Turn On The Jets 30 Pack – New York Jets 2013 Predictions

A very special Turn On The Jets 12 Pack is expanded to 30….with predictions for the New York Jets 2013 Season

Sometimes a 12 Pack just isn’t enough. Today, our regular Friday column at Turn On The Jets is going to give you 30 predictions for the New York Jets season. We are sure you will disagree with plenty of them so tell us where we went wrong here in the comment section, on Twitter or on Facebook. Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!

1. Geno Smith is going to start the majority of games under center for the Jets this season. There is going to be some very rough patches but he will gradually improve as the season goes on and will be playing well enough by year’s end to be considered the 2014 starter.

2. Despite missing the first three games of the season, Quinton Coples will still lead the team in sacks. Antwan Barnes and Muhammad WIlkerson will finish closely behind him.

3. Speaking of Wilkerson, he will be an All-Pro this season, improving on all his major statistical totals from last year and continuing to be one of the most dominant 3-4 ends in football.

4. David Harris going to struggle throughout the season and will be losing playing time by year’s end. This will be his last season in New York.

5. Antonio Cromartie will have a Pro-Bowl season and play at a level comparable to what he did last season when Darrelle Revis wasn’t on the field.

6. Dee Milliner will have an up and down rookie season, missing a few games due to injury and struggling when teams aggressively pick on him opposite of Cromartie. However, he will show enough flashes to feel confident about him being a competent starter in 2014.

7. Kyle Wilson will lose playing time to Darrin Walls and Isaiah Trufant throughout the season. This will be his last season in New York.

8. Sheldon Richardson will have a very strong rookie campaign, finishing with 5.5 sacks and being a key movable chess piece in the Jets defense.

9. Brian Winters will be the team’s starting left guard by mid-season, at the latest. He will struggle at times but play well enough to be the opening day starter in 2014.

10. Willie Colon will have a very good all-around season and a sign a new contract with the Jets after the season.

11. Santonio Holmes will finish with 60 catches for 775 yards and 4 touchdowns. This will be his last season with the Jets.

12. Jeremy Kerley will finish with 55 catches for 705 yards and 3 touchdowns. He will be a key weapon on third downs throughout the whole season.

13. Stephen Hill will finish with 42 catches for 525 yards and 5 touchdowns. Hill will cut down on the drops and progress as a full time receiver by the season’s end.

14. Kellen Winslow Jr play in at least 12 games this season and finish with between 40-50 receptions.

15. Jeff Cumberland will lead the team in touchdown receptions with 6.

16. Chris Ivory will play in 12-14 games, finishing with somewhere between 900-1,100 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns.

17. Bilal Powell will finish with 625 total offensive yards but gradually lose playing time down the stretch to Mike Goodson as the third down back.

18. Goodson will make a few head turning plays as a receiver out of the backfield and as a outside runner down the stretch run of the season, solidifying a spot on the 2014 team.

19. Ryan Spadola will have between 15-20 receptions as a rookie.

20. Clyde Gates will be a solid kick returner and be a serviceable deep threat/depth receiver, finishing with 27 receptions and 3 total touchdowns.

21. Tommy Bohanon will finish with 34 receptions and be a capable starting fullback/H-Back in his rookie season.

22. Jaiquawn Jarrett will end up playing the majority of the reps opposite Dawan Landry at safety. Antonio Allen will still be a regular rotation player on the defense.

23. The Jets will finish 3-3 in the AFC East.

24. This will be Rex Ryan’s last season as the Jets Head Coach.

25. This will be Mark Sanchez’s last season in New York (easy one, there).

26. Nick Mangold will have his best season of the past three years and return to the Pro-Bowl.

27. Austin Howard will improve from last season and be back under a new contract in 2014.

28. Demario Davis will have an okay season, struggling with occasional mental mistakes and lapses in pass coverage but will overall play well enough to be back as a starter in 2014.

29. The Jets biggest “upset” win of the year will be at home against New Orleans on November 3rd.

30. The Jets will finish 7-9, thanks to a relatively strong finish.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • subzero2401

    Agree with most of these, disagree with some. I hope you’re wrong about this being Rex’s last. I’d really like him to get a chance to coach well managed roster as the team improves.

  • Erock

    That would honestly suck if Rex Ryan got fired. After spending years building an awesome and exciting blitzing defense, the over media hype following the team will have won in pushing him out.

    The grass is not always greener (pun very intended). Just wait and see how the new coaches across the league will struggle.

  • Joe Barra

    Like the previous two commenters, I hope 24 is wrong.

