No Huddle – New York Jets Kick Off Training Camp Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle as the New York Jets head up to Cortland to kick off their training camp this week

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Players will arrive in Cortland on Thursday. New York Jets 2013, the John Idzik model, or the beginnings of it at least, will be unveiled Friday. Training camp is upon us.

Buckle up crazies, it is going be a bumpy ride. A fun one though. It always is when it comes to these zany Jets.

The current version of the Green and White will be unpredictable in many headline grabbing ways. How will Rex lead this new crew? Who will win the QB1 job? Can the new Jets backfield and defensive line make an impact? What will life be like without Darrelle Revis? All these dramas and more are less than a week away from kicking off. Before they do, we give you our last offseason Monday morning quarterback piece in the hurry up.

Santonio, and the view from Roosevelt Island

Turn On The Jets founder Joe Caporoso entered TOJ in Santonio Holmes “Flag For Foundation” Flag Football tourney this past Saturday. The day was a blast for all who took part in it.

The double elimination tournament sadly ended for the “built to win now” TOJ guys in the semis but was full of valuable lessons and observations: Instinct Simply Takes Over Sometimes:

Our club’s intimidating MLB, “One Thirty Three,” wasted no time getting into game mode. On the day’s first play, 133 maniacally dove on the scorching turf in shorts. This after tossing aside picks and blocks in traffic just to pull a flag and “make a tackle.” The heroic rug burns and cuts that ensued, mirrored a vintage Dick Butkus SI photo. Hey, there is nothing a true warrior can do once the juices start flowing. Instinct simply takes over.


Roosevelt Island and Revis Island

Now as clean and friendly, as nicely layed out floor plan wise as it was, Roosevelt Island on first impression, felt isolated from Manhattan life the way receivers on Revis Island must felt isolated in games over the years.

It was my first time there and I have no problems returning to the hospitable enclave should the need arise. It just didn’t have that NYC energy that’s all. It seemed so distant from midtown even though it was minutes away.

Roosevelt residents would probably tell you that’s a good thing. The peace and quiet. The slower pace. The lack of at least one hot headed unreasonable jerk on every street corner. There are two sides to every story, right?

Santonio Holmes is a nice guy

For those still holding onto the view that Santonio Holmes is a malcontent, we offer you this. We watched him periodically throughout that 100 degree day and noticed that he was tempered, friendly, and caring.

Holmes didn’t have to stay for much of the six hour plus day in the sweltering heat to watch eight flag football teams battle it out (even though yes it was his foundation’s event), but he did. Offering advice, encouragement, and acknowledgement after good plays.

Holmes also stood by one injured player (dislocated or broken ankle or leg) for at least thirty minutes until medical attention arrived and carted him off. Vowing to pay for any resulting hospital bills.

Holmes took the time to talk with anyone who came up to him in a more than friendly manner. This is not to say that any issues he may have been involved in with the Jets were imagined, but we weren’t behind those closed doors. “Overblown” is always a possibility around these parts anyway, isn’t it?

We can only call what we personally saw. That Tone was a good dude. One who genuinely appreciated how excited people were to meet him on Saturday.

A Speed Package: Can We Have One Please?

The Jets need to be a touchdown better on offense this year. How, you say? Well, by utilizing speed for a change.

Now Mark Sanchez, for all of his self inflicted troubles, has also been force fed with what has seemed like a twenty yard playbook and run game stuck in between the hashes for close to two full seasons now. No vertical, and no sideline to sideline short game.

Blame this on Sanchez and his supporting cast if you will. We put some of the onus on the mindset as well.

Burn rubber with the burners. As limited as the Jets may still appear offensively to many, there is some appropriate personnel to at least attempt a consistent speed package.

Will Jeremy Kerley, Clyde Gates and Mike Goodson resemble OC Marty Mornhinweg’s prior group of DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy? No. However, throw Joe McKnight into that group, and at least on paper, an attempt can be made at some big gains in open space.

Not to mention, consider what the speed set would look like if fleet footed Geno Smith was added to the mix. We expect to see these guys together in certain huddles this August. They have to be.

The best way to minimize Jet mistakes at QB is to get down the field in one fell swoop. Typical fifteen play “three yards at a clip” Jet drives fall victim to flags and sacks way too often.

The Key To The Defense: The Linebackers

We have convinced ourselves that the Jets young front four will cause havoc in 2013. We also trust Antonio Cromartie and for whatever reason, have faith that Kyle Wilson and or Dee Miliner will hold down the CB2 spot respectably. Especially thanks to the help of the Jet pass rush that we envision.

Granted, these are a lot of assumptions. Basing our aforementioned daydreams as fact, what the Jets would really then need on D is for Antwan Barnes, Demario Davis, David Harris and yes, even Calvin Pace to make their presence felt. The linebackers. If they can be a force, this D can be formidable.

Barnes for one truly excites us. He had 11 sacks in 2011 for San Diego. A number that feels like more sacks than the Jets have had as a franchise since John Abraham left.

For whatever reason, justified or not we have always held Pace and Harris to a higher standard. This year Davis enters that category. We expect him and need him to elevate his play.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Rex Ryan finally be able call a game on defense with his core stemming from the box, as opposed to it coming from an All Pro corner duo locking down the outside downfield?

Imagine the flexibility that Ryan would have in making choices from down to down. Our gut tells us that it may be up to the linebackers.

Geno’s “Great Shot” Is Like A Sanchez Guarantee: Hollow.

It’s nice to see that both Sanchez and Smith believe they have what it takes to start. Smith admitted recently that he has “a great shot” at the QB1 role and hey, we don’t disagree with him.

Like Sanchez who has said that he is certain that he will win the position battle however, talk is quite cheap. Confidence has to start from within of course, but let’s see which of the two better commands the huddle and has the ability to rebound off of bad throws and poor decisions faster.

Jets West, notable offseason throwing partners in Florida. They too add up to nothing if we don’t see the truth, starting this week in camp. Show us now fellas. It truly is “go time.”