No Huddle – New York Jets Hangover Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers

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No Risk, No Reward

The Jets had no Atlanta hangover yesterday and were clearly not looking ahead to New England. Where the Jets lost the game was an inability to grab more points before the Steelers could settle in. Rex Ryan and the staff chose to play it safe and not bombard Geno Smith with too much responsibility too early. Once the Steelers sensed the Jets were not attacking and grabbed the lead, they then set the tone,

Dick Lebeau’s crew are tough with a cushion, and a ten point deficit felt like more. Any diehard could feel it. We don’t second guess the conservative first half approach by the Jets. We just wish they could have squeezed another score out of it. Then again, hoping and praying is what that mindset brought as well. You gotta take what’s yours out there. Since they couldn’t, the 0-4 Steelers started rolling downhill.

Hill Played Tough

Stephen Hill is quietly growing as a player. He made big plays last week in Atlanta late. Stood in there and took shots up top from Troy Polamalu and held onto high throws Sunday when he was clipped down low.

Hill got separation downfield on a missed attempt at a bomb in the first half too. Had the ball been accurate, it would have been a sure TD and game changer. We like what are seeing from him lately.

A Tale of Two Defenses

The Jets front seven stopped the run again. They may not have gotten to big strong Big Ben as much as it felt like they could have, but it was the Jet secondary that prevented even more of a vice grip.

Darrin Walls slipped on a 3rd and 15 that led to the first 3 points. Antonio Cromartie, playing at less than 100 percent, had some big play struggles. Generally, nobody back there impacted or interrupted any pass plays.

It’s a problem and will feel worse if it’s not improved. Tom Brady is next and you know he gets the ball out fast. Drew Brees is on the way in week 9.

An extra playmaker is needed back there. Dee Milliner, are you ready to play, and step your play up?

No Short Week Excuse Please

The Steelers had a bye week to prepare. The Jets had a short week after Monday Night football. Did the extra time allow Pittsburgh to gain an edge? Probably, but the best way to handle things as far as building a long term mindset inside of Florham is to forget about using this scheduling glitch as an excuse. These young Jets should build a way of thinking that coincides with Rex Ryan’s “fearless” mantra.

Accept any circumstance and seek to maximize opportunities and overcome adversity. That’s what perennially successful franchises do. Learn from the loss and keep going forward. Period.

Quick Hits 

– The INT that Geno throw into triple coverage to Konrad Reuland in a 16-6 game, essentially ended things. Bad decision by the QB and wrong target. The difference between Geno and the next level is being resourceful when it’s not coming easy. When points are at a premium.

– The Jets sorely missed Santonio Holmes and Kellen Winslow Sunday. Overstating the obvious but how clear was it folks?

– Glass half empty Jet fans must have known going into Sunday’s action that the 0-4 Steelers and 5-0 Saints were the perfect storm for a Gang Green loss and a Patriots win. We know. The Jets have a hard time enjoying prosperity.

– Now for the glass half full. 3-3 still means that the train is on time. The L was a wasted chance at prosperity as usual, but we asked for 4-4 through this October stretch.It’s doable. After all, it’s not like the Jets are 0-6.

– Mike Goodson is apparently done with an ACL. It’s a shame because even with the limited touches he’s gotten the past two weeks, you could feel the potential. The Jets must replace his spot with speed. Not power, not change of pace. Who is out there, Joe McKnight? If he is, grabbing him may be worth it. He’d be able to return kicks too.

  • David

    I felt like in yesterday’s game when the Steelers scored to make it 16-6, even though there was basically 2 quarters left, I could have turned the game off TV because the way the Jets offense was playing, they weren’t coming back.

  • Nep Oznat

    I wonder what people would now be saying had it been Mark Sanchez who badly overthrew Hill on a sure TD and served up 2 bonehead INT’s to lose this game?

  • KAsh

    Agree with David. I was gung-ho for the game, but literally started doing something else at the half.

    I predicted the win against Atlanta and the loss to the Steelers. Next was a loss to the Pats. I hope I was wrong.

