New York Jets – Tannenbaum Draft Picks Who Could Miss Final 53

A handful of Mike Tannenbaum draft picks could be in danger of not making the New York Jets final 53 man roster

New York Jets GM John Idzik hasn’t hesitated to put his imprint on the team. Part of that process will continue this summer when recent personnel decisions have the potential to knock a few of Mike Tannenbaum’s recent draft picks off the final 53 man roster. Who should be concerned?

Mark Sanchez – 2009 – 1st Round Pick – Yes, Sanchez. We mentioned after the draft the potential of him being cut or traded in August and it shouldn’t surprise anybody if that happens. If Geno Smith looks competent this summer and David Garrard is healthy, Sanchez isn’t suiting up for this team week 1. They will eat the contract if necessary to avoid having the quarterback room too crowded once the regular season starts.

Joe McKnight – 2010 – 4th Round Pick – The Mike Goodson signing was really a nail in the coffin for McKnight and adding Chris Ivory just bumped him further down the depth chart. People get too hung up on McKnight’s value as a kick returner. Like many before him, McKnight was productive in Mike Westhoff’s system (Jonathan Carter, Chad Morton, Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith). Go back and watch some of McKnight’s big returns, there isn’t a ton of people he is making miss. Kick returner is always replaceable and as a running back, McKnight is well behind Ivory, Goodson and even Bilal Powell.

Vladimir Ducasse – 2010 2nd Round Pick – After Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore left in free agency, Ducasse sat atop the Jets depth chart at Guard. Since then? They’ve signed Willie Colon, and Stephen Peterman, drafted Brian Winters and William Campbell and mentioned the possibility of another draft pick, Oday Aboushi playing Guard. You think they have confidence in Ducasse?

A few other Tannenbaum selections aren’t likely in danger of missing the final 53 but could be bumped down the depth chart without strong summers.

Kyle Wilson – 2010 1st Round Pick – Already knocked out of a starting job by this year’s first round Dee Milliner. Wilson should be the team’s nickel back but with talented options behind him in Aaron Berry and Darrin Walls, if he struggles in the pre-season or early in the year, he could have his role further minimized.

Kenrick Ellis – 2011 3rd Round Pick – Ellis is built to be the best pure nose tackle on the roster but with the variety of personnel options the Jets have, particularly with Sheldon Richardson and Antonio Garay now in the fold, Ellis could see a limited amount of weekly reps. He has immense physical potential but still needs to show an ability to stay healthy and consistent.

Stephen Hill – 2012 2nd Round Pick – We took a closer look at Hill right here and despite having unique physical traits to the rest of the team’s currently thin wide receiver depth chart, you get the sense Marty Morhinweg will only be able to stomach so many dropped passes before marginalizing Hill. I expect Hill to be a productive member of the team’s receiving core but the team could have limited patience if he starts the season slow.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • joeydefiant

    Ellis might be in perfect position to maximize his value. A rotational defensive lineman who comes in on obvious running plays. Due to his large size and potential for injury they can use him in a limited role which may be perfect for him. All these large athletic guys are injury prone just look at the history of the Jets nose guards since they switched to a 3-4 under Mangini.
    As far as Stephen Hill goes I’ve been complaining about him sucking for awhile but I can’t see him not starting as the #2 WR all year. The Jets have no other options right now. The obvious comparison to Demarius Thomas DT turned it on in year 2, so hopefully Stephen Hill will as well. I can see him making a connection with Geno Smith. I don’t think The Jets should give up on him until he gets a chance to play some games with Geno as the QB. He’s too physically talented to not give it a try.
    I also thought Ducasse played pretty well when he was in last year. He was just as good as Matt Slauson anyway. I don’t know if that is praise or criticism tho.

  • KAsh

    This is still Sanchez’s job to lose. Apparently, Smith was already told that his role would be diminished:

    “Smith shed some insight into the team’s thinking, saying he was told that Sanchez will get “the majority of the reps” in training camp.”

