No Huddle – New York Jets Patient Approach Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets early trends in training camp

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Training camp is three days old and already it is quite refreshing to sit back and watch the quarterback competition begin without the media tag of “circus” anywhere near Cortland. This for the team that nobody expects to hear from in 2013. Just as we like it. Stay under the radar and build confidence and systems from within.

Just Get It Right

In recent days we have heard both Rex Ryan and GM John Idzik note that they will be part of the decision of who starts at QB. Idzik’s self proclaimed inclusion in the matter doesn’t have to be a referendum on Ryan’s current power, or lack thereof. Nobody said that this had to be the HC’s call alone.

In fact we don’t care who has a say in this one. Ryan, Idzik, Carlos Danger, Sydney Leathers. Just get it right. Too much depends on this choice being the correct one for anyone’s ego to affect the best possible outcome.

Aaron Berry Reminds Us

The torn ACL that CB Aaron Berry suffered during the very first practice reminds us that the NFL is like no other sport. It is one where the schedule and its story lines change due to injury from week to week.

Teams rarely end the year the way they start it. That’s why a season can be so hard to predict in July based on how it’s layed out on paper. Everyone is truly and deservedly 0-0 until week one kicks things off.

Tone Time On Hold? We Were All Warned

We have written on more than one occasion over the past few months about our fear that Santonio Holmes would not be ready to go. The doomsday scenario was in fact, no secret to anyone following the situation closely. The Jets did have somewhat of a semi-backup plan in grabbing Braylon Edwards again to at least provide the offense with a veteran who has produced in the past.

We won’t count ‘Tone out for the season, as some have, since he told reporters days ago that he wasn’t sure about the exact date of his return. We are preparing for it to be in the second half of the year, if at all. Anything sooner would be a pleasant surprise for us. We hope the Jets knew what they were getting into as far as Holmes and the entirety of 2013 as well.

Clyde Gates: Just What The Offense Needs

Last week we suggested that the Jets utilize a speed package with every quick piece they own on offense. Mike Goodson (provided that he will be around at some point), Joe McKnight, Jeremy Kerley and Clyde Gates. Even perhaps with Geno Smith as the ringleader.

Reports out of Cortland tell us that Gates is already making plays, including a 55 yard catch from Smith on Saturday. This news is music to our ears. Few, if any clubs could use an offensive weapon to emerge out of nowhere more than the Jets could.

Keep it up Clyde. Marty Mornhinweg’s system is built for burners who can catch it and create in space as well as go downfield.


With every report that comes from the practice field regarding “Sanchez vs Geno” and other head to head contests, let’s remember one thing. This still is practice and all personnel are still learning and working towards regular season conditioning levels.

Let’s all allow for at least a preseason game or two before determining who ends up where on the depth chart. This goes for coaches and the fan base. Let’s all exercise a little patience. Please.

Milliner Avoids Two Problems

Rookie CB Dee Milliner just agreed to a four year deal. He now avoids two problems. The first one is that of falling far behind in his preparation as part of Ryan’s schemes.

The second would have been the tag of “Revis lite.” Jet fans will always appreciate what 24 did on the field, but will also remember the holdouts. Especially the one in 2010 that left him behind the eight ball physically. Leading to the hamstring issues he had over the first half of that season.

  • KAsh

    I think you missed the point about Rex and Idzik. While it does not necessarily matter who will have a say, Idzik’s comments open up the question of who will have the final decision. As this affects game planning, strategy, and the playbook, this should be the HC’s decision; Idzik should have been the one that added a caveat to his statement by simply saying “the final decision will always be with the HC.”

    This is really Idzik’s mistake, maybe his first real SNAFU. It introduces doubt. Is there going to be a committee approach to the decisions? A behind-the-doors, open vote (the type naturally prone to bias, manipulation, strongarming, and division into camps, especially since everyone there is also in an employer-employee relationship?) Will this really be 100% Rex’s team and not simply the parts he can convince enough people about? If not, how do you evaluate him at the end of the year? A week ago, these were not on the radar. Now, they are open questions with potentially large effects on the rest of the season.

    While “get it right” is what we surely want, what does it even mean now? Before, I would have said “field the best team,” defining it as “the team the HC thinks gives him the best shot to win.” The responsibility then lies with the HC: a good season and he is great, a bad season and he is fired. Now, “get it right” is meaningless, as we do not know who the final decisionmaker will be (or even if there is one) and we will be praising or crucifying Rex at the end of the year based on decisions that might not have been his own.

  • JerryB

    Marty will say who he wants to run his offense and everyone else will nod their heads.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I suspect this sort of committee approach to choosing starters is neither new nor uncommon. Does anyone really think Tanny didnt play a role in the decision to rotate Slauson & Ducasse last year???

  • joeydefiant

    This whole “Rex vs Idzik” who makes the final decision is a story made up by the Daily News/Manish Mehta and other bored reporters who need controversy to sell papers. Over react much?

    The head coach is going to discuss personnel moves with the general manager! Wow, really? This is news?

  • __fense

    Every time a team is in Hark Knocks, we see the GM, scouts, and coaches all debating about important decisions like this. No team has one guy make any decision. There just isn’t anything to bash the Jets for right now, so the media is deciding to complain about the Head Coach and the General Manager working together. It’s a petty attempt to generate controversy where there wasn’t any before.

  • Everyone seems to be brushing off Rex vs Idzzy as bored beat writers fabrication. But a muzzled Ryan could be less effective and this could be big. Check out what I wrote here, and if you like please add me on twitter @PeoplezPen thanks
    NY Jets: Drawing Lines In The Sand

  • matr dontelli iii

    don’t bother following that link. the article is mehta-like

  • The article is not Mehta like, it is from a lifelong Jet fan and former season ticket holder who see’s the potential for disaster from the front office. This isn’t a panic or a waving of the flag, just an observation and opinion based on the change of regime and differences of opinion. I welcome your feedback as, I am a fan, and also an aspiring writer. Thanks in advance for checking it out and showing your support.

  • Angel

    1. Carlos Danger, LOL! Nice reference of politics without being political. Talk about a circus…

    2. “GM John Idzik note that they will be part of the decision of who starts at QB.” A PART! Meaning one of many. Of course they will all have input, DUH!

    BUT, there’s NO WAY Rex does not have the final say. There’s no way Rex puts his job on the line without being in complete control of the product on the field during the games.

    Rex’s goal is to WIN NOW and build the future for the rest of his tenure. The only way Sanchez sits is if he PROVES he can not win now, and Rex will be forced to roll the dice on a rookie.

  • Dan

    Shouldn’t Hill be part of any “speed package”?