No Huddle – Sorry, New England Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the Jets overtime win over the Patriots

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How sweet was that one. The 15 yard penalty for the newly instituted “pushing the NG” rule led to a closer attempt in OT for Nick Folk but hey, isn’t this “Butt Penalty” the type of bizarro moment that goes against the Jets all the time?

I have to admit that it was strange to see the detail oriented Patriots of all teams, get flagged for a game changing infraction only visible to rule book readers with a magnifying glass. Rex Ryan though, won’t be giving back the win anytime soon. What a huge win it was at that.

Now 4-3 and with confidence growing Cincy and the Saints are up next. Two solid teams. A split would be key in terms of setting up an exciting winter.

Pats fans who want to gripe about the call that gave the Jets winnable FG range to end the game have the right to do so. As long as they also add to the equation the fact that the Jets held the rock for 46 minutes to the Pats 23. Tom Brady’s Patriot teams rarely end up in such a desperate OT position after starting the second half with the ball and a 21-10 lead.

Jets diehards don’t need to be reminded that if you let a chance to control a game slip away, anything can and will happen.

Santonio Holmes tweeted after the win that it felt great to knock off the Pats, but that it was “back to the lab.” Tone is spot on. That’s the true winning mentality.

If the Jets can’t propel themselves off of their dramatic 30-27 OT win over the hated Pats, then the jubilation of this win soon wear off. The way the Steeler loss erased the Falcon upset. Enjoy it but get back to business. Starting today. Forget about demanding respect. Stay hungry instead.

Geno and the Jets: Resilient

Geno Smith put a gargantuan first quarter pick 6 behind him. The Jets as a team, refused to get down emotionally, even as the great Tom Brady, up two scores, was poised to open the game up.

The first sign of a winning team is resiliency. The ability to overcome adversity. The Jets gave themselves a chance to win because of it. It started with a quarterback who seems to own a short memory after gaffes. It ended with a game winner by a kicker in Nick Folk, who seems to become more clutch by the week.

Offense, Defense, Special Teams

At halftime I tweeted that it was time for the defense and special teams to contribute a big play. The offense really needed a boost. Luckily it came to fruition immediately. Antonio Allen took one to the house to make it 21-17. Then newly acquired Josh Cribbs, who also added some nice gains off of a reverse and the wildcat formation, had a nice twenty yard punt return to shorten the field for the go ahead drive. As Geno scrambled for a key first down, following that up with another run for a ten yard touchdown. Suddenly the Jets were up 24-21.

Too often this season, Jets nation is waiting around for Smith to create some magic. This time, a growing young defense finally caused a turnover as the return game became a weapon for the first time in 2013. All three units working together to ease up the rookie QB’s load. Well done Jets.

This Time They Caught The Goddamn Ball

All NFL receivers think out loud the way former Jet Keyshawn Johnson once spoke when he famously said “just give me the damn ball.” When it arrives though, you gotta secure it.

Had the Jets WR corps done so in New England back in week 2, the way Jeremy Kerley and David Nelson did on Sunday, the Jets would be 5-2 now. Not the Patriots.

Kerley resembled Wes Welker more than Julian Edelman did on Sunday . Working beautifully underneath, Kerley hauled in tough chances in traffic and gained crucial yards after the catch to convert third downs on numerous occasions.

Nelson was fabulous. He had glue hands and like Kerley, did so more than once in timely fashion.

The natural glass half-full daydream going forward includes the return of Santonio Holmes to a corps that has begun to make an impact.

A seemingly ever changing group that currently consists of Tone and Hill outside and Kerley inside, with Nelson acting as the new Jerricho Cotchery (a possession guy with modest downfield ability) may be all Geno needs for now.

The Brady and Geno Quandary

With the Pats down 3 owning all three timeouts, and 2:00 to go, Rex Ryan was caught between a rock and a hard place regarding how to defend Tom Brady. Sit back too much and risk bleed to death slowly. Stay too aggressive with blitzing and be susceptible to a game ending quick strike.

Ryan chose to rely on his defensive line and drop numbers into coverage, with a few choice spots to dial up mild pressure. The result was a FG not a touchdown. Overtime.

In OT, the Jets tried to ram the ball into FG range for Nick Folk but ended up with a 56 yarder to close out. Too long, but OC Marty Mornhinweg did not want Geno Smith holding the ball loosely on a scramble the way he did in Nashville weeks back, or want a route jumped the way one was in the first quarter. The quandary led Martyball to go ground attack instead. Then the Buttpenalty bailed the Jets out.

Hedging on the conservative side ended up working out on both ends, but usually you have to knock out the champs to win. If the Jets got away with anything yesterday, perhaps it was the low risk “closer” mentality they used on both sides of the ball.

