Fantasy Football – 8 Rules For A Perfect League, Volume 2 (Part 1)

Mike Donnelly with part 1 of his 8 simple rules for running a perfect fantasy football league

July is approaching, and that means it is just about time to start the preparations on your 2013 fantasy football league. Whether you are new to the game or a long-time player, there are a few things you need to know before you click “Start League” and send out the invitations to your pals this season. I’ve seen far too many leagues sprout up recently that are, well… pretty terrible to be perfectly honest. So while you may think you have everything down pat, I’m here to give you aspiring Fantasy Commissioners my 8 Simple Rules for Playing Fantasy Football.

Veteran fantasy football players know there is nothing worse than having to sit and listen to some guy bend your ear for ten minutes telling you all about how awesome his fantasy football team is or how his league is the best around. This is especially true when you ask a question about the league and you find out it’s actually 5 guys and 1 of their girlfriends all with loaded teams. Except for hers of course, since she obviously drafted Eli Manning in the second round because “He seems so nice on TV”. Or even worse, you find out the guy’s playing in a public league on ESPN with a bunch of strangers, and only 3 of the 10 team owners actually remember they signed up for it and even bother to participate. Where is the fun in that? It’s nowhere to be found, that’s where.

Well fear not, fantasy ballers, because I am here to assist you in your never-ending quest to form the mythical “Perfect Fantasy League” (PFL for short). I assure you, the PFL does exist; it is just extremely rare. I’m talking “turnover-free Mark Sanchez game”-type rare. There are something like 11 bajillion fantasy football leagues out there and maybe 6 leagues that have reached the top of the mountain. Fortunately for you, I happen to be the Commissioner of one of those leagues and I want you to join the party. Now, did my league start out as a PFL? No, but after 8 years of evolution, rules tweaking, 2 members kicked out and replaced, and even a 2 team expansion from 10 to 12, I have been to the Promised Land. And now my goal is to bring the rest of you with me.

So without further adieu here is an easy 8-step guide to forming your very own PFL! You can thank me in December when you tell that boring guy at the cubicle next to you who is bragging about his ESPN public league how you have seen the light, and that you are uninterested in his crappy story about how he scooped up Russell Wilson off the waiver wire last year. Here we go..

Step 1. Get 10 or 12 guys together who know each other well and are comfortable enough to unleash insults on one another. This is very important — Not 8 guys, not 14, I’m hesitant to even put 10 in there. 12 is the perfect amount, but 10 will suffice, especially if the alternative is to invite one of your buddy’s cousin’s roommate’s friend’s that nobody knows into the league. Or even worse, a girl. (Sorry ladies, I just can’t risk having you think less of me after you witness me attempt to demasculinize and humiliate a good friend, all in the name of trash talk). Just as important, you have to find a good league website to use. It’s hard to find a good free one, so don’t hesitate to pay for a quality one. They can be pricey, but 150 bucks split 12 ways hopefully isn’t a big deal. You should look for a league where you can write your own league articles, post pictures, have a good message board, and post polls without any restrictions. This will all come into play later.

And like I said, you have to be close to, and comfortable with, at least the great majority of the other league members. That’s because in a PFL, nothing is off limits. The time you got cut from the JV football team and cried? Not only is that fair game, it is hilarious and encouraged that someone brings it up. Repeatedly. The time you got caught looking a little too long at the pictures of Tim Tebow running shirtless in the rain? You better believe that’s going to get mentioned a time or twenty.

You get the point. The league should consist of friends. And that’s what friends do: Bust each other’s chops relentlessly. Fantasy football is no different. It’s about friendship (and drinking) as much as the football.

Step 2. No girlfriends/wives/significant others allowed. No exceptions.  Not only are they not allowed to play in the league, they are not allowed to read your league home page. They are not allowed to know the entry fee into the league (“you spent $250 on fantasy football but won’t take me out to dinner?” Um, yes). They are not allowed to know who is winning the league. If you were in line to collect a large sum of money as your prize, do you want your girlfriend knowing about it so she can start harassing you about buying her a new bag, or pair of shoes, or Twilight books or whatever the hell it is girls like these days? (Clearly I have no idea.) No, of course not. You want to blow that prize money on drinking beer, eating wings, and gambling on the NFL playoffs that are coming up. If one of the other league members brought up an embarrassing story from your past, do you want your wife reading it and questioning you?

