New York Jets vs. Tampa Bay Bucs – Under The Radar Edition

Connor Rogers looks at under the radar aspects of the New York Jets week 1 match-up against the Tampa Bay Bucs

The preseason is finally over and as always the mood is tense in New York Jets land. The media is continuously attacking Rex Ryan (for going to his son’s college football game) and every “analyst” has the Jets winning 2 games. Shocking? Not in the slightest bit. With all of this smoke covering up what really matters (the Jets are a football team, not a soap opera) there is a very important matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday. Let’s dive into the football aspects of this matchup that have flew under the radar:

1) Is Santonio Holmes going to be available?

If Holmes can play, this is an entirely different game for multiple reasons. The Buccaneers have garnered a ton of hype in regards to their rebuilt secondary. What people fail to realize is that Darrelle Revis is coming off a torn ACL, they have a young safety in Mark Barron who has been absolutely brutal in coverage at times, and have a very suspect second corner in Leonard Johnson. Holmes would most likely draw Revis, leaving Johnson on Stephen Hill. Johnson has been outmuscled a lot in his one year career and Hill is the perfect receiver to matchup against him. Jeremy Kerley would most likely draw rookie corner Johnthan Banks, which could lead to a big day for the shifty slot receiver.

2) Can the Jets stop Doug Martin?

Doug Martin ran wild as a rookie and is poised for a big sophomore year. The Jets have rebuilt a once aging front seven with speedy pass rushers around top tier defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson. Although the Jets pass rush has big expectations, the youngsters might struggle against the run at first, especially with questionable safeties playing behind them. Fortunately for the Jets, the Buccaneers have serious questions at…

3) Tampa’s Offensive Line

Former pro bowl guard Carl Nicks is a long shot to play. Losing a starting guard is usually less of a worry than a tackle, but the Jets are built much differently than many defenses in the NFL. They game plan to garner pressure from the interior, specifically from defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson and defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson. If Nicks can’t play and the Bucs are forced to start Gabe Carimi, Jamon Meredith, or Ted Larsen, it could seem like the preseason all over again for quarterback Josh Freeman (he was constantly hit and scrambling from pressure).

4) How much will Geno Smith be asked to do? 

Marty Mornhinweg loves to come out firing and reportedly loves his rookie quarterback Geno Smith. Smith can make all the throws and can move quite well, but is he ready to carry an offense? The answer is simply no, not yet. While he can come out and throw for over 250 yards, the more important aspect is his decision making. Limit turnovers and take chances when necessary, but keep the weight of the world off your shoulders, Geno.

  • um i wouldnt sleep on mark barron that guy is gonna be a stud

  • KAsh

    I think we really need to test Revis when he is out there. Start slow. See if he can still keep up and dominate receivers and cut equally in all directions (AKA if he is still Revis). Make sure to note if he does not like to cut in one or another direction. Or if he is rusty from missing a year and not having played a single preseason game for TB.

    And after one quarter, maybe a full half, of this, torch him. Only use routes that make him cut to his left (I believe he tore his left ACL). Get him lined up against Hill or Gates who make him sprint at full speed up the field. There is no need to tiptoe around him or his injury.

  • Landon

    I am not against testing Revis. However, I would use hill to test him… and see if Revis can keep up with a double move off of a play action to freeze the safeties from jumping the long route.

    I am concerned about the Jets Defense against outside runs and tight ends testing the safeties. The Jets had issues last year in setting the edge, and I believe we still have that issue today.

  • David J.

    I would be looking to air it out to Hill a few times this game. Geno has the arm strength and has hit Hill in stride. Hill can burn Revis in a footrace to the ball for a 40 yard haul 1 on 1. I would love to see that.

  • John

    Guys, you are missing the boat here – the defense lines up against the offense. It’s not the Jets choice in the matter. If they dare leave this scrub CB on Holmes, he’ll get lit up. Revis MUST cover Holmes unless he comes up lame. That’s why the author is correct in stating Hill will draw Johnson.
    Another bit of good news is that the Bucs have no one that scares you at TE. This could allow for some big-time blitzing.

    And for that first guy – Barron has been a bust to this point in coverage. You can’t claim he’s a beast until he shows it and to this point, he hasn’t.

    I agree that our ability to slow the run will be the biggest key of the game. Can they get it done?

  • John C

    I kind of agree with running Revis’ man deep, early and often. He has no game time in preseason, and is coming off an injury. If nothing else, it might keep him from keying on runs, and might also force a Safety to help. Deep routes might also help Geno, by not having to throw across a congested middle of the field.

  • KAsh

    The defense does line up against the offense, which is why I used the passive tense, but you can make him pick between the lesser of two evils, to an extent. Holmes, even if fully healthy, should not play on every down anyway, both so that he does not reinjure himself and so that he gradually gets back in the game. Substitute in Gates for Holmes on some downs and make Revis pick between a speedy Hill or a speedy Gates. You cannot guarantee that they do not sub Revis out, but any other TB corner will be inferior to him.

  • joeydefiant

    I won’t get into meaningless discussion about what routes the Jets receivers should run, I’ll leave that to Marty.

    What I will say is be careful what you wish for. Revis has the smmarts and the instincts to eat Geno up even if he is physically only at 50%. Remember Geno is still staring down his receivers. Don’t make the kid have a bad game throwing at a top 3 corner in NFL history.

  • Mark Phelan

    Now that Revis is out of the NY market I predict his panache will fade fast.

    While an All-Pro talent, I always felt the adoration of Revis was a bit over the top. No doubt he would shut down his one WR receiver…but what else did he bring? Honestly.

    Revis was never one to come up and help on a tackle. Even if he is healthy TB will soon regret tthe $1 million per game and 2 draft picks they gave for him.