No Huddle – For The Love Of God, Jets….Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets ongoing struggles

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For The Love Of God

In the five years that Rex Ryan has been the Jets head coach, the team has gone without an experienced viable backup quarterback trusted enough to relief pitch and change the energy of one game. One.

Well, maybe an aging Mark Brunell had some gas left in the tank and hey, “what about Tim Tebow” one might argue. Let’s not get into Brunells and McElroy’s or what the divine-like effect of a believer like Tebow might have yielded in 2012. You get the point.

We don’t blame the Jets struggles in Baltimore Sunday or even in Buffalo in week 11 directly on rookie Geno Smith. We blame the hypocrisy of the Jets.

The Rulers of Florham claim they want to “develop” the kid and “see what they have.” Then they use him as if the only way to win is by having the guy play not to lose.

The Jets offense was so hard to enjoy as a fan yesterday and has been for many Sundays in this Geno/Mark Sanchez span. Nobody put a gun to this team’s head over this half decade and said “the only choice you have Gang Green, is to use a young QB. If they start to turn it over too much, then hide them as much as possible. There is no other choice.”

Smith showed us nothing new to judge him on yesterday. Zero. Zilch. The only thing we learned about him is the fact that he can play wide receiver. HE didn’t drop the ball yesterday. Geno was arguably his most trusted receiver actually. Only the Jets.

How about a few roll outs, screens, designed runs? Why keep dropping back and only doing so on third down?  Marty, are you there? Or did Tony Sparano kidnap you for the day and assume your role by wearing a Mornhinweg Halloween mask?

If Geno is that big of a liability, start Matt Simms and give him five games. Then weigh the current duo against 2014 draft options at QB and adding a vet to run the team until the draftee is prepared to take over. Enough already. I give up.

Take Your Pick

The Jets offense was dismal in a 19-3 snooze fest because:

A) The stiff wind derailed things.
B) The offensive line couldn’t pass protect at all.
C) Geno Smith made some understandable rookie mistakes.
D) The playcalling was too conservative.
E) The skill position players are below standard.
F) The Ravens defense is tough especially when Hiloti Ngata plays.
G) The Ravens know Rex loves and respects the Ravens defense so much that everyone including the ushers and parking lot attendants knows the Jets will seek autographs over first downs when they have the ball.

In the spirit of losing on the 50th anniversary of Jack Ruby becoming the guy who shot the guy in a Dallas basement back in 1963, I tried to add all the possibilities up. In the end it was clear: There must be yet another Cold War type conspiracy in play here.

From coaching Geno down not up, to purposely injuring the guy with Cornrows in the summertime. From grabbing David Garrard whose parents will only let him play outside during the week, to only signing guys that are and look like Brady Quinn, the sky is purposely falling so the Nets can justify grabbing a Mr Bridgewater or Johnny Football for next season. You can see right this too people can’t you? Maybe we should get the Warren Commission to investigate.

Wait, did I just mention the 3-10 Nets? Well, you know I meant the Jets. Or was it the Mets.
Ah forget it, just beer me.

Ed Reed and the Reality of the Current Secondary

Ed Reed went back on the ball thrown to Ravens WR Jacoby Jones to end the third quarter, with the game on the line and a pre snap knowledge of a hall of game legend. He ended the play confused. Beaten deep. Like a “Same Old Jet.”

I felt bad for Reed actually. Didn’t you? He didn’t deserve any tarnished image of a great career dwindling in Green and White upon his return back home.

It’s hard to watch fading stars lose their magic. It’s also hard to witness a Jet secondary grow more unsure of itself in deep pass coverage by the game.

Antonio Cromartie gets beat for seven on a weekly basis now and Dee Milliner who turned back to the ball better Sunday, still cannot be trusted on his own for too long.

Rex Ryan daring opponents to throw deep after the signing of Reed weeks back was premature I guess. Second string Buffalo Bill receivers and Ravens wideouts flying downfield on a day that didn’t appear to be ripe for any sort of air attack, proved that.

This group needs a cover 2 to cover deep for its cover 2. Call it a cover 4. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Quick Hits

– Remember when.. the Jets were up 3-0? So do I and actually thought it was the start of something. Oh well.

Sadly, like Brody’s delusional detoxing visions of fellow Marines during the latest episode of “Homeland” last night, it was all a mirage. That brilliant drive that yielded someone a few Nick Folk fantasy points was all she wrote.

