No Huddle – Comfortably Numb New York Jets Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets season sinking into comfortable numbness

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Comfortably Numb

Pink Floyd’s 1970’s era classic “Comfortably Numb” plays in the waiting room I’m sitting in right now in the Bronx…just a routine check up don’t worry.

The song starts off lyrically like this “Hello. Is there anybody in there? Nod if you can here me.  Is there anyone at home?”

The chorus repeats with the hall of fame line “I have become comfortably numb.” I can’t think of a song that sums up being a New York Jets fan any more accurately.

Why even get angry anymore, right? Let’s stop wasting our time. If it is a big game, a winnable game, one with playoff impact, the odds are that disappointment will be the endgame.

The club has been searching for a franchise QB since Joe Namath and can never fully develop the young ones they have. Now Geno Smith’s fourth straight game with less than ten completions leaves the same door open that Mark Sanchez once left ajar for him.

Rex Ryan said after the game that “our fans deserve better” but don’t worry coach it’s ok. There is a comfort to this feeling.

At 5-7 hopelessness and despair have returned to us like long lost acquaintances. A numbness like the Floyd song suggests where the unemotional embrace between fan and glass half empty emotions is all too familiar.

Who Will Start Next Week? Flip A Coin

Geno Smith. JR Smith. Matt Simms. Phil Simms. Dave Garrard. David Duchovny. Does it really matter who starts at QB next week?

Florham Park turns young signal callers into fearful basket cases. The receivers for the third straight year can’t get open often enough and those rare times when they do the dropsies creep in. Defenses put eight in the box daring the Jets to stretch the field. Knowing that they won’t even try.

Jet GMs refuse to sign veteran backups who can ease the transition time from trying to stay competitive in the now, to securing the offense and it’s long term future.

An owner who would rather bring in a ticket selling name splash who can’t throw than keep a no name serviceable backup ready to take over should the shaky starter falter too many weeks in row.

While we the diehards viciously boo the latest failures behind center, saving our ovations for the entry of underwhelming backups into the game.

We’re all complicit. Coaches. Players. Fans. The front office and higher ups. So name your starter Rex. At this point it’s all the same to me.

The Blowouts Are Piling Up

Cincinnati. Buffalo. Baltimore. Miami. The blowouts are piling up on Rex. It will become harder for him to make a case that his team plays for him by seasons end if this disturbing trend continues.

The offense has been so putrid that the defense has begun in my eyes, to lose its focus from play to play. Soon the D will turn on the O if it hasn’t behind closed doors already.

The Jets have played not to lose three weeks straight and have lost all three. Badly. Watch out Rex, you are entering a serious danger zone. Win or lose, get this team to fight and stay battling throughout. Otherwise you will be the next casualty. Nothing will be left to claim as a strength of yours. Deserved or not.

Quick Hits

– Chris Ivory carried the one drive the Jets had down 13-0 in the middle of the third quarter. Then Bilal Powell replaced him inside the five on first and second and goal. Why?

– The Jets pass rush that helped lead the team to a 5-4 start is not getting to the QB anymore. Quick screens and three step drops are the reason why.

– Antonio Cromartie is banged up and can’t press cover without exposing himself deep. Dee Milliner is lost in coverage and has real trouble tackling. The mash up of opponents game planning and the failure of the Jet corners has been suicide for a front seven that not long ago helped cover up the offense and it’s own secondary for as long as it could.

– I always love hearing Marv Albert doing Jet games. He’s the best. Sadly,  I remember how many he covered during the Boomer Esiason years. “That’ll bring on Louie Aguiar to punt and…the Jets will hear it from the crowd” will forever be etched in the memory bank. Yesterday those names changed but the tone and tag lines that my all time favorite announcer used as the Jets played in a way reminiscent of those early nineties teams were all the same.