Turn On The Jets Roundtable – Exciting New York Jet Edition

The Turn On The Jets Roundtable debates who they are most excited to watch on the 2013 New York Jets

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What player on the New York Jets are you most excited to watch in 2013?

Joe Caporoso – Being the editor here at TOJ allowed me to view everybody’s response before scripting my own. Anybody who regularly reads here knows I am on the same page about Jeremy Kerley and Quinton Coples. Yet, one guy who I thought was overlooked in this discussion was Antonio Cromartie AKA the guy replacing Darrelle Revis.

Cromartie thrived last year in the Revis role and this season Rex Ryan will rely on him again. Cromartie vs. Mike Wallace twice. Cromartie vs. Vincent Jackson. Cromartie vs. Steve Smith. Cromartie vs. AJ Green. Cromartie vs. Julio Jones. Cromartie vs. Torrey Smith. You get the point. It will be fun to see if Cromartie can rise to the weekly challenge of being left on an island against this elite line up of wide receivers.

TJ Rosenthal –  To be honest, we have none at this point. We look forward to the development of any Jet, and would lean towards Quinton Coples as our guy, an emerging pass rusher who may be very fun to watch. We have all been burned so many times before by guys who never really elevated their play like Dustin Keller for example, that we won’t fixate our eyes on any one player this year. Mike Goodson’s speed excites us as long as his legal problems don’t slow him down in New York. Jeremy Kerley could have a great year in Marty Mornhinweg’s system if others can step up and be productive as well. We will leave it at that for now.

Mike Donnelly – Despite the less-than-stellar outlook for the Jets as they head into 2013, there are still plenty of bright spots on this team and several young players to be very excited about. On offense, there is no question that I’m very much looking forward to watching Chris Ivory as he gets his first crack at a full-time role, and Jeremy Kerley as he enters his third season. But as much as I wanted to pick either of those guys for this roundtable, the guy I am most excited about this year is Quinton Coples.

I’ve been on the Coples bandwagon since I saw him up close at last year’s minicamp, and I thought he should have gotten more snaps throughout 2012. He still managed to lead the team in sacks, despite playing roughly 50% of the downs, and now that he’s been moved into a full-time role this year, I expect him to absolutely dominate alongside Mo Wilkerson and rookie Sheldon Richardson. Much has been made about Coples making the switch to Outside Linebacker, but as we’ve pointed out numerous times here at TOJ, Coples is going to play all over the field and be a major force to be reckoned with. While he’s not the best player in the front 7 (that is unquestionably Mo Wilkerson), he is probably the most athletic and talented, and I fully expect him to become the Jets first double-digit sack man in quite some time. He will have all those hacks calling him a bust — or Gholston 2.0 — as soon as he was drafted, eating their words.

Mike Nolan – I am hands down most excited to watch Sheldon Richardson this season. I felt like I somewhat overlooked him during the ramp up to the draft, but after the Jets drafted him I have watched a ton of film on Missouri’s 2012 defense. The fact of the matter is that Richardson was a beast in college. He brings a different type of explosion and athleticism that isn’t seen too often between the tackles. I love his penetrating style and could see him adding some much needed pass rush from the inside. The way he performed against some of the top offensive line talent in the SEC (Alabama) speaks well for a quick transition to the pro game. This should asure that he will be on the field alot.  I’m also intrigued to see how Richardson will be utilized in the Jets’ defense.  He will be used all over the place along the defensive line and has the versatility to give any offensive lineman trouble. As long as Rex takes advantage of his strength as a penetrating, one-gap lineman and doesn’t force him to take on alot of blocks, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Richardson among the contenders for Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2013.

Connor Rogers – In terms of “excitement”, the Jet’s offense has been one of the most underwhelming units in the NFL for the past two seasons. As new GM John Idzik revamps the depth chart, new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will revamp the playbook. With a new offensive system and an offensive line that’s expected to be a top notch run blocking unit, I’m looking forward to watching newly acquired running back Chris Ivory. A former undrafted free agent of the New Orleans Saints, Ivory was a monster when given the ball. Struggling to find carries playing in a backfield that included former first round pick Mark Ingram and premier third down back Darren Sproles, Ivory will finally have his chance as a starter in New York.

A 225 pound boulder that breaks through arm tackles and often stiff arms defensive backs in the open field, Chris Ivory is an exciting player to watch. Often confused as a one dimensional bruising type runner, Ivory posses the open field speed to take the ball to the house on any given play. One more misconception he hopes to prove wrong is his catching ability out of the backfield, claiming he was rarely used in that role in New Orleans. Players with through the roof potential are always exciting to watch break out, making Chris Ivory my favorite candidate for the most exciting player on the New York Jets roster.

Dalbin Osorio–  I wanted to go with Quinton Coples, Sheldon Richardson, and Mo Wilkerson as the Jets i’m most excited to see this year, because I think it’s going to be a sight to watch as defenses can’t double team Mo, Sheldon, or QC without someone getting to the QB. However, the player I am most excited to watch this year is Jeremy Kerley. Last year, with arguably the worst quarterback play in the league, a poor running game, and no viable threat opposite him after Snatonio Holmes went down for the year, Jeremy Kerley racked up 56 catches for 827 yards and 2 touchdowns.

