New York Jets Week 7 Leftovers

Joe Caporoso with leftover thoughts on the New York Jets week 7 over the New England Patriots

Leftover thoughts on the New York Jets week 7 win over the New England Patriots.

1. I am writing this while watching the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings play the worst football game I’ve seen since the Jets played the Titans on Monday night last season. Be happy we’ve come a long way since then!

2. Jeremy Kerley is quietly putting together a terrific overall season and proving himself to be the Jets most reliable and consistent wide receiver. He has 24 receptions on 37 targets, with 19 of those receptions going for first downs. Kerley leads the Jets with 319 receiving yards and has a pair of touchdowns. He has been nearly unstoppable on third downs and is a natural fit for Marty Mornhinweg’s offense. On the other hand, yesterday was a disappointing step back for Stephen Hill.  On 2 more targets this season (39 total), Hill only has 19 receptions for 317 yards and 1 touchdown. Yesterday, he failed to attack the football at the highest point on more than one attempted reception and continues to body-catch instead of using his hands. He will never take the next step in his development until he utilizes his size and catches the football properly.

3. Quinton Coples had his first sack of the season yesterday and brought pressure on Tom Brady’s pick six. However, on the whole he looked sluggish coming off the edge and particularly late in the fourth quarter was barely getting any push out of his stance. As of right now, Garrett McIntyre is a better player and should be seeing more time. I’m not sure if Coples isn’t healthy yet or isn’t comfortable in the defense but until he figures it out, he shouldn’t be an every down player.

4. Similarly, Darrin Walls is currently a better player than Dee MIlliner on the outside at corner. I understand the desire to bring Milliner along but he should be alternating reps at a minimum with Walls who made nice strides from the Tennessee game through the Pittsburgh game.

5. What a performance from Antonio Allen yesterday, who held his own in one on one against Rob Gronkowski as well as anybody could have. Allen has been improving with each week and is making a case to be a long term starter here on the back end.

6. The Jets were extremely wise to play aggressively late in the fourth quarter when they had the football. They dialed up two deep play action shots in an attempt to prevent Tom Brady from getting the football back, which is the right approach against him. The game would have been over in regulation if Jeff Cumberland could have a secured a very catchable ball along the sideline. It was a rough game for Cumberland yesterday who remains inconsistent and probably better suited to be a situational backup. Imagine if the Jets had Kellen Winslow Jr and Holmes yesterday instead of Cumberland and Hill?

7. John Idzik deserves credit for cherry picking David Nelson and Josh Cribbs off the scrap heap this season. Nelson had a huge 4 receptions for 80 yards yesterday. He is a big receiver who knows how to get open and has very good hands. Don’t forget how productive he was in Buffalo when healthy. Cribbs was an immediate upgrade in the return game and brought juice to the Jets Wildcat package. Right now the Jets #3 and #4 wide-outs weren’t on the team after week 4 but are still being productive.

8. If the Jets did alert the officials to New England breaking the “push” rule on field goals because they had done it in previous weeks…that is nothing but excellent coaching and preparation. Well done, Rex and company.

9. Bilal Powell likely needed a week of limited action. Think about how much work he has received since the beginning of the summer due to the injuries around him. Chris Ivory showed an ability to carry the load with 34 carries and now Powell will be more fresh and hopefully healthy going forward.

10. It has been a roller coaster with Geno Smith so far this season. However, if you can’t see the natural talent he has and why the Jets are staying with him all season and likely after this season, you aren’t paying attention. Smith has an ability to let mistakes roll off his back and continue to play with confidence, regardless of what happens throughout the game. He has a cannon for an arm and more mobility than he is given credit for. He is going to grow with each passing week and when the Jets spend some money and draft picks at tight end and wide receiver? Watch out.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Ok cumberlnd is gonna be a good player in this league all he needs is consistency that drop along the sideline was not good the end zone play was a great play by the defender n a late throw from geno he is also a better. Blocker n he made a nice one handed grab too. No one the pats put on him could cover him. he is def a starting TE but he should not b the lone guy so we def gotta draft a TE n have a nice 1-2 punch. As far as hill I didn’t think he took a step back he is just not a number one reciever. The deep post was just a great play by the dB n I don’t know how u wanted him to attack the ball along the side lines when the ball was under thrown plus denard made a good play every time hill went deep he. Was doubled which allowed kerly and cumberland to have good days. Man if we had a real #1 reciever with hill as the #2 n kerley in the slot I think that would be a pretty good group right there. N wit coples I thought he had a decent game yesterday u have to remember that was the most snapes he ever played espcially since coming back from the ankle injury n he was going up agaisnt one of the best left tackles in the game he also played the run well. One that sack he should us a flash of what he could be n he pressured brady into throwing a pic six. QC will get better as the season goes along n this game to me was a positive in the right direction

  • Frank Antonelli

    Please stop diminishing Milliner. He needs reps and we need him to develop. Playing Walls in front of him is very short sighted. Milliner will be a beast in due time. This reminds me of the seemingly constant argument that Geno wasn’t ready, etc, and he should sit. Well with enough game experience we see what he has become. The same will be true with Milliner.

