New York Jets Win – Celebrate But Refocus for the Steelers This Time

What a win. To swing fifteen rounds with the Falcons the way Rex and Geno’s Jets did last night has to give any diehard the hope that John Idzik’s train is moving in the right direction.Now for a sobering truth. This franchise has shocked the world many times before. It’s the game following the upset that often bites the New York Jets.

There have too many instances in Jet history  of, and we hate to call it this, the “trap game.” With the 0-4 Steelers on their way to Met Life and the 4-1 Pats on deck in what could be a game for first place, it would be hard not to call it such.

Here’s the fear. The Jets ride too high for too long this week. They talk too much about what the experts predicted for this team early on. Then, as the week turns to the weekend, some look too far ahead to their hated rivals from Foxboro.

These young Jets are, as Rex Ryan calls them, “fearless.” Yet, they must also be smart and learn from their own past as an organization. Ryan included.

After all, the last time the Jets won an enormous “us against the world” road game, it was up in Foxboro when they eliminated the Pats in the playoffs. As they are now, the Steelers were waiting. A three score deficit, borne out of the mental hangover of a gigantic win one week prior, was the main culprit.

Ryan has to make sure that everyone knows there is no “game before the big game”. They are all big games. Things can look like Nashville as quickly as they can Atlanta on Monday Night. It all has to do with being mindful at all times and taking nothing for granted. Everything is earned in this league.

Play desperate next Sunday and every Sunday from here on out. It’s the only way. No excess back slapping. Overlook no one. The Steelers benefitted from the sleepy Jets last time and wound up in the Super Bowl. Tell the team why Rex. Be honest.

Never forget.

  • Large turd, TJ. “There is a Divinity that shapes our ends, rough hue them how we may.” Or more simply, don’t blame the Jets or Rex for outcomes, blame Divinity; there are too many moving parts to assign blame to any individuals.

  • Berdj Rassam

    Great win for the Jets on the road against the Falcons.

  • Lidman

    I don’t think NYJ will be overconfident going in. I do worry that after 2 weeks, Dick LeBeau will have some creative looks for Geno. Let’s just hope we don’t get a reversion to the mean. After 3 games, Geno had 11 TOs. Now, I don’t think it was realistic to suggest that pace would continue. This week, he was basically perfect and didn’t turn the ball over once. Pittsburgh with an aggressive defense, has yet to cause a TO this week (they’ve actually on had 35, since causing 35, in 2009). If Jets take care of ball, they should have enough to beat this team.

  • KAsh

    The Falcons defense is awful, but it did manage to show that Geno struggles adjusting his play to the blitz. I think the Steelers will go from complex coverages to blitzing with six or more guys in an effort to get Geno off his game.

    But so far teams have run on the Steelers (129 total rushing attempts for a 3.8 yd. avg. vs. a league low 120 total passing attempts for a 6.8 yds/att that is tied for 10th place). If that continues, we should beat them.

  • Drew

    This Jets team has the offense and defense to play with anybody. Each week it will come down to turnovers. If this team wins the turnover battle they will be very tough to stop.