No Huddle – New York Jets Let Down Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets no show against Cincinnati

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Nope. Not this time. We didn’t spiral into getting “Kyle Turley throw a Jet helmet across the room” angry or upset. Honestly. Now we do drink Green and White colored Kool Aid at least twice a season, but yesterday, during the first half slaughter in “the Nati,” the feeling was numb. Ho hum. A big giant “yea whatever…Seen this act before.”

The local Sunday morning headlines all read “Jets can prove they are a playoff team” with a win in Cincinnati. Could prove they were worth something more than the price of admission on the roller coaster that we are all safely fastened to and riding at mach speed right now. We weren’t biting. Hopeful? Yes. Ready to emotionally dive in head first and believe that a 5-3 record and some downhill momentum was on the way? No way. Not a chance in hell.

Well, sort of.

You see the Jet fan is a complex earthly being. We live with the glass eternally half empty while daydreaming that it can be full at the same time. We may in fact own the truth, but live the secret life of picturing a championship ride even as we tell our fellow football fan friends that the Jets will never change. Only the faces and names will. 49 to 9? Really? Against Danny Partrdige and the Bungles who yes, were 5-2, but when are you ever scared out of your wits of the Cincinnati Bengals?

We know, we know. Rookie QB. No receivers. A weak secondary. It’s a “rebuilding” year. How come those little factoids however, never litter themselves across Twitter in Jets nation after shocking the Falcons in Atlanta or the Patriots in overtime?

The Jets are not 49 to 9 bad. They aren’t an exciting upset over the Patriots type of good either. They are just undefinable. They own no momentum in either direction, and are forever oblivious to the cumulative effect of a great victory. Not just this year which has been an exaggerated example of their personality. Most years.

We will give this latest version of Gang Green a pass. As we do that familiar dance of expecting disappointment while secretly praying for glory. We do see the light at the end of the tunnel with this young defense and the moxy of Geno Smith. Knowing at the same time, that the New York Jets will only become a viable threat year in year out, when the close wins against quality opponents no longer feel like the climax of sports films like “Rudy.” When uninspired wins against beatable clubs feel like losses. When losses to ANYONE are unacceptable accidents to be immediately corrected and followed by wins. No matter if God is next on the schedule. Until then, even as we cheer and scream over the highs and lows to come, nothing, or in the words of former Mayor Giuliani, “nada” will surprise us in the world of the Jets. In either direction.

Dee Milliner is the Next…

Kyle Wilson?  Wasn’t Milliner tagged as the only ready-to-go CB in the first round? This kid may be injured right now but you know what? He better be. What we like the least about Dee right now is not that he is getting beat. Young corners get beat, schooled, toasted. We don’t like that he is not competing. He’s not ripping at the ball even after a receiver grabs one on him. Not using his body to create any physicality during or after a pass attempt that flies his way. Even Kyle Wilson competes. Any confusion about the pro game on his part is understandable. Where is the emotion though? The piss and vinegar? Let’s go kid, you ain’t in Tuscaloosa anymore.

Idzik At the Deadline

Folks tweeted the Jet Report after the thrashing, asking if John Idzik would make a move before the deadline. My answer? Only if a deal made both short term and long term sense.

The Browns young rising star WR Josh Gordon, whose contract is not the deterrent that his looming one year suspension would be if he tripped up again on the NFL drug policy again, is a guy that could fit. He’d come cheap for now and bolster a unit that needs more firepower. This is not to say that the Browns would deal him or do so to the Jets, but wishing for some eight game purchase of a veteran who may test the market after 2013 anyway like an Hakeem Nicks is out of the question. The Jets have not proven that they are player away and in position to give up any picks for a rental.

