Initial Reaction – Hello World! New York Jets Drop Falcons 30-28

Initial reaction to the New York Jets thrilling 30-28 Monday Night win over the Atlanta Falcons

In what was arguably their best regular season win since the beginning of the 2011 season, the New York Jets knocked off the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football, 30-28. Yes, those New York Jets are 3-2. Rex Ryan, the lame duck coach who is just waiting to be fired. Geno Smith, the bum rookie who should be benched for Matt Simms…and the rest of the gang continues to win football games when nobody expects them to. The Football World should have taken notice tonight, the Jets aren’t in the discussion for being the worst team in the league…they may just be in the discussion for a playoff spot come November and December.

Let’s start with Geno Smith. The quarterback that many foolishly wanted benched went 16/20 for 199 yards with 3 touchdowns and ZERO turnovers. More importantly, he had ice water in his veins on the game’s final drive. Smith went 4/4 and had a key scramble, flawlessly executing his third game winning drive in 5 career starts. This is why you don’t throw in the towel on Smith because of rough patches. If you can’t see the natural physical talent and what he can bring to this offense, you aren’t watching closely enough. He was nothing short of spectacular tonight, considering the environment and the type of game he had last week.

Staying on offense, the supporting cast rose to the occasion. Jeff Cumberland had a monster first half, finishing with 3 receptions for 79 yards along with a 20 yard touchdown. Jeremy Kerley chipped in 5 receptions for 68 yards and his first touchdown of the season. Kellen Winslow Jr. made a pretty 1 yard touchdown catch on his only grab of the night and Stephen Hill made two big catches on the game’s final drive, after having a quiet night before then. Mike Goodson had a strong season debut with 41 total offensive yards, including a 26 yard run. Bilal Powell only had 38 yards rushing but had a huge run on the Jets final offensive play that set up Nick Folk’s game winning field goal. Finally, it was an encouraging first start for rookie Guard Brian Winters who locked down the job for the foreseeable future.

Defensively, it was frustrating to see them allow the two late touchdowns to Atlanta (even if one was aided by a very, very questionable defensive holding penalty). However, if the national audience didn’t know who Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson were before tonight…they do now. Wilkerson continued his All-Pro season with another strip sack and Richardson continued his Defensive Rookie of the Year campaign with 5 tackles, 1 sack, 1 pass defensed and 2 tackles for a loss. David Harris had a vintage performance with 14 tackles and showed a level of explosiveness we haven’t seen from him in years. It was also a nice bounce-back game for new starter Darrin Walls who was much improved in coverage.

And we’d be remiss not to mention Nick Folk who has been nothing short of terrific this season, knocking through his second game winning kick of the year. Folk is now 11/11 on the season.

The Jets now head back home to take on the 0-4 Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a good weekend of football. The Bills lost. The Dolphins lost. The Patriots lost. The Giants lost (0-5 LOL)…and now the Jets sit 1 game out of first place with New England coming to MetLife Stadium in 13 days.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Greg Case

    Is this the same TOJ that said the mighty Mark Sanchez should start the year at QB? That he was clearly outplayed? So much for all the preseason position scrutiny.

  • KAsh

    Damn you, Jets! It’s 12:48AM, I have to get up at four, and I’m too excited to sleep. Good game, everybody showed up to play, and we pull out another nail-biter. Now, I’m going to try to knock myself out. Good night!

  • Geronimo

    Richardson is fun to watch. Very happy to see his twitch game carry over so well into the NFL. I can’t remember the Jets getting such consistent pressure on the QB. For years fans had to watch the DL melt into a static green wall at the LOS on passing downs. No more.

    That Matt Ryan sure is good at getting rid of the ball quickly, though…

  • Anthony

    Bggest Story not talked about… The jets dropped 30 points on a professional football team. The hapless, weaponless, rookie turnover machine dropped 30 on a pre season super bowl contender.

