No Huddle – Give These Jets A Chance Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on giving the New York Jets and their recent decisions a fair chance

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Geno The Diva Reports Are Premature

Reports surfaced last week that QB-needy teams who were slated to perhaps select Geno Smith in round one passed on him due to his diva-like behavior during pre-draft get-togethers. If these revelations are in fact true, they can certainly act as warning signs for the Jets and their fan base, but we would rather begin our assessment of Smith once he suits up in Green and White.

Character assassinations, unnamed sources and offseason drama is nothing new in New York. Especially for the Rex Ryan Jets. Let’s give Geno the benefit of the doubt at this point however, and allow the young man room to grow up and mature if need be. It’s too early to label a player’s professional behavior and make up who hasn’t even put the NFL pads on yet. Keep an eye out for attitude problems and immaturity? Yes. Label him already for it? Absolutely not. Not now. Not yet.

Coples Switch A Growing Trend

Quinton Coples alleged switch to OLB is another example of how the NFL is moving towards versatility over concrete position play. Coples will stand up on the edge as well as get down in the dirt. With more and more offensive players doing double duty such as the ones lining up both at TE and H-back, we should hardly be surprised that defenses may now be headed in the multi-purpose direction as well.

These days the NBA features extended minutes with both sides lacking a prototypical center on the floor. This as hybrid athletes perform the roles of both guard and forward simultaneously. The NFL is on it’s way to its own form of that dexterity. Coples perhaps being the latest example of an athlete that coaches will look to create mismatches for. Outside the conventional box of thinking that once demanded “you play one position and nothing else.”

What About Tone?

We heard about Geno and his so-called behavioral faults, the Mark Sanchez headband, and a few reserve contract guys released for smoking weed last week. Nothing about how Santonio Holmes is doing though. These Jets really do need him to be a big part of the equation once again. He’s the only big play skill set guy with a big game resume on the roster. How is his rehab going? Is he running and if so, how hard? A status update by the club on #10 would be appreciated.

A “Geno to Tebow” Addendum

Last week we posted a TOJ piece entitled “From Geno to Tebow, Jets Circus Shrinks In Size.” Our point was that the drafting of Geno Smith was a football decision, with no marketing intent hanging off of it, the way that Tim Tebow’s signing was in April of 2012. That moves such as the addition of Smith are clues as to the direction the new Jets are heading in. An X’s and 0’s one, that doesn’t crave the camera. We would like to add this to that viewpoint: The QB competition that will take place in the coming months still could turn into a circus.

“May the best man win” has to be determined by the club with clarity, focus and a feel for when the decision ought to be made. Otherwise the addition of Smith, which began as a value pick with good intent, will just be a second consecutive example of crowding the kitchen. One that could get spun by reporters into a comedic appearance of disarray. Even worse, a messy situation that is being reported accurately.

This position battle provides a great opportunity for Rex Ryan to rebrand himself as the HC of the next Jet generation…By standing firm, and making sure that the entire locker room is behind a move that truly gives the rebuilding Jets “the best chance to win.” Rex needs to lock in and get this decision right. Assuming that he, not John Idzik has the final say on the matter.

Can we at least assume that much? What do you folks think?