It’s A Team Game

The secondary overall was such Swiss cheese yesterday that it was alarming. The new Sack Exchange 2.0 pass rush was pedestrian. This forced the Jet offense into trying to slow the game down somehow. Yet the ground game struggled to control tempo as well. Then, as the Jets desperately tried to crawl back into things down two score at 21-6 at the two minute warning, with possession to start the second half, special teams broke down. Giving up a huge kick return that led to a late first half Bengals TD. 28-6.

Breakdown the play of Geno Smith all you want. He’s a New York quarterback and will be judged in bright lights every Sunday for the rest of his career here. As long as  it’s understood that nothing was working well yesterday. Except Nick Folk.

So Here We Are…Again

At 4-4 with the “unbeatable” Saints up next. As the Jets get to play their favorite role. The underdog. The afterthought. The overlooked. Win or lose, and neither outcome would surprise most of us, the final seven games may still have meaning.

For those who had low expectations heading into 2013, this year has been a success in many ways so far. A young QB is being groomed as a rebuilding team plays wildcard hunting games in November. For the greedy, the wasted opportunities to make this a real AFC East race have been piling up too often again.

When it comes to the Jets, it’s always about how one interprets things. Love ’em or hate ’em on Mondays, they will always be that fascinating performance art piece that has many of us coming back for more. Wondering how best to once again, accept the situation they are in.

Quick Hits

– Nick Folk is on FIRE.

– Stephen Hill, we still wait patiently. Year three they say, is the one for wideouts.

– What is about more roller coaster teams that allow them to beat quality clubs yet follow those up with no shows? Marginal talent in places that at times become matchup problems, or a wavering mental fortitude? Both probably. With a greater part of the reason stemming from the matchup stuff.

-T he Jets will be a better offense when Santonio Holmes returns. We wondered what his absence has meant in terms of big plays and yes, leadership, during the losses that have occurred without him on the field.

– Matt Simms, welcome to the league. Congrats on your first regular season action.

  • mike

    it looked to me like dalton knew he was going to get man coverage on every snap and had confidence that his wideouts and tight ends would beat our defenders in one-on-one matchups. turn out that confidence was well-founded.
    the bengals’ first third down conversion of the game was gresham schooling antonio allen on a simple slant pattern, and it just got worse from there on out.
    the secondary was manhandled yesterday, plain and simple. extremely discouraging. rex is gonna have to bite the bullet and play more zone. if he doesn’t it’s tough to imagine a halfway decent qb having trouble against us.

  • John C

    After Marvin Jones second TD, I had to ask my buddy “Please tell me he wasn’t drafted after Stephen Hill?” – He was – in the 5th round – another kick in the nuts from the Tannenbaum years – he just looks like a receiver – Hill looks like someone trying to learn how to be a receiver.

    Matt Simms looked OK in his chance at game action. He was only 3-7, but the passes were there, and he shows as much running ability as Geno. Barring injury, I’m sure he wont unseat Geno, but if Geno limps off the field next week, there’s no reason to believe Simms wont do just as well as Geno could.

    It may be time for Rex to consider Zones – one benefit of man is supposed to be tight coverage that takes away the short game – it is not working that way. The way the Jets DBs are playing, man is giving us the worst of both worlds (easy short passes and open bombs)

    Agree totally about Milliner – it’s still early, but he’s looking like the next Vernon Gholston (that’s even worse than the next Kyle Wilson). This is not second guessing, because I wanted Jarvis Jones in the draft last year, but it is obvious we would have been better off signing a FA corner for mid-money, and drafting Jones with our first pick – we so desperately needed a pass rushing LB, and still do.

  • John C

    p.s. Brick is going downhill.

    Joe Cap – Why do you hate on Matt Simms so? I noticed in your Tweets that you can’t resist a dig – no ones saying he’s Marino, Manning, Rodgers or Brees, but he shows every bit of the ability to be as good as Geno.

  • Lidman

    I love reading comments after the wins and losses. People need to take a deep breath. This is a young team, with a rookie QB and a number of new starters. The past 2 years, they’d had gotten old, slow and were expensive. Look at the NYG, right now. Aren’t you glad you’re a NYJ fan?

