New York Jets Fans – Why Do We Hate This Man?

Daniel Marcus explores New York Jets fans hatred of Mark Sanchez

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Jets fans, it’s time to have a talk, a heart-to-heart so to speak. It occurred to me the other day that there has not been a New York Jet in recent memory that sparks such (in my opinion) undue animosity than beleaguered soon-to-be former Starting Quarterback, Mark Sanchez. I can understand why you would want to see him quartered and hung for the mind-boggling decisions he often makes on the field but there have been litany of terrible Jets QB’s in the past that have not received anything that resembles the treatment Sanchez has experienced during his tenure as the Jets signal-caller.

Think about it, the guy has the most playoff wins in team history and has the second-most road playoff wins in NFL history and yet, after only his first losing season in Green and White, most fans and pundits alike are ready to ride him out on a rail spike. Although I am historically a Sanchez apologist, his play over the last two seasons and the seeming regression and degradation in terms of growth has made him virtually indefensible. That said, I just don’t understand why he seems to be so universally hated both within the market and around the league.

Think about all the less-than-wholesome characters around the league and even on the team that receive much less flack. Sanchez has never been accused of murder like Ray Lewis, has never run a dog-fighting ring out of his house like Michael Vick, has never had a DUI like countless other NFL players, and has never bad-mouthed anyone in the media or via social media and yet he inspires an A-Rod-eqsque rage. In fact, I think Alex Rodriguez is the perfect parallel to Sanchez as both of them provoke immense amounts of criticism and animosity despite seemingly saying and doing all of the right things.

However, even the A-Rod comparison isn’t exactly an apples-to-apples comparison as Sanchez has never once cheated the game nor is he the same caliber of player that Rodriguez is in his sport. Nevertheless, the two of them are among the most hated figures in the New York sports arena. Unfortunately for A-Rod his image and reputation are seemingly irreparable but there is still a sliver of hope for Sanchez as he has somehow maintained a hold on the Starting Quarterback job despite the fact that he has played more like a back-up for the past two seasons. There are some images that will never fade in the minds of Jets fans, with the “Butt-Fumble” being the most prominent among them but with an inside track on being the Week One starter, he has a chance to endear himself to fans once again.

If he can hold off Geno Smith long enough to retain the starting job, I can think of no better way to erase the seemingly indelible images of 2012 than by planting his flag on Revis Island in Week One and doing the same in Foxboro the following Thursday. Admittedly the odds of that happening don’t appear likely but in 2013. redemption thy name is Sanchez. Or not.

  • Jude

    Most fans hate Sanchez because he is a symbol of failure in the Tannenbaum era. It also doesn’t help that the buttfumble has been shown on ESPN for 27 or so straight weeks as worst of the worst.

    The chances of Sanchez coming back and having an excellent season are less than .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 percent.

    Why waste our time on him? Start Geno, and start building towards a better future

  • Jude

    Most fans hate Sanchez because he is a symbol of failure in the Tannenbaum era. It also doesn’t help that the buttfumble has been shown on ESPN for 27 or so straight weeks as worst of the worst.

    The chances of Sanchez coming back and having an excellent season are less than .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 percent.

    Why waste our time on him? Start Geno, and start building towards a better future

  • He has never been more than a bottom 1/3 of the league QB who was in the right place at the right time to be the beneficiary of a great defense and STs his 1st 2 years.

    He was handed a job and had no challenger to it until this season. The Jets should have drafted a QB early last year ( 2nd, 3rd round )
    I had some interest in Foles last draft. If the Jets had drafted him he would have been a real option the middle of last season when the team needed one.

  • __fense

    People hated him well before he started playing badly. The guy makes the AFC Championship game 2 years in a row, with a bunch of 4th quarter combacks where he makes the plays in clutchtime, and the team ‘won in spite of him’. But when a ton of players get injured and he’s throwing to backups, it’s all his fault that they lose. Is it really any wonder why his confidence is so shitty? I just hope Jets fans don’t do the same thing to Geno. He’s not going to be perfect right away, but making playing at home more hostile than playing away is just going to make the QN worse, no matter who it is.

