No Huddle – Can The New York Jets Find Offense?

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on if the New York Jets can find offense this season

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C’mon Sanchez

Three interceptions for Mark Sanchez in one day at OTA’s. We don’t care who is at fault. The QB, his receivers learning a new system, overall offseason rust. It doesn’t matter.

This competition, for the good of the team, has to survive to August. We do not want a rookie being handed a job that he hasn’t earned, by outplaying a veteran for it. Isn’t that how this all started in the first place?

Who is Deep Throat?

Last week the Daily News broke a story that stated an unnamed Jets player (who else of course) believed that 80-90 percent of the team wanted Sanchez benched. Ok, enough is enough. Who is Deep Throat (If you don’t understand the reference here, read this).

Is it NYDN Jets beat writer Manish Mehta? Backup Greg McElroy, who wants the job himself? Owner Woody Johnson, who may be looking to validate a switch to Geno, following a long term deal gone bad with the Sanchize? Stories like this one can’t just be popping up out of thin air, can it? Somebody is simply airing it out in secrecy.

We hope that like Watergate in the early 1970’s and the shadowy talks that went down in empty garages between reporter and informant, after flower pots moved, the snitch’s identity is one day revealed.

Marty, the Backs, and Some Modest Help From the Wideouts 

Chris Ivory reportedly looked quick and hungry to show that he can be a feature back. Mike Goodson hasn’t been released yet after all, and could even be at practice tomorrow. Bilal Powell  showed some potential last year and god knows, many of us still hold out hope that Joe McKnight can have an offensive package designed for him.

Could this group, assuming that Goodson survives his gun and drug drama, be potent enough carrying and catching the rock to ease the heat on the Jets moribund offense?

If the Holmes, Kerley and Hill trio can modestly stretch the field and instill some fear in opposing defenses, well then hey, Marty Mornhinweg has turned running backs into stars before.

Now was it the abilities of those Eagles backs in recent years, the system itself, or the speed of the receivers that opened up the screen and running game in Philly? Our guess, or hope is a little of both. If so, the Jets will need to follow suit with a little of each as well. Talent, system, and wideouts who make plays.

Another TE please Part II

Jeff Cumberland is still the starting TE folks…with no other proven vet behind him. Just making a second straight note of this folks.

Rex, Tortorella, Woodson and Melo

It’s funny how all three of these New York HC’s, two of whom have most recently gone from the playoffs to vacation, all starved offensively when it counted, yet in theory thrive defensively. Rex and Woodson through X’s and O’s, Torts thanks to King Henrik. Sure wish the Jets had their own version of Melo though.

The whole outlook for the 2013 Jets will be different if one player could be counted on for yardage and scoring or contributing to 7-10 points weekly. One scorer covers up many deficiencies.

Now as we saw with the Knicks, a lone star cannot guarantee a championship. However it allowed the team to win 50 plus and have a shot to win night in night out. Different sports, same truth. A bona fide threat on offense is not everything, but it sure helps.

Could the Jets ONE rise out of the aforementioned backfield? Let’s hope. Let’s really and truly hope.

  • matr dontelli iii

    i think it’s clear that greg is the unnamed source. he was reported to receive the least reps during otas, was interviewed by interviewers who failed to print results of said interview and instead write articles using ‘unnamed sources. additionally he is one with nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain if he could get mark out of his way. i really don’t think a big-mouthed, weak-armed fourth-string quarterback is so essential to this team that he should stick around after his second bout of speaking out negatively about his teammates. amazingly mornhinweg was said to be complimentary about mark’s performance outside of his picks in the otas. i gather he threw well but made the same dumb-ass mistakes he’s been making. this would explain why rex would be so frustrated by the picks. i think he sees the ability there but also sees that mark can’t help himself from making stupid mistakes. rex won’t let him destroy another season. i think that much is clear. i do think the team will find the offense needed to be competitive one way or another.

  • __fense

    Steiny seems pretty confident that it wasn’t McElroy, and he usually knows the truth on these types of things. I can’t say for sure that it isn’t McElroy, but I can’t say it’s him for sure either.

  • KAsh

    I know hockey is not the sport you usually write about, but Tortorella and the Rangers are awful at defense. A great goalkeeper is NOT a defensive strategy. The equivalent in football would be a defense that relied entirely on its FS playing one deep and always making the tackle. Lundqvist would probably be a legendary player with eye-popping numbers if he had a team that would try and challenge attacks or at least attempt to take the puck away. Same thing on offense: if the Rangers could only stop turning the puck over or going offsides whenever they pass, they could probably shake up some defenses and have more good shots at the net. If they could find a forward that is dangerous around the net, they could score more on first shots and rebounds. Instead they all stand in place on offense and whack the ice with their sticks when the puck comes towards them. They only ever score on breakaways (fow which they normally lack the speed) and on shots from the blue line. Tortorella needs to get fired and somebody with actual ideas on offense and defense needs to be brought in.

    As for the Jets, as long as their receiver situation gets resolved, they should be decent.

  • Anthony

    I think if they can run the ball, I don’t care much about the receiver situation. We will have a top 3 defense, we won 7 games and were in 4 more, with the worst offense in football last season.

  • Matr Dontelli III

    It was six, but who’s counting. And it wasn’t just that it was a bad offense, the offense was a turnover machine with no direction. Sparano was beyond clueless. That is why I am so optimistic for this year. The defense should be better. Special teams and offense can’t realistically be worse. I can’t wait!

  • NY Expat

    If you don’t get the Deep Throat reference, Stay In School.

    Another RB that’s with the team currently is Chad Spann. He’s a favorite of analyst Matt Waldman, and seems really, really knowledgeable about offense:

    At the bottom of that link are a ton of other interviews about playing RB in the NFL. I think he could be the next Danny Woodhead, as long as we keep him.

  • twoshady

    rumor has it Manish Mehta is moving off NY Jets beat(and the people rejoiced…)