Initial Reaction – Finally! New York Jets Get Overdue Win Against Pats

Initial reaction to the New York Jets 30-27 overtime win over the New England Patriots

The New York Jets had a classic first half against the New England Patriots. Offensively, they turned the football over which directly led to Patriots points. Defensively, they looked unprepared for the hurry up offense. Penalties. Poor special teams. 21-10 New England at the half. It felt like the Jets were on their way to yet another frustrating loss to New England, along with further burial in the AFC East standings.

I’m not sure what Rex Ryan said at halftime but the Jets came out with their hair on fire. After strip sacking Brady on his first drop back, Antonio Allen stepped in front of a pass for Rob Gronkowski and ran it back for a momentum shifting touchdown. The Jets offense responded and began moving the football, including a pretty 8 yard touchdown run from Geno Smith. The Jets took a 27-24 late lead into the fourth quarter, after continually slowing down New England’s offense.

Credit the Jets for playing aggressive late when attempting to run the clock out. They took two shots down the field but came up empty when Stephen Hill didn’t go up and attack the football and Jeff Cumberland, who had a rough day, dropped a pass on the sideline that would have ended the game. Defensively, the Jets were a touch too passive and the Patriots were able to tie the game with 16 seconds left.

In overtime, the Jets again came up with a stop. Tom Brady finished an ugly 22/46 with 1 INT and 0 touchdowns. They sacked him 4 times, including another one from Muhammad Wilkerson. New England was 1-12 on third downs and lost the time of possession battle to the Jets 46:13 to 23:40. Make no mistake, from the second half on the Jets dominated the Patriots.

Much talk will center around how the Jets ended up winning, with a 15 yard penalty on New England called on Nick Folk’s missed 56 yard attempt in overtime. It is a new rule. It is a weird rule. But the Patriots broke it. You cannot push another player from your own team into the line during a field goal attempt…that is what happened…that is what was called. Deal with it. The Jets finished business on the drive and got a win they very much deserved.

This remains a wildly inconsistent football team. Right now, they are literally alternating wins and encouraging Geno Smith performances with losses and disheartening Geno Smith performances. They are good enough to be a factor in the AFC East race and the wild-card race but they need to break this every other week trend. The Jets will have a great opportunity to make a statement next week against one of the AFC’s elite teams, Cincinnati, on the road.

Putting the big picture for the season aside, it is always extra sweet to beat New England. Rex Ryan deserves a contract extension, barring some unforeseen meltdown this season. Beating Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is a huge early achievement for Geno Smith and this young Jets team. The Jets didn’t win the Super Bowl today but it is a much bigger than usual October win. Enjoy it Jets fans, you just may have a quarterback and a very good defense to compliment him for the foreseeable future.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Dan in RI

    Hey, if this is what Rex’s no sex rule does for us, I think the players should abstain all season.

  • David

    Memo to John Idzik: Lock Wilkerson up long term!!!

  • Dave2220

    Nelson is a keeper….

    Harrison a monster… may want him in the middle on passing downs…

    Ivory… was on the edge of breaking one all day.

    OL starting to jell w/ Winters…

    What can you say about Cribbs, he made a difference in field position…

  • Mike Housman

    Please hold on the talk of an extension for Rex. He is still a bad in game coach and it hurts the team every week. Let the season play out 1st…his conservative play at end of game could have cost them a win today.

  • Boomer

    Great game, cribs returning punts was great had the jets starting with great feild position. Also gotta love watching that dline get after it

  • Frank Antonelli

    Check these stats out:

    (1) First Downs: Jets 27 Patsies 21
    (2) Penalties: Jets 9-45 Patsies 7-100 (funny people complaining about Jet penalties)
    (3) Time of Possession: Jets 46:13 Patsies 23:40
    (4) Total NET Yards: Jets 383 Patsies 295
    (5) Third Down Conversions: Jets 11-21 Patsies 1-12

    And all you hear is that the Jets were lucky to win! The haters keep on hating! GO JETS!

  • Frank Antonelli

    Asked re: Gronk’s first game back, Belichick said: “I don’t know. I’ll have to look at the film.”

    If Rex had said that the media would be saying that he wasn’t watching the game.

    (1) Rex has more playoff wins than Belacheat during the time he’s been HC of NYJ.

    (2) Rex’s defenses have been ranked higher than Belacheat’s defenses every year he’s
    been HC of NYJ, despite the fact that Belacheat is a supposed defensive genius!

    (3) Rex has beaten Belacheat four times in five years, more than any other time in the league.

    (4) If Rex had Brady and Belacheat had Sanchez, the Jets would have won multiple Super Bowls and Belacheat would have finished last at least twice and have lost every game against the Jets.

  • KAsh


    You have to give Belichick some credit. You lose Wilfork and Mayo, and you still hold the Jets to 3.4 yards per carry (3.17 yards if you exclude Geno’s runs). Everyone thought the Jets would run the football and he took away the run game, forcing a rookie quarterback to beat him through the air throwing to an unheralded bunch of receivers.

    Great game by Geno (the pick six aside), by the receivers, and by the defense. The sack by Harrison. The forced fumble by Coples. The interception by Allen. Allen, in general, covering Gronk. Great game.