  • Harold

    I have not been commenting as much the last week but this is a topic I could not resist. I don’t think most fans hate Sanchez as much as they are disappointed that a guy who was suppose to be the future has already shown us he should be part of our past.

    The part that irritates me the most and I am sure many Jets fans are the media members and fans who continue with this line that Sanchez gives us the best chance to win!! On what planet the guys is an average player at his best and a terrible player the rest of the time (outside a few solid performances in the regular season and most of the playoff games).

    Mark Sanchez is not the answer he is Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chad Henne, Brady Quinn and Jason Campbell (and that may be being kind). What do they all have in commomn they are either unemployed, back-ups or battling for a starting job on an even worst team than the Jets (feel free to insert the Browns or Jaguars here). Geno Smith needs to work on his skills along with every rookie QB who has ever entered the NFL. Does that make Sanchez a better option? Of course not. Does it make him a viable option who who will suddenly play better? Even more emphatically the answer is No!. His failure last season was the culmination of 4 years as a mediocre to poor QB. It is more time than most QB who perform this poorly ever get.

    I know you guys are thinking Alex Smith got better! Check the stats Smith was not Sanchez bad and actually was an average QB to slightly above average QB (yes before Harbaugh). In fact, if we had been a worse team in 2009 and 2010 we would never even be having this discussion.

    This is why many fans think it is time to move on. Hate is too strong a word. However, I believe Jets fans are tired, deflated and ready to move on. This is like a bad relationship everyone knows it is over, it is just a matter of when.

  • Matr Dontelli III

    Nice job _fence

  • Jude

    Also, I don’t see anyone that actually hates him. A lot of people hate his despicable play, but not Sanchez himself. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but he’s a terrible quarterback.

    If he starts, he needs to go 10-6 or better to win back many fans. That’s just the truth. If Geno starts, as long as he doesn’t crap the bed, he’ll be fine with the fans.

  • keator

    Hate is a strong word, but it would be nice to just see someone else under center. Every spring early summer stories pop up telling us fans how mark has been working hard and this is the year

    Remember last year and the comparison of mark to Eli and Drew in their first 4 years that was fun.

    Mark has had two years to show the FO he is worth building around and failed both years.

    It’s ok it’s Geno’s time and when preseason comes around he will win the crowd…

  • Bacon

    I totally agree with this article. Remember last season when the players voted Mark Sanchez the most overrated player in the NFL? How can he be overrated when everybody thinks he’s awful?

  • subzero2401

    It amazes me how people are so quick to minimize Sanchez and what he has accomplished in his short career. He has done things no (honest) Jets fan would have predicted before he was drafted. Four road playoff wins? Two AFC Championship game appearances?

    All the recent success this team has enjoyed has come with Mark Sanchez at the helm. Has he been perfect? Absolutely not…but he deserves way more respect and for that matter, GRATITUDE than he gets.

  • Harold

    subzero2401: I think Sanchez got the respect he deserved when the team went to two AFC Championship games. However he followed it up by leading the league in Turnovers over the last two seasons. So people were forced to go back and look at his numbers as a whole and access his contributions.

    I think at that point people realized although we won with Mark he was the reason we won many of those games. Even the comebacks were often because he was pretty bad early in those games. Mark has proven to be a poor QB over most of his 4 seasons and most fans just want a fresh start.

  • Joe Barra

    Please stop with the two AFC championship appearances. He didn’t lead the team there, he was just along for the ride. Once the true heroes like Faneca, Thomas Jones, Kris Jenkins and Damien Woody left the team Sanchez was exposed big time.

    And it’s not just butt fumble, not by a long shot. Remember the Titans game?

    Now I don’t hate Sanchez, but he is what he is. A backup.

  • Johnny

    i don’t care who the QB was last year, if you are throwing to guys that just came off the street and you don’t even know their names because they are so new, you are not going to run a successful offense. sanchez just needs to clean up his turnovers and he will be solid assuming he has a supporting cast that stays healthy.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Sanchez winning Comeback Player of the Year seems more likely to me than Geno winning Rookie of the Year.