  • mike

    walls picked it up late and made some huge plays down the stretch. i give him all the credit in the world for bouncing back from last week and early on tonight, when it seemed like any throw his way was an automatic completion. i’m still eager for milliner to come back, but walls showed a ton of heart tonight. he’s officially off my sh!t list.
    this was a great team win. everyone stepped up to make it happen, even tanner purdum on a nice special teams tackle. the 2013 jets are a competitive team, top to bottom. it’s been a fun ride so far.
    to every “fan” who called for geno smith to be benched, i want you to reflect on your rush to dump the best qb this team has had for a very very long time. we’ve got a player on our hands, we need to support him even when things get messy. now he needs to show he can play a tight game against a defense that isn’t full of holes. pittsburgh should be a great test of his mental toughness.
    can’t wait!

  • Frank Antonelli

    The Jet haters and fake fans have been wrong all year long! Here are some examples:

    (1) Idzik is an idiot for signing Goodson, for picking Geno, for trading Mevis, etc!

    (2) Bills are brilliant for picking EJ Manuel even though his QBR was only 70 in College. Geno proved tonight that he’s the real deal and the Bills will regret not picking him!!!

    (3) Rex is a lousy coach should be fired. Yea right the coach who has a better record than Couglin since he’s been in New York and has more playoff victories than Bellacheat and the Patsies should be fired!!!!

    (4) The Jets are worst team in the NFL according to the idiots at ESPN and Jet haters and fake Jet fans. The Jets and Rex used this as motivation and prove everyone who said that are IDIOTS.

    (5) Jets defense will be lousy not top 5 for sure! Wrong again haters. Check these stats out for you:

    Jets 2nd ranked, Patsies 15th ranked, Dolfags 23rd ranked and Jills 19th ranked.

    (6) Jets offense will be worst in the league, they have no weapons. WRONG AGAIN HATERS! Check these stats out:

    Jets 13th ranked. Patsies 18th ranked, Dolfags 27th ranked, Bills 16th ranked.

    Yes that’s right the Jets offense is ranked HIGHER THAN THE PATSIES AND BRADY!!!!

    (7) Pettine was the genius behind the Jets defense! Wrong again Haters especially you Stephen Idiot A.

    (8) Woody is an idiot. Really, he kept Rex (brilliant), he hired Idzik (brilliant).

    All you haters and fake fans can go #*%#$&^* yourselves.

  • Mark Phelan

    A public apology to David Harris. I thought he was done last year. He is playing better than I ever remember. Davis too. Last year he looked lost and playing on his heels. He is a powerhouse with a tremendous upside.

  • David

    I went to sleep early, did NOT turn on the TV, radio or internet and didn’t get the results until I got to work. It’s a pleasant surprise.

  • Lidman

    Greg Case-Sanchez should have been the starter as he outplayed Geno in preseason. It’s great he had such a good game and hopefully it continues. I preached don’t get too low last week and you must preach don’t get too high this week.

    Yes, Atlanta scored on two late drives, but Ryan was basically perfect on them. Look at all the Atl scoring drives:
    -10 plays, 80yd in 5:53 (aided by the non recovered fumble)
    -8 plays 51yd, in 5:14
    -10 plays 80yd, in 3:57
    -10 plays 63yd, in 3:46

    The Jets never gave Atlanta a cheap score. Tip your hat to Ryan. He was perfect and got the benefit of some calls. However, if NY continues to make QBs have to stay on the field and go 10 plays to score, I think they’ll be just fine. The longer a QB is on the field, the more apt he, or his team, is to make a mistake. Even the last drive of the 1H: Atl ran 17 plays, went 76 yards and held the ball for 7:19, aided by 2 defensive holding calls, and came away empty. People will roast Mike Smith this AM, but he made that ‘mistake’ because he realized how long his offense had been on the field, and felt he needed to come away with a TD. Had they gotten the ball back with a minute, gone 80yds, I bet he kicks a FG (because it’s like stealing points). He knew they weren’t going to get easy scores and didn’t feel like he could only come away with 3 there…the Jets forced him into a mistake.

    In fact, I’d argue this game shouldn’t have been this close for other reasons:
    -Walls dropped a sure pick 6 on the 1st drive of the game.
    -Demario Davis dropped R White’s fumble, and the ‘extra posession’ resulted in an Atlanta TD.