  • Mark Phelan

    Frank – I hope Miliner does transform into ‘a beast’ but so far I have been seeing a butterfly.

  • JetOrange

    It is very important for Idzik that Milner gets his Reps, so the decision may be from on top. Walls development is equally important however, and currently is the better player. Have them split reps, and give Milner some reps at nickel as well as the outside.

  • Nick Evans

    Spot on. I couldnt agree more about Hill. That post pissed me off to no end. If he had just jumped and threw his hands at the ball attacking it at its highest point the defender wouldnt have any chance to make a play on it. I attended a day of training camp in cortlandt over the summer and saw him consistently let the ball get to his body rather than using his hands. It really worries me that at this point Sanjay Lal or Marty havent harped on this part of his game. As for Milliner Im absolutely disgusted with his toughness. He came into this league with health questions and hes done nothing but validate them. Hes simply too much of a liability right now to be on the field over Walls who is playing as well as he possibly could. On a positive note Geno has a cannon and can make any throw on the field and is doing such with a sub par group on recievers outside of Kerley. Id also like to see Sudfeld get some reps, his size and speed are very intriguing especially in Martys WCO.

  • glegly

    Right now, Milliner looks lost out there. I hope it clicks for him soon because we need him. Walls is good but he’ll get overrun by better WRs. Dee needs to keep getting reps otherwise he’s not going to learn. There’s a reason all the rookies say the speed of the pro game is the hardest thing to overcome.

    I have no memory of what Revis looked like by Game 7 but I can’t imagine he just stepped in and dominated. Give him time…but not too much time. God almighty please don’t become Kyle Wilson 2.0.

  • KAsh

    Perspective, people. Milliner is a rookie at a position where few come in ready to play. He missed a good deal of the preseason workouts. Outside of Week 2 against New England, he has not given up any big plays. The staff is likelu playing him soft so that he can get aclimated to the pro-level without being a complete liability. The result is that he gives up yardage when he is too concerned with preventing the deep play. He was beat primarily on slants and crossing routes to the inside, where he would have gotten help if he did not manage to tackle his man.

    As for Hill, this site needs to question his ability every week. He has always had a big game right after, much like the raw player that is throwing the ball to him.

  • Nick Evans

    I dont think anyone is really questioning Milliner’s talent I mean the kid was drafted 9th overall for a reason. His durability and toughness is more or less led to his criticism. He chose to come to camp late because of his contract in an era where rookie contracts are basically made by where you are taken in the draft. By doing so he was probably out of shape resulting in his hammy problems which brings us to where he is now. He simply hasnt practiced enough to be considered to play a lot of snaps because hes hurt which was the knock on him coming out of Bama. Hes just done nothing to show hes tough enough to play in the league yet. I mean he took himself out of the game for getting the wind knocked out of him after missing three weeks because of a hammy. Maybe if he had shown the desire to be on the field from day one (rookie camp aside the shoulder surgery was understandable) he would be getting a break.

    As for Hill I think the criticism is valid. He disappears too often and the way he attacks the ball in the air is concerning. Hes been in the league for over a year now and thats something thats easily corrected doesnt matter how raw he is. A guy his height needs to attack the ball in the air at its highest point and he hasnt even tried to do it yet from what ive seen. I will say this though that pass interference called on him in the endzone on Sunday was bull McCourty is just a good actor.

  • mike

    hey, jets fans, yeah you, support our young players.
    i’m very sick of hearing all this griping and moaning every time a rookie doesn’t play like a veteran. we have four rookies in the starting line-up, so rookie mistakes were obviously part of the plan.
    and the problem with putting walls outside and milliner at nickel is that kyle wilson is actually having a very strong season. all anyone thinks about is the string of penalties against buffalo but he’s grading out phenomenally so far. cromartie, milliner, and wilson. it’s a good trio. sticking a practice squad guy in there because he’s flashed once or twice (in addition to getting scorched just as much) is a really stupid idea.

