Initial Reaction – Burn The Tape. Jets Embarrassed by Cincinnati

Initial reaction to the Jets 49-9 loss to the Bengals

The New York Jets continue to be the NFL’s most inconsistent team. One week after an impressive overtime win against the New England Patriots, they were thoroughly humiliated by the Cincinnati Bengals 49-9. The game was every bit as ugly as the score indicates. The Jets were out-coached and out-classed on both sides of the football.

Starting cornerbacks Dee Milliner and Antonio Cromartie both had disastrous performances. We’ve discussed this before but Milliner simply cannot be a starter on this team right now. He is NOWHERE near ready and is consistently hurting the entire team with his performance and having no redeeming plays to cancel out the mistakes. Darrin Walls should be starting on the outside, period. As for Cromartie, is he injured or are his skills eroding? The Jets may need to think long and hard before bringing him back next season. They can save a huge chunk of money by letting him walk. It is something to monitor over the second half of the season.

The rest of the defense didn’t bring much to the table. There was no pass rush to speak of while the game was still in question. Muhammad Wilkerson had a sack and interception because he just might be the Defensive Player of the Year but beyond that? It was a bunch of no shows. Marvin Jones had FOUR touchdowns, today. Marvin Jones! There is no talk of having an elite defense when Marvin Jones catches four touchdowns on you.

Offensively, the Jets were immediately in a hole but didn’t take advantage of a short field after the Wilkerson interception. The running game never got going (Bilal Powell now has 93 yards on his last 34 carries. Chris Ivory only had 11 yards on 6 carries today). Geno Smith had two bad pick sixes, although both came long after the game had been decided. It was another game where the Jets clearly missed Kellen Winslow Jr and Santonio Holmes. It is hard to expect to generate consistent points on offense when you start Jeff Cumberland at tight end and your top three wide receivers are David Nelson, Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill.

To be fair, Nelson has been very good since being signed and is already a better fit in this offense than Hill who is having a disappointing sophomore season. Yet, he is ideally a number three receiver. Kerley is having a very good year but isn’t a true number one receiver. He needs to be in the slot and a team’s second option at wide receiver. Cumberland is a backup tight end, nothing more.

Today was an ugly, ugly day for the Jets who project as a wildly, inconsistent 8-8 team right now. This season has been a mix of very enjoyable wins and horrifyingly bad losses. The roller coaster continues….

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Dave2220

    Burn the tape… Scramble the bits… Rinse and do not repeat…

  • David

    I can handle losing; as Jets fans, we have been through it more times than we care to count.

    What I can’t handle is seeing my team, my coaches, everyone not mentally or physically prepared to play a football game nor even close to matching the intensity of the opponent my team is facing.

    And I shutter to think about the idea of Drew Brees, Darren Sproles, Jimmy Graham, and the New Orleans Saints next Sunday with our secondary!

  • Angel

    I held my tongue last week when the Geno worshipers came out applauding another one of his inconsistent performances.

    Not this week.

    Geno better get his shit together ASAP. The fumbles and pick sixes are shameful!

    That, and the defense can have all the great coaching in the world — Rex isn’t going on the field with them to hold there hands. We need players. Right now our CBs are playing terribly and our safeties are out matched and making too many mental errors.

    We have an 8 – 8 team… and that’s best case scenario.

  • Mark Phelan

    The OL has escaped the criticism it deserves.

    Geno rarely had time. There was no push, no holes for the running game.

    I don’t care who you have as WR, if your QB doesn’t have any degree of confidence in the protection he is receiving – forget it!

    A bad day – a terrible day, but at least it highlights where our shortcomings are: OL, DBs, Special Teams coverage.

  • Nick Evans

    To think Geno was a big problem today is just delusional. The kid played well in the beginning of the game when and ended up completing 67% of his passes today. The first pick was more on Kerley for not finishing his route. There was no running game and we became predictable today offensively against a very good defense. His mistakes came when the game was out of hand and was a product of that.

    As for Milliner the kids just not good. I havent seen him do one positive thing all year. He literally looks like a fool on the field. I think the argument is settled Walls is by far a better corner.

  • KAsh

    I stopped watching the game after the Jets came out of the half and Geno threw the pick six. It was an atrocious performance.

    There are no signs of life in the secondary. I do not know if it is the coaching or the strategy or the players themselves, but no one is making a case for his further employment. The pass rush cannot get there if the quarterback makes a three-step-drop throw that goes for ten yards, and even more once the corner misses the tackle.

    Our linebackers also disappeared. None of them are great in coverage and none of them can get to the quarterback. A 3-4 defense whose linebackers can only help against the run = hilarity.

    On offense, our run game is MIA. Goodson is gone for the year. Bilal and Ivory have disappointed over the last four weeks. Most importantly, the Bengals were blowing up our run plays by not even letting the runner get to the line of scrimmage; before today, I had only seen our d-line do that to opponents. Our o-line has been struggling in run blocking, which was supposed to be their strength.