  • KAsh

    There is no logical reason for hate; the path we have to draw is really crooked. All straight, logical connections are likely to be reasons made up to justify the fact. (Deep down, we know this, which is why we do not “hate.” Besides, it makes us feel better when we try to seem like we are above such petty feelings.)

    The quarterback is the most recognizable, public face of any franchise. New York is a huge media market. Rex Ryan started his tenure with a Super Bowl prediction that enraged the NFL world. That promise went unfulfilled (regardless of any actual achievements). Football is a very physical sport (or at least used to be) and its followers have a nostalgia for the old days when to be a football player meant to be a tough SOB. Sanchez is a pretty boy. He looks like he is popular with the ladies. Sanchez is a Latino in a sport predominantly black and white.

    None of the above involves football. All of the above happened or was around before Sanchez was even drafted. But all of it meshed together and then football was added on top.

    It is a willful forgetfullness to say that Sanchez was shown respect for getting the team to two AFC championships: he was questioned, criticized, and ridiculed. Most Jet fans will readily admit that the o-line and the running backs deteriorated from ’09 to the present, that the wide receivers were constantly changing (and disappeared last year,) that the offensive coordinators were not up to snuff, that Cavanaugh was an awful QB coach, and that the defense steadily got worse since ’09 as its four starting linebackers were struck by age. And yet, Sanchez is the problem.

    To show this, people will pull up a bunch of statistics, those of the three kinds of lies variety. People will counter with other numbers and we will all feel stupid for arguing against what seems like the truth. The reality is that we have no statistics that show football skills. In what proportions do accuracy, receiver error, and offensive strategy determine a completion percentage? What exactly goes into a QBR? When an offense goes X yards or scores an average of X points, how does that reflect on the QB? Few bother to think of such things, but the quarterback is the public face of the franchise, so frustration can naturally be vented.

    But you have to look at the wider picture. The league hates handsome QBs; if you look natural in a magazine but out of place on a ranch, chances are you are not liked (Tom Brady, Jay Cutler). The league loves guys who look tough (Ben Roethlisberger, Tim Tebow). The league loves to talk about the Jets ever since Ryan’s Super Bowl prediction. Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Oakland feel like they can say something to us. The league loves to see someone, especially a quarterback on a well-publicized team, rise from the ashes or drop from the sky. The league’s pundits love being right and hate it so much when they are proved wrong that they twist themselves in knots to rehash the story.

    The short of it is that Sanchez has done nothing except not accomplish a silly prediction made by his head coach before he was even on the team. He got a target painted on his back from his very first season. He made his situation worse by proving people wrong and getting to two AFC championships in a row. Those two years, he also had a tendency to win when people kept claiming he would lose, which did not earn him any friends. In 2011, as the whole team began slowly disintegrating around him, Sanchez was expected to excel even more. Then there was 2012, which was an aberration – a perfect storm of Tebow, Sparano, injury, and mediocrity that created the only year in the NFL in which his major statistics regressed. But this is all seen through a prism of factors that Sanchez never really could control or affect.

  • BIGgreenBALLz

    Damn it!!! KAsh!!
    How big is the head of the nail cuz u hit it perfectly!
    Preach on my brotha!
    People just see some numbers and actually listen to dumbassess like Skip nd A.Smith.
    People just eat it up with out using any kind of facts, common sense and god forbid some rationallity.

  • Jude

    Kash: Nobody cares how handsome he is or how many girlfriends he has.

    People care that he has 50 turnovers in two years. 2011 is a long time ago, it’s time to focus on recent Sanchez. And recent Sanchez is not good at all. And WHEN Geno starts, I hope you will open your eyes and be amazed at just how much time you wasted defending him.

  • BIGgreenBALLS

    JUDE: He is not defending him…. He’s just stating the facts of HOW and WHEN it went down south for Sanchez nd the club. I’m a big fan of Sanchez but he needed/needs to get his SH_T together too.