This is why this is perhaps the most important rule. After all, I’m sure we all have that one whipped guy in your league, and it won’t take much for his lady friend to get mad, forbid him from playing any longer, and then you’ll never see — or hear from — him again. At least not until he finds a better girlfriend. Now that we got that out of the way…

Step 3. Have a strong scoring system. I hate hearing people talk about how they scored 215 points in fantasy and I think “Wow! They must have had all the top guys”, only to find out their league is so poorly run that it would make Jeff Ireland blush. Huge bonuses for getting 300 passing yards or 100 rushing yards? No. Bonuses for a 50 yard run? Get out of my face.

I’ll make this one even easier for you. There is one set of scoring rules that should apply in any league. These rules make the most sense. Take special note that receptions count as 1 point. That’s very important. These rules are fair, they are balanced, and they even the playing field across the board. Plus they take into account every yard gained by your team. How annoying is it in some of these leagues when you see a guy had 99 rush yards, but you only get 9 points for it? Those 9 extra yards don’t count? I hate that. I hate that more than I hate Calvin Pace. Here is your new scoring system:

Starting lineups: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex (RB, WR or TE), 1 TE, 1 K, 1 team defense/special teams

  • Passing TD: 4 points
  • Rushing TD: 6 points
  • Receiving TD: 6 points
  • 1 passing yards: 0.05 point (comes out to 20 yards = 1 point)
  • 1 rushing yards: .10 point (comes out to 10 yards = 1 point)
  • 1 receiving yards: .10 point (comes out to 10 yards = 1 point)
  • 1 reception: 1 point (VERY important. PPR leagues are Far superior)
  • lost fumble: -2 points
  • interception:  -2 points
  • 2 pt conversion (pass, run or receive):  2 points
  • FG up to 39 yards: 3 points
  • FG 40-51 yards: 4 points
  • FG 52+ yards: 5 points
  • XP: 1 point
  • missed XP:  -2 points
  • Sack-  2 points
  • Int-  2 points
  • block kick/punt-  2 points
  • fumble recovery-  2 points
  • safety- 3 points
  • Defensive td-  6 points
  • Kick return-  6 points
  • 0 points allowed-  15 points
  • 1-3 points-  10 points
  • 4-9 points- 5 points
  • 10-17- 3 points
  • 18-24- 2 points
  • 32+ points allowed-  -4 points

That’s it. No questions asked. Just plug those in and watch how smoothly the league will run. Let’s move on.

Step 4. Now that you know what the scoring should be, you need to know what kind of league you are going to run. I strongly, strongly recommend you get yourself involved in a keeper league. It’s more fun that way. The players become your players. You’ll always remember what your guy did for you and you’ll form bonds with those guys. Here’s how I run my keeper league: Each team is allowed to keep up to 3 keepers each year, but you don’t have to, you can keep 0, 1, or 2 if you see fit. Now here’s the kicker — you lose the round in this year’s draft that the player was drafted in last year. Example: If you picked Matthew Stafford in the 6th round last year and you want to keep him for this year, you lose a 6th round pick and you just fill Stafford in as your 6th rounder this year. (If you want to keep an undrafted player, he gets designated as a 10th rounder) Then for each subsequent year, if you keep a player more than once, his keeper value gets cut in half. So if you keep Stafford for two years, the second year his value would be 3rd round. This adds a whole new element of strategy when it comes to who to keep. Is Reggie Bush better as a 5th round value or Frank Gore as a 3rd? Should I just keep both? Or neither? You may spend 6 weeks agonizing over that decision, but trust me, somehow that becomes a lot of fun.

Click Here for Part 2, and be sure to let me know about your league and what you think about these rules here in the comments or on Twitter.

Author: Mike Donnelly

Mike Donnelly is a Staff Writer and life-long Jets fan, who was previously a featured columnist at multiple other New York Jets and fantasy football websites. He lives and works in finance in the NYC area and will help lead our Jets and NFL coverage in 2013.