    Finally, both the receivers and Geno deserve equal blame. The receivers have not been making enough plays. Nelson did not have the ability or chance to get some first downs, but Cumberland once simply stopped a yard shy. I have no idea why.

    But Geno has had a very rough go of quarterbacking. When the play that Marty calls is correct, everything goes off without a hitch. When Geno needs to think for himself, start praying. Everybody knows that you throw toward the blitz as that is where the coverage is deficient. On Geno’s second sack, Hill beat his man inside and was open the entire time, but Geno was looking for Cumberland who was jammed at the start of his route, covered, and running across the entire formation. Geno still does not feel pressure when he is in the pocket and his clock is still on college time.

    There are no short term solutions for Geno and the passing game. He is still not used to his receivers. Hill is tall; balls need to go over his head and not below his chest to be almost picked off by a corner half his size. Geno’s inexperience is starting to catch up with him; his on-off performances are both on a downward trend.

    We should be looking toward mid-round picks in the draft. We have a lot of needs and can use as many picks as possible.

  • John C

    Pathetic? Pitiful? Embarrasing? We were trounced in all phases. Folk & Cribbs (and I guess Wilkerson) were the only players that performed today. Today’s game highlighted all of the Jets flaws, like one of those “specimen lights” that police use to find “bodily fluid”.

    A good thing we have a lot of draft picks, and some FA money this off-season. Other than DL, there is no position we are close to set at – and the DL still needs the help that a pass rushing LB would bring. Marvin Jones (the guy with the 4 TDs) was drafted in the 5th round in 2012 – the same year we drafted Hill (ouch). OL, RB, LB, DB – we still have serious needs in all of those areas.

    This game was not lost by Geno, the game was decided before the two Pick 6s, but there is still no excuse for them – the second one was a terrible decision, and Geno was so focused in on staring down the receiver (missing Hill being open deep on the other side), that it’s inconceivable that he did not see the defender. On the pass he tried to force in the End Zone to Cumby (after Mo’s pick), he had Ivory open on a check down, for a sure gain of 15 before any one could even touch him.

    I was glad that Ryan sat Smith at the end – he said he planned to, even before the Pick 6. Rex has to be consistent, and if he can bench their top pick Milliner – mid-game – twice in the same season, than he has to be willing to do it with Smith as well. Ultimately it helps Smith on several levels – it prevents him from total shell-shock, and forces him to understand that everyone is accountable. I’m not saying that Simms should be starter, but I do think he showed today, that he would not be a drop off from Geno – He was only 3-7 but I think every pass was where it needed to be and he ended up leading the team in rushing!

    So were 4-4 and the only thing we are consistent at, is being inconsistent, but, if we stay healthy, and Rex can keep the wheels from falling off any further, we still have a realistic shot at 9-7 (though after a drubbing like today’s 7-9 might seem more realistic).

  • paul

    Reality sets in, oh well thanks for the memories. insert sarcastic sigh here. I hope next year is better.

  • Steve

    A wildly inconsistent Rookie QB – I was ready for….

    A Defense ppl want to call Top 5 Not doing anything worries me infinitely more. No pressure ALL GAME???? Maybe 1 good play ALL GAME – That’s what makes me sick.

    Heck even if Dalton picks apart the secondary – He should be eating dirt on every other play.

    I said it all year and there was an interesting analysis at PFF last week about how Lucky Rex and his D has been with QB’s “Just Missing”…

  • David

    I know this may be a terrible comparison, but I felt like yesterday that I was watching the Jacksonville Jaguars in NY Jets uniforms.

  • twoshady18

    it’s really all my fault…. i dropped Broncos D/ST on my fantasy league and picked up the Jets D/ST. The fantasy gods have spoken… I’ll switch it back for next week.

  • mark

    Hey you all saw this coming. We are better than yesterday, and I will take the Pats win with this loss any day of the week.

  • DC

    Lankster also looked good.

  • mike

    it’s tempting to look for a scapegoat after a horrible loss. some want to blame milliner, some want to blame geno, others cromartie, or stephen hill, or the o-line, and on and on and on.
    the fact is that aside from david nelson and wilkerson, every single guy in a jets uniform was outplayed by his counterpart. we were beaten in all phases, badly. the team was clearly unprepared for a strong opponent, and one wonders how this jets team gets the nerve to underestimate anyone. any time you get beaten that badly, the blame has to fall primarily on the coaches. whatever the plan was, it was not a good plan.
    it’s been a roller-coaster, and two of the losses have been extremely ugly. but we’re still in the mix, we’re not winless and spiraling out of control, we’re sitting at .500 halfway through the season. a few years ago, rex ryan lost 45-3 at new england and then went right back in there a few weeks later and knocked the same team out of the playoffs. the season ain’t over. not yet.