    Good list though. 27 seems optimistic.

  • Dima

    I’ll echo the Rex comments above, since he’s probably the best coach the Jets have ever had.

    Also, I don’t think Winters will start, I think Jarrett gets cut by mid-season because of constant missed tackles (leaving the safety spot opposite Landry as the biggest hole in the defense), and I think Stephen Hill gets 9 scores. Everything else sounds right. 5-7 wins.

  • kc.

    how many years is Morningwheg signed for??

  • Sean F

    I agree with much too including the others regarding Rex, he’s gotten a crummy situation this year.

    I don’t think Ivory will have 1,000 yards though. As for David Harris, I think he still has good years left, but he shouldn’t be covering rbs out of the backfield

    Great Piece!!! I hope you’re right!!

  • matr dontelli iii

    holy crap! i don’t think i’ve ever seen so much agreement with a column here! i have no choice but to say i hope rex is back, as i’ve been saying all along. i think spadola will contribute more.

  • Rob

    I truly dont get al this love for Rex?” Best Jets coach ever”? Thats just delusional. Hall of Famer Bill Parcel’s gets my vote. otherwise, this a great list of baseless random guesses!l

  • mikeM

    It is great to read real Jets fans who know football that can see that Rex is a good coach who has a lousy QB. Not the parrots who read Cimini and Manish who want Rex fired. Thank you guys there is still hope for the fanbase.

  • Mark Phelan

    There’s a lot to love with Rex. However, there are major deficiencies.

    Some criticize his lopsided interest in the defense. Others, his bluster which paints a Bullseye on the team. He may not be the best judge of personnel and ‘falls in love’ with certain guys. Does it seem strange to anyone else that things go on without his being aware? Like who is on the field? How much time is on the clock? Who is injured?

    On balance, I think Rex is a romantic. His emotions overwhelm his rational side.

    I don’t think Rex has the best characteristics for a Head Coach in the NFL.

  • MAP

    Agree with many of your predictions, but I hope your TD totals are low. If our most prolific offensive weapon gives only 6 TDs, 7-9 is a pipe dream. We need someone to step up and get us double digits. I’m hoping Powell – which means we’re controlling the tempo of the game, scoring in the red zone, and keeping the defense off the field.

  • Optimistic Jets Fan

    Even keel between optimism and pessimism in all you’re predictions. My prediction for the jets is 9-7. The jets offense looks a lot smoother in the way plays are called, if their defense gets consistent pressure which can happen over the course of the season with all the young dline staying healthy and getting acclimated with each other, you never know. Yes i know about sanchez’s injury, geno’s inexperience, rex’s stubborness, lack of offensive talent, not enough playmakers on defense, but I’ve seen the product on the field and it looks like they will be in most games and then you never know. I feel the Jets could beat anybody and lose to anybody with all the parity in the NFL today. Hopefully Rex can fuel these guys by telling them how much the media and the outside world mocks them. The butt fumble is worst of the worst on sportscenter for like 40 weeks in a row for crying out loud.

  • Circles26

    If we go 6-10 or better, and are competitive throughout and we fire Rex(the man with the best first 4 year record of any Jet coach, with mediocre(at best) talent), then next year we will have much more talent, but less wins. That will lead to a string of well round good at everything, but not great at anything coaches.Then the SOJFs will get to relive the glory years of the 90s, and they may just revel(wallow) in it. Basically firing Rex will lead to the failure of Idzik as a GM, and he’ll go out with a whimper never to be heard of again. Who was the GM in Cleavland that fired Bellicheck? That’s right, you don’t know. I think Idzik is smarter than that, and will allow Rex to use his execeptinal strengths, and surrround him with complimentary coaches to shore up his weak points. (Marty, Lee, Idzik himself)If he does, I forsee many titles in our future, and teams copying our successful rotation, and delegation of front office talent.

  • matr dontelli iii

    if parcells’ shelf life was a little longer he may have had the opportunity to be our best coach, however by the time he arrived he already had wandering eye syndrome. it was shameful how he left new england and the way he left here wasn’t much better, giving us the belichek fiasco followed by what was his name? groh? with the one and done and time for woodhead to find another cheap rookie head coach. he delivered one championship game not two. maybe he got the team to overachieve with lucas but that’s hardly a crowning achievement. you can fault rex for a lot of things but parcells has said himself that he should have had lucas starting the entire season once vinny got hurt. is that rex’s fault too? I’ll take a confident, ok maybe overconfident, self deprecating coach over a pompous coach any day if they both deliver basically the same product. rex wants to be here. parcells was always looking for greener pa$ture$. i’m glad he never won without belichek and i question how much he really deserves to be in the hall of fame.

