The August Misery Of A New York Jets Fan


Considering I am 26 years old and have spent all of those years I can remember as a New York Jets fan, there should have been no rational reason to be excited for last night’s game. Yet, there I was rushing everybody through our Fantasy Football draft in Atlantic City so I had enough time to get properly set up to watch August football. There is always another layer of excitement when a new, highly drafted quarterback is making his debut start.

In the pre-draft process, I wasn’t the biggest Geno Smith fan. However, I liked the value of getting him at #39 and was relatively encouraged from the summer he had put together. My hope was that he would play an efficient, turnover free game and flash some of the arm strength and athleticism that made him a first round prospect in many people’s eyes.

I decided to play a little blackjack prior to kickoff and then have them switch the nearest TV, which was playing Buffalo/Washington, to the game at 7 PM. I could gamble. Enjoy my complimentary beverages and watch football. God Bless America, right? I had visions of doubling down, watching the dealer bust, looking up to see Geno throw a pretty 75 yard touchdown pass, throwing up the ROC sign and then having Kate Upton join me at the table to tell me how much she loves and appreciates the work we do at Turn On The Jets.

Jack. 8. Stay. Dealer is showing a 3. OK! Dealer flips over a 10. Dealer flips over a…8? Eh. 5. 6. Dealer is showing a 4. Double Down? Yes, please. 8? Here we go. Here comes the momentum. Dealer flips over a 8. She wouldn’t dare flip another…8? Ok, so now we are down a quick 3 hands. Let’s just get one. 9. That’s my number! Dealer has a King and she is checking….insurance? Never. Checking…Ace. Welp.

Who wanted to play blackjack during the game anyway? I could saddle up at the bar with a drink, eat some free pretzels and just concentrate on those Geno touchdowns. It was 6:55. Bartender? Can you please flip over to Jets/Giants? This is New Jersey after all.

“Sorry sir. We don’t get ANY New York channels or the NFL Package. Cost cutting move. We have the NFL Network and I think when Bills/Redskins are over, they might flip into some Jets highlights if you are lucky.”

Terrific! Thank you Philadelphia metro market and Golden Nugget Hotel. I should have taken the blackjack and lack of broadcast as omens for the game. I trudged back to the room to meet some of my friends, all of whom are Giants fans. I was going to be Twitter monitoring this game on my phone, which meant looking down at my Droid every 5 seconds like a 15 year old waiting for his first girlfriend to text him back.

Jets 3 and out. David Wilson 84 yard touchdown. Pass me one of those Budweisers, would you?

Geno Smith completion. Penalty. Penalty. Penalty. Penalty. Did I mention that the Giants have looked like crap this summer? This doesn’t matter since they have won 2 Super Bowls in the last 5 years, I am properly reminded.

TOUCHDOWN?! Jets Twitter is ablaze. Geno has “the look”, he is in “complete control” out there, like a seasoned veteran. 5/7 on his passes with the quick answer touchdown pass. Look at how he is banging his chest. SWAG! CONFIDENCE! Show those doubters. I’m throwing up my ROC sign. It is new era.

Who scored? Ben OBOMANU. Not a single person in our room recognized the name after I yelled it out. I told them to check the remaining player stickers on our fantasy board to find him…shockingly he wasn’t there. You needed to pen in Benny O if you wanted to draft him.

I relaxed a little bit. My friends and I debated which night club we wanted to stand line in to pay an egregious amount of money to enter. Ten guys in button downs talking about how they can’t believe somebody took Vernon Davis in the fourth round, every group of females dream.

I checked my phone. Interception? Ut-oh. Well, it sounds like it wasn’t fully Geno’s fault. Ryan Spadola should have fought harder for the football, so says some people on my TL. Why are we are playing somebody from LEHIGH in the first quarter, anyway…I say to my friend who played linebacker at Lehigh. I can be a jerk during Jets games.

(2 hours earlier I was talking to my same friend and telling him in great detail how Spadola was the next Wayne Chrebet and I was just so proud to see somebody from our alma mater make it in the NFL. He then reminded me I went to Lehigh for 1 year for Graduate School and played football at Muhlenberg, which was D-3, not D-1AA like Lehigh and that was my alma mater….those Patriot Leaguers…so smug).

Ok, let’s see how Geno responds. The Giants punted back already? How about that Jets D waking up finally? 16 yard screen pass to Chris Ivory. Nice. Geno to Ivory has a nice ring to it. Incompletion to Kellen Winslow. Oops. Now INTERCEPTION? Again? Jets Twitter is again ablaze. “Brutal” throw. “Terrible decision and accuracy…poor response to his previous interception.”

1 quarter down. 2 interceptions. The jokes are starting to pile up from the Giants fans. They are circling like vultures. A little more time passes. Let’s just get through this half without any more turnovers, eh Geno? Even up that stat line with another touchdown.