  • Joe Caporoso

    You could show me whatever grades you want, Wilson has not played well at this season. He is liability whenever targeted and has no concept of how to the play the football in the air.

    Walls played poorly in the first half against Tennessee and played well since then, certainly better than Milliner is right now. He is not a practice squad player by any stretch, as he saw PT in Atlanta and regular season action for the Jets last year. For now, they should be alternating reps at a minimum.

  • mike

    see, you’re just asserting that wilson is a liability, when he is the only decent wrap-up tackler we have at corner, and when he’s not singled up on the outside he doesn’t struggle to keep the play in front of him.
    pff is obviously not a bible, but they do look at every snap and have detailed reasons for their evaluations.
    you, on the other hand, just don’t like kyle wilson. the string of penalties was ugly, but aside from that can you show me one game this year where his play was nearly as bad as walls was against tennessee? or pittsburgh even?
    i know you’ve been hyping walls all season, but he’s really not that good

  • Joe Caporoso

    I have no personal feelings towards any player on the team. There is no “just not liking somebody” – There is watching every snap Wilson played since 2010 and just thinking he isn’t very good. I don’t do our secondary film breakdowns but I still watch the games. Our man Mike OC looks at the secondary more in-depth usually and he corroborates Wilson’s issues. Walls played one bad half against TEN, beyond that he’s been fine. Wilson has been mediocre since being drafted. He’s a good tackler but that shouldn’t be a CB’s highlight skill. He is beat repeatedly when thrown at or flagged.

  • Dalbin Osorio

    Darrin Walls, right now, as of October 22nd is the Jets second best cornerback. Aaron Berry, had he not tore his ACL, would be their 3rd best cornerback and Kyle Wilson would’ve been traded at the deadline. Milliner is raw, and missing all the time he’s missed has clearly impacted him, but the Jets have a shot to make a run in the second half and having a good Walls, coupled with a good Milliner, is as important for this year as it is for next year when Cromartie’s contract is up and he may not be as productive a player as he has been.

  • Harold

    Joe good post overall. But you can not compare Stephen Hill and Kerley’s catch rate. Hill is running bombs and Kerley is running arrow routes and Crossing routes. Much higher percentage plays. I agree Hill can do a better job high pointing the football but the catch rate comparison is not a fair one.

  • KAsh

    I will say this for Wilson. He plays haphazardly. He will run with a receiver then get beat on a cut and the pass will come for a large gain. Only it sails wide or the receiver steps out of bounds or bobbles and drops the ball. Walls can run with a receiver connected at the hip, twist his head around for the ball, jump at the right time to make a play and still get beat. Wilson is not pretty, but he has the devil’s luck.

    It is to the level that it shows up in the stats. Considet the games he has been prominent in – the Bucs, the Bills, and twice against the Pats – and the games that Walls has been prominent in – the Falcons, the Steelers, and the Titans. The latter group has averaged about a 75% completion rate. Wilson’s group is hovering around 50%. The guy is like a lucky rabbit’s foot.

  • Angel

    Wilson has not played well, period. He does not turn his head around for the ball and he is routinely beat – whether the receiver catches the ball or not.

    How many pass breakups does Wilson have?

    And Stephen Hill is playing like someone who will be out of the league next year. If you don’t catch the football with your hands, you are not an NFL receiver. If you want to see an NFL receiver go after the ball, watch David Nelson.

    Stephen Hill waits for the ball to come to him. That’s lame. He needs to go after the ball and TAKE it out of the air.

    Am I wrong?

  • John C

    I don’t mean to rip Hill, he is making some progress, but did anyone else notice that he ran sort of leisurely (and even slowed down at one point), on the bomb where Geno overthrew him? Our fastest player needs to use his speed more.

  • BPP

    PFF METRICS not GRADES basically have Wilson as the best slot corner in the league the last 1.5 seasons.

    He is not grading out impressively but for whatever reason, QBs fare terribly when throwing into his coverage.

    PFF explicitly points out the difference between their metrics and grades for DBs.

  • mike

    i just don’t get it. wilson has a skill set to be a successful nickel corner, and he seems to be putting the pieces together as he gains experience. he had a slow learning curve, and we all dogged him for a few years, most of all when he was exposed after revis went down. but i do see a significant improvement in his game this year. he’s not a #2 corner, it’s true. but he’s exceeded just about everyone’s expectations this year, and i think he deserves credit for that.
    also, kash has a solid point. when walls has played the majority of the game on the outside, the secondary has been shredded. when he’s used mostly as a sub, opposing qb’s can’t crack 50% completions. maybe just a correlation, but there it is.