New York Jets – Can They Break Ugly Patriots Regular Season Trend?

The 2nd match-up of the regular season against the New England Patriots has been a nightmare for the New York Jets under Rex Ryan. Can they break the trend?

Since Rex Ryan has taken over as Head Coach of the New York Jets in 2009, there have been a few ongoing trends with the team. They generally play very good defense that can be shaky at holding leads late. Offensively, they prefer to run the football and have had ongoing inconsistencies. Rex owns Buffalo. Miami owns Rex. New England? Boom or bust. They’ve had their good moments but when it is bad, it has been really…really bad and those nightmare performances have always been in the team’s second regular season meeting.

2009: New England Patriots – 31 New York Jets – 14 (In New England)

The exclamation point on a mid-season three game losing streak. Mark Sanchez went 8/21 and threw 4 interceptions, 1 of which was returned for a touchdown. Tom Brady carved the Jets up for 310 yards on 28/41 passing with zero turnovers and a touchdown. Wes Welker had a mind numbing 15 receptions for 192 yards…that’s not a misprint.

2010: New England Patriots – 45 New York Jets – 3 (In New England)

The Monday Night Massacre. The 9-2 Jets were humiliated by the 9-2 Patriots on national television. Sanchez went 17/33 with 3 interceptions while Brady went 21/29 with 4 touchdowns and zero turnovers. Danny Woodhead had 104 receiving yards…yikes.

2011: New England Patriots – 37 New York Jets – 16 (In New York)

Sanchez went 20/39 with 2 interceptions, including 1 that was returned for a touchdown. Brady threw 3 more touchdowns….and again had zero turnovers. Rob Gronkowski (remember him?) had 113 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns.

2012: New England Patriots – 49 New York Jets – 19 (In New York)

Sanchez threw 1 INT and had 1 fumble caused by a butt that was returned for a touchdown. Brady threw 3 touchdowns and again had zero turnovers. Stevan Ridley racked up 97 yards rushing and a touchdown.

The Jets average margin of defeat has been 27.5 points. Tom Brady has owned them to the tune of 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Mark Sanchez had 4 atrocious performances as the Jets starting quarterback. In contrast, the Jets are 2-3 against New England in the first regular season match-up under Ryan and the average margin of defeat in the losses was only 5 points, including a pair of 3 point defeats.

This is obviously a credit to an all-time great head coach in Bill Belichick and quarterback in Tom Brady who have adjusted well to how the Jets attack them in the first match-up. Meanwhile, Rex Ryan and the Jets offensive staff haven’t been prepared for New England’s counter moves. Rex did get a crack at a third match-up one season and we all remember how that went…

So, how do the Jets prevent this nightmare from occurring again? The consistent thread across all of these games is the Jets getting dominated in the turnover battle and allowing Brady to carve them up. There is never an easy answer to the latter but as to the former, let’s hope Geno Smith learned from his first career meeting with New England and protects the football this Sunday. The Jets had some success running the football in week 2 against the Patriots but went away from the run game too much in the 2nd half. Hopefully, they will stick with it more this time around and pound on a Patriots defensive front that is now without Vince Wilfork. A strong running game will help protect Geno Smith and keep Tom Brady on the sideline more frequently.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Dave2220

    when you know the opponent will attach you with a short passing game vs a running game, what can be done? Rex has to create a plan… hands up? Looking at the Saints / Pats game, you know, there are lessons… win the game… for one of the few times, last week, Rex did not play to win the game… and that is on both sides of the ball

  • Gustav Flores

    I can’t believe the BS floating around. The Pats play good enough defense to win games and Brady still gets the credit. Wow!!! He finally threw a TD and it was blown coverage. They had no business being out there in the fourth quarter in the final 2 minutes. If the Saints would have just went for the win and played that conservative BS that so many coaches do late in the game to try to hang on to the win, they could have possibly even scored again. Ryan was so furious that he stopped the Pats anemic offense twice in the final minutes and gave the ball back to the offense. Then the Saints just ran the ball to try to seal the win and not to put the dagger in Brady’s chicken legs. This game was lost because of the coaching and not due to the QB’s. Look at the stats and you can see the proof. Brady is barely hanging in there even with one of the best offensive lines in football. There were times that he stood in the pocket for days it seemed and did nothing. This is not the same Brady that ran the Bill offense for the past decade. The NFL has caught up to the Billacheat offense and they can no longer be dominant. The fact is that Brady was just a product of the team and even though they put all the blame on the receivers i have seen many passes over thrown or thrown in the dirt that made Brady angry at the WR’s. I hope the Jets defense put Brady were he belongs in the ER and into retirement. His chicken legs have no business being in the NFL as in not for long after the Jets D comes down on your, “Chicken fajita legs”. Make a wish New York with the sound of those chicken legs breaking next week @ Metlife. Go Jets!!!!!

  • twoshady

    don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel… lol

  • joeydefiant

    marching down the field for a TD with less than a minute left. that’s why brady gets credit for winning against the saints. not every QB can do that.


    Ok, got that out of the way. So people can stop saying “jets need to run more.” NO. The Jets need to move the ball and put up points because the Pats are going to put up points. Running the ball all game keeps the game close until the last 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter. Then Brady puts up two TD’s and the Jets are forced to play from behind and be predictable and LOSE.

    Come out attacking and throwing the ball deep. Pats have had problems covering the deep ball for a few years now, esp. with Talib out. The only thing Geno has done well is throw the deep ball and run the 2 minute offense. Let’s get a lead for once and force them to be predictable and let our D-line feast while they are forced to play catch up. THEN, you can run the ball.

  • paul

    I am tired of watching the Jets hold NE in check and then come third and long NE gets an easy first down,then here comes the hurry up offense and game over. Look enough BS go out and play like this is the SB throw everything you have at NE trick plays, three Rb on a play be F!@##$ aggresive how gives a shit if you lose this is a rebuild year period. Just please dont do the same crap like every game against NE. MM did a nice job against atlanta mixing things u and why the hell arent we blitzing more often I want an aggressive team on both sides of the ball take some risk stop being the SOJ. Plese if the game is a blow out blitz on every play till they sit brady down out of fear of him getting hurt at least this will make Jets fans able to watch. PS lMAO on the comment from twoshady.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Chris Ivory – 34 carries = Jets Win.