    Cincy is arguably playing as well as anyone, the past 3 weeks. They’ve had wins over GB and NE at home, and at Detroit. They have a tone of offensive talent, and a 3rd yr QB, who is putting it all together. Their defense is top notch as well. So, maybe the Jets shouldn’t have gotten blown out this bad, but this was not an obvious win.

    Jets suffering the up and downs of rookie QB, who isn’t being limited. They have a rookie at Guard and 1 other new OL man. They have, at best, an inexperienced receiving crew. On defense they are young too (will address Cro, in a bit). They are vulnerable, on the edge, because Pace is slow and Q is not playing LB for his edge setting/coverage skills. Wilkerson is a stud, but he’s also the most experienced DLineman they have, and he’s only in his 3rd year. He wasn’t a great pass rusher, at first, but Dunbar has done well with him. Hopefully, Sheldon Richardson develops similarly. Coples is either not 100%, or has regressed..enormously. Wilson hasn’t been bad, but he’s not a star. Milliner is over matched. Most NFL pundits say CB is the hardest position, to transition to, physically, in the NFL. But, just looking at Claiborne, in Dallas, I wonder if those stout LSU and ‘Bama DLs had as much to do with the outstanding CB play. On the other hand, P Peterson, has really come into his own this year. Maybe Dee just needs coaching, and to work on his game.

    Last week’s ‘Stock Watch’ talked about Idzik building the Jets the ‘right way’. I’m not going to kill the guy, he’s only been here since January. That said, I’m not ready to annoint him as a genius either. The Jets did not have to trade Revis, he was under contract. Idzik made that choice believing he couldn’t sign him, if Revis opted out after this year, and wouldn’t risk keeping him and seeing if his high level of play would return, making him a mid season trade candidate.

    Hindsight is 20/20. That said, I always said (check the archives), betting on Revis returning to form, was a better bet than betting on Cro to continue to play at the level he did last year. Last year, the Jets couldn’t stop the run. They were often down early and teams didn’t have to throw on them, so Cro looked a lot better than he was. He’s a good CB, with elite ability. However, Revis’ presence also allowed him to usually play the opposing team’s ‘vertical threat’ (which played to his strengths) and usually allowed him to have Safety help over the top. The Jets renegotiated his contract this year, and gave him a $2.4mm raise. Next year, his ‘cap number’ is $14980M. Even if he made first team All-Pro, I think the NYJ would have done something, to lower that number. I’m betting they believed they would extend him. Now, right now the top 5 CB salaries average $11.279M. Cro’s annual is averaging just over $8.7mm (with this year’s raise) over 3yrs. If the Jets cut him, he will contribute $5.48MM of ‘dead money’ to the cap. If they cut him, they’ll also be looking for a CB. So, my long winded point is: I’m not sure Idzik played this right. If we believe the post draft reports, the NYJ had Richardson and Tavon Austin as their top targets, along with Milliner. Had they kept Revis, they probably take Richardson (I can’t guarantee, but I’m assuming they don’t take another CB). This defense would be much better with Revis. I think his presence would have likely meant they win the first NE game. Sure, I can’t guarantee it but I don’t believe he blows that coverage, which lead to the Dobson TD. On top of that, if at this point, they didn’t think they could sign him, it’s likely he could have been traded. Would they have gotten a 1st, and conditional 3rd? I don’t know. I do know that right now, that 1st doesn’t look like he’ll be a very good NFL CB (although, I could be, and am hoping, I’m wrong). So, if Revis were here and then after the season they got nothing, they’d wind up with a compensatory pick, which would be a 3rd (he’s a still a stud). I think Idzik misplayed this. Although, once Domenik/Schiano get fired, he’ll have chance to fix it. Revis has to hate not playing for Ryan. He ‘trademarked’ the phrase ‘Revis Island’ and he’d get more exposure, and opportunities to profit from it, in NY. There is no way a new regime comes to TB and keeps his current year to year contract. They could cut him because they didn’t make the trade. As for Revis, he’d soon realize that nobody is going to give him a $16mm average, and coming back to NY in the $10-12mm, could be possible.