    Let’s just hope Coples gets healthy and starts to pick up where he left off at the end of 2012. If he does that, who will opposing OCs decide to double?

  • A complete team game! It was a shame we had to let them back in late but, wow! Geno was lights out and I ‘ll admit I was anti Geno coming into this year. Frank Antonelli, spot on brother!

  • paul

    Good win but typical Jets fashion nail bitter till the end this game should not have even been close Jets were in complete control after goal line stance and let up on the gas enough for Atlanta to get back in it. The next four games will determine if Jets are contenders and shut up all the haters. I’ll take this with a grain of salt for now and enjoy the win a nice surprise by the entire team.

  • David

    @Frank Antonelli: I find fault in some of your responses:

    1) I don’t think people hated the Goodson signing. Most people I know who are Jets fans thought it was a low risk, high reward signing. But I want to see more than just one game. He was a nice dimension to the offense.

    2) Geno had a nice game tonight absolutely, but you still have to be concerned with the turnovers in the first 4 games. Geno is your typical rookie QB– Moments of brilliance with maddening stretches of play. He was solid tonight because Marty called the right game. I know a lot of Bills fans who are very happy with EJ Manuel.

    3) No one ever said Rex was a lousy coach, but after 8-8 and 6-10, he was very much on the hotseat. Yes, the Jets are 3-2, but there are still 11 games left.

    4) Anyone with half a brain cell knew the Jets were not the worst team in the NFL. They weren’t the best no doubt or even close to the midpoint, but they were better than Jacksonville and Oakland. Many rankings I saw had them anywhere between 28-30, which before the season, given who they had and what they did in the offseason is where they should have been ranked.

    5) Those teams stats are meaningless on defense because Defense is a lost art in the NFL. I have said to many of my buddies that in today’s NFL, I would not spend big dollars (unless he is a superstar) or use a high draft pick on a defensive player. The Jets may be ranked second, but they are still giving up 23.2 PPG. In today’s NFL, that is a solid defense.

    6) Offensively, yes, they are better this year. Guess what, there is more talent on the Jets offense this year and they finally have an OC. Anything could have been better than last year’s offense. They still have a ways to go; do you see them getting into a shootout, if necessary, with a team like Denver, New Orleans, or someone like that?

    7) Pettine wasn’t a genius; he was a “puppet” just like Dennis Thurman is.

    8) Woody is an idiot. Any person that would rather see a Republican president over winning a Super Bowl is not fit to be an owner.

  • keator

    Again when the jets needed a drive geno deliverered. A gates dropped TD away from being 4-1

    Geno’s got the juice now!

  • Landon

    Jets played a great overall game. Special teams was great on both ends. Kerley and Gates had good returns, plus we had the blocked punt.

    However my one major concern is Q. Coples. I am sure his ankle is still not 100%. He has not caused the type of pressure on the edge like I thought he would. He has done well on setting the edge on teh run, but limited push in passing situations.

  • mike

    peyton manning’s problem, the reason he only has one ring despite being the best qb in the history of the game, is that he keeps running into tough defenses that take the ball away and force field goals. his last three playoff losses were to the saints, jets, and ravens, and all those teams won because they didn’t let manning run up 50 freakin points on em. peyton will win shootouts 99 times out of 100. the formula for beating him is that thing that you ludicrously call a lost art.

  • Angel

    Geno played his FIRST good game of the season — and it was a GREAT game! We should all give him props for that flawless performance. Let’s all pray that we see a lot more of this, rather than the atrocious stats he had coming into the game.

    The addition of Goodson is only going to help the Jets offense more and more each week.

    The defense looked amazing at times, but made some big mistakes that lead to points. I believe this will be cleaned up over time and the Jets will have a top 3 defense by the end of the season.

    I think this game, and a win next week vs the Steelers, put the Jets with a shot at 9 – 7 to finish the year.

  • Lidman

    Angel..think your outlook is realistic. To think Geno won’t have another ‘Tennessee-like’ outing is probably unrealistic.

    We all love this defense. It needs to starting taking the ball away more. It got it’s hands on the ball 3-4 times last night (I think White fumbled in 3Q, but immediately got it back), but only came away with 1. That has to change.