  • matr dontelli iii

    kris jenkins was a true hero? what is this soldier of fortune? be real. he didn’t finish either of those two seasons. one he barely even started, but boy could he eat. and he’s real good at criticizing us too. somehow as big as he is he fits right in at espn along with all the other bigmouths who talk all day with nothing to say. we should alter our decisions because of what espn shows? good logic! if you saw the last time a column like this ran here you’d know why people say hatred. the thread was ridiculous and included racism as a reason why people hate him. he should have had competition before but he didn’t and that’s not his fault. it’s not his fault there’s been little continuity in receivers either. whoever performs best will be on the field, that much i believe. if it’s mark i think he’ll be booed mercilessly right from the start. and the booers will think they’re fans. you don’t boo this year for what happened last year. if the coaching staff gives him a fresh start the fans should too. the quarterback and team should be supported, regardless of who it is, until they prove to be not worth supporting at which point you would hope the coach would make a change.

  • bonebreaker

    I bleed green and every time MS turns the ball over he cuts me. I am not a person who likes to use the word hate loosely but I am honestly sick of how careless he is with the team I care about so much. For most of the past four years we had such a good defense that if we just did not turn the ball over it wouldn’t have been hard to be over 500 at the end of the year but Mark was so reckless with the ball. In the first couple of years it was easy to forgive him since he was a rookie but after four years of the same mistakes……

    I also hate how people try to make excuses about how the rest of the team sucks for the reason why Mark turns over the ball. If no one’s open throw away the ball, take a sack but god please don’t run into you offensive lineman’s ass and fumble the ball or throw the ball up for grabs and hope someone on your team catches it.

  • Anthony

    I think calling sanchez awful is giving way too much credit toward the talent around him and the coaching staff teaching him. Call me when Sporano or Schotty, once in their careers, are responsible for effective offenses in this league. As bad as sanchez has managed to be, some serious credit goes to the jets for giving him such crummy support.


    It’s amazing to me that you bring up all of these so called unsavory NFL players, you mention Ray Lewis, Micheal Vick, A-Rod even. But not once did you mention Ben RAPElesberger. Why is that?

    Furthermore, Ray Lewis as you mentioned was ACCUSED and subsequently ACQUITTED of Murder charges and we’ve never heard a PEEP or another negative word as it relates to any off the field antics from him.

    When doling out the disparaging remarks about players, make sure they’re fair and equal.

    Lastly, Mark Sanchez is hated so much by many NFL fans, because many seem to have your near sited view of athletes who tend be less ‘traditional’ QB worthy candidates as well as the fact that he was the 5th pick.

    I for one have cringed often when watching Sanchez drop back to throw, however in light of the error that was Tannenbaum, let’s just say that he was instrumental in bringing about a culture that was counterproductive in Sanchez overall growth. Schottenheimer and Sparano were the worse thing to happen to this kid and in the New York market.

    That being said. Let’s see if MM can turn him around.

  • Mark Phelan

    ‘No one studies harder – spends more time on the playbook and films’. This is how MS has always been praised. I think the fatal flaw with MS is that it goes in one ear and out the other. No body home up there.

  • keator

    Only jet fans think mark Sanchez can be saved. Other teams fans don’t hate mark Sanchez they love him bc he provided countless hours of laughs and jet jokes for them.

    He was rated the 34 ranked QB in a 32 team league last year. He is the worst starter at his position in all of the NFL.

    He can have this drama all summer but when it comes down and the bullets are flying mark is going to turn the ball over and quit. It’s in his make up.

  • Jude

    Another thing the Sanchez Squad likes to do is blame others for their golden boy’s mistake. Sanchez throws an interception, it’s the receiver’s fault. Sanchez buttfumbles, Moore got tossed like a rag doll. Sanchez has no confidence, it’s the coach’s fault.

    It’s HIS fault. 90 percent of those turnovers are his fault. Sanchez is TERRIBLE. T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. The fact that so many people are supporting such a bad quarterback is truly scary. I can only pray that Idzik and Rex don’t support a bad quarterback.

  • Harold

    The list of some of QB’s like Mark are

    Ryan Fitzpatrick,
    Chad Henne,
    Jason Campbell

    Question are these teams fans clamoring for the good old days? Short Answer No!

    We need to get a grip and understand bad starting QB’s are not rare in the NFL. It is hard to be a quality NFL starter. But to make every argument for why he is failing is just sad. We don’t hate Mark Sanchez. But most Jets fans hate having had to watch him over most of the last 4 years.

  • Jim G

    Put aside the stats, (both good and bad). Put aside the playoff “performances”, the Butt-fumble, and the media’s perception of him. Put aside your Jets bias. Just take it to it’s simplest form. As a passionate, knowledgeable, fan of football, what do your eyes tell you that you are seeing when you watch Sanchez play on Sundays? What you see is a QB that shows flashes, but is never ever going to be a franchise type QB that can lead a team to a championship. In today’s NFL, it takes great QB play to win it all. It’s time for the Jets to go in a different direction and find “that guy”. Mark Sanchez isn’t it.

    He’s more like Rex Grossman than any of the other QB’s previously mentioned here.

  • KAsh

    @Jim G – That was the most confusing statement so far in this debate. I agree with you that Sanchez has shown flashes, but to somehow extrapolate from that that he will never become “a franchise type QB” or “great QB” is absurd. He is playing at a position that takes multiple years to develop and master. Short of access to a crystal ball, you cannot say what Sanchez will be in the future. Especially since his position does not demand elite athleticism. There is also the assumption that he regressed as a quarterback, which itself is based on another assumption: that failure, in 2012 or in general, contributes nothing to growth. I am not saying that Sanchez will be great – I do not own a crystal ball – but to write him off based on wild guesses is putting the cart before the horse.

    @Harold – Thank you.

    “But most Jets fans hate having had to watch him over most of the last 4 years.”

    The rest of your statements are, as always, fictions intended to make yourself feel better. But you hit on a truth with this one. A lot of Jet fans have hated (disappointment is for when expectations were not met, not for when you wished for failure from the start) their starting QB ever since he first started, probably even before that. It has nothing to do with football, and probably little to do with Sanchez himself. It has always been about themselves and who Sanchez reminds them of.

  • Harold


    No fiction just facts but thanks for the shout.

  • Jim G

    @ Kash

    Yes, you do appear to be confused. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to recognize poor quarterback play. He is a guy going into his 5th year that makes the exact same mistakes that he made as a rookie. He can’t read a defense any better than he did back then either.

    He is not, and never will be a franchise type QB. Jets management and their professional scouts also agree with me since they drafted Geno and have basically made the decision to look elsewhere for their guy.

    You say it takes multiple years for a QB to develop, but in today’s NFL you don’t have years to wait for a guy to develop. It’s going on year 5 for Sanchez. In 5 years an NFL roster can completely turn over with the way that free agency and contracts are structured. Windows close.

    What’s “absurd” is thinking that just ANYONE can become an elite QB if given enough time (“since the position does not demand elite athleticism”) LOL!

    I do agree that he hasn’t regressed. In order to regress, you have to have previously been good. Even in his best seasons statistically, he was ranked in the bottom 3rd of the league. I certainly hope that there is some GM from some other team that holds him in such high regard as you do. Maybe we can get a 7th round pick in a trade for him.

  • KAsh

    You do not need an elite QB. Many OK QBs have become Super Bowl MVPs, while a plethora of elite QBs have been to either one or no Super Bowl. The quarterback is merely the most visible part of the franchise, so he seems important, but in reality you just need a game manager.

    As for development, yes, you do have to wait. If you cannot tune out the pundits, it is best not to listen to them, but when they say that college quarterbacks are now coming out and starting right away, you have to remember that they are looking at the past couple of years. Almost every year, a bunch of rookie QBs start, but three years down the line 2-3 of them are still starting and after six years an average of one per year is still a starting quarterback. The current class of QBs is the same, and so will all future classes. You only know what you have many years down the line. Besides last year, Sanchez has improved year after year.

  • matr dontelli iii

    and just what eliteness, besides the first three letters of his name, did eli show before he went on his roll in 2007? if he’d been so elite the giants wouldn’t have been a wild card. if the jet defense played the first 24 minutes in pittsburgh in 2010 mark would have been to a super bowl. that’s his fault too, right? kash is not confused. he simply is not ignorant, but i can see how you might get the two mixed up. when i watch sanchez i see a guy who makes a lot of stupid mistakes and is careless and i also see a guy who makes a bunch of plays. the better or worse the players around him and the better or worse the ratio gets. for that we should hate him and hope he fails. yup. gary meyers and steve serby agree. espn agrees. at any given moment joe namath may agree or disagree.

  • Harold

    matr dontelli iii: I am not sure what you are talking about. I have posted the differences between Eli and Sanchez before. It is really clear for anyone watching. Eli produced many more big plays in exchange for his picks. He also threw more picks down the field. When you are throwing picks on 5 yard slants it is like a fumble. Eli picks were more like punts.

    Also stop with everyone should lay off Sanchez because he did not have weapons. Most bad QB’s don’t have the best Wr’s and are on bad teams (shocking isn’t it). It is a tough business, however they still get replaced. Nobody but Jets fans are crying for the lowest rated QB in the in NFL since 2009. Just don’t understand it. Maybe he can give us another of his patented 54% or 55% passing seasons.

    I know it Schotty’s fault. But in a tougher dvision Sam Bradford completed approx 60% of his passes and had fewer Turnovers than Sanchez has had in any year of his career. I know it was Tony Sparano’s fault. But Matt Moore was able to complete almost 61% of his passes. It is sad when the facts don’t line up with this false narrative but it time someone exposes this charade.

    Next time you need to get facts to support your statements.

    Lastly, I was a Mark Sanchez supporter but the last 16 games have exposed him and the upside I hoped for is not there. Either you have it or you don’t. Sadly he does not.

  • matr dontelli iii

    and you think vlad is our future at guard. i think you’d make a good gm.

  • KAsh

    @Harold – The completion percentage alone does not tell us much. For example, Sam Bradford has a YPA of 6.0, while Sanchez has a YPA of 6.5. In other words, even with all those extra completions, Sanchez will still go further than Bradford with 100 throws. But to counter your claim that Sanchez throws short interceptions, he has a better carrer YPC than Peyton Manning, Flacco, Stafford, Palmer, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees. Sanchez makes throws down the field, even when he has not had a consistent deep threat in his career.

    However, I will repeat myself: statistics are utterly meaningless because they do not have context or explanation (i.e. they are twisted to suit a story) and do not directly correlate to a quarterback’s skills.

  • joeydefiant

    many football fans are racist. and they will egt angry and claim this isnt true. anyone who has been to a game or a bar on sunday and is not a white priveleged racist themself knows this. thats why mark sanchez receives death threats and other horrible jets qbs who didnt win one playoff game did not receive the same hate

  • keator

    OH WOW the racism and white priveledge gets brought up?

    Name on QB of the jets that didnt receive hate?

  • Harold


    As always you put up no stats or the wrong stats. I give you stats for the QB’s in the system with the same Coordinator and you put up misleading stats that have no bearing on the arguments. But as always I will show your talking points to be incorrect.

    Sam Bradford 6.72 yards per attempt (2012 w/Schotty)

    Mark Sanchez 6.4 yards per attempt (2011 w/Schotty)

    Mark Sanchez 6.4 yards per attempt (2012 with Sparano)

    Matt Moore 7.2 yards per attempt (2011 with Sparano.

    So both these QB’s put up more yards per attempt and had better completion percentages than Sanchez with the same coordinator either the year before or the year after Sanchez.

    Please put up accurate stats or do not put up stats at all.

  • David

    I think “hate” is the wrong word to use in this sense when talking about Mark Sanchez. I just think there is an expectation, when you are the 5th overall pick of the NFL Draft, of something “special,” especially 4 years into your career and given what we have seen recently from the likes of Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, and so forth. Mark Sanchez has not given us that. It doesn’t mean it is all his fault however.

    I don’t think the NY Jets have really done that good of a job “developing” talent along side of him. The best “offensive” talent the Jets had was from the Mangini Era. The Jets drafts now are basically nothing more than continuing to add to the defense while neglecting an offense that is in dire need of a talent influx. I don’t hate the picks, but with your offense the way it was last year, how do you use 2 1st round picks on defensive players and don’t take an offensive skill player to help Sanchez in the entire 2013 NFL Draft, unless you consider the Chris Ivory trade? I don’t put Geno Smith in there because he plays the same position. Also, why did you need to draft 3 OL?

