TOJ Roundtable – Buffalo Bills Let-Down Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses how the Jets can avoid a let down against the Buffalo Bills

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How can the Jets avoid a let-down against the Buffalo Bills?

Joe Caporoso – The only way I see the Jets losing this game is if they turn the football over multiple times. As of right now, the Jets are the better team and match-up very well against a beat up Bills offense. If Geno Smith can protect the football and outplay EJ Manuel, the Jets should be able to win this game by 10-14 points. I don’t see anyway Buffalo scores more than 14-17 on this defense, unless the Jets directly hand them points and considering their offensive performance in week 3, the Jets should be able to generate enough production for the win.

TJ Rosenthal –  The best thing the Jets can do to avoid a letdown is perhaps to continue to feel disrespected from the whole ESPN 32nd preseason ranking stuff. I am terrified of what both a week off and the current wildcard spot the Jets currently own could do to lessen the Jets motivation to still prove the doubters wrong.

On the other hand Geno Smith and the young D line appear mature enough to avoid playoff talk amongst themselves in November. Rex Ryan is too unsettled security wise right now to go flat in his message to the team too. Ryan has to implore Gang Green to stay desperate emotionally and play aggressively on the field. Rex has to make sure his players are aware that 5-4 is nice but means nothing yet.

Dalbin Osorio – Like Frank said, the Bills aren’t a good team so the New York Jets, because this is a game they SHOULD win, run the risk of looking past the Bills and looking towards their match up against the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens next Sunday. I think that, in order to avoid a letdown, the Jets’ best tool is coming out aggressive and like a team that hasn’t accomplished anything yet. Their mentality has to be of a team that believes they can win, similar to how the mentality that they have when they’ve gone in to play New England, Atlanta or New Orleans. Respect your opponent, but don’t fear them. Impose your will repeatedly on the lesser opponent. That’s how they mentally avoid a letdown.

On the field, the run game has to be the nail to the passing game’s proverbial hammer. Bilal Powell had his best game of the season against the Bills, and that in turn allowed for the Jets to have two wide receivers go over 100 yards while attacking a decimated Buffalo pass defense.

Chris Ivory needs to be used repeatedly to reach the 2nd and third levels of the Bills defense so the secondary is too beat up to cover a returning Holmes and Winslow, not to mention David Nelson and Stephen Hill. The Jets won’t win this game the same way they beat New Orleans because the Bills stop the run better than the Saints could, so Marty’s going to have to let the Geno prove that he can play well on the road. Better to let him figure it now, in a winnable division game, than during Wild Card weekend in Indianapolis or Cincinnati. Geno’s done some really good things this year on the road; he played three really good quarters against New England Week 2 before imploding in the 4th quarter and played 4 quarters of mistake free football on the road in Atlanta. He hasn’t played as poorly on the road as some people would have you believe, but when he has struggled it’s been like an avalanche of struggles. This is a game that Geno needs as much as the Jets because winning in Buffalo in 15 degree weather will go a long way towards the Jets avoiding a letdown.

Frank Giasone – It’s the dreaded “game after the bye week” for Rex Ryan and his New York Jets. And as most already know, Ryan-led teams have had their struggles following the bye, culminating in a less than stellar 1-3 record. While that alone is cause for some concern, this Jets team is blessed with a little luck which comes in the form of the floundering Buffalo Bills.

Let’s be honest, Buffalo isn’t a good team. They’ve struggled to a 3-7 record this season behind three different starting quarterbacks and have allowed the second most points in the league. The matchup certainly favors a New York defense that feasts on young quarterbacks, despite the teams’ struggles to consistently win on the road.

This game, just like most games this season, will hinge on a solid performance on offense, specifically a strong rushing effort and limited turnovers from Geno Smith. While Rex hasn’t uttered the term “Ground and Pound” much (if at all) this season, it certainly still applies. I expect a heavy dose of Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell and Josh Cribbs, and hopefully an appearance from Stephen Hill, who has had his share of success against Buffalo.

Mike O’Connor – It’s tempting to dive into match-ups with this game when the Jets a clear advantage, but the Jets’ strengths feed right into what the Bills are afraid of.  If the Jets focus on running a very simple offense for Geno Smith while devising a complicated blitz schemes with trap ccoverages to screw with EJ Manuel, they’ll likely win this game.  Even though Geno is getting Jeff Cumberland, Santonio Holmes, and Kellen Winslow back, I think they’d be best advised to hold him to a limited amount of throws to avoid turnovers and get the ball rolling with Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell’s diverse skillsets.  The Bills are not a very good team, frankly, so the message I would stress is to not try and be a team that you’re not.  Gameplan simple, and you’ll outplay your weaker opponent in this one.

Connor Rogers – The Jets went into the bye week coming off of an impressive victory over the Saints. With that being said, two weeks off from live game action will certainly slow down their momentum. The defensive line may not overwhelm until the second half and the offensive line may struggle against Mario Williams and co. on passing downs.

Overall, the Jets can avoid a let down by keeping the game plan simple. Don’t get “cute” with the play calling, shut down the run, develop a ground game with Chris Ivory, and grind out the clock/yards. While the Jets have the firepower to come in and blow the Bills out, they need to play sound football. It may seem basic, but keeping the game plan simple is the key to avoiding a week 11 letdown.

Daniel Marcus – As a “doom and gloom” Jets fan you can usually sense a let-down game coming, it emanates somewhere from deep in the pit of your stomach and travels up your spine, causing you to lose sleep until it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, this is not one of those games because physically, I feel great, it’s like sixth sense just like how some people with balky knees can tell when it’s about to rain, I believe I have the same ability for let-down games. No, the Jets should come away with a “W” this weekend but with the Jets as in life, there are no guarantees so who knows.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports