New York Jets – Wide Receiver Power Rankings – Halfway Point Edition

Connor Rogers with New York Jets Wide Receiver Power Rankings heading into week 3 of the pre-season

The second week of the preseason is complete and the New York Jets wide receiver power rankings are beginning to look more clear. While the back end of the receiver depth chart is still a shot in the dark, the front end is solidifying itself as many expected. Let’s dive in to the updated rankings

1) Jeremy Kerley

Kerley has clearly established himself as the team’s best target. The Jets new offensive system has receivers finding space much easier than last year and Kerley never struggled with this aspect in the first place. Marty Mornhinweg has Kerley working from the slot, his most deadly area of the field to attack from. Each preseason game he has made catches for large chunks of yardage and shows no signs of slowing down as the Jets best playmaker through the air.

2) Stephen Hill

Although Hill held the number one spot in the last version of the wide receiver power rankings, his play hasn’t declined. His route running is crisper than ever and his measurables are starting to translate on the field. It will be interesting to see what kind of numbers he puts up with Geno Smith this week, a quarterback he’s shown instant chemistry with.

3) Santonio Holmes

Holmes has yet to play a snap for the Jets but is beginning to sprint, which is more than enough to warrant a spot on the power rankings. Many did not expect Holmes to begin running in August, but it appears he will be ready to play much earlier than expected. So much for “milking” his injury.

4) Ryan Spadola

Spadola had yet another solid game in week two of the pre-season. Three catches on three targets for almost 50 yards with limited reps is excellent work for the UDFA out of Lehigh. He’s practically a lock to make the team at this point and is looking to have a legitimate role in this offense.

5) Clyde Gates

After a slow week of practice for Gates coming off a head injury, he found more ways to be impressive. While not exactly lighting up the field as a wide receiver against the Jaguars (zero catches on two targets), he proved his worth as a viable kick returner. Three returns for 100 yards with a long of 44 yards is quite impressive. Everyone knew Gates is one of the faster players in the league, the problem has always been getting the ball in his hands. Putting him at kick returner allows him to work in space with the full field in front of him.

6) Braylon Edwards

Braylon hasn’t seen much action with the 1s, raising questions if he is going to make the team. While he compiled three catches just shy of 50 yards against the Jaguars, he’s struggling to gain separation against back up corners. He brings a veteran presence and has always been a solid run blocker, but he’s certainly on the bubble at this point.

7) Ben Obomanu

Obomanu had a very quiet week after being the Jets leading wide receiver against the Lions in week one. Obomanu is on the bubble to make the roster but his special teams contributions may give him the edge for the final spot over a veteran like Braylon Edwards or any of the UDFAs not named Ryan Spadola.

8) Zach Rogers

Rogers had one catch for 12 yards and one punt return for 11 yards in week two. The potential is clearly there with Rogers, but already having Jeremy Kerley on the roster may limit his chances of making the team. They both offer similar skill sets but Kerley is obviously a more consistent player at this point in time. Rogers certainly has a chance to make the practice squad.

9) Titus Ryan

Ryan had a quiet week and his early injury in training camp seemed to have killed his momentum.

10) Michael Campbell

Campbell registered a catch for six yards but needs to do a lot more than that to gain a roster spot.

11) Joseph Collins

Still waiting for Collins to show up, maybe we’ll see something against the Giants?

12) K.J. Stroud

Refer to Joseph Collins description and insert Stroud’s name.

13) Rahsaan Vaughn

Vaughn was signed early in the week and deserves some time to learn the offense. A highly touted recruit out of high school who had limited stats with Oregon, Vaughn needs to show the athleticism that once garnered scouts attention.


Marcus Davis – IR

Vidal Hazelton – Torn ACL after having an impressive two weeks of practice

  • Corey

    No argument from me. I think it’s clear that Braylon has lost a step and a bit of quickness but he will make up for it by being physical I believe. I think given everything Spadola has proven, he should be a lock as a WR on this team. Given his impressive athleticism and reliable hands he seems to belong in the NFL.

    I wish Vidal Hazelton was able to show more because he seemed to be playing pretty well and was even praised by Rex, but that’s the game of football I guess.

    Right now I want to know who will be starting opposite Hill week 1. I think it’s clear that Hill and Kerley will get the most reps but there’s a good fight between Gates, Edwards, and even Spadola for that spot.

  • KAsh

    The receiver corps has surprised. No one there presently may be at the level of an AJ Green, a Julio Jones, or a Calvin Johnson, but they have all been catching the ball and making plays. One of the positives of the Detroit game was receivers in the double digits with at least one catch. My guess is that Marty emphasizes spreading the ball around, allowing what was considered a subpar group to show its strengths.

    I thought Collins had one catch in the last game. I remember hearing his name. I think it was some surprise play, as he was motioning outside.

  • David

    Not just at WR, but at a lot of the positions on this team, the Jets coaches are going to have some tough cuts to make. There are like 8 WR’s I could see making this team and I would feel comfortable with.

  • kc.

    where Braylon would be utilized the MOST should/would be in the Red Zone. He can definitely still go up and get it.

  • Anthony

    I am thinking a lot of that chemistry comes in knowing Geno can get them the ball, in a hurry, where they can do something after the catch.
    Kerley, Hill, and Gates are the future of this teams receivers and if they can gel with Geno early on, we may have an awesome attacking offense very soon.

  • Hill, and Edwards should start on the outside with Kerley killing from the slot. Spadola should get plenty of time backing up Braylon. Gates should be groomed as a backup slot to Kerley and not used on the outside as much

  • Mark Phelan

    Very couraging article – complete turnaround in perception in just a few weeks.

    Hats off to MM as OC!

  • David

    @Mark Phelan– The first real OC the Jets have had in a number of years!! And you are seeing plays made. If you look at the Jets offense through 2 games– and yes I understand a lot of guys are 2nd and 3rd stringers– they are averaging 27.9 PPG. Did we even score 27 points all preseason!

  • Anthony

    Edwards is probably done in this league. The last two teams he played for cut him or let him walk for a reason. He is not starting on this our any other teams outside. He’s best used as a situational possession receiver and as a mentor to younger players (if you have room on the roster for him).

    Gates is not a slot receiver, he is a flanker with 4.3 speed and a 40 inch vert. He is better than Braylon is now.

    I get that your like Braylon, but his day has passed as a dominant receiver in this league.

  • KAsh

    Braylon can still play one role: the check down option as the fourth receiver on the field. He is still big and still manages to reel in passes. He cannot separate from the corners anymore and he cannot gain any yards after the catch. That is the sad state of affairs.