Initial Reaction – The Good Time Roller Coaster, Jets Upset Saints

Initial reaction to the Jets impressive upset victory over the New Orleans Saints, 26-20

The 2013 New York Jets roller coaster swung in a positive direction today with their most impressive win of the season, 26-20 over the previously 6-1 New Orleans Saints. Today was a banner day for Rex Ryan who schemed up a terrific defensive game plan that flummoxed Drew Brees all day, along with Marty Mornhinweg who has an offense that is producing despite featuring a collection of mid-season acquisitions at the pass catching positions. You can start thinking about it Jets fans…the playoffs are on the radar for this team.

Defensively, the Jets allowed their share of big plays and yards to the Saints passing game but that is inevitable against Brees, Jimmy Graham and company. However, they came up with two interceptions that directly set up points and were clutch. They answered the bell on 4th and 1 in the fourth quarter and were able to close the game late when the Saints had the opportunity for a game winning drive. Quinton Coples made his season debut as a game changer on the Jets defense today after a sluggish past few games. He had three quarterback hits, the 4th and 1 tackle and the game ending pressure on Brees. If Coples is going to play like that off the edge, it is going to take this defense to a whole other level.

Dee Milliner and Antonio Cromartie were far from perfect but they took a step in the right direction, particularly Milliner who played with good energy and physicality. This was also a strong game from the Jets trio of safeties. Muhammad Wilkerson had yet another sack, and now has 8 on the season, along with Calvin Pace who has quietly racked up 5 this season.

Offensively, the Jets rode Chris Ivory who established himself as the team’s unquestioned lead back with a 18 carry, 139 yard performance. Ivory finally flashed the talent we have been carrying on about at this site the past 6 months, by showing his tremendous burst in the open field and ability to break tackles to get to the second level of the defense. Geno Smith did not have his best day (8/19, 115 yards) however he had zero turnovers and a pretty three yard touchdown run. Amazingly the Jets go to options in the passing game were Zach Sudfeld (2 receptions, 46 yards), Greg Salas (2 receptions, 57 yards), David Nelson (1 reception, 19 yards), and Josh Cribbs (2 receptions, 6 yards, 12 rushing yards). None of these guys were on the team as of 4 weeks ago! The Jets will get a nice boost when Santonio Holmes and Kellen Winslow Jr return after the bye week.

Today was an extremely impressive win, for a Jets team that has already exceeded every pre-season expectation for them. In the AFC, the Jets are right in the thick of the battle for the 6 seed…actually they are currently the front runner for it. The bye has come at an opportune time, as Antonio Allen and Jeremy Kerley were both banged up today. Over their final seven games, the Jets play only one team (Carolina) with a winning record. A playoff spot is there for the taking Jets…go and get it.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Mark Phelan

    This win – this season are impossible to believe!

    As I watched the game today I kept thinking – This New Orleans team is better than we are – But Wait!!! They weren’t!

    The early play where Breese took the time-outs, and the delay of game were mystifying! What kind of defensive spell was Rex weaving?

    That series where Breese was sacked twice – well he barely escaped with his life!

    That was one crummy call on Cribbs.

    What a game!

    Glad I taped it.

    ps: How about that Folk?!

  • KAsh

    Cannot go off one game, but Salas and Sudfeld might stick. Maybe we are not as devoid of talent at those positions as we thought. Hey, I can always dream, right?

    The D-line woke up today. Coples Christ resurrected after three weeks. Richardson and Harrison were balling. Wilkerson continued his domination of offensive lines. All QBs have just been put on notice. CC Tannehill, the unlucky soul with his mess of an o-line that still has to play them twice this year.

    But the real honors should go to the secondary. They made plays. Brees was shaken so much by the d-line because he was expecting to throw the ball so easily down the field. Our defense showed up to play.

    Kudos to Ivory for his breakout. Both Powell and him had a trip running on this team. The Saints are an easy team to run on, but you hope the trend continues.

    The black mark on the day was Geno. Yes, he did not turn the ball over, but was a game manager all that we wanted out of him? 8/19, 0TDs. Cribbs looked like the better passer today. Geno has not had a good game since Atlanta. He looks too scared of throwing an interception to move the ball down the field, which does not actually prevent the turnovers. Please don’t compare him to Peyton. Peyton had something like 23 TDs in his rookie year, meaning he turned the ball over while lighting up scoreboards.