– Geno Smith had one reception from Josh Cribbs out of the wildcat. Stephen Hill had no catches on the day. Cribbs threw his few passes on the day with more conviction than Geno did.

Wait, I got it! Start Cribbs at QB, use the prototype bodied Hill as the run option backup, and move Geno to Hill’s spot on the outside. Switch it right in the huddle. Touch football style.

What, you wouldn’t want to see what happens for one drive? If you too have been on this Jet flight for decades and are as far off the reservation at this point as I am, you know you would.

– Is Chris Ivory hurt? Why is he playing second fiddle to Bilal Powell right now? He’s had a 100 yard and 98 yard game this past month.

Powell is the better pass blocker and screen guy and we all love his dependability, but Ivory was the guy to lean on more just to break a few tackles against that stout Ravens front yesterday.

Oh it was a matchup thing. I get it. Too bad Joe McKnight wasn’t still around. We would have had our bell cow back for the day.

– What was up with that “Sal Alosi salad” the Jet coaches prepared us all for lunch. A 15 yard unsportsmanlike for getting in a referees way during a return? A wasted time out then followed to argue this moronic moment no less. Wow. Talk about embarrassing. Running into the ref? Are you serious?

Losing is one thing. Looking disorganized on the sidelines in a contract year is another. Like it or not John Idzik may remember how this season ends for Rex more than how it started if the rise in dark comedic scenes continues.

– So much for resting up and gearing up for the stretch run after a much needed bye week.

– At least the Giants lost and essentially ended their season yesterday. I grew up
indifferent to Big Blue and usually still am. Even rooted for them to beat those undefeated Pats in the first Tom Coughlin Super Bowl.

After that 2011 Christmas Day debacle though, the one where Schotty had Sanchez throw 349 times (helping the Giants steal a division and another title), I couldn’t have stomached the 0-6 start ending up at Met Life in February somehow. The pain would have been too much to handle again. Just being honest.

– Former Jets C Kevin Mawae once snapped the ball in Miami with the left hand one week after busting his right one. He wore a club like tape job or cast on the injured hand to protect it. In some odd form of a “throwback jersey” measure all Jet wideouts wore the same design on both hands yesterday. Or so it seemed.

– Happy Thanksgiving too folks. You can enjoy this one. Remember the last one? No? Well here is a highlight to refresh the memory. Sanchez’s face was caught up in Brandon Moore’s butt crack as you late eaters were passing the cranberries. Highlight two: The Jets gave up 28 points while you gave your uncle who still dresses like a 1970’s game show host, a much needed glass of water after he choked on a turkey bone and almost needed the Heimlich maneuver.

We can all relax this Thursday. No Jet football stress. After the last few weeks, I am sure that many will add that to the list of things to be grateful for.

  • Angel

    “C) Geno Smith made some understandable rookie mistakes.”

    For the love of God… stop defending GENO’s terrible play. He is making stupid mistakes — rookie or otherwise — and NO, they are not “understandable” OR excusable.

    Same goes for the WR corps.

    AND, lets stop talking about the defense not being perfect. They give up a big play here and there — big whoop. They’re not perfect, so what? They play well enough to win… they play well enough for an average NFL offense to be 7-4 right now.

    I am now officially calling for Matt Simms to start the rest of the season. Bench Geno and let him watch and learn. Bring in a Veteran in 2014 and have a legitimate 3 way competition [assuming Simms doesn’t play lights out stellar football or stink it up enough to be booted off the team.]

    If the Jets win out [shyeah, right] they may have a shot at the playoffs… and Simms would be a legend.

  • BubbaGump

    Agree with giving Simms the change now. What’s there to lose? Geno is terrible… on almost every dropback, he backpedaled right into the edge rushers into stepping up into the pocket to buy an extra second.

    The guy has no awareness and no internal clock. Even on the 30yd pass to Salas, the throw was terrible. Way inside and should have been broken up or intercepted if the cornerback didn’t pull a Kyle Wilson. Only reason that was caught was because Salas actually attacked the ball where it was thrown… (that never happens on this team).

    From all appearances, it looks like MM has already given up on Geno for this year, going with ultra-conservative game plans the last 3 games with disastrous results (although the turnover and bad-decision rate hasn’t really changed… the yardage and completion percentages have taken a dip).

    This locker room is about 1 game away from completely falling apart. They’re relying on a guy who can’t get it done and keeps putting the defense in terrible situations.

    For the sake of future seasons and locker room unity, they have to change things up to at least see if they can stay in the playoff hunt.

