No Huddle – New York Jets Smacked Back To Reality Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets getting smacked around in Tennessee

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The daydream is over. The one where the rebuilding Jets all come together simultaneously and grow mistake free to prove the world wrong. The Jets were running uphill right from the coin toss yesterday. That’s what happens when you aim the gun at your foot and fire away all day with unlimited ammo.

Geno Didn’t Give Em a Chance:

One loss is never solely one player’s fault, but Geno Smith left the team behind the eight ball too early and too often yesterday. The gaffes were not rookie mistakes as much as sloppy ones.

Attempt and error from reasonable choices like mismatches and one on one coverage. We can all I’m sure, live with those.. Force throws, and backpedal unsurely in the pocket under duress? Those are harder to take as a pain loving diehard.

The Jets handed this game to to he Titans before they could hand the rock to a tempo setting Bilal Powell. Who looked terrific again. Settle down Geno. Settle down.

Bilal Powell Had Some Freeman In Him:

The shifty, resourceful, durable  Powell showed great inside vision and maximized plays where there appeared to be little room. Freeman McNeil style.

We felt like the offense could have leaned on him early on a few drives when the score was 24-6 and Jake Locker was gone, but Marty Mornhinweg still wanted to go big or go home.

Anyway, 29 was the most effective player on O yesterday. For whatever it’s worth, Powell may have solved one problem at least temporarily. Who to set the tone with on the ground. Here’s a guy taking advantage of his opportunity. Well done Bilal.

We Have A Glitch In the System:

It was a shame that the front seven could limit home run hitting RB Chris Johnson, and fall at the feet of Jake Locker, but the secondary couldn’t press up and attack the ball. The closest corner the Jets had to a downfield attempt was a back judge.

If and when Rex Ryan sees that his new secondary can get up tighter, this defense will be top notch. Until then, there’s an exposable glitch in the system. The Falcons receivers and Tony Gonzalez are next too. Gulp.

The Penalties:

In basketball, one often fouls taller quicker players who have an extra step. In football that fear causes some to flinch or overreact pre snap. Fine.

It’s the flags where a gunner willfully runs out of bounds on punt coverage though that are intolerable. Illegal shifts too.

Penalties hurt no matter how they come about, but the idiotic ones are an embarrassing indictment regarding the discipline of the team, which starts at the top. It’s all in the details. Or lack thereof.

On a Rollercoaster, At the 2-2 Crossroads.

Be happy the Jets have a season for. now. Most had them at 1-3 or 0-4 by this point. There’s enough already in place to give one a roadmap as to how the Jets can win on any given Sunday this season.

Be angry that the Pats loss was on a winnable night and the Titan debacle was a gift wrapped W for them after the Jets initial play from scrimmage.

Now get used to both emotions. It’s looking like the rollercoaster ain’t slowing down any time soon folks. At 2-2 with the Falcons, pissed off Steelers, Pats and Bengals on deck, 2013 can go in one of two directions in October. South or somewhere south of North. Tread water fellas. Get to 4-4 and give yourselves life into the cold weather months.

The clearest path to survival would be to beat the winless Steelers and find a way to steal one of the other three. Football is a strange game of course. Who knows which of the next batch will be there for the taking. If the chance presents itself, the Jets have to shock and surprise by closing a deal. Otherwise we are looking at 3-5 at best, by November.

Quick Hits:

-The KO hit on Stephen Hill was dirty but Geno led him to the slaughter. He also threw high on a pass that Jeremy Kerley banged his head on the turf. Play poorly 7, but don’t get your thin receiving corps hurt.

-At Least We Aren’t The Giants. I have never said that in my entire lifetime and may never be able to again, so I’m taking my shot now. Big Blue expected to be good. Gang Green didn’t. For the Jets, success is gravy right now. For the Giants 0-4 is unacceptable. They had Met Life Super Bowl dreams once too. Remember that?

-Mike Goodson retuns now after his 4 game suspension. He brings a much needed skill set with him. Return ability and speed. Especially if the Santonio Holmes hamstring causes 10 to be out for any period of time.

-The Jets can’t lose Tone for an extended period of time.

-Next Monday night the Jets are in Atlanta. Better limit the turnovers and penalties next week or get ready for a public stoning in the town square folks.

  • KAsh

    “There’s enough already in place to give one a roadmap as to how the Jets can win on any given Sunday this season.”

