Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Ranking New Players Edition

The Turn On The Jets 12 Pack is back, ranking the anticipated impact of the new additions to the New York Jets roster

The Turn On The Jets 12 Pack is back after a mini-draft hiatus. While the New York beat has been collecting anonymous negative quotes on Geno Smith (we heard the Daily News has an exclusive with a scorned 7th grade friend of Geno, who is mad because he never shared his lunch money – SELFISH, PAMPERED, NOT READY FOR THESE BRIGHT LIGHTS!), we are gearing up for our off-season film breakdown of the Jets defense, draft picks and a few other ongoing series. Stay with us Jets fans! Make sure to follow on Twitter and Facebook as well. Today’s 12 Pack is going to rank the top 12 additions to the Jets 2013 roster in order of anticipated impact

12. Tommy Bohanon – Fullback/7th Round Pick – Really? Yes really. All the guy has to do is beat out LEX ‘FREAKIN HILLIARD for the starting fullback job and he is position to make an impact. Bohahon has a nice all-around skill set and is the type of player who could contribute in a 20-25 reps per game type of role. You can already see a couple 1 yard touchdown catches in his future ala Jerald Sowell back in the day. BOHANON-SANITY.

11. Antonio Garay – Defensive Tackle/Free Agent Signing – A talented, versatile player who should be a regular contributor in the team’s defensive line rotation…if he can stay healthy. More than likely, Rex is going to use his defensive lineman at a higher rate than ever before which will give Garay a decent sized role, nevermind if he beats out Kenrick Ellis for playing time.

10. David Garrard – Quarterback/Free Agent Signing – He could be the starter. He could be the backup/veteran mentor or he could not make the final 53. We still need to see if Garrard can hold up for an entire training camp and pre-season. If I was guessing today, he sticks on the roster but doesn’t end up starting at any point this season.

9. Mike Goodson – Running Back/Free Agent Signing – It is easy to get lost in the Chris Ivory excitement but Goodson was a big addition to the Jets backfield this off-season. He will provide home run ability, a change of pace option and likely be the team’s primary third down back. Goodson also has the ability to contribute on kick returns if Joe McKnight doesn’t make the final 53. Don’t underestimate his potential value on a week to week basis.

8. Brian Winters – Guard/Third Round Pick – He is making the top 12 over Stephen Peterman because I think Winters beats him out for the opening day starting job. A physical, aggressive player who has been compared to Richie Incognito. The Jets got very good value in an area of need by taking him in the third round.

7. Willie Colon – Guard/Free Agent Signing – Back to back guards. If healthy, Colon will be an upgrade over Matt Slauson and provide play generally on par with Brandon Moore. He is on a one year contract and has an admitted large chip on his shoulder, so hopefully the Jets get a strong season out of him as an audition for a longer commitment.

6. Antwan Barnes – Outside Linebacker/Free Agent Signing – Outside of Quinton Coples, probably the team’s second best pure pass rusher. He has always been a situational player but could see extended work this season due to how thin the Jets are at linebacker across the board. At a minimum, he should be a major factor in the team’s sub and nickel packages.

5. Dawan Landry – Safety/Free Agent Signing – His importance is increased because of how thin the Jets are at safety besides him. Landry will play a critical leadership role at the position and have to help Josh Bush and Antonio Allen along throughout the season. Dawan should be LaRon-Lite for the Jets, strong in run support but inconsistent in pass coverage.

4. Geno Smith – Quarterback/2nd Round Pick – PUT DOWN THE CELLPHONE GENO! Don’t you know if an unnamed friend of a NFC Scout’s brother sees you texting that ESPN New York will use him as a primary source in a headline article bashing you!

Smith has a good shot to work himself into a starting role at some point this season. It will be interesting to see how quickly he can pick up Marty Mornhinweg’s offense. If he looks competent in the summer, don’t expect Rex Ryan to be hesitant to play him. He has started a rookie before and went to the AFC Championship Game.

3. Sheldon Richardson – Defensive Tackle/1st Round Pick – We are going to discuss Richardson at length this off-season because he is a freakishly talented, versatile player who can wreak havoc all over Rex Ryan’s defense. He will make an immediate impact and should only see his role increase as the season goes on.

2. Dee Milliner – Cornerback/1st Round Pick – Milliner will start from day one and relegate Finger Wag Wilson to his more appropriate nickel role (where he could even get beat out by Aaron Berry). Antonio Cromartie is going to play the Darrelle Revis role on this defense, like he did last year but Milliner should be a more than competent starter opposite him from day one because of his skill set and SEC experience.

1. Chris Ivory – Running Back/Trade – Yes, Ivory who will be the bellcow back that Rex Ryan has carried on about Shonn Greene being the previous few years. Ivory has better everything than Greene – speed, power, vision, big play ability…you name it. If he is healthy and starts 16 games this year, he will be a 1,200-1,400 yard back in this offense.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Christophervman

    Love Ivory at #1 but to truly flourish in this offense he needs to be on the field. If he can show at least decent hands and receiving ability he can absolutely go nuts behind an offensive line I expect to be “good” and Marty’s offense. Needs to rekindle memorie of his sophomore year when Ivory had 13 receptions vs 60 carries at Wash St. If not Goodson will end up with more touches and deserve an even higher ranking.

  • KAsh

    This was one of those categories where a six pack would have been better. After all, the Jets only had 14 additions through FA and the draft. The only guys missing from this list are an OT project and a DT transferring to guard.

    This is also kind of a sad list. Mostly because these guys have yet to make a name for themselves. It will be downright scary how much our backfield will rely on Landry. I also do not think Goodson deserves the #9 spot; he should contribute much more to the team than that, especially if Ivory gets injured. Together, they bring a good mismatch of speed and aggresiveness.

  • Anthony

    Seriously, Kash?
    They have yet to make a name for themselves, therefore its a sad list?

    Go be a dolphins fanboy if you like spashy names.

    This new approach is to grab good players BEFORE they break out, not after.

    Players have a limited number of years to peak, paying for post peak performance is the old way of thinking.

  • Jon Richter

    Actually,I think Marty Mornhenweg deserves the top spot. Getting rid of Sparano for a guy who actually knows how to design an offense and call plays is worth at least 2 additional wins this year.

  • Mark Phelan

    I will watch, read and listen to everything Jets this year, but sorry Anthony I agree with KAsh. As I read down this list I had the same reaction….Never mind an impact, how many of these 12 are even going to make a contribution?