No Huddle – New York Jets Let Down Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets no show against Cincinnati

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Nope. Not this time. We didn’t spiral into getting “Kyle Turley throw a Jet helmet across the room” angry or upset. Honestly. Now we do drink Green and White colored Kool Aid at least twice a season, but yesterday, during the first half slaughter in “the Nati,” the feeling was numb. Ho hum. A big giant “yea whatever…Seen this act before.”

The local Sunday morning headlines all read “Jets can prove they are a playoff team” with a win in Cincinnati. Could prove they were worth something more than the price of admission on the roller coaster that we are all safely fastened to and riding at mach speed right now. We weren’t biting. Hopeful? Yes. Ready to emotionally dive in head first and believe that a 5-3 record and some downhill momentum was on the way? No way. Not a chance in hell.

Well, sort of.

You see the Jet fan is a complex earthly being. We live with the glass eternally half empty while daydreaming that it can be full at the same time. We may in fact own the truth, but live the secret life of picturing a championship ride even as we tell our fellow football fan friends that the Jets will never change. Only the faces and names will. 49 to 9? Really? Against Danny Partrdige and the Bungles who yes, were 5-2, but when are you ever scared out of your wits of the Cincinnati Bengals?

We know, we know. Rookie QB. No receivers. A weak secondary. It’s a “rebuilding” year. How come those little factoids however, never litter themselves across Twitter in Jets nation after shocking the Falcons in Atlanta or the Patriots in overtime?

The Jets are not 49 to 9 bad. They aren’t an exciting upset over the Patriots type of good either. They are just undefinable. They own no momentum in either direction, and are forever oblivious to the cumulative effect of a great victory. Not just this year which has been an exaggerated example of their personality. Most years.

We will give this latest version of Gang Green a pass. As we do that familiar dance of expecting disappointment while secretly praying for glory. We do see the light at the end of the tunnel with this young defense and the moxy of Geno Smith. Knowing at the same time, that the New York Jets will only become a viable threat year in year out, when the close wins against quality opponents no longer feel like the climax of sports films like “Rudy.” When uninspired wins against beatable clubs feel like losses. When losses to ANYONE are unacceptable accidents to be immediately corrected and followed by wins. No matter if God is next on the schedule. Until then, even as we cheer and scream over the highs and lows to come, nothing, or in the words of former Mayor Giuliani, “nada” will surprise us in the world of the Jets. In either direction.

Dee Milliner is the Next…

Kyle Wilson?  Wasn’t Milliner tagged as the only ready-to-go CB in the first round? This kid may be injured right now but you know what? He better be. What we like the least about Dee right now is not that he is getting beat. Young corners get beat, schooled, toasted. We don’t like that he is not competing. He’s not ripping at the ball even after a receiver grabs one on him. Not using his body to create any physicality during or after a pass attempt that flies his way. Even Kyle Wilson competes. Any confusion about the pro game on his part is understandable. Where is the emotion though? The piss and vinegar? Let’s go kid, you ain’t in Tuscaloosa anymore.

Idzik At the Deadline

Folks tweeted the Jet Report after the thrashing, asking if John Idzik would make a move before the deadline. My answer? Only if a deal made both short term and long term sense.

The Browns young rising star WR Josh Gordon, whose contract is not the deterrent that his looming one year suspension would be if he tripped up again on the NFL drug policy again, is a guy that could fit. He’d come cheap for now and bolster a unit that needs more firepower. This is not to say that the Browns would deal him or do so to the Jets, but wishing for some eight game purchase of a veteran who may test the market after 2013 anyway like an Hakeem Nicks is out of the question. The Jets have not proven that they are player away and in position to give up any picks for a rental.

It’s A Team Game

The secondary overall was such Swiss cheese yesterday that it was alarming. The new Sack Exchange 2.0 pass rush was pedestrian. This forced the Jet offense into trying to slow the game down somehow. Yet the ground game struggled to control tempo as well. Then, as the Jets desperately tried to crawl back into things down two score at 21-6 at the two minute warning, with possession to start the second half, special teams broke down. Giving up a huge kick return that led to a late first half Bengals TD. 28-6.

Breakdown the play of Geno Smith all you want. He’s a New York quarterback and will be judged in bright lights every Sunday for the rest of his career here. As long as  it’s understood that nothing was working well yesterday. Except Nick Folk.

So Here We Are…Again

At 4-4 with the “unbeatable” Saints up next. As the Jets get to play their favorite role. The underdog. The afterthought. The overlooked. Win or lose, and neither outcome would surprise most of us, the final seven games may still have meaning.

For those who had low expectations heading into 2013, this year has been a success in many ways so far. A young QB is being groomed as a rebuilding team plays wildcard hunting games in November. For the greedy, the wasted opportunities to make this a real AFC East race have been piling up too often again.

When it comes to the Jets, it’s always about how one interprets things. Love ’em or hate ’em on Mondays, they will always be that fascinating performance art piece that has many of us coming back for more. Wondering how best to once again, accept the situation they are in.

Quick Hits

– Nick Folk is on FIRE.

– Stephen Hill, we still wait patiently. Year three they say, is the one for wideouts.

– What is about more roller coaster teams that allow them to beat quality clubs yet follow those up with no shows? Marginal talent in places that at times become matchup problems, or a wavering mental fortitude? Both probably. With a greater part of the reason stemming from the matchup stuff.

-T he Jets will be a better offense when Santonio Holmes returns. We wondered what his absence has meant in terms of big plays and yes, leadership, during the losses that have occurred without him on the field.

– Matt Simms, welcome to the league. Congrats on your first regular season action.