  • mike

    i am not defending geno smith here, but am i the only one who noticed that he had just six pass attempts in the first half? is that the kind of offense a successful nfl team calls? because it seems to me more like the game plan of a bad high school team.
    the whole offense played like ass yesterday. the line did a terrible job in protection and a terrible job getting a push on running plays. receivers got no separation and couldn’t hold on to the ball when they had chances. the running backs couldn’t break tackles. marty’s version of the wildcat is embarrassingly ordinary, yet it was the most successful formation the jets had yesterday.
    yes, geno played a terrible game, but the plan took the ball out of his hands and the rest of the offense couldn’t make a play either.
    bad quarterback play is a killer, of course, but we again have one of the worst offenses in the nfl. maybe simms deserves a shot, because how much worse could the qb play be at this point? but any offense that calls for six pass attempts in the entire first half is pretty much guaranteed to lose. the vikings have peterson and even they have more balance than that.

  • Joe Caporoso

    He threw 7 first half passes. 2 were dropped. 1 had to be thrown out of the end-zone because nobody was open. Hard to succeed in that situation. He still didn’t play well but that is definitely worth noting.

    Also, Angel – I get you dislike Geno but you defended Sanchez for similar play (go watch the ARZ/TEN/BUF week 17 tape if you forgot how awful he was) when he was a FOURTH year veteran. At least Geno is a 2nd round rookie, Sanchez was in year 4 and playing like this.

    Either way, Jets offense is a mess right now, from top to bottom.

  • Lidman

    You’ve gotta love football…

    Jet fans were worried about the 5 game stretch of @ATL, v Pitt, v NE, @Cincy and v NO…Jets go 3-2.

    Jet fans, many on this site (me included) foresaw @Buff, @Balt, v Miami, v Oak and @Carolina as a chance to go 4-1, and they’ve started 0-2.

    KC started 9-0, is 9-2 and and lost their 2 outside pass rushers.
    Denver was up 24-0, and lost.
    Detroit lost, at home, to TB, who started 0-8.
    Arizona started 3-4, and has won 4 in a row.
    Indy started 4-1 and is now 7-4.
    The Kellen Clemens lead Rams have scored 80pts the past 2 weeks.
    After being blown out, at home, in week 3, by Indy, SF (many a prognosticator’s pre-season favorite for SB champion) won 5 in a row, and was back on track. They’ve lost 2 in row and if they lose tonight, they’ll be outside looking in on the playoffs.
    The Houston Texans have lost 10 in a row.
    The NYJ have wins over NE and NO, but losses against Buffalo, Baltimore and Pittsburgh (I only list these, because Cincy has basically been good all year and Tennessee was on it’s way to 4-0, when Locker was injured).

    Point is, if Philly, who couldn’t score an offensive TD, for nearly 10Q, could now be considered an offensive force, anything can happen. So, when the Jets wind up 10-6 (ok..I’m reaching), it will be interesting to see how these comment boards read.

    5 games left…let’s see what happens..Jets Jets Jets

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Geno Smith was not drafted ‘NFL-ready’ like some QBs are. The injury to Sanchez allowed the decision maker(s) on the team to side step the question of whether Smith was actually better than Sanchez RIGHT NOW, & just play Smith. I just hope that currently playing Smith doesn’t hinder his development, because he does have a lot of potential.

    Considering that Smith continues to start & finish games, Miliner, Bohanon & Winters continue to play despite a lack of success, & Campbell & Aboushi were given roster spots despite the fact that neither has done anything to show they are currently capable of playing adequately, I think its very fair to question whether Idzik is handcuffing Rex by forcing him to play ‘his guys.’

  • Lidman

    Couldn’t agree more Jeremiah…Not ready to bury Idzik, but it’s not as though his biggest moves have been ‘big wins’ this season.

  • glegly

    It’s the most complicated position in all of sports, but c’mon, the position isn’t sacrosanct. Geno didn’t “win” the job, it was his by default when Sanchez fell to the turf on his shoulder. And what about the Sanchize? Is it too early to do a “First 11 Game” comparison yet? Noooooooooooooo, it’s never too early.

    Sanchez: 151/282 (54%) for 1,945 Yds (6.9 YPA), 10 TDs and 17 INTs (6.0% INT/ATT).

    Geno: 175/317 (55%) for 2,227 Yds (7.0 YPA), 8 TDs and 18 INTs (5.7% INT/ATT).

