In The Building – New York Jets vs. New York Giants MetLife Bowl Recap


We sent Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio to last night’s game thanks to the MetLife Foundation and their Road To MetLife Stadium experience. Here are five things he thinks after attending…

1. I think that Giants fans were generally very respectful. I wore a Jets hat and had a Giants fan tell me that i’m too good for the Jets, which was pretty hilarious. I cheered loudly for Geno moving the ball, and was heckled when he threw his INTs. It was never done with malicious intent, which nice enough of them. I was also able to celebrate the Matt Simms (number 5 in your playbooks, but number 1 in our hearts) game winning drive with Giants fans who were cheering Tom Coughlin’s decision to ice Nick Folk in a preseason game. Then, after Billy Cundiff sent Gang Green home a winner, I had a concession worker tell me that Matt Simms was our best chance at QB.

2. I think I liked how Ryan Spadola looked. The Lehigh kid just ended Braylon Edward’s tenure as a Jets WR. He has played very well during this preseason and catches anything any QB throws at him. He could’ve fought for the ball more on Geno’s first interception, but all in all he’s an impressive route runner with very good hands, and with Kerley and Holmes will be one of the Jets best intermediate targets.

3. I think I liked how good the chicken tenders and french fries were. Stadium food is usually not very good, but the chicken tenders and french fries in the concession stand behind section 134 were exquisite. (EDITOR’S NOTE – I also like the Stadium Food at MetLife, surprisingly tasty). 

4. I think I liked the wave that went on for about six or seven minutes while the incomparable Curtis Painter led the Giants on a couple of drives. A sea of red and green throwing their hands up with no regard for what was going on the field was unfortunately one of the more enjoyable things from the game for this Jets fan.

5. I think I liked how the Hackensack and Ridgewood Pee Wee football teams were given an opportunity to step on to the MetLife Stadium field and compete (there’s Rex’s favorite word) against each other. These kids were given a great memory, and the fans cheering reverses and touchdowns scored made it that much more memorable, I’m sure.

We can sit here and debate whether Rex should’ve had Mark in to play in the 4th (in my opinion, if Mark hadn’t locked up the job, then I get it, but more from TOJ on that later) or whether Geno should’ve started the third preseason game at all (he should’ve, if this is really a competition), but one thing I won’t debate is that the MetLife Bowl was a fun experience for this Jets fan. Once again, thank you to the MetLife Foundation and their Road To MetLife Stadium experience.

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    I hate the Peter King format. Just say what you want to say like a normal person. The actual content is great.

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  • Cole Patterson

    GO WOOD! Ridgehood representing on the big stage! Maroon and White for life haha

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  • twoshady

    MetLife experience summed up in three words: 10 Dollar Beers. I think i’m done going to games for awhile. cheaper to stay home and a better view of the action.

  • Section 128, and love the place!! Of course it’s too expensive but what stadium isn’t. Good read.