Initial Reaction – New York Jets Stuff Stat Sheet, Move To 2-1

Initial Reaction to the New York Jets 27-20 win over the Buffalo Bills

If you have been watching the New York Jets for a prolonged period of time, you know certain statistical days rarely happen. 300 yard passers. 100 yard receivers. 100 yard rushers. 5+ sacks in a single game…these things just don’t happen all that often. 20 penalties? Now that sounds a little more believable.

Today, the Jets beat the Buffalo Bills 27-20. They probably should have won by more but wins are wins and few people expected the Jets to have 2 wins in the middle of September. It was another banner day for the defense, that was marred slightly by an awful collection of penalties, most of them on Kyle Wilson in a single series that turned the momentum of the game in the Bills favor.

Seriously, Wilson’s display of a penalty on four straight plays and back to back personal fouls, merits being cut. Forget even trading him at this point, you cannot have a player who can self-implode so easily, particularly when he is below average on the field. Send a message and release him.

Penalties aside, the Jets were hurt by a pair of poor challenge decisions by Rex Ryan which cost them two second half timeouts. He has gotten away with a clock management gaffe in the Jets first win and now poor challenge use in their second win. Ryan must clean up these mistakes. He is a very good coach and doing unbelievable work with this team’s defense but that doesn’t excuse these type of errors.

On to the positives, the Jets defense sacked EJ Manuel eight times. Eight times! Muhammad Wilkerson had a pair and Sheldon Richardson, Antonio Allen, Dawan Landry, David Harris, Calvin Pace, and Demario Davis got in on the party. As you can see from the player list, the pressure was coming from all over the place. Outside of the penalty aided touchdown drive, EJ Manuel struggled heavily. He finished 19/42 and with a 71.8 QB Rating. CJ Spiller had 10 carries for 9 yards before leaving with an injury. The Jets defense has owned “big play” backs in all three games to start the season. If your fantasy running back is playing the Jets, do yourself a favor and bench them.

Offensively, Geno Smith had two very ugly. two very “rookie” interceptions. However, he bounced back effectively from both and finished 16/29 for 331 yards with 2 touchdowns to go with them. He also ran for his first career touchdown on the Jets opening drive. Smith had four completions go for over 40 yards, two to Stephen Hill and two to Santonio Holmes. Both receivers finished with over 100 yards and Holmes had the go-ahead touchdown on an unbelievable 69 yard catch and run. This was vintage 2010 Holmes, who appears to be back at 100%. It was an extremely encouraging day in Hill’s development as he caught a 45 yard pass and a 51 yard touchdown, showing his deep speed.

Chris Ivory went down early with a hamstring injury and Bilal Powell rose to the occasion with a career day running the ball. Powell finished with 149 yards on 27 carries, including a long run of 27 yards. Today was easily the strongest case he ever made for being a lead back. Marty Mornhinweg finally showed a little dedication to the running game, handing the ball off a total of 41 times.

Overall, this was an encouraging win for the Jets. They demonstrated a level of offensive firepower and downfield passing, we just haven’t seen in the Rex Ryan era. Defensively, this also has the opportunity to be the best unit he has coached since coming to New York. There are still issues with this team but they aren’t one of the worst teams in football…far from it, actually.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Bruce Harper

    sheldon Richardson looking like the real deal!

    How much did Millener play?

  • __fense

    I was at the game, so I didn’t get the announcers, but was it not obvious how terrible the officiating was? There were three straight players where the Bills guard and center both jumped, and then they called offsides on the defense, the second challenge was obviously out of bounds, and more than one of the Kyle Wilson penalties should not have been flagged. It didn’t help that there was a guy in a Miami hat standing right next to the replay booth.

  • KAsh

    Aside from that one series, I thought Wilson played a good game. That said, someone should have slapped him. Four penalties for 49 yards (a fifth was offset by Stevie Johnson taunting him) would make Kyle the third-best receiver and fourth-best contributor of total yards. And all courtesy of the hothead, Stevie Johnson. What, no one told you he would try to piss you off?

  • matr dontelli iii

    as mcknight was injured all preseason i was all for cutting him. now we’ve got clyde gates regularly returning kicks to the fifteen yard line. i have no use for wilson but i really don’t wanna see us dragging in a waiver pickup who’s worse when someone gets injured. that said, i don’t think trufant, walls, langster or probably even the punter could do a worse job than wilson. yeah rex makes mistakes. he’s also the mastermind behind the defense. he’s not taking a demotion to defensive coordinator. woodhead is not in the habit of hiring coaches with experience. you take the good with the bad. this team is winning games and winning the statistical battles each week. it is incredibly young, possibly the youngest team in the league. with experience the mistakes will decrease and the scores should become more lopsided in our favor. this is a playoff team in the making. even the morons on espn and at the daily news are taking notice. eight sacks might even be enough to wake up fathead mike at wfan!

  • John C

    Rex – A couple of tips on challenges – 1) Never challenge a spot in the middle of the field (especially when it is obviously short). I’ve never seen one changed. 2) Always save one challenge for a turnover.

    Wilson must get fewer reps. Geno had a good game – Pleased to see them go deep – but he did almost tjrow a third (very ugly) int, late in the game. Great game by the D (except Wilson). Harris looks a step faster this year

  • chris armstrong


    the 2nd challenge was very very tight. but even with numerous video replays and slow mo there was nothing to overturn it so no the officials for me got it right. as for wilson… every single thing he was flagged for was 100% a foul. he blew up when johnson taunted him and deserves to be cut. end of story . If we can halve the turnovers again still and keep the pass/run balance right… this team … on the back of this ryan defense… can get to the post season. and when you consider where everyone had us finishing before week 1…… thatd be quite something!