  • kilbasar

    Good article! I will say that it is possible to run a very fun and competitive 14 or 16 team league. I run a 16 team work league, and although it took some tweaking to find the right settings, it’s great now. It is a half-PPR league with these roster spots:

    QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, Flex, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN

    Only having 4 bench spots is essential. Any more than that and there is nobody worthwhile on waivers, and benches are deep enough to discourage trading. 4 bench spots makes decisions about cutting an injured player that much more difficult.

    In general, a league with no trades is not a fun league. Regardless of league size, you should always try to have enough roster spots such that it is impossible to always restock strictly from bench/waivers.

  • Richard

    This is awful… 1 qb leagues are a joke. ALos 2 WR is not enough! You have guys like tony romo, Russel Wilson and Eli Manning on your bench. Common that’s crazy talk.

    In my league we are 10 guys.(All Great friends)
    QB QB RB RB WR WR WR FLEX TE DEF DEF w 5 Bench… you have no depth in your league.

    That’s not even your biggest mistake… Drafting is the worst system for fantasy football. Its completely outdated and anyone who does it has no idea how good fantasy football can be. Its a complete joke!

    I used to do a draft and changed it 4 years ago and my league has gotten 100x better. I do an auction everyone gets $300 and you can buy anyone you want. When you draft you get stuck into picking players you don’t like or want. If you changed from draft to auction your life will change.

    Regarding girls i couldn’t agree more but as for fantasy football you most definitely do NOT have PFL. You actually have a lot of work to do.

    Peace Out

  • Mike Donnelly

    In 12+ team leagues, 1 QB is absolutely the way to go. In fact I think 2 QB leagues are weak, no matter how many teams.. Romo and Wilson are easily top 12 QB’s so they shouldn’t be on anybody’s bench. And I don’t see how my format means my league has no depth when your league starts just about the same amount of players at the skill positions as mine throughout the league (24 RB, 24 WR, 12 flex, 12 TE, 72 total vs. 20 RB, 30 WR, 10 Flex, 10 TE, 70 total)

    And you make a fair point with the auctions, I know some people love them. I much prefer the keeper league re-draft format though and once you start a keeper league it’s hard to change the rules and format that drastically. Thanks for the input though.

  • Richard

    Yea last year was my first time joining a league. I joined a friend’s league and on draft day only half of the people signed on. I was able to get a lot of good players but its wasnt as fun since a lot of the guys werent a threat. Im starting my own league this year with close friends and Im hoping it will be a lot more fun.

  • Mike Donnelly

    Richard, good luck with your new league.. it will definitely be more fun if you can get a full league with a bunch of friends where everyone will participate. Make it worthwhile for everyone and charge money for each team to join even if it’s just a few dollars, then everyone will be much more into their teams. Check back later for part 2, hopefully it helps.

  • Richard A

    Mike you are right about the depth i didn’t take into account that you have 12 guys.

    However you really should move to auction their is no comparison.

    I am seasoned Fantasy Football Commissioner. Going on 10 years strong!!!

  • Richard C-R

    Mike, thanks I got about 9 guys in it right now and hopefully 2 more will join. I figured it would be a lot more fun too since I watched sunday football with most of them and we can talk smack to each other during the game. Right now its only 50 bucks but Im trying to get it up to 100. I’ll make sure to read the second half of the article as well.

  • Mike Donnelly

    Richard A – I definitely hear you about the auctions and I certainly wouldn’t fault anybody for running that type of league. I’ve participated in auctions before and I have no complaints about them. I would say, however, that they are probably for more experienced fantasy players, and if anybody is just starting a league from scratch the draft format is certainly easier.

    Richard C-R : 12 would be ideal imo, but 10 works as well. It’s absolutely more fun when you are friends with everyone and can watch the games while talking trash. Hope you liked the article.. I plan on putting out more fantasy content before the season starts. Hope it helps.

  • Tom Dietrich

    How do you address keeping 2 players that were drafted in the same round last year? I have an owner that wants to keep 2 players that were each drafted in the 1st round last year. Thanks.

  • Mike Donnelly

    Tom, there are two ways to go about this. One is to make him choose just one player for the first round and drop the other. The other is if there are two guys with the same round, let one be for the round after, so his two first round guys would be his first and second. In my league we use the second way and bump the second keeper to the following round. Hope that helps.

  • Jimmy Mac

    FF is a gateway drug. Yahoo default scoring, settings and stats become so boring after awhile you need to up the ante. In one way or another. If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin!’ BTW…there is no right way either. My girlfriends and friends wives shit talk way better than most of my dumbass male friends. It’s all good though. I’m just glad to be playin’ again!!!

  • SupaFly Kanak

    Mike, great write up, I’m transitioning to a PPR league this year, I have 12 teams with the same rosters, what does your bench and IR consist of? How much? And also how much RB, WR, QB your allowed to have?

  • Mike Donnelly

    SupaFly, my league is a keeper league so we added two extra spots to make roster sizes 18. A standard league would be 16 usually. I wouldn’t set any limits on how many players you could have at any position either. If you want to load up your bench with all RBs or something you should be able to. And unlike fantasy baseball, I don’t have any IR spots.. If you want to carry an injured player you should have to decide if he’s worth a bench spot or not. Hope that helps and good luck.

  • SupaFly Kanak

    hey mike, thanks for the input, how bout your defense scoring settings? do you mess with Yards allowed (scoring) besides points allowed as well?

  • Boyd C

    I’ve been running a league through ESPN for about 5 years, so I’m still getting my legs. Maybe I’m just missing something, but it sems to me that a roster of 16 in a 12 team leagus is too many. Even in a 10 team league for that matter. Halfway through last season there was nobody worth picking up when you needed to because all of the talent was sitting on your opponents bench. This year, we’re doing a 12 team league with 6 starters: QB RB WR Flex K DEF, and 5 bench spots. And acquisitions from waivers/FA’s is limited to 10 for the season.

  • da_girl

    would love this if it weren’t for the generalization of girls in your rule… especially when you deem it “your most important”. As a girl who is an avid football fan, I play in a 10 person league with 8 guys and 2 girls. We have all been best friends since our college years and we have no problem taking and/or dishing out smack (think Jenny from the League, without the Kevin link). In fact, I’d say us girls get the jucier embarrassing info considering we become friends with the guys’ girlfriends.

    While I understand that significant others in the league is more often than not, a terrible idea, I think you’re doing many females a disservice by arbitrarily declaring having a girl is a bad idea. I am one of the lucky ones, but I know how hard it is for some girls to find a league because the guys won’t take them seriously or think they can’t handle the trash talk and harassment. We’re a rare breed, but there are good ones out there 😉 my friends have admitted they like having us on their league better (we help you get girls, too, remember that single guys). So discount the ladies completely… unless you’re too scared of losing to a girl?

  • Ross

    Yeah, dude, I gotta agree with da_girl. Yeah, user your point about a men’s frat-type mentality, but, hey, this is 2013, and I do know a few females that are stats machines and follow football better than a lot of guys I know. If it’s a tight group of buddies, and your settings are set to private, that’s one thing, but if you are playing with coworkers and your settings are public, well, the no-holds-barred trash-talk on the message board could really lead to major problems in this day and age. For example, I randomly pulled up a league of Costco employees once. They had a message board that would make a sailor blush, ripe with jokes of child porn and all sorts of pretty risqué stuff. Now I ain’t no prude, but these knuckleheads had their store name and store number as their league name. Costco HR would have had a field day with these clowns, if they ever found out about it. In this day and age, you have to be inclusive, and you really have to watch what you post online. It could come back and bite you I’m ghe butt.

  • jbs

    PPR leagues are idiotic. So you’re going to artificially inflate the fantasy point totals of running-backs because they catch a lot of high percentage receptions at the line of scrimmage?

    Often times a pass to a rb is just a check-down, because the wideouts were too well covered by the opposing d. Many times these passes result in minimal or negative yards, but you think these players should be disproportionately rewarded, because the opposing secondary is playing well?

    PPR blows. Everything else seemed legit in this article though.


    Wow – I was excited to read this until I remembered that I’m just a stupid girl that wants nothing more than to spend “my man’s” money on Twilight and shoes.

    Way to be a misogynist asshole.

    Glad I’m in a league that understands that I’m female AND a football fan. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    Good luck with your Bro-fest.

