No Huddle – New York Jets Summer Break Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on Rex Ryan, Santonio Holmes and Kellen Winslow Jr

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Leave It Alone Rex

We love Rex Ryan. The guy has always loved the Jets since day one, when he first told us about visiting Obama in the White House and not kissing anybody’s rings. He essentially grew up a Jet while his dad Buddy, the original outspoken Ryan, helped design the great Jets defense for Weeb Ewbank’s club in Super Bowl III. Rex wears his desire to restore the club back to that 1969 world champion status on his sleeve in a way that few others who have donned the headset ever have here.

That said, it was senseless for him to go into the “I’m a hell of a lot better football coach than I’m given credit for” territory. The way he did last week. Not now. Just prove that you can work with the beginning of the next Jet generation Sexy Rexy. Show those who are watching that this new extension of you will play with energy and confidence.

Haters will hate anyway. Don’t fight it. They will dim the spotlight away from your successes and shine it on the blunders that have originated from both on and off the field. Don’t even address the matter Rex. Be bigger than that. What Ryan must do, is forget about the “non-believers” (stole that phrase from you Madbacker) and instead, aim to follow the path set by Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. Who survived long enough at his job, to be allowed the chance to take on a new young impressionable group in Cincinnati, and make them “believers.”

Ryan has to show GM John Idzik, owner Woody Johnson, and the fan base, that regardless of the win-loss record in 2013, the Jets future has a roadmap. That the prospects are hopeful. No matter who may be dissing him in the world.

Tone Time? No. It’s Panic Time, or Plan B Time

Over the past few days we have read on Rotoworld that Santonio Holmes had the SEVERE Lisfranc injury version of the foot injury. The kind that has prevented him from running or cutting yet. Translation? It’s not Tone Time, it’s panic time. Or better yet, time for another plan.

If Ryan wants to prove those who see him as some “Goddamn Snack” Buffoon of a coach, he better not tell us “this is the best receiving corps we have had in my time as a Jet” and look at the reality of what a “Holmes-less” team will look like.

Mid-June means that we are ten weeks or so away folks. Without Holmes, the Jets lack a proven playoff playmaker and late game home run hitter. Like Holmes or not, (and there are still Jet fans who still see Holmes as a divisive problem child. We don’t) this team can ill afford to head into another year without a pair of viable threats outside.

Jeremy Kerley? Sure, he will thrive in a west coast system as long as he is not the sole target. Second year WR Stephen Hill could be a weapon if his hands work this year. We don’t feel good about leaving them as the two main characters. There has to be one more. At least.

The Jets will of course try to catch lightning in a bottle with recently acquired underachiver Ben Obamanu, other veteran “whatevers,” and a handful of UDFA’s laying around Florham Park these days.

So that’s plan B if Tone can’t go? Are there no other options though? At all?

Diehards sent us the “TO and Chad Johnson” solution to our twitter Sunday. Brandon Lloyd too. For you folks who don’t love this trio of possibilities, you have company. Neither do we. How about a trade then? There has to be some disgruntled, but talented young WR2 or WR3 who Idzik believes could thrive in a Marty Mornhinweg passing game. Right?

Forget “the Jets have no money” line of thinking either. There cannot be a stubborn “no,” from the Jets on this before every roster depth chart in the NFL is explored at the position. If there is some WR who could be had, then find a way. Now.

A Healthy Winslow. Please.

Many of us loved the tryout given to free agent TE Kellen Winslow Jr last week at OTA’s. We all had those fingers crossed that the one time star TE would show well. The one year deal he received by weeks end proved that he did.

It is amazing though, how banged up this guy became after showing so much promise coming into the league (no we are not talking about Gronk, but may as well be). If Winslow can stay away from yet another injury, while the old ones keep from acting up however, we don’t see why he can’t contribute in the passing game. Jeff Cumberland and Hayden Smith? God bless them both, but we will take our chances on a player who has success already planted on his resume.

If he becomes invisible, then hey, at least the move will be a cheaper disappointment than Dustin Keller was last year. When HE was healthy enough to suit up. There’s always something when it comes to the Jets tight ends. Right DK?

The Wildcat and Tebow the Pat

NY Post’s Brian Costello reported last week, that he saw the Wildcat run more at OTA’s than when “Tim Tebow the Patriot” was a Jet.

Uh oh.

We know that Ryan wants a run option package with Geno. We have all heard him hail this look. We get it. What I don’t know, is whether we can all stomach another “Grand Central station at rush hour” scene on the field as groups come rumbling on and off as the play clock winds down.

OK, so Einstein Sparano ran last years comedy of an offense, but does Marty Mornhinweg need the same window dressing thrust upon him before the foundation dries? Let’s get the basics down first guys. A solid run game, with definable roles for the backfield members. An effective short passing game that includes a QB who can handle the assignments, and receivers who can get open. Thank you.

Now regarding Tebow the Pat, the fear in Jet Nation is clear: That Bill “Darth Vader” Belichick will turn shirtless Tim into the gadget weapon the Jets only talked about and envisioned.It’s a reasonable fear. In fact, we have it ourselves. After all, Tebow becoming some useful off the scrap tool heap the way that ex- Jet Danny Woodhead was for New England, is not out of the realm of possible.

Like Ryan and his “I’m a good coach” rant last week however, it’s best for the Jets and anyone who bleeds green and white to just stay focused on the task at hand in Florham Park. Forget the Pats, the Tebows of the world, the writers, the doubters, the haters. They all mean nothing right now.

Jet players coming to work confident, healthy, and excited to play while the front office stays alert on ways to improve the roster in certain places, is where all the attention should be. From now until we see that Revis guy again in September.

  • KAsh

    A Rex Ryan that does not answer the haters and the doubters is an impersonator. Moving past all those Super Bowl promises was a mature move, but he needs to talk more not less. Best coach of the Jets? How high of a bar is that? When Rex once again puts the bullseye on his back by saying something like “I am the best coach currently in the NFL” we’ll know he’s back and the fan base can be excited again. But keeping silent does not quiet the rabble. Silence is the virtue of a saint, not a chieftain.

  • mikeM

    I don’t blame Rex for saying what he did the media voltures are circling around Rex waiting for him to be fired. They even report that he is a lame duck coach, even though he has two years left on his contract. When he states that he is good coach it makes media try to dispute the claim. So far I have not heard anyone arguing the the claim. They just argue if he should of said it.

  • __fense

    I agree. Look at how the team did when Rex was fired up, and then look at how he’s been now that he’s guarding his words. It’s Rex’s job to get the fans riled up, and it’s the fan’s job to keep the media in check. Don’t let the Mehtas and Ciminis of the world spread lies about this team. Vocally boycott hack journalism.

  • bonebreaker

    The best way to shut up all the naysayers is to simply win. It will be easy for the media to pick on Rex if he loses but if he wins….. how sweet will it be?

    I have had friends say it must be hard to be a Jets fan but I don’t feel that way. If my team wins some good games this year it would be the greatest thing but if I was a fan of a better team all the wins would be expected with maybe not as much excitement. The media just adds to the thrill of us winning. I think it would be worse if they just didn’t cover us at all and Rex didn’t say anything. If we do not say anything and win the media can say we just got lucky but if we stick our necks out and say we will win and win than the media will look foolish.