    A poor choice of expression considering the Jets next play the Falcons on Monday. If we want to have any shot at the playoffs, Atlanta is pretty close to a “must-win.” They already lost to the Fins and the Pats. In fact, our loss to the Titans was the first non-divisional loss in the entire AFC East. Someone needs to stumble for us to have a chance.

    The Falcons are beatable this year. It all depends on Holmes and Hill coming back healthy, Goodson (and maybe Ivory) playing as if they were here the whole time, the defense dominating as we have come to expect, and Geno learning to throw the ball away.

  • Angel

    I think this is the closest to an honest assessment of Geno’s performance as I’ve seen on this site so far. No Pollyanna “the future is bright” BS, just straight up ‘call it how it is’ analysis. Kudos! You could have done a whole article on the Geno “Butt-Fumble” sequel, but you didn’t. Good for you TJ.

    Speaking of which, I think Geno’s “Butt-Fumble” was worse than Sanchez…

    …hear me out…

    Sanchez’ “Butt-Fumble” came when Brandon Moore [who I could only assume was on roller-skates] was pushed back into Mark’s running lane, thus causing the fumble.

    Geno’s “Butt-Fumble” came while [inexplicably] trying to pass the ball behind his back as he backpedaled away from defensive tackle Karl Klug… and led to a TD.

    So, if we put it to a vote I’m sure Mark’s would win… NOT because of all the Geno apologists on this site and in the comments section, but because most Jets fans just hate Mark no matter what. Period.

  • The most concerning take away from this game was the way the secondary has been exposed – we have no playmakers back there this year – was last season a flash in the toilet for Cro ?
    Just when it looked like Vlad had arrived he gets blown up – start Brian Winters next week and the big guard from Michigan (Campbell) instead of Colon the following game.
    Lets take a look at safety Rontez Miles and TE Chris Pantale in a season thats starting to look like a rebuilding/developmental year.

  • joeydefiant

    Relax people. The Jets havent lost a home game yet. Rookie QB loses his first 2 games on the road, one with 3 days to prepare. The atlanta game is not a must win. Its a tough road game. Your always in the race until you lose a home game. Win your games at home and you steal 2 on the road and thats 10. Start panicking if they lose a home game.

  • Joe Barra

    Brandon Moore wasn’t pushed back.

  • Harold


    Have you actually watched the butt Fumble? Moore was not on skates. He pushed Wilfork back a step off the line and they were in a stalemate until Sanchez ran into him on his own. This mythology about Moore being manhandled is a disgrace and needs to stop.

  • Steve

    Geno’s Fumble was due to a hellish pass rusher completely unblocked… That play was going to be bad and most likely a fumble regardless…

    The Butt Fumble had plenty of time to think and throw away or sit for the sack…

  • joeydefiant

    GOD caused the butt fumble due to Tim Tebow being disrespected.

  • Mark Phelan

    Don’t argue folks – 2 butt fumbles are twice as good as 1.

  • John C

    Tough call on the butt fumbles – Sanchez’s was funnier, but Geno’s was more stupid, and would get more Style points. It’s a draw for me.

    I know “Geno’s only a rookie”, but I’m already tired of listening to Geno’s post-game “Sanchezian” comments, about how “It’s on me” and “I’ll get it corrected”.

    When you can come into a game, after professing, for three games, that you need to be more disciplined in protecting the ball, and yet, on the second play and on your first pass of the game, proceed to throw an unhurried, yet forced throw, to a double-covered wide receiver, resulting in a pick, then you have not learned anything.

    Geno has some potential, but I’m very concerned about the (for lack of a better word), stupid, decisions he is continuing to make. After 4 years of “I’ll get it corrected”, I hope Jets management isn’t dumb enough to believe it anymore.

  • Jon Richter

    First of all, Geno was NOT “trying” to pass the ball behind his back. He was trying to pin it against his hip, but it slipped behind him. He then tried to prevent to fumble by grabbing it with his other hand, but failed.

    Second, for all those tired of “It’s on me and I’ll get it fixed”, what do you want him to say? “It wasn’t my fault.” “STOP coming to our games because this is as good as we’re ever going to be.”? He’s accepting responsibility and vowing to work hard to try to improve. You can’t ask him to do anything else.

  • John C

    Joe R. – We know it’s the only thing they can really say – just tired of having to hear it every week 🙂