No Huddle – New York Jets Week 1 Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets heading into week 1 against Tampa Bay

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Mac Is Sacked and Geno Is on Track, But Can Rex Still Change Course? 

The Jets had not one, but two QB competitions in August. Greg McElroy was able to survive and somehow topple Tebowmania last year, but couldn’t overcome more injuries and camp surprise Matt Simms this year. So as Mark Sanchez nurses the shoulder injury the team will look to Geno Smith with Simms as the backup.

Now reports conflict to whether the Jets were planning to go with Sanchez or Smith in week one before the 4th quarter against the Giants took place, but let’s face it. How many of us will believe any Jets coach or higher up’s claims now after the fact anyway, as to what side they were on prior to #6’s shoulder injury.

The real question for Rex Ryan. is what happens if Geno crumbles and he has a good hunch about Simms? The fourth QB in a two man battle who actually outplayed the other three, albeit with and against second string units.

Will Rex side with the hopes of some job security and John Idzik’s designs of a full dose of Geno even through massive growing pains? Or will he risk going against his boss by giving Simms a shot. Would he consider handing the unpopular Sanchez a final chance in New York should he feel that the Jets could be better off by doing so?

This is a hypothetical based off of the idea that Smith will fail we know, and hey wouldn’t it be great if Smith just lit it up out of the gates. We wonder though, is this QB thing now on auto pilot? Does anyone with a Jets headset have the power to change course if the rookie tanks while the D and run game prove to be viable enough to make December games meaningful?

Rex Was At The Clemson Game, So What

Word broke Sunday morning that Ryan was at the Clemson game Saturday where his son is a walk on. Some local media folks alluded to the fact that Ryan should have been in Florham on cut day instead. That him being at a college game on such a day was proof of an eroding influence with the Jets.

Ryan is certainly not the same guy he was around here. It is easy to see that. At pressers he sounds in control as much as he does controlled. He is almost too afraid to come off arrogant or boastful.

This can’t continue all year. Rex has to revisit being at least a portion of himself, even if it is a toned down version. One that is void of middle fingers in Miami and goddamn snacks at the practice facility. Rex was personable, confident, fun and fun to listen to. We hope that over a few pre game college football beers, he was reminded of the frat boy enthusiasm he initially arrived here with.

Rex didn’t have to be anywhere specifically on Saturday in our eyes.

He just has to find that spark again. Has to enjoy being the HC, despite the unsettling circumstances that surround him. This year will be treacherous for him if he can’t.

Quick Hits

– Ryan Spadola will contribute weekly.

– Kyle Wilson and Stephen Hill will frustrate fans consistently.

– The Jets will remind fans to be patient with Geno, but the boos will rain down on him if he plays like Sanchez too.

– Sheldon Richardson is going to blow up a lot of inside runs and pockets in the passing game.

– The Jets better find a punt returning option that is more aggressive than a Jeremy Kerley fair catch. At least seven points a game will depend on that lost or gained field position.

– Hurry up back Tone. Please.

Test The Waters Around The Island

Here we go. Our first regular season thought. Jets. Bucs. Week 1. With it, the return of guess who? It seems like ages ago that he left doesn’t it?

We don’t suggest swimming freely after dark around Revis island, but the Jets have to see how #24 is moving right now. If he is favoring any one type of push off or direction, we expect that to be additional info added into the immediate gameplan. Play smart around Revis Island, but don’t play scared either.

As for a Jets prediction on 2013, hey we hear what the analysts are saying. Three wins. Four wins. The Clowney sweepstakes. What if the defense gels up front? What if the Mornhinweg system truly helps to spread the rock? As the QB situation calms down. Imagine that scenario. Boom.

  • Danish Jes

    I really don’t see why everyone is so pessimistic about Hill. Last year he made a couple of bad drops, ONE terrible drop against New England, but other than that he was injured a lot of the season and he was a rookie – playing in a crappy offense to say the least. Any reciever would get bad stats in that situation. Oh, and by the way everyone knew that he would need time developing, coming out of a run first college offense.
    He has already shown good improvement in both route running and catching this preseason if you ask me. Let’s just wait and see what he can do.

