Initial Reaction – New York Jets – 37 Jacksonville Jaguars – 13

Initial reaction to the New York Jets 37-13 pre-season win over the Jacksonville Jaguars

A handful of Sunday thoughts on the New York Jets second pre-season game, a 37-13 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars

1. This was a concerning night all-around for the New York Jets defense. The book on them still looks to be: pick up the pace and get the ball out quickly to your skill position players in space, forcing the Jets to make open field tackles. Dee Milliner had a “Welcome to the big leagues” rookie night, routinely getting beat and missing tackles. David Harris looked like he did last season, which is slow, out of place and unable to wrap anybody up. The pass rush was also frustratingly quiet and that won’t be aided by Quinton Coples now being out 3-4 weeks. Disappointing all-around.

2. Mark Sanchez had the most Mark Sanchez night possible. He is what he is, an inconsistent quarterback who will flash first round talent but constantly be plagued by turnovers. You cannot throw interceptions in the end-zone, especially when forcing an option route into double coverage. I’d expect Geno Smith to start next week and play nearly three quarters with the starters, so the Jets can get a more accurate look at him.

3. Jeff Cumberland remains impressive and looks like a player who really took strides this off-season. He could be a big factor in Marty Mornhinweg’s offense, which has receivers running wide open in a way Tony Sparano’s never did.

4. The running game took a step in the right direction. Willie Colon is going to be a terrific addition but Stephen Peterman remains the weak link upfront. The Jets badly need Brian Winters back and up to speed. Bilal Powell looked sharp but it’d be nice to see some of those “Wildcat” looks go to a more explosive back like Chris Ivory or Mike Goodson…if he ever comes back.

5. Danny Lansanah is making an impression this summer and should stick on the final roster. The Jets badly need athleticism at linebacker and he has it.

6. Braylon Edwards played one snap in the first half. He did make a few plays in the second half but anybody who thinks he isn’t on the roster bubble is kidding themselves.

7. The Jets missed Kenrick Ellis last night. Damon Harrison isn’t ready to play starter type reps and is best served in a backup role.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • KAsh

    I am surprised that you did not mention the red-zone offense. The only TD with the first string offense was from 30 yds away. We followed that up with three straight trips to the five yard line and came away with a kick, an interception, and nothing as the clock ran out. The only time someone was open and prepared to receive was Gates, but Sanchez was scrambling by that time (and I suspect did not throw because he did not know if he was still behind the LoS.) There were several awkward routes and passes where the receivers dropped the ball.

    Sanchez looked frustrated after that interception. That throw itself was poor because he had his eyes on the other side of the field and then turned and threw before getting a proper read on Winslow’s position. After it, his passes started going haywire, off target or overthrown.

    The good news on the offensive side, I guess, is that you did not see the same problems you saw back in Detroit. The run game was much improved. The line held up and was making holes. No penalties in the first half. Hopefully, this means that Mornhinweg is skilled at ironing out the kinks in his units and does so by next week.

    I said the defense would give up some plays. Outside runs ate us alive. Surprisingly, so did screen passes. The corners did not press as much as I thought they should have. And Milliner got schooled by Blackmon.

  • Dave2220

    I don’t think the D scouts in preseason. Would not run that naked sprint out to coples side when he gets back. Henne was nearly killed!

    Wide open recievers and hot recievers for blitzes… About time. Powell and bell ran well. ivory looked like he has not practiced. Check the film on ducasse, I thought I saw some decent blocks. Colon on the right could mean winters vs Ducasse for the left side

  • Nikolas

    2009 and 2010 were such pleasant surprises, so good, that people the last two years were willing to give Mark Sanchez the benefit of the doubt.
    However, after four years and something, there is plenty of data, evidence, which indicates that Mark Sanchez has become progressively worst instead of better and that the Jets cannot rely on him. Those who insist on Mark Sanchez being the starting QB look -more and more- to be delusional. It is time to test Geno, the younger guy, to see what we have.

  • David

    I don’t know what Mark is seeing sometimes when he is playing QB. A QB in high school–heck, even someone like me sitting on the couch at home– could see there was absolutely nothing there in the end zone on that INT.

  • How about Blaine Gabbert? It’s one thing if Brady or Peyton light up your 1’s but Gabbert? Check his stats if don’t agree with me. Secondary should be ashamed they were abused by this guy. 13 for 16 with 165 and a touchdown. No sacks, no picks against him. I thought a lot more of our number 1’s on defense. It’s been our offense that’s actually been the better part of the team so far in pre season. Didn’t think I would be saying that.

  • Nikolas

    I wouldn’t worry about the defense, although Coples’ injury is bad news. The only real problem the Jets have is the QB position. If Geno is not ready to start early in the season then we are in trouble.

  • KAsh

    Sanchez is serviceable. He has been mediocre so far – not lights out, but not repugnant. Currently, he is both a hazard and a benefit when he is on the field. It is not a disaster if he starts the year if Geno is not ready. But, by his current performance, you would not want him to play the whole year.

    That defense is a problem. The way they performed last night was death by a thousand cuts. The Jags managed to both move the ball and run the clock. If you were not disturbed by what you saw last night, you have a level of confidence bordering on faith. The Jag’s offense is a taste of what teams are trying to do more and more. Rex better drill the plays we saw all week, and maybe for several weeks. New England’s offense (three-and-a-half weeks away!) looks very similar to the high-tempo, no huddle, short routes and screen game we struggled against last night.