    This does not mean that Sanchez starts, but this does sound like they are going to give him the most opportunities to.

    Also, I wonder about Ellis. We all saw how bad the defense was last season when the NT was not up to par. Garay will be able to come in for some reps, but there is little planning-wise that can be done to bolster a subpar NT. I think Ellis and Garay will platoon at the position, mostly because both have durability issues, but Ellis will probably still be the main presence at the position, at least until the next year.

  • Addage

    This article puts you in Cimini-like territory. Why not throw in Ferguson and Mangold too.

    Cut Hill because he had a tough rookie year? Ellis may be coming along slowly, but there is still a ton (literally) of talent. Big men take time.

    Why go on. There just wasn’t enough sense to worry about it.

  • Joe Caporoso

    “A few other Tannenbaum selections aren’t likely in danger of missing the final 53 but could be bumped down the depth chart without strong summers.”

    I never said Hill was going to get cut and embedded the film breakdown I did of him in his paragraph, which clearly speaks to his potential. The point is if he starts out the year playing like he was playing in the middle of last season for stretches (generally clueless) don’t expect Mornhinweg to have a long leash with him and hesitate to cut back his reps.

    As for Ellis, he is entering his 3rd year and he will be in DL rotation. However, he isn’t going to be a 40-50 rep per game guy (that many thought he’d be by this point) with Richardson and Garay in the fold.

  • matr a. dontelli iii

    this is not the daily news or espn. the writers here put a lot of time and thought into their articles. their insight and analysis are second to none. you may not agree with their thoughts from time to time but please respect them.

  • mike

    you have to stop getting my hopes up with all this “sanchez might get cut” business.

  • Mark Phelan

    Joe – I would like to understand how draft selections are made for the Jets. I find it hard to believe that Idzik studied college films and spoke to college coaches to form an opinion on the 1st rounds picks…never mind the 5th round.

    Could you give us an article on how info gets into the upper reaches of the Jets and how and who sorts and prioritizes, and who picks.

  • twoshady

    @matr a. dontelli iii — i myself didnt read any blatant disrespect for Joe Caporoso or any writer in the comments. Just a disagreement about his assessment of Hill and Ellis. Although the comparison to Rich Cimini might be viewed as a cheap shot considering how some(most?) of us feel about him.

  • Drew

    I like the article. I do not think any early selection is at risk of getting cut until they have proven they are unable to make the 3rd year ‘leap’. I can forgive any mistakes a first or second year player makes on the field. Year three however, they are subject to ‘the best players will play’ line of thought.

    You are right about Stephen Hill potentially struggling this year. As much as we want him to be that weapon this year for us, he probably won’t be ready for that role until year next year. I think Marty already realizes this and has a plan for how he would like to use him.

    Side note: I wonder what Hill’s production would have been if he had Geno Smith throwing to him in college?

    Tavon Austin – 4.34 @ 174lbs
    Stephen Hill – 4.36 @ 215lbs

  • matr dontelli iii

    nothing was said of hill being cut. McKnight, ducasse and Sanchez ARE all in danger of being cut. their replacements are already on the roster. hill, wilson and ellis could see their playing time diminish if they don’t step up. i thought it was an on-point article like so much of what i see on here. like not so much of what i see elsewhere outside of TJB and TJP. like i said, disagree when you do but to call joe’s (or any other writer on this site) writing cimini-like is a terrible and, in my mind, uncalled for put down.

  • Dima

    Speaking of guys who should be concerned, David Harris looked lethargic all year.

    Maybe I saw a few bad plays early on and the rest was confirmation bias, but if not, he’s making way too much money and should be considered trim-able.

  • mikeM

    You are so wrong about Ellis he was playing well until he got hurt, then he came back not fully healed and he claimed he still wasn’t a 100%. And where did this injury prone stuff come from? He took an illegal block to the knee.I guess yoi would of cut pouha too when it took him time to be good.