  • Robin

    I really found your article informative until the no girls allowed section. I am a female and I am the commissioner of an all girl FFL. I was the only girl in a 12 person league for 8 years and held my own. Girls can dish it out and take it just as well as guys can. Woman are just as competitive and knowledgeable about football as guys are. We have a big ass trophy and $50 buy in so we have just as much at stake as a guys only league. Not to mention our draft party is epic. We would welcome any guys with open arms if they thought they could hang being apart of a league full of women and named Brew N Screw Chicks Fantasy Football League!!

  • Joe Caporoso

    I agree with you Robin!

    What say you Donnelly? I say you join the Brew N Screw Chicks Fantasy Football League…

  • Rod H

    I’ve been in a keeper league for 10 years now. It started out pretty standard and now is a 12 team IDP dynasty league with 35 man rosters (total keeper). We didn’t like how you could draft a rookie with a ton of potential only to have to drop him at the end of the year if he didn’t get a chance to play immediately. With a total keeper league it feels more like you actually own a team.

  • paul

    No IDP?! You sir, know nothing about Fantasy Football if you think drafting an entire TEAM for your defensive slot is the way to go. The scoring system for team defense is one of the dumbest things about fantasy football, and knowing the Individual players displays a much bigger breadth of football knowledge. As far as bonus points, I guess a 400 yard game by a QB is nothing to see, and deserves no additional reward. Same goes for a 200 yard game from a WR…What a joke.

  • antonio gates

    Is this too weird a lineup for a 10team league: qb wr wr wr rb rb flex te k def + 7 bench

  • Kyle

    No negatives for field goals missed? Even for 0-39?

  • Rich C

    I have been running a league for years now and we are voting on adding keepers this year. Thinking about doing two offensive and 1 idp. I like your idea of losing half their value since we would only be keeping players drafted after round 10. But what do you do if a player is drafted in an odd numbered round? Say I Draft cooks in round 13, I lose a 13th next year and then what? 6th or 7th?

  • what about bonuses?

  • Your suggestion for starting roster size is WAY too shallow except for newb leagues.

  • Terry

    As a “girl” who has been involved in fantasy football since the early 80s, I’d have to wholeheartedly disagree with your comments on women playing this game. My town probably has some of the oldest leagues in existence, including an all-women’s team. We drafted rookies that have become legends of the game. When we started, there were no computers and no Internet. Everything was done on paper. There were no books, lists, or anything else. It was rare to find people who had even heard of fantasy football. We used scoring-only because those were the only stats we could find printed in our daily newspaper the following day. We watched sportscasts in hopes of seeing our players score and tried to find out if our player’s touchdown was over a certain yardage as we’d get extra points. I have helped my husband’s leagues during their drafts over these 30-plus years, writing the players’ names on the board. I was able to speed up their drafts because I knew who the players were, their positions, and where they were playing. I can’t tell you how many of these knowledgeable men drafted players who had been cut from teams, had already been placed on IR, were in jail, etc. Sadly, I had to break the news to them as I wrote the names on the board. I could also spell their names, despite not having the roster in front of me. Yeah, that did not seem to come so easily for these men of superior brainpower. One draft where I helped, one of the guys failed to show up for the draft. They called him, and he wasn’t going to be able to make it or even manage the team. So they asked me, at the draft, to take the team. I did–much to my husband’s chagrin–and won the league. Several years later, they found a man to take the team. I finished in the money each year. Today, more and more women are playing, and they have picked up the game quickly. Sorry, but it’s not exactly rocket science. Maybe you just don’t like getting your a$$ handed to you by a girl?

  • Zach

    I’m new to running a should I have divisions if it’s only a ten team league?

  • Zach, I would do two divisions of 5 each in that case.

  • How do u identity a fantasy football newbie? They start out with, ” we have two QBs in our league”. Those leagues are for kids who have no clue what they are doing. Also a 12 to 14 team league is perfect. Nothing more nothing less

  • My 6 man league is so much more fun than this. We all have elite players which makes it that much more hard to win. Its not a matter of wether or not your qb will have a bad game, its a matter of how good that game will be. Its a lot more fun rooting for a good game than worrying about them having a bad one.

    I feel bad for the guys in your league who have to start zak stacy and brandon hoyer.

  • go to bed steven

    There’s no strategy in your picks or games. 10 -12 player leagues is more ideal because it’s the one gut who drafted bad qbs or qbs in late rounds who start hoyer. “Everybody is stacked with elite players” is no fun or even competitive. Makes for much more interesting draft stately that actually separates the men from the boys.

