No Huddle – New York Jets Twilight Zone Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets entering the Twilight Zone as the head into their final pre-season game

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We Have Entered The Green And White Zone

Forget the Twilight Zone. The Jets flew into a whole new air space of bizarre against the Giants. To a place that even the longest standing Polo Grounds or Shea Stadium loyalist had ever traveled through.

Saturday night we witnessed Geno Smith the rookie hopeful start off hot behind center. Only to lose a shot at the starting gig with three picks and a safety in the blink of an eye shortly thereafter. Caving in to a guy the fan base doesn’t believe in. An inconsistent four year starter who was poised to win his job back by default. This before being thrown to the third string wolves, where of course he got injured. A preventable gaffe by the Jets coaching staff that soon led oddly enough, to the 4th string quarterback’s entrance and eventual stealing of the show. Seriously? As preposterous as it all sounds, yes.

Many of us caught some Sunday morning opinions from analysts, experts and fans about how Rex was right to put in Sanchez. That all players have to be ready at all times and all that other “everyone is equal” communal nonsense. C’mon, please.

Your starting QB (and yes after the first three quarters it was clear that Mark Sanchez was the lesser of two evils at least for week one) most valuable piece on the chess board, gets first rate protection at all times. Period. Even if he is in just to work on his handoff technique.

So now what? Sanchez is listed as day to day with a right shoulder issue (whatever that means or whatever the Jets are hiding about the real severity of the situation) and Geno, who too often  looked like an overmatched rookie, needs work.

Smith has to get a few reps in a meaningless August game number four to get some experience and rhythm, right? In the event that he is the week 1 guy assuming that #6 can’t go, the guy can’t roll in to September off that performance.

Let’s keep in mind that if Smith does play in the final tune up on Thursday, the entire first team offense now has be there with him. Foregoing the traditional late August game night off to risk themselves physically now too. Otherwise the Jets risk a repeat of the Sanchez scenario.

Maybe the Jets will now open the competition to Matt Simms and Greg McElroy too. Certain diehards would love to see that.

It was an unnecessary move to insert Sanchez late Saturday by Rex. Winning the Snoopy Bowl or doing so to get the hot and cold Sanchez some extra work wasn’t worth whatever the reward seemed to be. Hopefully it won’t affect any decision about who starts, or lead to any other key pieces getting hurt against the Eagles in the process.

This D Line Will Be Damn Good

Forget the long David Wilson TD on the Giants first play. Sheldon Richardson and Damon Harrison were forces as the game wore on. Add Mo Wilkerson  Quinton Coples, Kenrick Ellis to the rotation and by mid October this group is going to be a known commodity around the league.

We love what we saw out of first rounder Richardson. A powerful burst matched with an inside quickness. The defense has gone from one foundation on a great corner pairing to the boys up front. A switch that should cause more turnovers and negative plays for the opposing offense as time goes on.

Hurry Up Tone

Santonio Holmes is off the PUP list as of last week. We pray this means that Tone is on his way back. We can’t watch Stephen Hill fumble ten yard receptions and start bar fights after whistles all year. We need a vet who can do it downfield and has done it before. We miss his “first down” pose too.

Quick Kick

Nick Folk and Billy Cundiff missed three game winners inside of 40 in OT. Two were nullified by Tom Coughlin’s time out freezes but my goodness, was it hard to watch.

Folk was solid in 2012 and we trust him going forward, but make no mistake. This is no time for kicker problems. The 2013 Jets team needs makable FG attempts to be the last thing on a Jet fans mind offensively. We have enough areas of concern on that side of the ball already.

Jets Who Balled Out

Winslow, Spadola, Harrison,  Richardson, Walls

Jets Who Need To Step It Up

Stephen Hill, Kyle Wilson 

Jets Who Can’t be Located by GPS or the NSA

Mike Goodson (Braylon Edwards honorable mention)


Jets QBs have done their fair share of throwing behind receivers a bunch this summer. Still, can’t a Jet receiver reach back and catch an off target ball once in a while? Apparently not. Help your quarterbacks out guys. Being athletic means more than one’s time on a practice field doing a 40 yard dash.