No Huddle – New York Jets Pre-Season Go Time Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets heading into week one of the pre-season

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Powell Is Dependable, But Needs Help

Mike Goodson’s whereabouts are harder to detect these days than Edward Snowden’s. Chris Ivory who some fear cannot stay healthy, is nursing a hammy already. Joe McKnight has already vomited and been knocked out of a practice according to our Camp Idzik scorecard. That leaves us with, ho hum, Bilal Powell. The only RB on the depth chart that nobody was talking about as things kicked off last week.

Powell had a good night during Saturday’s Green and White scrimmage. Raising the question as to whether the Jets are in good hands should the dust settle with Powell as the feature back in September. We say yes, but Powell can’t do it alone. He does a little of everything well and may be the only dependable, durable back in Florham as we speak. He’s no bell cow though. The Jets need the full stable ready to go if they have any hopes of turning any description of their backfield into “dynamic” and “explosive.”.
It’s Only Been A Week, However…

If writer Rich Cimini’s unofficial first week practice/Green White scrimmage stats for Geno and Sanchez are somewhat accurate, it may be Geno’s gig to lose right now. Cimini noted that both are throwing at around a 56 percent completion rate. Sanchez has been sacked 8 times and Smith 12. but the incumbent has four picks already. The rookie? None.

Sanchez’s 50 plus turnovers the past two years have left him fighting for his job in the first place. Add Smith’s potential to make plays with his legs, and our guess is that Smith is a few solid preseason game drives away from winning the job. Provided that he stays healthy and consistent during the weekday 7 on 7’s and 11 on 11’s as well.

Art Donovan and A Rod

Art Donovan, the legendary Baltimore Colt and renowned storyteller who passed away yesterday at 88, played during television’s golden age. When regular guys, in regular sized bodies, held offseason jobs while strapping it up for an honest days pay on the gridiron. More importantly, doing so for the love of the game.

Donovan’s passing comes at a time when A-Rod moves towards ushering in an incredible amount of never before seen drama today. When his showdown goes down with Major League Baseball over PED’s, and his alluding to the fact that the Yankees benefit financially if he were punitively kept off the field. A public fight that A Rod is willing to partake in arguably, for his desire to save the hefty sum of dead presidents still due to him contractually.

We could only imagine how humorous Donovan would be, in comparing and contrasting the culture of pro sports in the old days in relation to the new age. Radioactive. Radioactive. ” Guys with ungodly amounts of fame, wealth and notoriety who for various reasons can’t enjoy the prosperity or opportunity.

We see too much of this theme in sports these days. Give us more Art Donovan types. RIP to a true honest guy. A real character and unparalleled joy to listen to.

Of Course Fish. It’s Only The Preseason. Right

We turned on the Hall of Fame game last night after a break from watching Lindsey Lohan starring in the soon to be cult classic “The Canyons” to notice that the “Super Bowl Contender” Dolphins were getting beat by Dallas 17-0.

We know. The game means nothing and neither do any August scores. It’s only the preseason, right? Well, not when you go “Daniel Snyder” on the rest of the league and many now have you pegged as the next in line to challenge the Pats for the AFC East throne. Don’t let an August night fool you down in Miami. For those bleeding Aqua Blue who have forgotten what comes along with “deep in January” expectations. It all means something.

The Jets can look stale this Friday against Detroit and go undetected. Nobody expects much from Rex’s team at this point. For a team that has lived in the spotlight since Ryan’s day one, the new landscape will be a healthy one that allows a natural growth in places. The Dolphins won’t have it as easy this year.

Lets see if Dustin Keller’s view that the Jets were full of distractions doesn’t follow him down South if his new team, one that has demands put on it for the first time since Marino, stumbles and feels the heat in any way. Ain’t no pressure when you’re under the radar and not feared by anyone. We welcome the role reversal. With open arms.

70 and Sunny

I woke up and hit the city streets today bright and early. It was 70 and sunny when I first put the Sennheiser headphones on and started cutting back to slip shoestring tackles by garbage bags and helmet to helmet collisions with Sunday night whinos. Football weather and Pandora radio. Few combos in life are better.

We love the Summer and are in no rush to see it slip away, but how can you not taste the NFL in these conditions? How exciting!

There is nothing in sports for many of us like “Go Time.” It’s an outstanding time of year. Filled with long outdoor days, beaches, and the anticipation of all the football that’s to follow.