No Huddle – The New Jet Way Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets carrying a new attitude into the 2013 season

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Smothering Drama?

The early Rex Ryan era Jets would have ridden the Mark Sanchez vine video, positively or negatively for all it was worth somehow. The John Idzik Jets though, acted the way they should have. As if the story had no place in the daily news feed. Which it didn’t. No press conferences discussing it. No unnamed sources chiming in over it. Sure enough, the Butt dance grew no bigger than the ten second clip. Call it the new Jet way. A way that may have positive implications for the New York Jets in the months ahead and worth consideration for those like us who will have eyes on NFL betting at Top Bet in the 2013 season.

The one time “loudmouth Jets” approach worked well for the self pitying, Same Old Jets mentality that Ryan inherited back in 2009. The re-branding had a shelf life, that’s all. Good thing Woody Johnson and Co have apparently looked to turn the volume down.

The new focus appears to be squared solely on playing ball. On getting schemes down, and learning how new staff members and unproven players can work together and grow a belief and trust in one another. A process that is always best served when it is built away from tumultuous noise. Warranted, fabricated, self created or otherwise.

The Run Game and Pressure: Away From The Pressure

What if, without over-hyping yet another new ground attack as some “ground and pound 3.0” the run game simply contributes well? What if, void of another proclamation by Rex Ryan that he is a defensive a genius, the Jets get pressure from up front? Both are possible, right?

Letting these two units mature into playmaking forces naturally, away from proud predictions from inside the walls of Florham, may help both to blossom. Let things happen. Its the new Jet way, remember? Carry a quiet confidence. Have beliefs as a team, yes,  just share them all less less publicly. “We’ll see what happens.” Make that your new broken record soundbite Rex.

Not so fast Dolphins

If the Patriots stumble at all due to losing their top five receiving targets from last year and the Hernandez saga, the Dolphins probably feel as though they are the heir apparent to the throne. After all, considering the additions of Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller, and so on.

Not so fast. Let’s see Ryan Tannehill command his huddle in the clutch first. Has RB Lamar Miller ever been a feature back. What big games has Joe Philbin won in December as an NFL HC?

Miami has added talent yes, but paper ain’t grass folks. Lets see how things look when those helmets start trading paint before we give anyone the edge on who is best set to challenge the Pats in the AFC East this season.

July 25th to August 9th: Just Over A Fortnight to Get it Right

The Jets are one month away from their preseason opener in Detroit on August 9th. It’s amazing how close the July 25th opening of training camp is tied to the first kickoff. Didn’t it feel like back in the day, camps used to go on forever? Anyway, teams have just over two weeks to assemble themselves for the initial test. For a sport like pro football that needs repetition and familiarity, it’s hard to expect much when the Jets face the Lions.

Most of us will in certain ways though. Especially when it comes to Sanchez. He will get no free pass with many diehards on August 10th. Is this fair given the short window all Jets will have to be game ready? Probably not. It is reality though. We hope for 6’s sake that he understands this. We bet that Geno Smith does.