  • BIGgeenBALLz

    Just keep Rec, who da f#%k is gonna come in here an start a new D scheme nd produce like rex(aint nobody got time fo dat)!!!!!!!!$

  • BIGgeenBALLz


  • Fred The Hammer

    So great to beat New England. Basically dominated the second half; if Cumberland catches one of those two balls, we win without going to OT. Hopefully good Geno will appear more frequently as the season goes along. We need to extend Rex, he always gets great effort from the players. With seven new starters on the D, I thought they would take some time to come together but they are sitting in the top five of team defense with seemingly room to get better if Milliner and Coples can make more of an impact. Fantastic day for Gang Green.

  • Rj

    Mike housman – every coach makes mistakes. Will be tough finding an upgrade over rex. Absolutely extend him!!

  • mike

    rex’s halftime speech must have been something special. the game was won in the third quarter, when i’m not sure if the pats were able to gain more than 20 yards.
    but more than anything, it’s just so damn awesome to see the new england freakin patriots complaining about officiating. two words: tuck. rule.

  • Frank Antonelli


    Are you serious? We run for 177 yards and we should congratulate Belacheat????? The low run average was due to a lot of runs into the line late in the game to just set up the field goal. We had the ball for over 46 minutes. Pretty dominant effort on the ground. Belacheat got schooled by Rex again, just like in that glorious playoff game!

  • Mark Phelan

    I know what Kash means – I was watching a tremendous effort by Jets running game but Pats were surprisingly strong. Thought we would wear them down by the 2d half but that didn’t happen.

    Hats off to Kerley! What a great game – He’s a fantastic 3d down conveerter!

    Any punters out there?

  • Circles26

    Lets hire Mangini back. The players hate him, and he is completely predictable, but his in game management was impeccable. We could have lost with dignity by getting out played, instead of almost losing by poor clock management. 😉

  • JetOrange

    1. I was impressed with Marty and how he stayed with the run. He is not just a pass happy OC.
    2. Ivory looks like he can break one at any time.
    3. Cribbs gives you outside speed in the wildcat, and power between the tackles. I want to see Josh on Bubble Screens as a 4th WR. Improves the return game,gives Kerley a chance to concentrate at WR.
    4. Not a big fan about running Bohanan, but he was Okay and he is about 250 pounds.
    5. Nelson has hands, creates matchup problems because of his size. David can block, goes after people, sub for Winslow.
    1. Snacks gets better and better every game.
    2. Remember that Safety problem all the experts said the Jets had ? Rex’s scheme and Allen, Landry and Jarrett have made that a non issue.
    3. Coples is starting to come around.
    4. Offside issues, was it Brady ?

  • Lidman

    Sure Rex still has some ‘in game issues’, but he certainly can coach guys: Harrison, Allen, D Davis, Walls, Douzable and Jarret.

    I think what needs to be focused on is how he’s evolved a bit as a coach and how players ‘play’ for him. If his 2 worst years, with sub par talent, are 14-18 and then he somehow goes .500, or better, with another rookie QB (who most experts didn’t believe was ready for prime time), a mediocre/developing WR corp and a defense that has 8 new starters, and lost arguably the most important piece to his defense, I’d say he’s worth keeping.

  • KAsh



    I liked that Coples at least strained whoever was blocking him. If he keeps improving week after week, good things are bound to start happening.

    As for Ivory, I’m not sold. Great effort by him, but yesterday it looked like Shonn Greene was still on this team. He desperately needs a change-of-pace back like Goodson because plowing into guys will only work for so long.

    And does anybody else think that Rex has been more involved with the game planning the past two weeks. We have a tale of two offenses: a dynamic, exciting passing game overshadowed by a slow, plodding, neolithic ground game. Mornhinweg promised more of the former. With struggles and injuries, we really cannot lean on the run as much as we have the past few weeks.

  • Lidman

    I think last week’s game plan was too conservative and gave too much ‘reverance’ for Pittsburgh and D LeBeau.

    Yes, the NYJ ran 52/85 plays, but Geno had 6 rushes (1 designed), so while there were only 33 pass attempts, there were 38 drop backs. I do think some of the runs were too predictable, up the middle, includign the call before the 56yd Folk FG attmept that lost 3yd, and allowed NE to better employ Hightower as a run stuffer.

    Overall though, they took some shots downfield, but Geno went 2/9 on 25+ yard attempts. As he grows and Hill improves, they should start hitting on more of those.

  • joeydefiant

    The Jets controlled the clock 46 minutes to 23 minutes. Let that sink in. The Jets had the ball TWICE the amount of time the Pats had the ball. And the troll Kash is complaining about running the ball too much and clock management by Rex.

    Go away. The Jets completely DOMINATED the Pats. The second half was insane. Tom Brady couldn’t do anything. Antonio Allen is the answer for all these large TE’s. Brady was held to under 50% completion rate throwing to Gronkowski. The yardage is meaningless. It didn’t go anywhere.

    We got a steal in the 7th round. We are seeing Antonio Allen turn into a player in his 2nd year. Having a hybrid S/LB to cover TE’s is HUGE.

  • joeydefiant

    On paper at start of season Jets ranked 32nd. Jets are 4-3.

    How is Rex not the best coach in the NFL right now?