The Saints played it safe on offense the week before in Foxboro late in the 4th quarter and lost.

Quick Hits

– This opinion will be opposed by many, but on the PI call that erased a late 10 point Jet lead, Stephen Hill pushed off a lot less than Devin Mcourty was off balance and beyond the play.

– Antonio Allen may be the first Jet defender who has gone toe to toe with Rob Gronkowski only to come out with a stalemate. Which is a victory. Gronk had 114 yards and certainly hurt the Jets a few times but overall, Allen was in position to break up a handful of key plays. Allen changed the game with his interception return for TD. A terrific performance for the former 7th round pick.

– Kudos to Mornhinweg for going run heavy with a depleted Patriot defense. The Jets O likes to throw the ball but knew that the rushing game was the better approach for one day.

– Where was Bilal Powell?

– Geno Smith doesn’t have to do it often but when he makes a big play with his legs, the feel of the game changes. It is almost as if the opposing defense has to think twice about how to deal with this new Jet weapon: The QB scramble.

– Josh Cribbs was a great signing. This guy has big plays in him and always balls out with energy. He can and will help lift the Jets one day, when they can’t kickstart things themselves.

  • Richardcr

    I wondered the same thing about Powell. He had some nice plays in first quater but after that I didnt see him.

  • Lidman

    Maybe Powell is a bit gassed, or dinged up. He had 78 carries, after 5 games, and only has had 12 the past 2? I also think MM has shown he goes rides a hot hand, rather than goes by committee during a game.

  • David

    Didn’t Powell get hurt a bit in the Pittsburgh game? I’ll bet that’s why he didn’t play much.

  • Lidman
  • glegly

    I have two words for any Pats fan who complains about that obscure penalty that saved the game for us: TUCK RULE. And this was in a relatively meaningless regular season game, not a playoff game.

  • glegly

    Painfully ironic that with Revis chasing the $$$ as hard as he did, he’s going to end up hurting his value in the next contract. No one’s going to pay him that crazy number again. But if he accepted a little bit less, we probably would have paid him far more overall (and far longer) than he’s bound to get anywhere else.

    So shortsighted…

  • Lidman

    Don’t know if I see it as being that short sighted. As much as I’d like to see TB cut him, the only way that happens is if GM/HC are fired, IMO. How could they justify giving up a 1st and 3rd round pick, and paying $16mm for a player only to cut him a year later (because you know there is now way Revis accepts less, especially considering how they use him).

    From Revis’ side, he got a $4mm raise this year. If he’s cut, it’s likely he’s paid in the top 5 of all CBs, so other than ‘losing face’, he’s made out OK.

    TB should look to trade him and recoup anything they can. A $16MM CB isn’t a building block, it’s a finishing piece.

  • John C

    TJ, the only people who would oppose your view of the interference on Hill (which cost the Jets a TD), would be Pats fans. That was the weakest Offensive interference call I’ve ever seen.

    Regarding Revis, If he wants to come back for about 6 mill a year, OK. I do seem to recall that the Jets will not get a 3rd round pick if Revis is cut before next year though. I forget if it goes to a lower pick, or goes away completely.

  • Cole Patterson

    TJ, I gotta agree on the Hill PI. At the game I was calling BS, after seeing it on the JumboTron and at home even more so. McCourty was clearly jumping already. Was and still am irate.
    Talk about calls that change the game

  • Frank Antonelli

    New England coach Bill Belichick, who said after the game he disagreed with the call, indicated today that he and his coaching staff didn’t teach the rule properly.
    “Obviously we are wrong,” he said. “What else is there to say? We’re wrong. …
    Look, it’s our job to understand the rules. Whatever the bottom line is, we didn’t do it properly. So, what else is there to say?”

    Translation: We tried to cheat and got caught so we’ll say that we didn’t understand the rule! Cheaters will always be cheaters. 3 TAINTED SB WINS that should have been nullified but the NFL didn’t have the balls to do the right thing.

  • mike

    belichick wasn’t cheating, the reality is far more damning than that.
    the nfl installed a new rule to protect the interior lineman on kicks. belichick thought that he had discovered a loophole allowing him to continue endangering those interior lineman. he believed that by having the “pusher” on the line of scrimmage, the tactic would be legal. not only was he wrong (the nfl corrected the rule before the season began to emphasize that the tactic is illegal regardless of how the defense lines up), but he was deliberately trying to get an edge by endangering the safety of players for whom the rule was put in place specifically to protect.
    all credit in the world should go to the jets coaching staff for noticing this attempt to subvert the rule, and alerting the officials. that’s why the flag was thrown so quickly: the refs knew what was coming.

  • Mark Phelan

    Wow re Cribbs! Kerley probably drives him to the park!