  • go to bed steven

    A game of chess must include pawns, steven. That’s where real strategy is created , not starting all your 6 team pro bowl roster every week . If the nfl were only 16 teams (50% like yours) wouldnt be as fun, competitive, polarizi, or entertaining. Get out of your mom’s basement and meet 4-6 more people , then you can put your big boy pants on!


    Mike, nice informative article. I participate in several Fantasy Football Leagues. I have run one for twenty years. I ran across your article looking to backup the great reason for PPR. I participate in 12-14 team Leagues. A lot of them gripe about PPR. I explain to them that this makes the league much more fairer and brings balance to the League. Leagues with 12 teams or more NEED TO PPR. Otherwise, it give the players with the first 5-6 picks to huge an advantage getting the elite RB’s. One area I do disagree on the scoring is QB TD I believe should be 6-Points. I have seen and ran several analysis. 6-Point QB TD’s makes the scoring system even more balanced. The league I run, scoring is the same with exception to the QB scoring that I pointed out and my defense scores are a little(but not much) higher making Defenses more valuable. Looking forward to a reply if you have one.

  • Wesley

    Hey Kilbasar,

    I was wondering what your settings are set for your league?
    You prob have more experience with 16 team fantasy pools.
    Also for your FLEX is it WR/RB/TE.

  • James

    Wow I want to apologize on the behalf of all men. I can’t believe how many of you totally disregarded the chauvanistic comments made by the author of this article. I feel bad for your wife sir. I have 4 women in my league (my fiancee, my sister, my best friend’s wife, and my fiancee’s friend). Just last year my fiancee won our league and my sister has been in the playoffs almost every year. I usually don’t leave comments but you should be ashamed for writing such garbage. This website should be just as ashamed. Maybe your wife doesn’t understand football or fantasy football or playful banter and trash talk but it doesn’t mean you can write off all women the same. Stereotyping of this caliber is why we still have unequal women’s rights. I am far from a women’s rights activist or anything like that but when I see something like this in this day and age it just saddens me that people have to deal with people like you.

  • robert

    Hahaha, you are this guy: “some guy bend your ear for ten minutes telling you all about how awesome his fantasy football team is or how his league is the best around” Sorry man, your league sucks!

  • TJ

    I mostly agree with your point system. I like the 4 pt QB TD (and we run a .5 PPR), but would disagree with 20 passing yards for 1 pt. That means a 200 yrd passing game is equivalent to a 100 yrd rushing game, not so. Although adding the full point per reception might even this out, but I laugh when people want to add more points to the QB position when they usually outscore the rest of the big positions (RB, WR, and TE)!!

  • Brad

    The way you stereotype women is disgusting. I realize this post is nearly 3 years old, but I sincerely hope you look back on this and wonder “what the fuck was I thinking”. If you have 11 other close male friends to play your silly little game with, then by all means go ahead. But don’t go making a blanket statement that women aren’t allowed in fantasy sports. You’re a dick.

    There is a female in my fantasy football league. She’s competitive, and she won her division last year. Two years in a row has made it to the semi-finals in the playoffs, beating some really good teams along the way. When it comes to trash talking, she’s just as disgusting, degrading, immoral and politically incorrect as the rest of us. Women are more than capable of handling fantasy football, c’mon.

    I’m sorry that you feel that Fantasy Football is a “good old boys club”. If you have a wife or girlfriend, I feel sorry for them. If you don’t, I’m not surprised.

  • Ann

    The author of this article must have some personal issues related to women. I’ve heard many men say that being in FF leagues with women can be more entertaining than all men. As a woman who has played in several fantasy football leagues, I find that the women are just as, if not more, competitive than the guys. I’ve actually won and come in second more than once.

    BTW, women trash talk too, the same way guys do and can be just as crude. So my guess is that the “guy” who wrote this article is a very sad, lonely, and bitter individual who can’t handle looking at or talking to someone of the opposite sex because of his deeply seated issues.

  • get_an_actual_girlfriend_loser

    The dumb tone of this article completely agrees with the image of the douchey yet also mentally retarded Jets fans I see in sports bars across the country.

  • Jets Fans are Idiots

    Wow. All I have to do is read the first two paragraphs and see how sexist the writer is. You are a closed-minded dick for thinking that girls always go for “Eli because he seems nice on tv”. Not true in the least bit. Open your eyes and see that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can still know quite a bit about what you are doing and completely dominate a male-driven league as a female. I am a female who works in a professional sports setting and I have absolutely 0 problems with keeping up with my male counterparts. It doesn’t matter what your sexual organs are.

  • Matthew Wheelz Hoehn

    you know 55% of people that watch football are women…no cares you have a small penis and don’t like women…eat shit loser…

  • Baumgard Christopher

    All of you guys in the comments trying to act like you care if women play fantasy football are being homos. You aren’t getting laid on the internet by sticking up for some chick in your fantasy league. Quit acting like you really care or really want to stand up for womens rights. Make sure next time you have the box available on a form, don’t check Male, check the Undisclosed box and go to the unisex bathroom.

  • Nick G.

    Great article, and couldn’t agree more..up until seeing the scoring system used, which may be the worst and most nonsensical I’ve ever seen.

    PPR is the biggest joke to ever hit fantasy football, it makes absolutely no sense. Think about it this way; you’re rewarding a player for doing what he is supposed to do (catch the ball). Whether a RB or a WR gains ten yards, it’s ten yards gained for the offense. They don’t give you any brownie points in real football, so why would you get additional points in fantasy football for a reception? The whole point of fantasy football is to closely mimic real NFL scoring (hence 6 points for a TD, 3 pts for a FG, and it’s not perfect, but it mostly made sense before the advent of the most moronic scoring addition to ever exist (PPR).

    Your scoring system gets even worse, beyond the insistence of PPR.

    What kind of bizarro world fantasyt football league gives 3 points for a safety? What!? How about 2, like in the real game. 4 points for a 40 yard field goal? You’ve got to be kidding me, those are almost routine now. I’ve heard of 4 points for a 50+ FG and that I could stomach, but 5 points for a 52+ yard field goal? Have you lost your mind? So now a field goal is worth one point shot of a touchdown? Use your brain and think about that for a moment. I suppose by the way this system works a 60 yarder or more is worth an automatic victory. Beyond befuddling and moronic.

    The more I read this scoring system the dumber it gets, but the most egregious is the statement, “PPR leagues are FAR superior?” Well if you say it is so it must be true..

    This whole adding more fantasy points for routine plays, and changing the scoring system based on the whim of an ADD society that wants more bells and whistles, rather than using a scoring system that makes logical sense

  • Quadsimodo

    I can understand some of your gripes, but I think you’re going way overboard with your complaints. You disagree, that’s fine, but you don’t need to attack him. Most nonsensical? Moronic? Stop it. It totally makes sense when you look at scoring from a statistical standpoint which, oh by the way, is what fantasy football is all about. No scoring system will ever be perfect, but the point is to make it logical and fair. I’ll example why your thinking is flawed.

    First, you contradict yourself and immediately lose any credibility in your point. you don’t want to give points for a reception, but want to give it to yards? Only reason I say that is because by your logic: “The whole point of fantasy football is to closely mimic real NFL scoring (hence 6 points for a TD, 3 pts for a FG)” then the only thing that should matter is scoring. Because that’s how you win NFL games, having a higher score than the other team. So according to you, only plays that score should matter. You wouldn’t want to add more “bells and whistles” with something stupid like yards.

    Time to evolve oldtimer. The 5 points for a 50-yarder is fine with me, because it doesn’t happen often. What’s lacking in your assessment is how often do those plays occur? This is where statistics come in to play. At this point in time, 75% of NFL teams have 3 or less 50-yard field goals made. It doesn’t happen often. Same thing with safeties. There have only been nine safeties all year. compared to 796 touchdowns. Why shouldn’t they be worth more? they are not routine plays.

    My league awards points for even more things. You’re head would definitely explode. And the only argument I need is, positive plays get rewarded and negative plays get penalized. For instance, if your player gets a first down, you get 0.25 points. Move the chains and keep the drive going, get rewarded. Your QB throws a pick 6? Uh oh, -2 (on top of -3 for a normal int). It’s fun when you have more avenues to cheer for other than just touchdowns and yards. Coming full circle, thats where PPR comes into play. Adds another avenue to cheer for especially when the author built this post on being about “about friendship (and drinking) as much as the football.”