  • David

    Still way too early to talk playoffs and quite honestly, anyone that is looking at them needs their heads examined. This team is still inconsistent and if we want to even think playoffs, we better be able to find out how to get a winning streak.

  • nachosanchez

    @David, it’s really too early. They have 7 games left and they’re in control of the 2nd wildcard spot. It’s not like when they were 2-1 and everyone was predicting a postseason berth. Nobody is saying they’re a lock, but to not think they’re at least a contender at this point is pretty ridiculous.

  • nachosanchez

    *Not too early

  • Anthony

    Geno faced yet another top 10 offense, and one that is excellent against the pass, and getting pressure on the QB. I am fine with Geno the game manager. When Sanchez was in game manager mode, it meant 2 TOs. The big difference for this offense Vs last week was the run game. @ weeks off and a super soft bills team puts us a 6-4. I think we lose to Baltimore and then it is a race for 9-7.

  • kc.

    the Jets are ABSOLUTELY in CONTENTION for the PLAYOFFS. I think Sudfeld is gonna be paybacks for Woodhead.

  • John C

    Everybody gets a Game Ball!! Special mention for Coples, Ivory, Allen, Salas, Sudfeld, and the rest of the DL, and yes Dee Milliner. Davis’ first pick was nice.

    Shows you what a turnover free game can do for you – I wouldn’t fault Geno in any way today, he did what he needed to do, including wasting a bunch of passes, rather than forcing anything.

    Coples play was the most encouraging to me. If he and Milliner play more games like todays, down the stretch, than the D will do very well. Salas and Sudfeld were godsends on O, more reason for hope down the stretch.

    Not too early now, to at least think playoffs, but, some of the teams that were supposed to be Wins (as if the Jets can ever say that) are having their own resurgences (Cleveland, Oakland, Carolina), and won’t be gimmes for this, still perplexing, Jets team. I do think 9-7 is the absolute floor now, but that still might not get it done.

  • Frank Antonelli

    I love how the clown haters get embarrassed every other week by our beloved Jets! Whenever every so called expert picks against the Jets you know they will win! The whole week we had to endure the idiotic talk about Milliner, Geno, Rex, etc. Just glad they showed those haters! It’ll be relatively quiet again for at least 2 weeks! Go Jets!

  • Frank Antonelli

    @kash. As usual you have no idea what you’re talking about. Guess what Manning’s QBR in his first year was 71.2, Geno’s is 71.0 right now. You should check your facts before opening your mouth. Not surprising given some of your other posts.

  • Frank Antonelli

    @kash. Oh yea Geno has already won more games this year than Manning won all of 1998! Get a clue buddy!

  • KAsh


    I am not going to care about QBR until someone can actually say what it measures. And only idiots think the result of the game depends entirely on the quarterback. Case in point, rookie Peyton threw 26 TDs in sixteen games, averaging over thirty attempts per game, and had only one game without a touchdown. Geno has also averaged over thirty attempts per game, but has only thrown 8 TDs in nine games and has had four games without throwing a single touchdown. Peyton was in almost every game, leading his team. Where was Geno the last four weeks? You apologize to your defense by scoring touchdowns, by playing aggresive, by making their game easier by scoring some points. Mornhinweg has been aggresive in his play-calling, but Geno has not shown the fire. Unless there is a major change in Geno, four years down the line, we will be searching for a new signal caller again.

  • paul

    Still Early* Win more than one in a row. Lets enjoy the win before thinking playoffs. Also everyone here is a Jets fan and calling each other idiots needs to be saved for Yahoo or ESPN. Maybe our ages need to be displayed along side our names this might explain some of the comments left here.

  • paul
  • MeanGreen


    “Case in point, rookie Peyton threw 26 TDs in sixteen games, averaging over thirty attempts per game, and had only one game without a touchdown.”

    Wow, That is amazing. Until you understand that they had no choice. They were 26th out of 30 in rushing yards. They threw the ball all day because they had to, and what did it get them? 3-13. Ya, that is what I want. I want a QB who throws a lot and loses almost every game. How dumb is that??

