No Huddle – New York Jets Training Camp Month Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets storylines as the team enters July

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Sanchez and Buttfumble 2: Does It Really Matter?

So Mark Sanchez was last seen dancing with his butt showing on some Vine video at what looked like a female friend’s apartment. Embarrassing? You would have to ask Sanchez that. Appropriate? Probably not. Then again, if Sanchez already owned a Super Bowl ring like Joe Namath does, then perhaps many who are wondering where Sanchez’s head was at, would be a lot more forgiving.

Given the severe nature of the Aaron Hernandez story that grew while news of Buttfumble II broke days ago, it was and still is hard to condemn Sanchez for harmlessly letting loose on his own free time.

In fact, our only wish is that Sanchez could lighten up ON the field the way he seems to off of it. The game has seemed like such a labor to him over the past two seasons, hasn’t it? We only hope that the slide from two AFC title games to getting benched in favor of QB3 late last year hasn’t ruined his psyche.

While many have already turned the page on Sanchez in New York, we are not among the die-hards already prepared to anoint Geno Smith. A rookie who hasn’t shown us his skills or the ability to handle the Big Apple yet.

Where 6’s “Butt Dance” fits in to this equation though as far as 2013, we can’t say yet. Signs that Sanchez can rebound or is on his way towards sliding further into the abyss, will start with his performance in camp and August preseason action. Not from some dumb ten second clip that had no right making its way into the public sphere for viewing. Even if it was his fault for mistakenly allowing that to happen.

Jim Hudson

Jim Hudson, who passed away last week at age 70, was a key member of the Jets Super Bowl III defense that stunned the Colts 16-7. Hudson helped preserve a 7-0 lead that day by picking off Baltimore QB Earl Morrall on the Jets 10 yard line late in the first half. The failed flea flicker that has been a play for the NFL films ages for over four decades, is better known for the image of Colts wideout Jimmy Orr. Who will forever be waving his hands wide open on the New York goal line on another part of the field.

Few may know that Hudson, who was a DB and QB at Texas, threw a 69 yard TD pass to WR George Sauer (another key Super Bowl Jet who died this year) that helped the Longhorns defeat Joe Namath and Alabama 21-17 in the 1965 Orange Bowl.

Hudson played six seasons with the Jets after signing as a free agent.

Hernando, Goodson, the NFL, and Guns

The recent headlines involving guns and NFL players that even included new Jets RB Mike Goodson (who may be exonerated due to the fact that the gun found in a car he was in may not be his) all come with a variance in severity. There is no moral high ground for a fan of any particular team to stand on though, when it comes to the Patriots and Hernandez. Not when it is safe to assume that most if not all teams, own ballplayers who carry guns.

Regardless of what unfolds in the future during the Hernandez case, the NFL has to immediately develop a better way of studying a player’s past in relation to weapons. Even if there is no way to completely eradicate the chance for all gun related tragedies to occur, it is time to try and at least lessen the odds of occurrence. First by better identifying an individual’s dangerous traits and habits. Before they turn into a play that cannot be reversed.

Shootings and such are not good for business.

July 25th: Camp Will Be More Than Just A Battle For QB1

Training camp begins July 25th for the Jets in Cortland. That’s this month folks. It’s here, finally. Jets football. The 25th allows us all to turn the page on Tim Tebow, Tony Sparano, and rest of the 2012 disappointment. We enter July with zero expectations.

Look, we all know how crucial solid play from the QB position is in terms of any team’s success and realize that the media will have a spotlight on the Jets upcoming battle or the top spot. Like it or not.

That aside however, can we just hang our hat on the notions that the Jets will attack on defense with the kids up front, and optimize the skill sets of their backfield? Let’s make those two areas the new starting point, so as to also take some of the heat off the signal caller. It’s a team game.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I really don’t understand how anyone could think partying with attractive women is anything but the norm for NFL QBs.

    I suspect the physical beating Sanchez took during the 2011 season is the cause of his damaged psyche, at least partially if not entirely. He took A LOT of big hits & didnt miss any playing time, yet gets no credit or that display of ‘toughness.’

  • KAsh

    I agree with the majority of this article, except for one question: how would the NFL identify or even categorize bad gun habits? The problem with Hernandez was not that he apparently owned an unregistered gun or that he once was affiliated with a gang in his neighborhood. The former could not have been verified by the NFL, while the latter would indict a large amount of players in professional sports without solving the problem. The common thread running through all the stories about Hernandez is his temper and how quickly he translates his mood into action. But the line between healthy anger and murderous rage is difficult to determine, especially in a physical game like football. We want our players to be angry, but should we require them not to channel that anger anywhere but the football field?

  • __fense

    NFL players having guns legally isn’t a problem. Even NFL players unknowingly being in the same car as an illegal gun isn’t a problem. It only becomes a problem when a player commits a crime with the guns. As we’ve seen multiple times, a lot of NFL players are strong enough to hurt someone in a life-threatening way just by punching them. Their arms and bodies can be used to potentially commit crimes, but it obviously isn’t an issue for them to be walking around with them. There’s a huge difference between owning a gun and killing multiple people with it, and there’s absolutely a moral high ground there.

  • John C

    With the possible exception of Tom Brady (he married Giselle), who is the last Championship quarterback that got as much gossip press as Sanchez? Namath? Marino (oh that’s right, he never won one). It just seems that most of the great ones find a great looking lady, and settle down. The video was 10 seconds, but obviously this is not surprising for Sanchez. Of course he has every right to live the way he likes, and I might do the same if I was 26, but, I don’t think it helps him as a football player.

  • Angel

    Couple of weird things I took away from this article:

    1. Why should the NFL be worried about guns. Last I checked, owning a gun is legal (for now) and is still a right (for now). The NFL should be worried about CRMINAL behavior… you know, like maybe ex-players beheading their ex-wives with a knife.

    2. Sanchez is out partying with a couple of hotties on his downtime. He’s not in training camp and he doesn’t have a game next week. Was Sanchez accused of rape like another Championship QB I can think of?? No. Quite frankly, I’d be a little disappointed in Sanchez if he wasn’t partying.

    That is all.

  • Its funny how Racist America gives Sanchez a pass but the second Cam Newton sulks during a loss he is DESTROYED by the sports media. What a pathetic loser Sanchez is and this gives the Jets their best chance to get rid of the bum. Too bad they are in love with him.