TOJ Roundtable – Rex Ryan’s Future Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses what Rex Ryan needs to do over the second half of the season to keep his job

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What does Rex Ryan need to do over the second half of the season to keep his job?

Joe Caporoso – I’m generally a pro-Rex guy but I need to see more than 8-8 and getting blown out every other week to guarantee his return. There is a lack of offensive and secondary talent on this roster, I get that but if you are good enough to beat New England, Atlanta on the road and Buffalo you are good enough to avoid a 40 point loss to Cincinnati, a 25 point loss to Tennessee and a 13 point home loss to a putrid Pittsburgh team. The Jets were out-coached and not prepared in those games, particularly the recent Bengals rout. Rex must show that he can win back to back games at some point and avoid no-show blowouts the rest of the season. Beyond that, if he can get 2 out of 3 wins or even better, all 3 wins in the remaining AFC East games, it would go a long way to cementing a return. It is hard to justify firing a coach who goes 5-1 in his division.

Cole Patterson – Rex Ryan has already done much to improve his job security. Coaching up a young and inexperienced team to find unexpected success proved that he knows how to develop talent. Being able to adapt to an entirely new coaching staff has proved his willingness to evolve and established his long term viability as a head coach. Returning to his roots and focusing on defense, while letting the OC control the offense, proved that he is aware of his limitations.

Rex Ryan must exhibit these qualities through the second half of the season in order to keep his job. His players must never lose faith in him and they must continue to develop. Ryan must continue to work harmoniously with his new staff and to scheme the Jets to wins. If he is able to do all of this and keep the Jets competitive, his future with the Jets should not be in question.

Ryan’s fate should not come down to wins and losses, it should come down to how he manages the team he is given, as is his job. That said, if he manages the team well, a few more wins can be expected.

Mike O’Connor – Rex Ryan really kills me. He’ll direct an excellent gameplan en route to a stunning win, and then he’ll be stubborn and look completely unprepared on his way to a surprising loss in pathetic fashion. That has been the story-line this year, and many Jet fans ignore that this pattern has plagued the Jets to some extent in every season that he’s been here. It’s getting to the point where I’ve had enough. At the end of the day, brilliance on the defensive side of the ball can’t carry you above many significant coaching flaws everywhere else. Rex has to pick up momentum again and finally show some consistency, even if it just meaning beating the teams that he should be beating, to not see the surprise pink slip at the end of this season.  ven if he has surprised this season with a respectable record, the same patterns of wild inconsistency plague the team enough to keep him on watch, in my opinion.

Dalbin Osorio – Barring an implosion of epic proportions (i’m talking 0-8 the rest of the way), Rex Ryan will be, and should be, the coach of the New York Jets going forward. Mike Donnelly, in a piece on TOJ a couple of weeks ago, mentioned how Rex should get an extension right now. I agree 100%; Rex is the guy to lead this franchise.

Part of the reason Lovie Smith got fired, despite having more winning seasons than losing seasons and a Super Bowl appearance with Rex Grossman as his starter, is because he couldn’t find a way to beat the Packers the way Rex has beaten the Patriots. No one has beaten New England more than the Jets since Rex’s been hired. You can say that the Jets have gotten more opportunities, but let’s be real; the great equalizer in these matchups against the Hoodie and Brady hasn’t been an elite QB, a game changing RB, an all pro WR, or an elite pass rush. It has been Ryan.

Aside from beating the Patriots, Ryan has directed some of the most signature wins the franchise has ever seen and it’s incredible to think that the Jets have 1 losing season in 4 years with Rex despite an average collection of talent on the offensive side of the ball. I’d argue that the job he’s done this year, with a defense with poor safeties, mediocre CB play, average OLB play, and an offense led by a second round QB whose offensive weapons are a 2nd round pick, a 5th round pick, two street free agents that were just picked up off the scrap heap, an injury prone RB, an average RB at best, and a converted WR is better than the job he did his first two years because the defense and offense had so much more talent at that point.

Yet, here are the Jets currently the 7th seed in the AFC and a half game back of the Chargers for the 6th spot in the AFC. Rex still makes mistakes (the challenges and the stubbornness at the top of the list), but in order for him to keep his job I think 5-3 in the second half and the support of the locker room gets him an extension the day the New York Jets season ends. Now, let’s get a ****** snack.

Frank Giasone –

Dan Marcus – 

Connor RogersAfter entering the season with low expectations and head coach Rex Ryan on the hot seat, the Jets have made some noise around the league. A road win against the Falcons and a home win against the Patriots have been bright spots, but getting blown out in Cincinnati brought Rex and the Jets back to reality.

Right now, this is a young team with a lot of scattered talent. This is also a team with a lot of holes that need to be filled, not patched. Rex Ryan is partially at fault for both of these aspects of the team. He’s missed on draft picks but also hit on a lot of recent ones. At this point I think the Jets final record is not as important as the team defining themselves. If John Idzik sees a team with defined needs after this season, Rex should hang around.

On the other end, if Idzik sees a team that is a catastrophe that needs to be blown up, it is time for Rex to go. After eight games, Rex has shown Idzik the team is not as far off as once perceived. The secondary is clearly bad, along with the playmakers (or lack of), but the front seven has been better than ever under Rex.

Most importantly, the team is 2-1 in the division which includes a win over top rival New England. If Rex finds a way to beat the Bills one more time and the Dolphins twice, there is no reason for him to go. The best way to put it is: who will replace him? That replacement will not only have to beat the Patriots once, but twice a season for vast improvement to be shown. If they were kicked around in their own division under a new head coach, the entire fan base will be clamoring for Rex, who always finds a way to stay competitive even with limited talent on his roster.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports