Turn On The Jets Sunday Six Pack – Offensive Concerns

Six Sunday thoughts about the New York Jets offense

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, we decided to crank out a special Sunday six pack at Turn On The Jets…so sit back, open your Modelo, grab some guacamole and let’s talk about that New York Jets offense

 1. You should still be concerned about the Jets tight end position. Jeff Cumberland is basically a poor man’s Dustin Keller. He struggles with blocking and is a decent pass catching target. Cumberland has good size and hands but lacks the speed or explosiveness to be a true threat down the seam. Making him anything besides a situational player is overextending him. Konrad Reuland is at a similar talent level and should only be used situationally for his blocking or in a H-Back type role and you can’t count on Hayden Smith yet. If the Jets don’t swing a trade for Brent Celek, players like Dave Thomas or Kevin Boss need to be considered and should be able to be signed dirt-cheap. It is better to get them here sooner, rather than later so they have as much time as possible to pick up the offense.

2. Whether it is Ramses Barden or Braylon Edwards, the Jets shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on adding another veteran at receiver. You cannot be one injury away from having Clyde Gates be your number three receiver. Gates is a burner and that’s it. He has no field awareness, average hands and runs awful routes. He should be a #5 receiver and used in a minimal package of plays as a deep threat…nothing more. We aren’t writing Jordan White off yet but he will need to have a big pre-season to work himself into a contributing role.

3. We try never to get too optimistic here but the potential of a Chris Ivory/Mike Goodson backfield running behind a very good run blocking Jets offensive line (if Willie Colon stays healthy and Brian Winters seizes the other starting Guard job) is beyond exciting. We know Rex Ryan’s defense will be more than competent and if you have a strong running game, you have a recipe to stay competitive on a weekly basis. Ivory and Goodson both have immense natural running talent, compliment each other well and could both hit big plays. If they stay healthy, the Jets are going to have their best rushing attack since 2009.

4. If I had to guess who the opening day starter at quarterback would be today, I’d say it is 40% likely to be Mark Sanchez, 40% likely to be Geno Smith and 20% likely to be David Garrard. If Smith picks up the offense quickly and plays well early in the pre-season, Rex Ryan won’t hesitate to start him. If Sanchez wants the job, he needs to hit the ground running from day one of practice and leave no doubt that he is much better prepared to handle the role than Smith this season. The Jets will be looking for every reason possible to go with Smith, as they should.

5. Marty Mornhinweg is going to be an enormous upgrade over Tony Sparano. After working back through most of the Jets 2012 offensive tape, it is hard to put into words how poorly constructed their offense was last season. Obviously blame goes to the players and the lack of overall depth but they were coached and ran like the a high school JV team by Sparano. At a minimum, Mornhinweg is a competent NFL offensive coordinator who has had success with multiple quarterbacks and called the shots on an offense capable of making big plays consistently.

6. I wouldn’t be shocked if Vlad Ducasse didn’t make the Jets final 53 man roster. Same goes for Lex Hilliard, Joe McKnight and Hayden Smith.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • willie

    A couple of thoughts

    1- TE is the worse group on our roster. I like reuland as a back up h-back. I think they expect to use t-bo in the H-back/full back role but have minimal expectations for smith and Cumberland. We need to find a NFL blocking TE and hope for the best.

    2- don’t forget about Powell. I see him getting 10-12 touches a game. He is good 2nd back.

    3- I believe Zack roger will beat out Jordan white for 5th wr. I agree we need to add a vet to let us ease Hill into a role this year.

    4- I think Vlad and Hillard both get cut. McKnight makes team as primary return guy.


  • Daddystyle86

    Yes we have a lot of concern on offenses…but I think we also have the answers in-house the o-line has been upgraded and added depth the running game Also improved with the addition of Goodson and Ivory. AT WR: Jordan white coming out of college was known as a Precise route runner which is a key for pass-catchers in the west cost offense I think he will make great Strives next year with an offensive Scheme that better Utilizes his skill set. AT TE I know Hayden smith is raw but anyone who gives Rex Ryan’s defense fits should be given the proper Opportunity to see what they can do they only concern I have is the Quarterback position…Sanchez is a cry-baby, and I think Geno smith wouldn’t pan out…we should of waited next year for Bridgewater.

  • LIJetsFan

    One of my main concerns at RB is that Powell is the only one of the four that can both catch and pick up the blitz, and he’s not any more than serviceable at that. I presume this situation impaired our ability to run the WCO to some degree and it IMHO should have been avoided.

    T-Bo apprear to be a capable H-Back so I’m less distressed about our TE situation.

  • KAsh

    I would be shocked if Hayden Smith did not make the team. He is an upside player, but his promise is higher than anything Cumberland or Reuland can ever achieve. There would have to be something really bad in his limited play last season for a cut to be justifiable. Especially if no veteran is added to the roster. He has said that blocking is his largest issue, as it is the element most foreign to rugby. So we still could use a blocking TE. But Reuland is a more likely cut.

    I like that we picked up so many undrafted WR. Most of them will not pan out, but we will at least have some depth. A mentor for Hill will make this a decent if not good WR corps.

  • Mark Phelan

    With the retirement of LT the Jets lost a RB who both picked up a blitz and could catch a pass (sometimes). Hope one of our new RBs will fill this gap.

  • Harold

    I only agree on Lex Hilliard being cut. My bold prediction is Vlad Ducasse is a starter (I think Winters was drafted to start next year since we probably cannot afford a Wille Colon next year). I believe this why? Because Winters says he was drafted to play LG(what does Colon play LG), While it is possible to move Colon to RG that would his 3rd position in 3 years. Also Vlad is a better run blocker than Winters anyway so that would not improve our run game. Hayden Smith is our #2 TE by the end of the year. Joe Mcknight sticks as 4th RB and solid special teamer (potential emergency WR).

  • KAsh

    The only way Ducasse is starting is if he pulls off something amazing. He has to compete to even make the team.

    You are forgetting the team also signed Peterman almost at the same time as it drafted Winters. This would suggest that Peterman is insurance in case Winters cannot start right away or encounters problems once he starts. Peterman, though his pass-blocking was questionable last year, still blows Ducasse out of the water. Any of the three – Colon, Peterman, and Winters – are likely to beat Ducasse in the competition.

    That leaves Ducasse with the last backup guard slot. This does assume that the team has multiple backup guard spots, but the lack of talent on the roster would allow it. Ducasse has to beat out Campbell, who is switching from DT and is probably expected to play next year, as well as a couple of undrafted guards the Jets signed. Also, there is fifth-round draft pick Oday Aboushi, who was drafted to be a backup tackle, but can be asked to transition to guard to see playing time.

    The Jets buried Ducasse with this draft. He has a lot of digging to do if he wants to see the light of day.

  • mike

    i’d appreciate it if you guys did an article where you put it into words just how horrible the 2012 offense was. it’s worth understanding, both for fans and for any interested party, that one of the primary reasons the jets went 6-10 was that sparano’s offense simply didn’t make any sense. which isn’t to say that an overhauled offensive staff will right the ship instantly, it’s just to say that six wins with that offense was a freakin miracle

  • Joe – are there any nuggets in the UFAs?

  • dguy901

    Jets didn’t have any receivers last year, it wasn’t just Sanchez. I would be gun shy if I was being pummeled by 300lbrs too!