No Huddle – Welcome The Jets To OTAs Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets heading into OTAs

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Powerball, JR Smith and The Jets

As I sat praying at halftime that the Knicks could come back and somehow win game 6 Saturday night, I wondered to myself, which odds were worse: Winning Powerball at 10:59 pm when the drawing was set to take place, or JR Smith waking up and carrying the offense to a game 7? The answer was obviously JR, but then I threw this into my own equation: How about the odds of losing a potentially brand new week one starting QB and RB in the same week in May. Without football contact being the partial reason for the loss?

David Garrard and Mike Goodson COULD HAVE won those jobs. Garrard’s knee issues and Goodson drug and gun collection have now ended that possibility. Like buying a Powerball ticket the daydream was fun while it lasted we guess.

Hoyer? More Salt In The Wound

Clipboard carrying extraordinaire backup Brian Hoyer signed with the Browns days ago. It is now being reported that the Jets were very interested in replacing Garrard’s veteran presence with him.

The depressing part of this revelation is that Hoyer was arguably the best free agent QB choice of a remaining group that contains Trent Edwards, Byron Leftwich, Charlie Batch and yes, Tim Tebow.

By the way, try and guess who of this unsigned group has a playoff victory as a starter on his resume. Happy Monday folks.

Don’t Blame Idzik

Garrard’s retirement and Mike Goodson’s imminent release are not John Idzik’s fault. While it’s true that the quarterback’s knee was a risk to begin with, grabbing him was worth a roll of the dice. Especially when considering the aforementioned talent pool he stood atop, prior to calling it a career.

Goodson simply didn’t learn from the likes of all the football playing brethren who have come before him. Including two who were under contract with the Jets just weeks back, prior to getting caught with weed. Some open field vision that is.

Getting a 3 year 6.8 million dollar deal to perhaps win a starting job, after collecting dust while sitting third on two different depth charts, was the opportunity of a lifetime for Goodson. Who may have just let a once in a career shot slip away. One given to him by a cash strapped GM who accurately saw an athletic fit for the new approach on offense. Goodson is a lot more sorry and at fault for dropping the ball than Idzik is.

OTA’s Begin Today? You Mean Football Ones

The Jets are synonymous with the notion of offseason activities. Year after year. Few teams make more headlines through the months of February to May. It is part of why the team is so endearing to it’s fan base: The news and the action never stop. In season or after it. Dramas result in glory or runway crashes. There is little non controversial middle ground ever to safely stand on in Jets nation.

This offseason’s highlights have included headline grabbers such as the Revis trade, Tebow release, and Geno ‘Texting’ Pre Draft Saga. These followed by some marijuana busts, Goodson and his gun, and Garrard’s premature sayonara.

Today, offseason ‘football training’ activities kick off in Florham. Rookie minicamp didn’t get us too excited last week, and these OTA’s won’t quite either, from a performance perspective.

However, we are certainly curious. Individual and team work habits do get formed early on. We would be lying if we denied that we are looking forward to reports coming from the field regarding any of the QB play, new found camaraderie among certain position groups, and the general attitudes of the players and coaches.

Who of this bunch has the guts to talk playoffs like Geno Smith does, or positively about a season many have mailed in for the rebuilding Jets already? Anyone?