Turn On The Jets Podcast Episode 1 – Featuring Antonio Garay & Darrin Walls


Check out episode 1 of Turn On The Jets Central Radio hosted by Joe Caporoso and Michael O’Connor. Defensive lineman Antonio Garay and cornerback Darrin Walls stop by to talk New York Jets defense and staff writer Mike Donnelly discusses the Jets offense.

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  • Loved it!! Looking forward to the next.

  • matr dontelli iii

    good stuff, Joe. my only issue was the disparity in volume from when you guys were speaking to when the commercial came in. i was wearing headphones and just about lost my head. i guess if you guys could raise the microphone volume that would be a plus. thanks for a good listen.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Hmm. will try to work that out for next episode. Thanks for listening and the heads up!