and a project RB with athletic upside. Sign a veteran WR and backup QB when the FA period begins. Add something like that to what is there now, with a more mature Geno Smith calling signals and knowing when to use his legs, and production on the scoreboard will most certainly rise. No stay out of the way this time Rex. Let it happen.

Miami Shoutouts

God it was great watching the Dolphins suffocate like dying fish squirming on a boat deck in the ocean, wasn’t it? If you were around for the 1982 Mud Bowl AFC title game loss it was probably extra special but hey this was also payback for the 2008 week 17 disaster. One where Chad Pennington painfully came back to end the Brett Favre error. Oh, and the 2011 finale that included the Santonio Meltdown. Reggie Bush called the Jets out last year too, and weeks back the blowout loss at home to Miami was part of the swoon that ruined any playoff hopes. The Jets played with pride and passion Sunday. 8-8 is a fine achievement for a team that was laughed at prior to week one.

Shoutouts Go To…

– Quinton Coples, who came out of the gates playing at mach speed. Imagine that type of motor for four quarters a game next year.

– David Nelson who has sewn up the WR4 role behind Jeremy Kerley and what ought to be a top flight WR1 and solid WR2 (Santonio Holmes at a reduced rate? Don’t count on it).

– Geno Smith, who showed poise and an inner clock.

– Dee Milliner who in the last two games kept Josh Gordon and Mike Wallace in check. He did so by trusting himself, playing the ball more aggressively, and showing a little attitude. A little swagger. Rex called it. He said the kid has talent. Thankfully we all finally saw some before the lockers got cleared out this week.

– Kellen Winslow, who played hard in the win and with a chip on his shoulder all year.

– Billal Powell, who is as trustworthy of a player as the Jets have. Powell maximizes yardage  and always knows the situation. He’s heady and he’s steady. A great reliable source as part of any backfield combo for the Jets going forward. Powell moved chains on key drives yesterday and has done so during many of the wins this season.

Are You Guys Crazy? Stop Using Sheldon Like The Fridge! 

I’ve said this before weeks back and will again. Using future perennial All-Pro Sheldon Richardson as a goal line ball carrier is moronic. I don’t care about being unpredictable or that Sheldon is such a good all around football player that any carry from the one will result in a TD. Yesterday Sheldon went into the end zone again during the Jets 20-7 win but the risk reward still doesn’t add up. Especially for a 7-8 team. Playoff game? Maybe, and I do mean maybe.

Rex, I get it. You probably loved seeing the Fridge plunge in for daddy’s Bears teams back in the 80’s, but remember: it’s all fun and games until someone breaks their forearm for no reason on the wrong unit. Or wait, was that Rob Gronkowski. You see the point, I hope.

Quick Hits

– Out of curiosity, why did Woody wait to tell us that Rex would return, if he had made his mind up weeks ago as he claimed? Too help boost SNY post game coverage ratings?

– Soon the questions will begin about the future of notable vets Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes. Even Antonio Cromartie perhaps. Let’s assume that Sanchez and Holmes are gone for various reasons. Will Cro’ be a surprise release due to his hefty contract or can a restructure be part of the equation?

– A trick play actually worked. Bilal Powell to Jeff Cumberland. I couldn’t believe it. Someone at NFL films please set that moment to music in slo mo when the Jets highlight film is created. I want to buy the DVD and get emotional again.

– Cromartie looked healthy Sunday. Looked like himself. I’m hoping that injuries are a plausible excuse for him because I like Cro. In fact I like all Jets who care and want to be Jets, like him.

– Geno Smith has to feel good about the way the season ended. The Jets got the first two game win streak and much of it was due to the fact that the QB played well in both. Maybe the game has now slowed down for Smith. If so, what a great starting point the Browns win was last week for year two.

  • Lidman

    TB fires both Schiano and Dominik. You can bet whoever goes there, as a GM, will be cutting Darelle Revis, so NYJ get a 4th. Still think Idzik blew that….

    Only way Revis stays there is if Rob Ryan is hired. You heard it here first.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Not sure how Idzik blew anything.

    Revis was signed to an insane contract, that he is going to get released from after 1 season. Jets turned that into Sheldon Richardson, who should be DROY and now are getting a 4th (last year our 4th = Chris Ivory).

    Considering Woody wanted no part of bringing Revis back and it would have been dumb to sign a CB for 16M per year, I have no problem with how Idzik handled it.