    But as for Wilson… phew, that guy needs a reality check.

  • Dan

    Revis has to be rusty. They should run him ragged and see how he responds. He was not himself after he missed preseason during his holdout with us and I suspect the same will be true in week one.

  • John C

    The prevailing wisdom of experts is always that preseason means nothing, but the 2012 preseason was certainly a precursor to the 2012 regular season, and I believe this preseason bodes well for our potential to make some experts look like fools this year.

    Even if Sanchez is the QB, I believe we will get better QB play. The running game should also be better, and the receivers are improved over last year. If the Defense plays comparably to last year (and I believe they will), I look for the jets to be anywhere from 7-9 to 9-7, with an outside shot at 10-6 if they avoid season ending injuries to key players, and Geno is not a total bust.

    If Geno/Sanchez should falter, I’d love to see Simms get an opportunity to show what he has against 1st stringers, so we can have a better handle on our QB needs for next years draft.

    I agree that Wilson is going downhill, and should be slotted behind both Walls and Truffant on the depth chart. Hill had better come ready to play this year, and he had better get his act together (like not getting foolish Personal Foul calls as in preseason). I believe that Spadola will be stealing reps from the other WRs by years end.

  • Joe Barra

    If the kid is starting, I wouldn’t mind him avoiding Revis like the plague.


    Honestly, in my opinion, even if the defense “gels” and Marty “spreads the rock”, a 7 win season is the absolute best thing I see us doing…4-6 win team in my eyes

    And while Hill may have a drop here and there, I think he will be a much improved player and much less infuriating than Kyle Wilson

    And giving Simms a shot is just a ridiculous notion..Rex would probably give Quinn the rock before Simms…if Geno tanks, I think they will go back to Sanchez when he’s healthy, if Geno doesn’t…he’ll keep his job even when Mark gets back…I don’t see any other plausible scenarios unless Geno gets injured

  • Angel

    I’m an optimistic person, but I don’t see the Jets doing much better than last year with this team. A rookie QB, questionable O-line, and a lot of newbies in the D.

    Geno is going to lose us a game or two.

    7 – 9.

  • Addage

    I went in thinking 8-8, but that was with Mark starting. Geno makes it more 7-9. Nothing against Geno, but Mark has experience. I also thought it would be better for Geno to sit and learn up to the bye week.

    I find the pessimism odd–SOJF stuff. Marty is a clear improvement so O should be better.

    Gates and Hill have another year of experience. WR have to be better just on that. Maybe a lot better if Tone can contribute.

    OL is better. Howard has a year’s experience. Colon is better than Moore. Winters/Docasse are better than Slauson.

    DL has added Richardson. Coples will be improved. Overall depth is stronger. DL pass rush will be better.

    Secondary is better. Add Milliner to a group that performed well last year.

    I agree with Rex. He is a much better coach than people realize. Losing Pettine may be addition by subtraction because they no longer were working well together as a unit.

    LB’s and TE’s are about the same. If they are worse, it isn’t by much. You can argue they will be better.

    Improved units don’t necessarily lead to improved record, but how do you go lower than 6 wins?

  • joeydefiant

    They predict less than 6 wins because thats what the “experts” told them to think. 8-10 wins depending on how the ball bounces. A few lucky or unlucky bounces always decide a few games. Anyone who thinks this team could be worse than last year shouldnt be talking about football. The offense is like night and day no matter who the QB is. All those turnovers with Geno and the Jets still beat the Giants. 3-1 in the preaseason. Bad teams go winless in the preaseason. We saw that last year.

  • mike

    jets fans must, for the moment, understand that this team can win anywhere between 5 and 9 games. what we know is that the defense rex fields will be a solid unit. aside from that, it’s nothing but question marks.

  • Mark Phelan

    One reason our D not so good: LB and safety, especially pass coverage.

    One reason our O is much better: MM

    Jury out on special teams – that was a nightmare last year:

    Jets 7 wins, 9 losses