  • Nick G.

    It really is the most nonsensical and moronic scoring system I’ve ever come across; there are really no better words fitting than those; sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. To be fair, I didn’t think it was possible to have a more illogical scoring system, but then you started to share your league’s befuddling, even more nonsensical scoring system.

    I never conradicted myself in the least, perhaps I can dumb it down so you can understand the logic of not giving points for a reception, but giving points for yards. If after this attempt you’re still confused, then you can’t be helped to see the obvious. To start with you get points for yardage when YOU ADVANCE THE BALL dummy.

    Why in the world would you give an additional point (which is worth the same as 10 yards gained) just because the player caught a reception? What if he lost a yard? What if he only gained one or two (quite common.) That’s worth a point still in your league? So even though the ball wasn’t advanced at all, and didn’t help the offense at all you’ve deemed it a good idea to reward it for a point? Do you really have to have me spell out how stupid that is?

    Here is that link (if your attention span is large enough to follow it) as to why PPR is completely illogical and is only suited for the ADD generation who has to add meaningless bells and whistles in the form of points that go against the way fantasy football’s been scored for decades;

    If that article, which clearly states and gives a number of reasons for why PPR is an illogical scoring system, then by all means continue to add meaningless point value’s for things that don’t affect the game if that makes you giddy. While you’re at though, since you’re rewarding points for plays that have nothing to do with affecting the game in a meaningful fashion, why don’t you just give a point for everytime the QB gives a clean handoff to the RB? Why don’t you give a point for everytime the head coach scratches his nuts?

    I mean since you’ve turned the scoring system into a carnival game for short attention spans you may as well just make it a drinking style scoring game, right?

    You say 5 points for a 50+ fg (because doh doy) “it doesnt happen often” Well by that logic a safety doesn’t happen often, so instead of 2 points, maybe make it worth 20 (because “it doesn’t happen often”.) I hope you’re starting to see how moronic your system is. Why not take away 10 points if your player gets ejected? Negative plays get penalized right, and of course…(Doesn’t happen that often.)

    You’re scoring system isn’t based on anything except people terrible at basic math flinging crap ideas for more points against a fence.

    My head wouldn’t explode, I would just scratch it trying to figure out how such an obviously stupid, not to mention nonsensical and illogical scoring system could ever be approved by one person, let alone twelve. But people suffer from ADD nowadays worse than ever, so it’s not shocking.

    Now let’s hear one logical counter point to any of the above. I won’t hold my breath, as you’ve shown a disturbing lack of it thus far.

  • Nick G.

    One last thing, just so I’m reading this right..You give .25 for a first down, but 4x as many points for simply catching a pass (even if it’s for a net loss)?


  • Quadsimodo

    To clarify, I always thought a full point was too much, I do a half point for a reception, so i agree with you (and your link) that a full point is too much, but you can’t be this naive.

    Receptions “ADVANCE THE BALL” (99% of the time) right, dummy? And is it more difficult to make a catch or take a handoff? How often do catches for zero yards happen? Please find me that statistical average and then your point might hold water. I honestly don’t understand how you can be so narrow-minded, but then i remember you’re an Xer.

    You say “since you’re rewarding points for plays that have nothing to do with affecting the game in a meaningful fashion” but first downs wouldn’t affect the game? Receptions couldn’t affect the game? Safeties? Turnovers? Pick 6’s? Etc. etc. Everything affects the game. Even those handoffs you’re going on about. Do you only award points in your league for 10 yards gained? This will tell me everything I need to know.

    And I stated before how infrequent safeties are, that’s why they are worth more than the 2 points in a real game. 20 is dumb, and you know that, but 3 or 4 isn’t irrational for something that happens less than once a week. I actually love the ejection idea. That would be great. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

    But, in the end, you’ll respond with more clueless banter and not offer one piece of supporting evidence except rambles of ADD and your beloved link.

    I’ve answered you’re questions. I’m still waiting for you to acknowledge the points I’ve made. If you can’t, don’t waste my time with a response. I know you old-timers hate innovation.

  • Nick G.