No Huddle – New York Jets July Final Days Of Summer Break Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets wrapping up their summer break and preparing for training camp

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Jets West Is Nice But The Real Test Comes Later

Jets West is a cool, kitschy way for “creator” Mark Sanchez and his offense to bond as teammates. However let’s not confuse the pre-training camp gathering as a place where inner confidence becomes naturally cemented inside of# 6.

All of the talk lately coming from Sanchez about how he believes that he will win the starting job is great. It is what one would hope to hear from a four year starter. However, his chatter and the leadership that new Jets TE Kellen Winslow JR noted that Sanchez exemplified in Mission Viejo last week, guarantees nothing as far as the embattled QB’s resiliency goes.

Sanchez knows that many fans and hey maybe even some Jet players, hope that Geno Smith (who chose not to buddy up at Jets West so he could prepare to win the QB battle on his own) wins the job. Sanchez better be a self confident emotional man of steel from now until at least October. No cracks, no mental leaks allowed.

Winning the job for week one in September, should he prove to be the better choice, still won’t award Sanchez with a full proof one year ride. The plug can, and will be pulled on him at any time.

When that first sign of struggle comes, will the fortitude and self-belief be there? It will have to be, in order to maintain. Because by then, the water balloon contest that helped to lighten up Jets West will be a distant memory for all.

The Metamorphosis of Rex Ryan

The only sound we have heard out of Rex Ryan this offseason has been the sound of his feet plodding like a fullback through the streets of Pamplona last week.

It’s amazing that it has taken his running with the bulls to locate the guy who used to flip off folks in Miami, guarantee Super Bowls, and fill the offseason back pages over just about anything during his free time. Ryan has wisely accepted his new humbled position. It is one that will allow him a chance to grow from the ground floor up with this new Jet team. We are excited to see how this translates for Ryan in terms of uniting the young troops.

Will his mantra be a new one, or a modernized version of the Bart Scott “non believers” kind? The “us against the world” thing has done wonders for Ryan in the past.

It will be interesting to see what Rex pulls out from his old bag of tricks, and what he leaves behind in the coming weeks. His new demeanor has us unable to predict which direction he will go in. Our guess is a toned down yet confident stance of sorts to start.

Jumping The Gun on Aboushi

Its amazing how distorted facts nonetheless lead to hardened opinions these days. We all received little to no information as to why folks were calling Oday Aboushi a Muslim extremist, simply for sharing his own personal story at a three day conference of Palestinian people.

The Jets fifth round choice, an American born Palestinian, defended himself all weekend from the extremist charges exacerbated by some in the media. Collective societal paranoia, the new “spy and gather data” culture we live in, and the new need for preemptive discoveries of violent tendencies in light of the Aaron Hernandez drama, has us all looking for any way to stop the next incident before it happens.

In relation to Aboushi, hasn’t this desire as a society to gain some feeling of security gone too far? What did the guy do to warrant the interrogation spotlight?

We wouldn’t be shocked if certain authorities are now looking at Aboushi’s Facebook profile among other personal pages, as a result of the situation. It’s part of the world we live in now. Sad, isn’t it?
Were The Pats Duped? Tell Us

Now that the Zimmerman verdict has been reached, next up in court tv prime time will be the Aaron Hernandez trial.

Pats owner Robert Kraft said days ago that the team was “duped” by Hernando over the years, but make no mistake. Simply releasing him and exchanging his jersey at the merch store won’t end the Pats ties to this case. Not by a longshot.

Nobody is blaming the Pats, but people will want to understand more about who he was as a person during his years in Foxboro. It won’t be long before Patriots players and staff members are quoted for what they DID notice about the former tight end’s mentality, life outlook, personal habits, close friends, and more.

It is hard to say whether the negative attention will affect Bill Belichick’s crew. What we do know is, the team that has controlled the message as well as anyone over the past thirteen years, may not own every hand that will be on the steering wheel this time around.

Winslow 100 catches? How about 50 and Stay Healthy

We love oft-injured Kellen Winslow Jr’s public proclamation that he seeks an 100 catch season in his first season as a Jets TE. Active tight ends in the passing game are one of our personal requirements for a functional offense.

Realistically, we would be thrilled with Winslow as a dependable injury free 50-60 catch target. The 50-60 would mean some big games as well as a few quiet ones. We are fine with that. As long as Winslow is still a threat to consider, even when the ball doesn’t get thrown his way.

Now, could he actually achieve his desired total? Well now, THAT would be a gift from the heavens for this team if he could. Let’s leave it at that.