    The team has an easier schedule the second half of the year. Even if they lose v New Orleans and at Baltimore (though I don’t see them as a powerhouse), I think it’s plausible they win at least 4 of these 6 games, and 5 wouldn’t be a surprise: Miami 2x, @Buffalo, Oakland, Cleveland, @Carolina.
    I think most fans would have seen 8-8 as a positive coming in.

    Back in 2009, NYJ were 4-4, at the midpoint. They were wildly inconsitent and wound up gettign to 4-6 before closing out 5-1…keep the faith folks…can’t live week to week.

  • Lidman

    John C…regarding Hill I think you have to remember a couple of things:
    -he was drafted largely on Height/Speed metrics that grouped him with many of the elite WR in the game. He may never reach that potential, but if the NYJ didn’t take him in round 2, someone else would have.
    -In 3yrs at Georgia Tech, Hill caught 49 total passes. His 3yr receptions: 6/15/28. Again, this guy was all about potential. The NYJ knew he needed a lot of coaching.
    -when they line up, he gets the opposing team’s top CB, with likely S help over the top. I like Kerley. I think Cumberland has been a nice surprise. I think Nelson has been a very solid add. None of these 3 guys is likely making a D coordinator worried that if he covers them 1 on 1, his guy will consistently get beat deep. Every D coordinator knows, if Stephen Hill runs a ‘9’ route, his CB is likely going to lose that race.
    -Yesterday was Hill’s 19th career NFL game. In that time, he’s had 3 different starting QBs and is in his 2nd offensive system.
    -Hill had 21 rec, on 47 targets, for 252 yards and 3 TDs, in 11 games in 2012. This year he has 23 rec, on 46 targets, for 340 yards (or, 11 less, that his fellow Yellow Jacket, Calvin Johnson, had yesterday) and 1 TD. He’s also made some tough catches-the 2 slants, over the middle, on the winning drive v Atlanta and the sideline route, on the late 1H FG drive, v Pittsburgh, when Polamalu buried him.

    Is he going to be a top 5 WR in the league, I don’t know. But, I think he’s coming along nicely. Do you think Marvin Jones would be as good if AJ Green was getting doubled on every play, and defenses also had to pay attention to Sanu, Eifer and Gresham? To TJ’s point, the 3rd year is the big one for WR.

  • John C

    Lidman, I hope you are right regarding Hill. I do believe he’s shown some improvement, but I guess it’s my belief that if you’ve drafted well, a 1st or 2nd round pick should be able to play (well) immediately, I mentioned Jones because he shows what a reach Hill was in the 2nd round, and Jones is in his 2nd year as well. Granted having AJ makes a big difference, but I was being kind to Hill/Tannenbaum – I could have compared him to A.J. himself (not to Jones) – How unfair would that be! Bottom line, the 1st and 2nd round are not the rounds to take “projects”.

  • KAsh

    AJ Green and Julio Jones, AKA receivers who are NFL-ready out of college, are major outliers. Comparing Hill to them is like comparing Geno to Luck or RG3 (and neither Luck nor RG3 was fully ready, in my opinion). Players take time to develop. And they benefit from having talented, more experienced players helping them out. Marvin Jones takes the field with AJ Green and has an improving quarterback in Andy Dalton throwing to him. Hill is on his second offensive system in two years, had his veteran QB replaced with a rookie, and currently has no other threats alongside him. (Kerley is a great slot receiver, but he is good at picking up a down when needed; he lacks the speed to consistently threaten defenses and his big plays all come on breakdowns in coverage.)