I look down. That can’t be right. They are talking about his other interception. He didn’t throw another one already, DID HE? Justin Tuck? Another quarterback who is getting intercepted by defensive lineman? Three interceptions. Jets Twitter is nearing meltdown mode. #FreeMcElroy. #FreeSanchez. (Just Kidding, Jets fans would never say that), #FreeSimms #FreeTEBOW…#GenoBall sounds dead already to the masses.

Halftime arrives. I get a text from a “friend”

Just thought u should know the text I just got from ESPN…Giants lead the Jets 10-7 at halftime. G. Smith (NYJ) 11 of 25, 134yds, 1 TD, 3 INT”

Look at those numbers. 44% completion percentage. After starting 5/7 with a TD, he went 6 for his next 18 with 3 INTs. No more ROC signs for right now.

We head downstairs and continue the vicious Atlantic City cycle of losing money, paying too much for drinks, and watching Bachelorette parties who drove 83 exits down the Parkway stumble around in oddly coordinated uniforms.

The Giants backups are in on defense. Geno Smith is going to stay in. Let’s see if he can answer in any way coming out of the half with the competition dialed down a bit. Sure enough the Jets go right down the field. Touchdown Bilal Powell. Geno went 3/3 on the drive for 50 yards. Is that all for him? Maybe the Jets will have him leave on that high note and let Matt Simms finish up the game.

After a long Giants drive, Geno is going to play into the 4th. That is okay. Let the young pup keep learning. What is this notification?

Safety?…He stepped out of the back of the end-zone…he pulled an ORLOVSKY?! Nobody I am around even believes me when I tell them. That will end the night for Geno. A little over 3 quarters. 4 Turnovers and a hair over 50% on completions. And now here comes…Mark Sanchez…with 11 minutes to go in the fourth quarter? Who is blocking right now? Isn’t Sanchez likely starting week one, since Geno clearly needs a little more seasoning?

As if Jets Twitter hasn’t been ablaze enough. Now Sanchez is hurt. Here come the jokes. Here come the snide comments. Here come the people calling for Rex Ryan’s head. The game drags on with Matt Simms making some plays and of course people starting to call for HIM to start week 1 because of course they are.

The game ends and now I am reading something about Rex standing sideways. It sounds as if the wind is being taken out of every Jets fan sails. People want to start Smith. People want to start to McElroy. People want to start Simms because he carved up the Giants 4th stringers. People feel bad for Sanchez. People are laughing at Sanchez.

Why can’t we just have a normal pre-season game? I would have been happy with 15/22 for 150 with a TD, and a INT from Geno and a healthy Sanchez leaving the game. I didn’t need the ROC signs and Kate Upton sitting with me, I wasn’t asking for that much!

Later that night, at the previously mentioned overpriced nightclub, I ran into an old friend from high school who said they heard I had a website and asked what it was about.

The Jets.

The New York Jets? Like the football team?

Yes, the New York Jets.

Good luck with that man, good luck with that.


ANYWAY. I did get to watch the pre-season game this morning, twice actually. Thank you! A handful of observations…

1. Overall, Geno looked like a rookie who is simply not ready to start as of right now. There were positives. There were times he got into rhythm and made some nice strikes in the intermediate passing game but overall he was skittish in the pocket, locked into one receiver too frequently and had three inexcusable turnovers. The one interception on the attempt to Spadola was partially his fault but his receiver didn’t help him out there. The other two were 100% his fault and the safety was an ugly, ugly mistake.

2. Spadola was too weak on that interception but beyond that played a terrific game. He has locked up a roster spot and will be a factor on offense this year. It was another strong night for Ben Obomanu as well, who had 3 receptions for 56 yards and a touchdown and remains a special teams contributor. I’m not sure how Braylon Edwards makes this team, especially now since Santonio Holmes is on the active roster.

3. Damon Harrison had a nice bounce-back game. He struggled against Jacksonville last week and I Tweeted before the game about what a downgrade he was from Kenrick Ellis. Well, Harrison shut me up with a strong all-around performance with 7 tackles and 2 TFLs. I saw after the game that he had Favorited the Tweet. I will be Tweeting negative things about all Jets players before the next game in hopes of continuing this trend.

4. Sheldon Richardson is going to be a special player. We are starting to really see glimpses of how talented and versatile he is.

5. Somehwere right now, Kyle Wilson is getting called for pass interference and waving his finger…

6. The Jets had 29 carries for 39 yards…yes, I’m starting to get a little worried about the running game. It looks like Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory will be platooning, at least until Ivory can really get rolling because he isn’t there yet. The starting offensive line was pretty solid in pass protection but the push in the running game isn’t consistently there.