  • mike

    there was only one pass defensed yesterday and it came from calvin pace. opposing qb’s have been tearing up this secondary in the last three weeks, and while they’re all admittedly good players (locker, ryan, and pittsburgh’s resident rape-yeti), i would still like to see those completion percentages be a lot lower. and personally, i’d rather see kyle wilson starting at #2 corner because i don’t think walls is a viable option out there, as he can’t tackle worth a damn.
    @nep oznat, if mark sanchez turned in that kind of game in his fifth year we’d be frustrated that he was still making rookie mistakes. watching a rookie struggle to be more consistent should be expected. geno has the tools to excel. as fans, how about we support him? crazy idea, but it might be fun for a change.
    this team needs to avoid dropping the next three games. if they can win one of the tough matches coming up, they’ll be in a position to make a run at a wild card spot. anyone hoping for more from this squad is a bit nuts.
    @KAsh, i know you’re always right about everything and all, but your predictions are only of interest to your bookie.

  • Nep Oznat


    It is just as much a loss whether it’s a rookie who is responsible for it as it is if it’s a 5 year veteran. They count exactly the same in the win loss/column.

    Geno apologists talk about him not having weapons but as I remember Sanchez had the exact same WR’s last year (plus Schillens and minus Cumberland).

    So, all those who said they’d rather lose with Geno than win with Sanchez got what they wanted.

  • joeydefiant

    It kills me listening to TRENT DILFER criticize and badmouth Rex Ryan. Hey Trent, Rex got you a superbowl ring. Go sit in the corner like Ray Lewis used to make you do.

  • __fense

    You’re acting like Sanchez didn’t make exactly those kinds of mistakes last year and in the preseason. It’s not a matter of losing with Geno or winning with Sanchez, it’s losing with Geno (in reality we’re at .500) or losing with Sanchez. Rookies are inconsistent and sometimes they make dumb mistakes, but the trade-off is they have the potential to get a lot better. Sanchez is inconsistent and sometimes makes dumb mistakes, and has done so for over 4 years. It is a different scenario.

  • mike

    rookies don’t put up stellar numbers every single week. you may remember sanchez throwing so many interceptions in his rookie season that kellen clemens started on the road in tampa bay. then again, you may not.
    in a week or three, when geno leads his fourth career game-winning drive, please remember that you called for his head because he couldn’t score two late touchdowns against a hall of fame defensive coach, alright?

  • why am i feeding a troll

    kash why arent you a millionaire if you know everything that is going to happen?

  • Angel

    BS. The Geno apologists need a reality check. Your hate for Sanchez doesn’t make Geno any better. He’s got to get his shit together ASAP.

    SANCHEZ got us to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP in his first two years.

    If you think GENO is going to come anywhere close to that… you’re dreaming.

    Let’s see what happens in the next 2 games. Hopefully Geno will tighten up his play a bit and MM will have a better feel as to what he can call to get Geno to excell.

    If the offense plays average, and Rex can keep his defense playing at the stellar level they are now (don’t kid yourselves – this defense is overachieving) then the a Jets have a legitimate shot at 9 – 7.

  • mike

    jesus, guys, at least let the kid play half a season before you start crapping on him. what the hell is wrong with our fans?

    and i again will state that sanchez didn’t travel with the 09 jets down to tampa in his rookie season, because he threw 5 picks in a single game, i guess as part of his plan to “get us to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP.”

    really frustrating to have fans like this as comrades.

  • Lidman

    I really think this game was more about ‘coaching and game plan’. They came out way to conservative and gave Pittsburgh too much respect.

    Last week, MM/Rex got credit for giving Geno ‘the whole play book’, this week, they really only took 1 deep shot, and most of the pass plays were simply extended running plays. On defense, Rex got burned on a ‘bring the house’’s going to happen.

    The frustration this year will be the games, they could have won (NE and Pittsburgh so far) v the victories where they were penciled into lose, or got a break to pull one out (TB and Atl).

    I think they win this week. No Wilfork and Mayo, I expect a ton of run plays, to set up deep shots. I also expect Rex to blitz much less, play coverage and hope to get pressure with the front 4. He may have said this isn’t a ‘must win’, but a loss here, with the next 2 @ Cincy and home NO, could be a crusher.

  • paul

    @ Lidman agree with Pit gam 100%. Frustrating to see this team have so much potential and one or two mistakes turn into a loss. I have decided to have low expectations for this year even though the Jets could make the playoffs and even upset a team here and there, but with all these mistakes I expect a 3-6 record at the end of week 9 if things don’t change, blown coverage’s, penalties, conservative play calling and steering away from running the ball when it was working. I will stay Jet loyal with the outlook of a bright future for next year. I just hope Jets management doesn’t screw things up like years before. Good luck Jets! SOJ faithful.