  • matr dontelli iii

    what blaine gabbert and jacksonville’s offense did last night was very concerning. if rex can’t get the defense straightened out and quick this will be a long season. i like hat hey pretty much eliminated the penalties and mistakes in the offense. the line was much better as was the running game. i think it’s time to find a different fair catcher. as far as qb, i have always thought back to the good things mark did in the playoffs and thought he was salvageable. that pre-halftime fiasco was the last straw for me. i think they should let geno and greg split time with the ones next week and decide who should start the season at qb. i would let mark play the last preseason game and that would be it for him. he should be done as a qb for the jets. inactive during the season. that sequence from the three yard line was as inept a display of quarterbacking as i’ve ever seen outside of mark’s own voluminous personal blooper reel. that was an a to z of what not to do in the two-minute drill. completely inexcusable. it’s time to cut bait. there is no point in playing him, no hope of him performing to a level where we might get back a draft pick for him. mark is beyond hope. and you can’t blame brandon moore’s butt for this one. he can’t see the field, he can’t read a defense, he can’t manage the clock. he did two things right last night, he threw the ball into the ground on a hopeless play early and he held onto the ball during that sack. in his fifth year those are his highlights, those are the things that he’s working hard to get corrected. good job mark, keep up the good work, but keep it up someplace else please. between you and your usc buddy mcknight if we never draft another usc player it would be too soon.

  • John C

    The sequence at the end of the half, was classic Sanchez and Rex, Rex said it was his fault. I don’t think he called that sequence, or Sanchez’s end zone pick “brutal” though.

    The Defense gave cause for concern, though, amazingly, they did only allow 13 points, It was scary to think what Tom Brady will do with the No-Huddle in Game 2. It will be a short week as it is, so expect the Pats to play fast. Overall, that was as lackluster a 37-13 victory as there might have ever been.

    There were quite a few positives though, and if Chris Ivory stays healthy, and, whoever plays QB, plays better than last year’s Sanchez, they might keep us hopeful into December.

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  • Mark Phelan

    OK – our defense is our strong suit? Wilkerson and Couples OK, but who else really. Cromartie?

  • Angel

    People who are saying Mark hasn’t played better than last year don’t remember last year.

    Yeah, he’s making some dumb mistakes but I see some improvement — and it’s only preseason.

    So the bad news is: Mark is throwing into double and triple coverage, he’s throwing interceptions in the red zone, he still has trouble with screen passes, and he’s missing some open receivers.

    The good news is: Mark is completing throws into double and triple coverage, he’s bouncing back from his stupid mistakes and not compounding them later in the game, he’s throwing the ball away or taking a sack on plays he would normally turn the ball over, and he’s throwing touchdowns and moving the ball with ease a lot of the time.

    And anyone clamoring for Geno to start is a complete idiot. Sorry. You haven’t even seen Geno play but your claiming he’s already beat out Mark Sanchez. You can lie to yourself, but you just expose your prejudice against Mark and your ignorance when you make those claims. Benching Mark for Greg McElroy is a more legitimate idea — at least you’ve seen Greg play well.

  • Harold

    Angel not sure why you think Sanchez has improved so much in the preseason. Remember no one is scheming aganist you. He is throwing picks against team that are not even game-planning him.

    Also calling people idiots for wanting to see a highly rated rookie is an extreme statement. We have seen Sanchez and he has more turnovers than TD’s in his career and has averaged well over one turnover per game for his career. Who wouldn’t want to see an alternative? I think your bias for Sanchez is being exposed here, more than any perceived slights towards Sanchez.

  • Jim G

    What truly blows me away is how ANYBODY can still want Sanchez to QB this team. It’s not so much that fans are saying that Geno is automatically the savior of this team, it’s more that fans want to see “anybody but Sanchez” play.

    PS. David Harris is quickly becoming the “Sanchez” of the defense. How does a guy whose greatest attribute on the field is sure tackling suddenly forget how to tackle. He’s worse now than he was as a rookie. Let’s call it the “Sanchez syndrome”, and let’s hope it’s not contagious, although it sure looks like it is.

  • Sean F

    Way to negative of a critique for a pre-season game..I thought Sanchez’s Int was another red flag, but not really concerned about Milliner or Harris from this game. Not sure why Braylon is being criticized either

  • Angel

    My assessment stands. Anyone clamoring for Geno to START without even seeing him play is a complete idiot.


    Just my opinion.

    I want the best QB to play, and if Geno beats out Mark, I’d be pretty happy about it. BUT HE HAS TO ACTUALLY PLAY! I’m already resigned to the fact that Sanchez will be gone next year regardless.

  • Fans killing Mark for his work this preseason are strictly going by last season. If last season was forgotten there would be no QB competition at this point. The Number 1 ability your starting QB needs is to be able to stay on the field. Geno has already been out and McElroy can’t play two games straight. Mark played every game for 4 years, has taken tremendous hits and gets back up. This Morhinweg offense is the first to suit Sanchez in his career. If fans want a chance at a good season this year they should want Mark to start. If you want to throw season away and groom Geno for future, then go with him. Your choice fans