    If you look at when Peyton was in Indianapolis, Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, even Matt Ryan in Atlanta, their respective teams have drafted, and in many cases high in the draft, talented, offensive skill position players to learn and grow with these QB’s.

    In terms of stats, completion percentage is a farce. If you base things on 30 passes, the difference between 53% and 60% is 2 passes, and those could be 1 yard screen play.

    Right now, it doesn’t matter who the QB is with the NY Jets. There just isn’t enough offensive talent around them to make them a viable starter.

  • Harold


    Go look at the Seahawks WR’s last year not exactly a who’s who’s. You had oft injured Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Zach Miller. They totaled 50, 45, 29 and 38 receptions. Stop with the excuses for Sanchez he has not played well, period. If we can stop with all the silly reasons why Mark has been bad. Then Jets fans can move on. He has been bad and it is his fault not the world’s.

  • David


    I agree they are not a “who’s who” of WR/TE, but let’s be realistic here: TE Jeff Cumberland was our #2 “WR” at 359 yards. Seattle’s #4 guy had better statistical numbers than our #2. What does it say about our offense when the Jets can claim WR Braylon Edwards (who was an afterthought with the Seattle Seahawks) on Wednesday, he has his first practice Thursday, and is starting on Monday night against the Tennessee Titans?

    And what you fail to mention too when bringing up Seattle is some RB named Marshawn Lynch that added 1590 on the ground and 11 TD’s. Those numbers are only 306 yards less and 1 TD less than the entire Jets rushing attack logged COMBINED!!!

    And people expected Sanchez to be successful in that offense? I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve some blame, but there were plenty of more problems offensively with the NY Jets than Mark Sanchez and quite honestly, even some of the “better” QB’s in the league would have struggled mightily in the Jets offense last season, Tony Sparano or not!

  • Harold

    Does that mean he should be terrible though? You have not answered the fundamental question of why he is so bad. “Not having weapons” are not the reason he is bad. He is bad because he is a poor player.

    You are saying he deserves some blame. No he deserves the lion’s share of the blame for his poor play. No more excuses for Sanchez. He is a poor player, no if’s, ands or but’s about it.

  • Hans

    If you look at the dreaded play, Moore actually DID get pushed back by Wilfork. Even some Pats fans will tell you. However, that is the only thing I will defend in this article. Every fiber in my being wants this to work with Sanchez, but I am not thinking it will happen. If it weren’t for the fact that he’s owed insane money, you’d have to think he would have been cut by now.

  • Harold


    If you look at the play objectively Moore had pushed Wilfork one to two yards off the line of scrimmage. He was pushed back ever so slightly but nothing that caused the butt fumble. The butt fumble was caused by a scared QB running with his eyes closed.

    Not sure what Collinsworth was looking at. Wilfork in no way shape or form lifted or tossed Moore anywhere. It is foolishness he is was spewing after this play. He didn’t see it because he was busy running his mouth and then rather than correct an obvious mistake ran with the original statement even when the replay did not support is story.

  • David

    Harold, I am not saying that Sanchez doesn’t deserve a lot of blame, but I am a big believer that the QB is only as good as the players he has around him. I look at so many teams in the NFL today and in a lot of cases, teams #2 TE’s, #3 WR’s, #2 RB’s would be INSTANT starters on the NY Jets last season and in some cases, by a very large margin. Look at GB’s #2 and #3 WR’s last year, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. Randall Cobb comes to the Jets and he is the #1 guy by a good bit. Bring Aaron Hernandez to the Jets from New England and he is BY FAR our #1 TE.

    But that is just my opinion!

  • Harold

    I stated above that many times bad QB’s play with bad players. But they all still get fired/replaced. We are the only fanbase that makes excuses for bad QB and why he may get better all of a sudden.

    The job of a good QB is to be good with average players, great with good players and immortal with other great players. Not to be terrible and blame others for why he is so bad. If he was better than we would not have to search for reasons why he is the lowest rated QB in QBR since entering the NFL. That is all 4 years not just one. And in three of the those four years he had either very good running game, solid Receiving options or both. He has not been very good no matter the players around him, period.