    Holy crap, they’re almost exactly the same down the line, percentage wise. Same Completion %, Same Yards Per Attempt, Same Int/Att %. Then count the number of games with a QBR above 50: Sanchez had 6 out of his first 11 games, while Geno’s only had 2 out 11. TWO!

    Why lock ourselves into guys with these ugly numbers? The job is open, let’s look for someone else. Best case, we catch lightning in a bottle with Simms and put Idz in a difficult spot next May. Worst case, more of the same, and we go back to Geno in a week/two.

  • glegly

    @Lidman Yes I absolutely was one of those Jet fans that started looking at the schedule thinking we could go 10-6, maybe even 11-5. That had NOTHING to do with the QB, and everything to do with a D and the occasional sighting of an RB. I was hoping that as the season wore on, the QB would “find it” while the rest of the team carried him in the meantime. If anything, he’s going in reverse.

    If I saw glimmers of hope, a throw here or a move there, I’d be more inclined to be patient. But I’m not even seeing glimmers.

  • Jay1

    Jets O is truly offensive but let’s not forget that we still have a better record and brighter future than the Giants, Knicks and the Nets! Looks like our GM can draft and Geno was only a second round pick. He may be good but needed to sit behind an experienced QB.

  • bob iver

    Lol. Geno smith= jimmy clausen. Big arm hot shot in college that can’t handle NFL pressure. Hey let’s bring Brett Ratliff back! He’s a like 7 year vet at this point n I really liked the guy. Seriously though bad qbs are just usually bad. Freeman was awful in tb this year. Glennon, w the same cast, ain’t too bad.

  • John C

    The Jets will start Geno this week – that is not a surprise, and in a way (and I’m a big Simms rooter), that makes sense – for this week. Give Geno one more chance, at home, to see if he can actually get the job done, in a pressure situation. And this game will be pressure – for the team, and for Geno, as Geno must know now, that even he will run out of support from the Coach and GM, with another stinker. That being said, if Geno tanks this week, it is time to audition Simms for the last 4 games, so we can see what we might need to do next year. Do we have 2 young QBs that might pan out? Or none? If Simms comes in and does well, and the Jets believe Smith might still turn out OK, then maybe we only need a journeyman (but a bit more legit than Garrard) backup. If Simms appears as lost as Geno, in real competition against 1st stringers that aren’t in prevent defense, then we may need to go for a legitimate starting vet, if one is available.

    This past offseason, I thought we should look into getting Alex Smith if it was possible. I know he’s not flashy, but, what does everyone think our record might be, if we had Alex (not Geno) Smith. I’d guess, at least 7-4 right now. I know I was never a big Schaub fan, but he might be a likely candidate, if the Jets decide they need a vet.

  • paul

    @ TOJ#tj Rosenthal.
    Thank you for being honest and voicing Jets fans frustrations since the bi-week.
    How about a few roll outs, screens, designed runs? Why keep dropping back and only doing so on third down? Marty, are you there? Or did Tony Sparano kidnap you for the day and assume your role by wearing a Mornhinweg Halloween mask?
    What’s the deal, why put all the pressure on Geno when the Jets lack the talent on the O side of the ball. I agree Geno needs to sit behind a vet way to many rookie mistakes even Sanchez would pump fake every now and then, throwing the D off. Grated this only worked his first couple of years. All I see is the Jets doing the same thing they did with Sanchez no weapons poor pass protection and throwing more often than running, despite having success running the ball. Please use BP as RB he shown more than Ivory and hasn’t been hurt. All I see is a Geno in place of Sanchez and MM in place of Shoty. Jets looked so promising but if they are doing nothing different expecting the same results this is insanity. At this point would losing all the next games really be that bad could Jets get some key offensive players in the draft or even FA. Look the Jets had their chance to shook all the doubters but failed miserably and now are only jeopardizing Geno’s future. Give Simms a chance; even if the Jets win all their remaining games does anyone seriously think Jets will do anything in the Playoffs. All this does id put the Jets further down the draft spot for next year. Why? The Jets need a number 1 receiver, 1 or 2 TE, and a some O line players. Jets have drafted heavy on the D side for a few years now it’s time for some first round O pickups. This year was supposed to be a rebuild any ways so why all the fuse.
    @ Lidman I agree with most of your post but you are the most optimistic Jets fan ever. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking, I ask because I wonder if you have been a Jets fan for many years to still be so optimistic. I keep my expectations low and the Jets don’t disappoint me every year. As a 30 year Jets fan forced to root for the Giants this is what I have become a pessimistic SOJ fan. Oh well (SIGH) Go Jets