Super Fast Friday: Jets vs. Steelers

Dan Marcus goes Super Fast Friday to get you ready for Jets vs. Steelers

After what was wake-up call to the nation, that this team is not some bottom-feeding push-over, the Jets return home to take on the 0-4 Steelers, looking to set up a match-up for first place in the AFC East when the Patriots come to town this week. Oh and the Giants are 0-6, so there’s that. A lot has happened so here’s everything you need to know heading into Sunday’ s game:

Injury Report:

OUT – Santonio Holmes, Dee Milliner

QUESTIONABLE – Antonio Cromartie, Oday Aboushi

Story Lines of Note: 

Kellen Winslow Jr suspended 4 games for PED violation

Cro Suffers Non-Contact Injury: Jets Dodge Bullet

Garrard “Un-retires” 

Santonio Mum on Comments

Jets Prove They Are Ready for Prime Time

Picks (If You Care About Such Things):

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Dan’s “Two Cents”:

Although it pains me to say it, this has the makings of a classic let-down game, coming off of a big game on a short week, and playing yet another team that needs a win in the worst way. On top of that, if Antonio Cromartie is unable to play it will leave an already-thin secondary even thinner and I think I can speak on behalf of all Jets fans in saying that no one wants to see Kyle Wilson starting. On the other hand, the Steelers are not a great team by any means and are picking up every piece of “you know what” that hit the waiver wire to compensate for a rash of injuries.

The Steelers are the epitome of a once-great team that has seen it’s core get old right before their eyes (any Yankee fans out there?). However, they are still a dangerous team with a Quarterback that will probably be in contention for the Hall of Fame given his record of success in the playoffs and multiple Super Bowl rings. Many Jets fans are probably conjuring memories of him slipping tackles and making just enough plays to beat them in the 2010 AFC Championship Game. But I would imagine that will be far from the case Sunday, considering how stout the Jets’ front seven is and how decimated the Steelers’ Offensive Line has been. If the Jets can wrap up “Big Ben” and obviously not turn the ball over, they will be playing for first place in the AFC East next week.

  • John X

    Agreed. With that shambles of an OLine, it will make consistent drives for TD’s very tough to attain for the Steelers. This is a winnable game even without your #1 TE, WR & CB (possibly). The matchups favor the Jets but with those injuries, it will be tough sledding. The home crowd needs to be into it and the Jets must limit Ben’s rollouts with pressure on each side before collapsing. Don’t let him roll left or right and they should be okay in the end.

  • Mark Phelan

    With Santonio Holmes out, I am looking forward to MM’s Game Plan.

    I expect more from running backs (even Bohanan) as we try to win time of possession.

    I sure hope we get a few turnovers to make that easier.

    Good play from the Special Teams was last week’s surprise. Hope they show up again.

  • Circles26

    I like(love) the fact that our pass rush is unconventionally large, powerful, and straight up the middle. Ben is tiny compared to our front 4. QBs are not scrambling on us because we stay in our lanes, and just collapse the pocket. If Coples can find his pass rush this week it’ll be big Ben’s longest day. Just put 2, or 3 guys on Brown and I don’t think we need to worry.

  • Circles26

    Brown may just be small enough for Trufant to cover. I think Trufant is our best cover corner by far against smaller receivers. 5’10” is just around borderline for him, but Brown is only around 180lbs. Something to look for.

  • Landon

    The Jets have to dominate the Line of Scrimmage on both sides. If the O line can give Geno time, he will be able to dissect the zone blitz scheme. If he is rushed, Geno will make mistakes.

    On Defense we must stop the run and attack Big Ben w/ the front 4. If the Jets blitz I hope they only blitz a total of 5 players so we can keep the safeties deep to stop the deep ball.