14 thoughts on “The August Misery Of A New York Jets Fan

  1. 26 years old? This is hardly the worst I’ve ever experienced with the Jets. Come this time next year, you will be looking at a new coach and very possibly a new QB not named Geno Smith.

    Rex’ stupidity last night just took a bad situation and might have made it a couple of games worse…

    This isn’t Rich Kotite bad…this is more like Joe Walton/Bruce Coslet bad.

    Unfortunately our owner is another one of these imbeciles who inherited a ton of money and thinks he earned it.

  2. I’ve been with the Jets since about 1975 I can say too young for Joe Willie, I have seen it all from the dog days at Shea to the frozen days in the Meadowlands . What happened yesterday ti this team was a triple across the board. Geno Smith bad day this is the NFL, Ryan horrible move of bringing in Sanchez late in 4th. Sanchez could be end to Jets career …

    and then add the post game answer by coach Rex and the written is all over the wall this team will be lucky to go 4- 12 , I personally see 2-14

    Johnny Master from Tampa Florida

  3. I do not even have the NFL Network :(

    I am going to wait until a hotel with free wifi and then pay the NFL $15.00 to get all the preseason games when I want just one. Seattle is such a hellhole…

  4. Did I miss the part where the team wins the game? Of course if you only look at the bad things, it’s going to look bad. A rookie had a rough night, but the defense completely shut down Eli Manning and the Giant’s first team. Just because a guy doesn’t have a good first ever start doesn’t mean that the year is doomed. Sanchez had more than 3 INTs in multiple games last year, when he was a 4 year vet. That’s Jets fans for you. As soon as a guy gets hurt, he’s a hall of famer.

  5. no, he’s a hall of famer if you an blame somebody, if not you cheer for his injury.

  6. You have to love these Same old Jet fans. baawaa lets fire the best coach we’ve ever had because Sanchez didn’t work out, and now he got hurt. Baawaa our rookie QB didn’t look great in his first ever start against the Giants Dline and with a rookie guard playing in his first game. You guys always talk about jumping off a bridge, but yet you’re still here crying every week.

  7. The media circus clowns Cimini and Manish can’t contain their hatred for the Jets. This is truly pathetic:

    First, the head clown Manish and his truly disgusting post which he later deleted:

    Next, the always good for a stupid tweet Cimini:

    What’s funny is that Jane McManus wrote a nice piece on the Jets defense almost like to poke fun at Cimini:

    Cimini and Manish are what is truly wrong with sports journalism today. They are disgusting and have no redeeming qualities.

  8. No need for misery yet!

    Geno was every bad thing that people pointed out, but he also showed some promise also. It will be very interesting to see how he responds this coming week. We’ll know a lot more about Geno after this week.

    Sanchez looks better throwing this year (until he throws a pick), but showed he hasn’t forgotten how to fumble. Either one will be a roller coaster, and I think we’ll see both, but somehow, when I look through my rose colored glasses, I still think the O will be better this year than last, and look for the Jets to be anywhere from 7-9, and 9-7, if we don’t lose key pieces to injury for the season, and Even if Matt Simms ends up being our QB!

  9. Hello? The Jets are 2-1 and have a bunch of TD’s in the preseason. Last year: 0-4 with 1 TD in all 4 games by a backup in the 4th game.

    No matter who is the QB the offense will be much better than last year because they have a plan. And just think Rex managed to squeeze 6 wins out of that mess last year.

    That means 6 is the floor and I’d say 11 is the ceiling. 8.5 is the number.

    Stop over-reacting Jets Fans. Geno will be OK. Sanchez will be OK.

  10. You were paying money for drinks in AC? You’re doing it wrong. Really, really wrong.

    Also, I don’t get how Rex is at fault for Sanchez’s injury. It was a scramble; who was going to help him if he were with the first team, the starting tutelary deity?

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  12. My contention has always been if you are miserable, it’s because you want to be. And these SOJ fans are a sad, sorry lot who actually WANT to be miserable. It’s a choice. Unfortunately, generations of fans have passed this “trait” to their offspring who carry on the charge. It’s now a culture not unlike inbreeding as young impressionable boys are essentially brainwashed and conditioned to emulate their fathers. Sad commentary.
    Hey, Jet fans. You have a choice to be optimistic and not weakly fall for losing mentality instilled into you by family or peers. Just sayin’.

  13. Jet fans need to start looking at the positives instead of glaring at the negatives. Sanchez is completing 67% of his passes in the preseason, his injury is only day to day(if theyre not lying), playcalling is tremendously better, our skill positions on offense look a lot better than last year, defense looks like it can keep us in some games, and our first two opponents(Bucs Pats) looked as bad as us in their 3rd preseason game.

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