  • Dave2220

    Richardson did not play late in the 4th Quarter, after the scum on the penalty filled Bills drive. Was he injured?

  • Mark Phelan

    Other than Folk – FG’s and touchbacks, what’s to be done with the Special Teams?

    Gates is a joke. Kerley should not be taking punts.

  • Lidman

    Wilson’s 2nd PF, was a bad call. Johnson fell, because he caught his foot, on the turf, trying to get quickly..probably to further taunt Wilson. That said, Kyle needs to know the situation, he’s a 4th year player.

  • Lidman

    When Coples is 100%, this front 7 is going to terrorize QBs.

  • I think my favorite moment in yesterday’s game was seeing Kyle Wilson come off the field after those 4 straight penalties. But not because he was coming out of the game; he was being walked to the sideline and talked to by rookie (!!) Sheldon Richardson. I’ve seen Sheldon a number of times this season chatting and keeping morale up on the sidelines. He’s acting like a true veteran on and off the field. I already feel like I’ve been seeing him get the job done in the green and white for years, but he’s only played 3 games. This defense will keep the Jets in every game, and it starts with the job done up front.

  • Drew

    Cut Kyle Wilson? Where would that leave us? Lets settle down and let the coaches punish him without weakening the team. He has been one of our better corners this year and is playing much better than the old Kyle Wilson.

    Marty isn’t getting enough credit for what he is doing. Rookie QB and the same players that we had last year and we get over 500 yards of offense yesterday?! I’ll take it.

    The Jets have out-gained their opponents every game this season (significantly). If we cut down on penalties and win the turnover battle, we control out own destiny.

    10th ranked offense.
    4th ranked defense (probably 3rd after tonight).

  • David

    I know he still has time to improve and has missed some time, but RB Chris Ivory to me has been a huge disappointment.

    As for Kyle Wilson, it stuff like what he did on those drives that cost teams the game or at the very least, keeps a team in the ball game. That’s what gets me mad; Without the penalties and poor challenges, the Jets win that game something like 34-6 instead of being tied at 20 in a game they are dominating midway through the 4th quarter. For all the good the Jets had done, how would be people feel about Wilson had his penalties cost us the game?

  • Lidman

    Drew…Jets at -6 in TOs this year. Yes, all 6 are Geno INTs. I would expect that to improve-though he is a rookie. However, they’re also not creating enough TOs of their own. In 3 games, they have 2 take aways: 1 Int and 1 FR. They’ve forced 5 fumbles, but have only recovered 1 (Rex’ poor challenges probably cost them 1 yesterday). Now, you can say those things will even out, but many pundits have pointed out how since leading the the league in Takeaways, back in 2010 (w/35), that Pittsburgh has only 35 total since then. The defense looks great, especially up front. It would be nice to see them give the offense a short field once a game, because with rookie QB, it’s likely they’ll have to defend at least 1 per game (2 yesterday..only giving up 6pts).

  • mike

    you tweeted that you don’t get why people are still defending kyle wilson, and i don’t know about the others here but i’d say he’s a very good wrap-up tackler. also, while he has deficiencies in his coverage skills, i don’t think he’s WORSE than whatever FA corner we’d pick up to replace him. cutting him now would put a ton of pressure on milliner, and although walls and trufant are playing well i’m not sure i’d want them on the field for every nickle package.

    i understand, you’re emotional, and the drive of a thousand penalties was one of the dumbest things any of us has ever seen. but i don’t see how thinning out our cornerback depth makes the team any better. and it won’t stop vlad from racking up the flags anyway.

  • Lidman

    Mike..he didn’t suggest cutting Wilson, or giving him away for nothing. Yesterday, not withstanding, Carolina needs DBs-they were signing guys off the street last year. Based on early returns, do you think Walls is a downgrade to Wilson? Maybe there isn’t value in trading Wilson, and sure Joe used yesterday to exacerbate his point, but is it really ‘thinning the CBs corp’ if you trade Wilson, move every one up a notch and add something of value-whether that be a player of a draft pick?

  • David

    Lidman, from what I have seen so far, Walls should be starting opposite Cromartie!

  • mike

    lidman, i think a common mistake fans make is assuming that the guy further down the depth chart just hasn’t gotten his chance yet.
    walls is sitting behind wilson AND milliner, and i happen to believe that rex ryan is a pretty good defensive coach. not only is he a better talent evaluator than i am, but he’s watching practice and i’m not.
    walls has looked very good as an occasional sub in dime packages but if he’s on the outside for every snap as our #2 corner he might not be able to handle the extra attention he’d be guaranteed to receive.
    our coaching staff thinks wilson is either the second or the third best cover guy on the roster. he’s a playable piece in a generally thin secondary. it doesn’t make sense to cut him, and good luck trading him at this point.
    he’s not the corner we deserve, but he is the corner we need right now.

  • John C

    Mike – I agree it wouldn’t make sense to cut Wilson, but Walls is better at this point. And don’t sell us fan evaluators short – last year I felt that Harrison deserved more time. I can remember a similar comment that Harrison (as an undrafted FA), probably couldn’t play “full time’ – Ellis may never be considered the starter again (and he’s a good player).

  • KAsh

    Mike O’Connor breaks down the secondary for TOJ, so he will be the one to check the film, but the Jets secondary coverage broke down once Wilson was replaced by Walls. When Wilson came back in for the next series, the Bills went nowhere again.

  • aarin

    I’m just happy we are 2-1. Whatever our faults are we are 2-1.