  • Lou

    Those are very optimistic for S Holmes . 60 catches I can’t see it

  • The Fonz

    Thank you for writing. We need this.

  • David

    I like Rex, but when you get down to brass tacks, he really isn’t any different than Eric Mangini or Herman Edwards. With Herman Edwards, if Pennington was healthy, the Jets were in the playoffs. If you look at Herm’s tenure with the Jets, he was 29-19 with a division title, 2 playoff victories, and if not for Doug Brien, an AFC Title game berth when Chad was healthy. When Chad got hurt, the Jets were 10-22.

    If you look at Mangini, if not for Brett Favre not wanting to take himself out that led to a Jets collapse at the end, who is to say Rex would even be here? Mangini went 10-6 his first year and a playoff berth and the Jets were well on their way to a playoff berth at 8-3 before the Favre injury leading to a 9-7 record. The only year Mangini’s team was super bad was 2007 when they went 4-12 again, when Pennington was hurt and the talent level went down.

    Rex has been a good coach, but one of the best of all time? I doubt that. At least under Mangini and Edwards, you didn’t have the drama and other crap like you do now.

  • Nikolas

    Do we have to read all 30 of them? This is a really a painful exercise, an utter nonsense.

  • Circles26

    Keeping an exceptional coordinator is exceptionally difficult. There are two I can think of off the top of my head that were happy to remain an assistant. That’s Joe Johnson, and Monte Kiffin. Other than that you need one that was a HC and fail miserably like Marty, and even he will probably get another shot one day. Barring that you need to make him your HC to keep him. HCs all have their strengths, and weaknesses. Luckily you get to have assistants, and a GM. You just need to be sure that they compliment eachother. Tanny, and Shotty were a horrible combination for Rex, and just fed the fire. Sporano was in a league(world) of his own. So far it seems like Rex, Marty, and Idzik, all have complimentary strengths, and weakness. Hopefully they should be a good mix. Lets see what transpires here.

  • Circles26

    Not sure how thios tuerned into a

    Rex Ryan debate(possibly all my fault, but he will get a cdontract extention possibly before the end of the season. My predictions are;
    Vlad will start, and as the year goes by he will begin to tap into his immense potential.
    My guess is someone gets hurt, and Winters will get a chance by mid season, and play very well eventually. Similar to Howard last year.

    Vlad will end up either moving to LG, or tackle depending on who gets injured,and prove all those SOJFs wrong.

    Mostly wishful thinking, but I think Lansanah will take over for Harris, sooner than later, and play very well.

    DD will have a lousy start, but turn into a star once the switch is made to Lansannah.

    Stephen Hill will have a breakout year, along with Gates.

    Winslow will have a career year, with Cumby playing more of a WR/TE hybrid roll, and Rueland will improve his blocking, and take over the FB/Hback roll.

    To me it seems as though the light has come on for Jaiquawn Jarrett, and he will play very well at SS. Allen will play a lot, and I belive Jarret will move to Rex’ version of FS (which is like SS lite.) when he does, and Landry will be the one sitting out those plays. When we need a true FS it will be Wilson that fills that role.

  • Rex will not get fired. Metish, serby and cimini do not run the jets.
    We will finish with a win total of 9 or better. Because that bum Sanchez will not cost us anymore games. Plus our defense looks primed up for a big season.
    Tyrone Hill will have good season, with a compitant Geno Smith will make a good Qb, Wr combo.with a stable of Rb’s, new o-line.
    We will be very competitive.

  • jetsfaninwv

    First of all…@gogeno….who the heck is Tyrone Hill? Do you mean Stephen Hill? Anyway..I’m another voice for keeping Rex. However, it wouldnt shock me if he’s gone. I’m saying 6 wins at most with a vast amount of offensive improvement by year’s end. D WILL be a top five unit once Coples is back.

  • Brian

    Wow didn’t imagine there would be so much Rex love. I’ve always liked him too, but eventually the defense needs to start doing what he’s always said it could do. Lets face it, while we had an effective defense for a few years (great in 2009), we’ve never had an effective blitz despite it being a blitzing scheme, and we’ve NEVER had a clutch defense. If these problems persist this season I can’t see how Rex can retain his job. Yes the offense needs to improve by leaps and bounds, but defense is supposed to be the bread and butter of this team and for the majority of Rex’s tenure, it hasn’t been as good as advertised. We’ve spent 5 consecutive 1st round picks rebuildng it, now’s the time for us to become elite again.