    In the short term, he is going to get more chances when Holmes returns. In the long term, we get another young receiver opposite Hill (maybe even keep Holmes so we have some depth) and Geno learns to read defenses, audible, and spread the ball around.

  • Mark Phelan

    Hill has shown significant improvement this year. Holding on to the ball is no longer a question.

    He has shown toughness – he takes brutal hits and gets back in the game.

    Question is: Has Geno had the time to find Hill when he is open, and the skill to put the ball in his hands?

  • mike

    hey folks, we were not a solid quarterback away from winning that game. one corner didn’t lose it, nor did one receiver, nor one linebacker, pass-rusher, you get my point (i hope).
    that was what you call a team loss. every player in green contributed. getting shellacked that badly takes the entire organization all pitching in, doing their part to suck.

  • Psi

    At 4 and 4 with a supposedly easier schedule in the 2nd half, I think Rex just bought the need for at least a 8-8 record to remain. Personally I would not mind seeing a change. Teams tend to reflect the personality of their head coaches especially one that has been around for a while. The Jets inability to put together winning streaks over his tenure I believe is due in part to their reflection of Rex’s mercurial personality. They get way too high off ‘big wins’ and invariably let down the next time out. You kind of saw that in the 1st half of the Pittsburgh AFC championship game. Yes this year’s team is young and the QB is young, but they have proven they have talent to win. Yes they still need more players (WR, OLBs, CBs, maybe even a LT) but just as much they need mental maturity and for that I think for the next level you will likely need a new HC.

  • David

    The biggest thing for the Jets is figuring out ways to win more than 1 in a row. You aren’t going to be much, regardless of talent, if you can’t put a few winning streaks together. I agree wholeheartedly with psi.

    People talk about lack of talent at WR; keep in mind folks the “WR corp” when Rex got here was Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith, Chansi Stuckey, and David Clowney. I will take this year’s WR corp over that any day of the week. Where the Jets are suffering is at O-line and RB; the offensive line is a shell of what it was back in 2009 and the running game scares no one anymore. I truly believe the Jets have never replaced Thomas Jones, that #1 1200-1400 yard rusher.

  • mike

    don’t be ridiculous dude, rex is the only consistent strength this organization has had for many decades. cut that crap out.
    how about noticing that he’s only had one season under .500 and that was tony sparano’s fault? how about realizing that this year’s defense, with THIS secondary, is still ranked 6th in yards per game?
    honestly, i know you don’t run the team, so it doesn’t really matter what you say, but jets fans who want to fire rex after every loss really piss me off.

  • Andrew

    Am I mistaken or do the Jets NOT get the conditional 3rd round pick if Revis is cut ?? I think it’s only a 4th rounder then

  • Lidman

    Andrew, if Revis is still on TBs roster on the 3rd day of the 2014 NFL year (sometime in March), the pick will be a 3rd rounder. If he gets cut, it’s a 4th rounder. I assume if they traded him it would also be a 4th rounder. The worse the Bucs play, the more likely it looks, to me, like it will be 4th. TB’s GM, Mark Domenik, in his 5th year and 2nd HC. He’s never been to the playoffs and has 1 winning season. If a new GM goes there, it would not be likely he’d hand cuff himself with that contract, in my opinion.

  • joeydefiant

    Firing Rex will set the team back another 3-4 years. The team has drafted to fit his scheme. Not to mention all the players on D that will follow him in free agency to whatever team he ends up on. If Rex is fired, he will be hired by another team in 24 hours. Carolina, Jacksonville, St louis, Arizona, and Oakland would all be on the phone right away. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboys called either. Imagine Rex winning a Superbowl in Dallas. With Wilkerson, Kenrick Ellis,Demario Davis, and Cro coming in to fix their defense over there.

  • joeydefiant

    Rex running that Carolina D would be mean. I just might follow Rex if they fire him at the end of the year. Why keep giving some old rich republican my money if he won’t even keep me entertained.