  • Lidman


    As I’ve always maintained, Idzik didn’t ‘have’ to trade Revis, he chose to. Revis couldn’t hold out, or his contract would have extended at a very below market rate. He was also coming off an injury and would have had to prove he’d returned to his level, to secure another big deal.

    Now, a season later, Dee has started to show some promise, so it’s good they got the 1st rounder. However, to me, it appeared Idzik was so worried about not getting a good deal, that he insisted on last year’s number 1. If he would have taken the longer term, he probably gets a better package if he would have taken this year’s number 1, which as is turns out will be much better (sure hindsight is 20/20).

    If Revis were on this team, I’m comfortable assuming they wouldn’t have given up as many big plays. The CB market has come down, so even if he would have opted out, it’s not likely anyone would be giving him the $16mm. If you look back at some of the posts, from last Winter/Spring, my feeling was Dominik was going into year 5, had 1 winning season and no playoff appearances. He knew if they didn’t make playoffs this year, his job was on thin ice, so making this deal wasn’t a HUGE risk for him. Revis was a great player, and if he returned to 80%, it was a good move. Unfortunately, Schiano is a college coach and Josh Freeman imploded.

    You can’t use this year’s 4th and say, look what we got with last year’s. Draft picks are worth a lot more, to NFL GMs, than current players. In fact, NO could say, we picked up Ivory as a UFA and turned him into a 4th round pick for us. Ivory has been a solid add, but it’s not like he’s been an All Pro, or even Pro Bowl performer.

    I just think Idzik misplayed the situation. I will readily admit, I have no inner knowledge of the situation. Woody may have said: “I don’t care, I don’t want him here under any circumstances”.

    I do know, there are no impact offensive FAs, other than Jimmy Graham. I’d much rather spend on an All Pro, in his prime, than a hope and a prayer, like Golden Tate.

  • Lidman


    Cro likes it here, and he’s a solid CB. I’ve always thought his skill set would be a great fit at FS. He knows this defense and his ball skills should translate back there. On top of that, that position requires much less ‘hip action’ and might allow him to stay healthier, and be more productive. Thoughts?

  • Umm…

    Relax Lidman. If you have a sensible point to make that is nice, but don’t just GUSH!

    As for the article? …enjoyed it immensely even though I thought Sheldon made a great fridge. How is that much different from what he does all the rest of the game on D?

  • Sean

    Ok, I know we technically used the #13 from TB on Richardson, but there’s no way we use #9 on Milliner if Revis is still on the roster.

    From my point of view, the Revis trade didn’t yield Richardson plus a 2014 pick. It gave us Milliner plus a 2014 pick with less of a cap hit.

  • Lidman

    Sean..I’ve always felt the same way on your point (top 3 guys on NYJ board were Richardson, Austin and Milliner). I get ‘why’ Revis was traded. However, I disagree with those who argue he ‘had’ to be traded.

    Umm…very ‘relaxed’, appreciate you looking out for me.

  • Drew

    “Out of curiosity, why did Woody wait to tell us that Rex would return, if he had made his mind up weeks ago as he claimed? Too help boost SNY post game coverage ratings?”

    I believed this was all media created. I wouldn’t want Woody to come out and announce Rex is staying just to quiet the media. That would be playing into their game. They did it right by waiting until after the season to have the full slate of games to evaluate on. I really don’t think the decision was close though.

    Think about the amount of pressure on Idzik if the replacement failed. If anything, Rex performing well bought Idzik more time here because he can still say we haven’t seen his guy.

    As for the Revis trade that is being scrutinized here for some reason: He was offered an illogical amount of money so he had to take it. The Jets got a 1st rounder out of it. The Bucs were the clear losers in that one.

  • KAsh

    Did Cromartie look healthy? I thought he was getting burned by Hartline of all people. Then Hartline left the game and Tannehill decided the bigger mismatch was with whoever had Milliner. And then Tannehill’s tears washed away those lightning bolts as he bawled like a baby on the sidelines.

    As for Revis, he would have been gone either way. The market Revis looked at has always been “the highest paid defensive player” market. $16 million was his figure because that is what elite FA pass rushers like Mario Williams got. FA money has not dried up and someone would still overpay for a pass rushing talent, so Revis would still clamor for six million dollars more per year than any rational person would give him.

    Regardless of what happens, we will convert Revis into two young players. Letting him play would have gotten us a lot of heartache and just one.

  • Lidman

    Drew…fully agree in your POV regarding Idzik. He has zero downside in keeping Rex. This business is about self preservation and Idzik clearly understands it.