No Huddle – Jets/Giants Week Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle as the New York Jets prepare for their critical pre-season match-up against the New York Giants

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The Fascinating Sanchez Summer

In typical helter skelter fashion, Mark Sanchez gave supporters reason to believe and haters reason to scream for a demotion. Consider Saturday night’s timeline:

Part I: The Rise

Sanchez leads the Jets in the first two drives to 10 points. 17 in his last three drives including the TD at Detroit.

Part 2: The Fall

On his way to another TD, he then tosses another ugly end zone interception. He then goes on a mid-game slump which includes taking a third down sack, missing an open WR with an inaccurate short third down pass as the Jets were driving, and a failure to score from 1st and goal from the three yard line with 1:00 left in the half.

Part 3: Redemption With An Asterisk

Whether it was scripted, punishment, or the coaches desire to see what the streaky Sanchez would do, he starts the third quarter and leads a second half scoring drive with and against the 2’s.

Our assessment?

The good: Sanchez 2013 can be more productive (yes, he can folks) thanks to a better offensive system overall.

The bad: He still has a big gaffe and in-game skid in him that the Jets will need to overcome through a solid run game and defense.

The first question is, will the Jets decide that Geno Smith even with rookie mistakes, can provide more than this? The second question: Is it crazier to name Sanchez the starter knowing what his ceiling seems to be, or Geno assuming that he plays well for one summertime half next week vs the Giants? The drama continues.

Coples: It Could Be Worse 

We hate losing Quinton Coples for a month but what we really fear are “out for the season” injuries in the preseason. Like the one Dustin Keller suffered. Ouch.

We can live with a month, provided that the glimpses of a burst he showed us the last two weeks will be available upon his return. We are guessing that Coples will return in week three. Given the quick turnaround of TNF against the Pats in week 2.

He was looking big and quick though in that Jacksonville backfield, wasn’t he? We were excited there for a moment. See ya soon 98. Rest up.

Some Rex Post Game Translations

Rex on QB1 vs the Giants: We won’t name a starter yet vs the Giants

Translation: If Geno is healthy, he starts.

Rex on Dee Milliner: “When we call on him, I want him to get up there. Let’s go. Let’s play. We were off a little too much.”

Translation: Don’t worry about mistakes or giving up the big play kid. Your job is safe. Be aggressive and make plays like we know you can.

Rex on the Defensive struggles vs the Jags

Rex: “Our defensive intensity in the first half I thought (was) not to Jets standards, to New York Jets standards certainly (with) the poor tackling. I never liked the way we competed on the outside to start with, which is another trademark of us.

Translation: We expected a alot more against Blaine Gabbert but they sped us up and threw quick outs nullifying our rush. As Dee played softer than we’d like outside . However, let’s not panic folks.

Jets Who Caught Our Eye

Ivory, Powell, Wilkerson, Coples, Spadola

Sanchez Be Like A-Rod. Yes, We Just Said That

The Steinbrenners should send Red Sox starter Ryan Dempster a game check for giving the Bronx Zoo Bombers a starting point for the stretch drive last night.

You’re 6.5 games ahead of your arch rivals, play them seven times in September, and know that the issues between A-Rod and the Yankees are so contentious that both sides can barely co-exist. So you choose to bean the guy? While up 2-0 in the game, with a chance to bury a franchise with close to thirty pennants? That’s how you unite warring sides you dummies.

A-Rod is an idiot? Fine. He’s the Yankees idiot then, not your idiot. Rule number 1 in team sports. Always let sleeping dogs lie. Rule 2: Never involve yourself in an imploding rivals internal strife. Rule 3: Memorize rules 1 and 2.

So what is it you ask from a Jets standpoint, that can be taken from the moment Dempster’s beer muscles waned? The mental approach seconds before the bomb.

Mark Sanchez, who is running out of his nine lives, should immediately study the body language and focus of the most hated guy in sports as he marched all alone into the batter’s box prior to the home run. With an entire national TV audience wishing he got plunked again. In a stadium willing to stone him publicly if they were given rocks. With an umpire who allowed a beanball pitcher to stay in the game. With his own team unsure of how close to sit next to him in their own dugout. With nothing but a 400 foot plus, momentum swinging, Fenway crowd silencer on his mind.

This is when you throw out the talk, the training, the “Jets West” if you will. This is when it’s just you and the pitcher. Or you and the inner demons. Or you and the defense. It’s all the same.

BOOM! Then crickets. That’s how you shut people up. That’s how you quiet voices of self doubt. The formula? Start with being the only one who believes, if others won’t. Then lock and load.

We have issues with A Rod. Who doesn’t? We only wanted to circle with red ink, what it takes when a ruthless mob is breathing down your neck, and you still get it done. Sanchez has to block out the sounds and trust at all times. Only this will eliminate the end zone picks and screen pass gaffes. If he can’t, Geno will do it for him. If not now, then soon enough.