  • Lidman

    I love reading comments after the wins and losses. People need to take a deep breath. This is a young team, with a rookie QB and a number of new starters. The past 2 years, they’d had gotten old, slow and were expensive. Look at the NYG, right now. Aren’t you glad you’re a NYJ fan?

    Cincy is arguably playing as well as anyone, the past 3 weeks. They’ve had wins over GB and NE at home, and at Detroit. They have a tone of offensive talent, and a 3rd yr QB, who is putting it all together. Their defense is top notch as well. So, maybe the Jets shouldn’t have gotten blown out this bad, but this was not an obvious win.

    Jets suffering the up and downs of rookie QB, who isn’t being limited. They have a rookie at Guard and 1 other new OL man. They have, at best, an inexperienced receiving crew. On defense they are young too (will address Cro, in a bit). They are vulnerable, on the edge, because Pace is slow and Q is not playing LB for his edge setting/coverage skills. Wilkerson is a stud, but he’s also the most experienced DLineman they have, and he’s only in his 3rd year. He wasn’t a great pass rusher, at first, but Dunbar has done well with him. Hopefully, Sheldon Richardson develops similarly. Coples is either not 100%, or has regressed..enormously. Wilson hasn’t been bad, but he’s not a star. Milliner is over matched. Most NFL pundits say CB is the hardest position, to transition to, physically, in the NFL. But, just looking at Claiborne, in Dallas, I wonder if those stout LSU and ‘Bama DLs had as much to do with the outstanding CB play. On the other hand, P Peterson, has really come into his own this year. Maybe Dee just needs coaching, and to work on his game.

    Last week’s ‘Stock Watch’ talked about Idzik building the Jets the ‘right way’. I’m not going to kill the guy, he’s only been here since January. That said, I’m not ready to annoint him as a genius either. The Jets did not have to trade Revis, he was under contract. Idzik made that choice believing he couldn’t sign him, if Revis opted out after this year, and wouldn’t risk keeping him and seeing if his high level of play would return, making him a mid season trade candidate.

    Hindsight is 20/20. That said, I always said (check the archives), betting on Revis returning to form, was a better bet than betting on Cro to continue to play at the level he did last year. Last year, the Jets couldn’t stop the run. They were often down early and teams didn’t have to throw on them, so Cro looked a lot better than he was. He’s a good CB, with elite ability. However, Revis’ presence also allowed him to usually play the opposing team’s ‘vertical threat’ (which played to his strengths) and usually allowed him to have Safety help over the top. The Jets renegotiated his contract this year, and gave him a $2.4mm raise. Next year, his ‘cap number’ is $14980M. Even if he made first team All-Pro, I think the NYJ would have done something, to lower that number. I’m betting they believed they would extend him. Now, right now the top 5 CB salaries average $11.279M. Cro’s annual is averaging just over $8.7mm (with this year’s raise) over 3yrs. If the Jets cut him, he will contribute $5.48MM of ‘dead money’ to the cap. If they cut him, they’ll also be looking for a CB. So, my long winded point is: I’m not sure Idzik played this right. If we believe the post draft reports, the NYJ had Richardson and Tavon Austin as their top targets, along with Milliner. Had they kept Revis, they probably take Richardson (I can’t guarantee, but I’m assuming they don’t take another CB). This defense would be much better with Revis. I think his presence would have likely meant they win the first NE game. Sure, I can’t guarantee it but I don’t believe he blows that coverage, which lead to the Dobson TD. On top of that, if at this point, they didn’t think they could sign him, it’s likely he could have been traded. Would they have gotten a 1st, and conditional 3rd? I don’t know. I do know that right now, that 1st doesn’t look like he’ll be a very good NFL CB (although, I could be, and am hoping, I’m wrong). So, if Revis were here and then after the season they got nothing, they’d wind up with a compensatory pick, which would be a 3rd (he’s a still a stud). I think Idzik misplayed this. Although, once Domenik/Schiano get fired, he’ll have chance to fix it. Revis has to hate not playing for Ryan. He ‘trademarked’ the phrase ‘Revis Island’ and he’d get more exposure, and opportunities to profit from it, in NY.

    The team has an easier schedule the second half of the year. Even if they lose v New Orleans and at Baltimore (though I don’t see them as a powerhouse), I think it’s plausible they win at least 4 of these 6 games, and 5 wouldn’t be a surprise: Miami 2x, @Buffalo, Oakland, Cleveland, @Carolina
    I think most fans would have seen 8-8 as a positive coming in.

    Back in 2009, NYJ were 4-4, at the midpoint. They were wildly inconsitent and wound up gettign to 4-6 before closing out 5-1…keep the faith folks…can’t live week to week.