  • Angel

    I can’t stand this… Payoffs?!? PLAYOFFS?!?

    How about winning 2 games in a row?

    How about Geno only playing his second game without turning the ball over?

    That doesn’t mean the Jets suck, but it does mean this team has to get consistently better before we even have a shot at the playoffs. Imagine some of the Jets players started talking like this? Talking about Geno playing like Peyton Manning?!? C’mon man!!

    The Jets are an 8 – 8 team right now. Geno has only shown flashes of his potential, and the running game has been hot and cold… Like the O-line.

    Get some perspective people.

    It’s one thing to HOPE for the playoffs, it’s another thing to call the Jets a playoff team.

  • Lidman

    Joe..couldn’t agree more on Coples. If he’s just reaching 100%, and has the bye week, this DL in going to be wreaking havoc the last 7 weeks of the season (I’ll be S Richardson will be more of a pass rush threat then).

    Milliner certainly looked the part too. I think the thing we all have to remember is: nobody is Darelle Revis. His ability to play 1 on 1 is the best most of us have EVER seen. Sticking CBs is so much man is going to lead to big plays for the opposition. From what I saw, he was competing out there yesterday.

    Is it me, or is ‘Big Mo’ putting himself if DPOY discussions? What doesn’t this guy do well?

    One week neither makes, nor disproves a player’s rep, but as a Stephen Hill sympathize, he certainly didn’t do anything to make Joe like him more. I still think you have to give him through next year. However, I thought he showed a big improvment early this year. He was getting off the line, he had made some really tough catches and was staying healthy. However, the past 3 games, he’s either playing hurt/limited or is just not getting it done. Imagine when he does, or more, when the NYJ have legitimate outside threats.

    I just hope they come back, from the bye, and go out and dominate a Buffalo team they are clearly better than. We all know they’ve been inconsistent, one thing the team hasn’t done is really laid and egg, or lost, to a team most of us believe are completely inferior to them:
    NE week 2: weakened, or not, nobody could say Jets were better team going in.

    Tenn week 4: on the road, vs a much improved defense and QB. Sure, we all could have hoped for a win, but it’s not like the NYJ personnel is vastly superior.

    Pittsburgh week 6: This one hurt. Pittsburgh clearly has a lack of talent. I’m not one to believe in short week (Jets had played MNF) v extra prep (Pitts coming off bye), but maybe there was something there. I thought this was also worse job by coaching staff who seemed to give too much deferance to Dick LeBeau and limited Geno/the offense in this game.

    Cincy week 8: I think this was just catching hot team at the wrong time. That division is weak, but it won’t surprise me if these 2 teams have similar records. Cincy is getting killed by injuries, especially on defense. Dalton, and the offense, is going to have to carry them.

    Sitting at 5-4, Jets can point to victories over NE and NO, both division leaders. Dallas is 5-4 and hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record. SD has the 1 win over Indy, but nothing else. Carolina is 5-3, but hasn’t beaten anybody with more than 3 wins. Tennessee is 4-4, and they can probably lay claim to being better than NY, now that Locker has returned. Long..belabored point here is this team can win, and this coaching staff is getting it done when few thought they could. Get healthy and get consistent because post bye week, the toughest games left are at Carolina, and at 3-5 Baltimore. If they go 1-1 in those, they’ve got a great shot to make playoffs.

  • Nick Evans

    Amazing game. I was in attendance and the crowd played a huge roll screwing with Brees all game. D line is straight up nasty and I was beyond surprised with the performance of our secondary. Ive been critical of Milliner but I will say I thought he made a lot of improvements yesterday. He came up and made some hits and made some nice plays on the ball.
    As for Geno I thought he played a great game. He knew this game couldnt afford a TO and he played extremely well. Id like to see Marty get some quicker routes in on blitzes. Too many times I see our receivers running down field when Geno is under pressure or being blitzed. The routes take too long to develop sometimes and it kills Geno.
    Also, Ivory was in beast mode. Kinda looked like Marshawn Lynch out there running downhill all day. Great all around win for the Jets and now we have 2 weeks to prepare for Buffalo. Lets hope we can snap every other game trend we got going.