To put that in perspective, his numbers trumped DeSean Jackson’s (the #1 WR in Marty Morningwheg’s system last year), Dwayne Bowe and Hakeem Nicks; three wide receives who either had a better QB situation (Nicks) or are regarded as more talented at their position (Bowe and Jackson). His numbers being better than Desean Jackson is significant because the Jets will run a similar offense to what the Eagles ran under Morningwheg. Because of this, expect alot of bubble screens to Kerley and opportunities to create something in open space. which is where Kerley can really excel. Kerley, also, showed that he can stretch the field vertically and he runs precise routes. With the Kraken Chris Ivory, improved offensive line play, and improved quarterback play from either Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith, I cannot wiat to see what Jeremy Kerley can do next year.

Cole Patterson – It took a good deal of convoluted reasoning and some tough decision making to reach a conclusion on this simple question. I immediately jump to Quinton Coples as I lean towards defense and he has the potential to bring a “sack lunch” to each and every game, something Jets fans haven’t seen in ages. Yet, we have seen stout defenses in the recent past but still hunger for offensive production.

My next thought would go to the quarterbacks, Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez. However, this was too easy an answer and at this point we do not know which will start. Chris Ivory perhaps? Eh, we have seen him make defenders look like rag dolls and know what he brings to the table. Regardless, we all know the NFL running offense is dead, right?

With that in mind, the player I am most excited to watch in 2013 is Stephen Hill.

Hill, the 6’4″ athletic behemoth, showed immense potential in limited time last season. Hill’s speed and size made savvy, veteran defensive backs respect his presence. However, imprecise route running and inconsistent hands made Jets fans hesitant. Before being derailed be injury, Hill was showing marked improvement in his areas of weakness. Marty Mornhinweg will help Hill reach his potential as an NFL receiver. If he can put it together, 2013 could be an exciting year for both Stephen Hill and Jets fans alike.

Michael O’Connor –  Nothing better like simple questions to start some hype. In a close call with Jeremy Kerley, I’ll go with Sheldon Richardson. I’m a defensive guy, and Richardson was one of my favorite prospects this spring. I’m not shy to admit that I didn’t think his fit here was ideal, because I still don’t. However, the sky is the limit with Richardson’s raw ability and undeveloped skillset. He is a ball of clay just waiting for Rex Ryan to help mold him into a monster who the defense simply cannot prepare for due to his versatility and unbelievable athleticism.

Hopefully, we won’t have Richardson get agonizingly limited snaps like we did with Quinton Coples (until later in the season). The depth inside is thin, and Rex loves to play around with guys who aren’t strapped down by one specific position. I think we see a lot of different looks with Richardson, whether it’s at the pure, 3-4 nose tackle, the 3-technique and 5-technique in multiple different fronts, and even standing up as a read-and-react blitzer like we saw from him often at Missouri. Rex loves that last aspect of his game, I can guarantee it. It would be such a disgrace to get as few glimpses of Sheldon as we did with Coples last year, but I have hope. I can’t wait to see this cat wreak havoc in opposing offenses’ backfield when they’re not prepared for him. Giving him opportunities next to one (should be) Pro Bowler in Muhammad Wilkerson and another (will be) Pro Bowler in Quinton Coples simply isn’t fair for any offensive line coach to have to sleep on at night.

Dan Marcus – Oh God. What to say, what to say: I don’t think excited is the right word for how I feel about the 2013 Jets, although I will be excited to see meaningful football being played once again, the words I would use are curious and anxious. There are just so many question marks and so much turnover in almost all levels of the organization, except for obviously the Head Coach. It will be interesting to see how this Ryan-Idzik “Shotgun Marriage” works out and I hope that Rex can win him over because despite the last two seasons, he is good for the organization and the fan base.

Of course I will be looking forward to see how the first-round picks, Dee Milliner and Sheldon Richardson will fare when thrust into prominent roles on day one. I do believe the defense will be improved and it will be interesting to see the new wrinkles Rex adds given the depth he has in terms of versatile defensive linemen like Wilkerson, Coples, and Richardson. Hopefully they along with Kenrick Ellis, Antonio Garay, and whoever is playing that “Rush” backer position can actually generate a pass-rush. The defense has the ability to turn into another Top-10 unit but there is obviously a lot more uncertainty than there has been in recent years as the identity of the 2013 Jets will be largely dependent on the development of many of the younger players.

With that said, the other side of the ball has even more question marks with two new starters along the offensive line, and a depth problem at Tight End and Receiver. Oh yeah and there’s that whole quarterback “competition” where the inevitable starter will be learning his third offensive system in three seasons, while the organization has been actively trying to replace him. What would really get me “excited” would be if he is able to stand up to the adversity and right the ship…one can dream. The backs should be exciting and the line stout so if Kerley and especially Hill continue to develop and Tone is able to get back to form then this team can be competitive.

However, as I’m writing this, I realize the amount of times I’ve written the word “if” and that pretty much sums up the 2013 Jets in a nut shell: one big “if.” Hopefully for our sake, the Jets end up on the right side of that “if” and in the playoff hunt.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports